Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ben's better!

by teresa
I'm over at moms house right now. I took the computer in to be worked on today. So I hope I get a call soon telling me it's all better! Ben stayed home from school again today. He had a slight fever this morning so I didn't want to chance sending him. By 11:00am he was back to his old self. Normal temperature and normal hyperactivity! He kept checking his temp. with our digital thermometer every 15 minutes or so. Mom...he would say....I am 997...is that good? Mom...I am 998...is that better or worse? This went on for the past 2 days. So.. I think I am going to take him to his play tonight. Eventhough he didn't go to school. We have to be there by 6:10...but it begins at 6:30pm. If you want to sit down I would get there early! There are always limited seats.

Monday, February 27, 2006


By Chris

On the road Monday and Tuesday only this week. But it's a doozy. I'm in Morgantown, WV now, after flying to Pittsburg and making the 1 hour drive over. And, despite the Weather Channel maps showing it clear, it snowed the whole drive. And it's still coming down. Not a big deal to people here I'm sure . . . but for me? This would close us down at home. And, I've gotta make it back to Pitt. tonight to get down to Atlanta. Hope it stops soon. Ironically, they gave me a convertable to drive! Oh . . . and it is REALLLLYYY cold and windy. Sounds like the ragtop is going to blow off speeding down I-79 (where the speed limit is 70 mph!!! That's great. Why don't more states do this??).

In a funny commentary about the non-sense way that air travel is sold, check out this itenary that was the only reasonable way to make this trip:

Mondy Morning - Newport News to Atlanta - stay 30 mins., change planes - Atlanta back up to Pittsburg - drive to Morgantown(only 2 planes a day actually come here) - Monday Night - Drive to Pitt. - fly to Atlanta - Tuesday Evening - fly Atlanta to Newport News. Lots of more direct ways to this . . . but none that are cheap. Certainly it's not actually cheaper in fuel etc. to do it this way, but that's the way the airlines work, for some reason. Also, to do the same from Norfolk (just 35 miles from Newport News), is about double. Go figure.

Technical Difficulty

By Chris

I'm on the road . . . the home computer is down again (may have to replace it??). So, here's a quick update for Teresa, who is probably having serious blog spearation anxiety:

Ben's home sick today, apparently really upset because there was a field trip scheduled.

Lauren got a new ride yesterday . . . Teresa has lots of photos.

PTA program for Ben is tomorrow night (Tuesday).

That's it. Not as interesting as Master Blogger Teresa . . .

Saturday, February 25, 2006

dragon potion

by teresa
When I was at the mall today, Chris had the kids all to himself. I got home and everything looked pretty clean and tidy. I was impressed. Then I went inot the kitchen. There was a water bottle in the sink. It had been emptied and filled with toilet paper...red and blue liquid and dish soap. The remnants of all these ingredients were all over the sink and counter. I fussed and questioned the boys. After a little grilling Ben admitted to doing it. What is it? I asked. He told me...very seriously...that it was a potion that turns you into a dragon. So you could breathe fire and fly. Cool! I wouldn't have gotten upset if I had known that from the start!

My day

by teresa
I had a great day today! Slept until.....are you ready for this......10:15!! Chris got up with the boys and I just stayed in the bed. It was soooo nice. Can't remember the last time I did that. I got up, showered and dressed. Came down and read the paper and watched tv with Chris. Then I went to the mall. I never get to go shopping by myself. Chris had told me one of the women at his work said Hecht's was having a great sale. So I went to Hechts and shopped for a few hours. Mom met me over there and we got to spend some time together. Walking...talking and shopping! We hardly ever spend time alone together (eventhough she lives right next door). Our lives are very busy...and all the kids are usually around. I got home around dinner time (I brought food home with me). I bought Nick and Chris a couple pairs of pants. And I got the boys some sneakers. I also got this book I have been wanting at Heaven and Earth. After dinner we drove out to CarMax to look at a car for Lauren. We saw a perfect one for her....but we are praying about it before we make that leap. Now we are home and the boys went right up to bed. Chris and I will veg out on the couch and watch some college basketball (yipee :) Every once in awhile you need a day like this just to recharge your mind. Even if it does only come about twice a year.

Just a side note: It's funny how you are still on MOM MODE even when your kids are not with you. You say you want to be free....but I still find myself making silly faces at babies...talking to toddlers...stopping to tie someones shoe...keeping an eye on a kid that is wandering off from his mommy.

Friday, February 24, 2006

bus drama

by teresa
Nick's bus got home about 20 minutes late today. He came in and said they were late because a kid vomited on the bus run before his. So the driver had to go clean it out before she picked them up. I wonder how much bus drivers make. Not enough to put up with 30 screaming kids AND vomit, I'm sure!

pooper scooper need

by teresa
Ben said they have been having a problem on the playground at school. No...not bullies. dog poop! He says a dog has somehow been getting in the fence at school. Because everyday when they go out for recess...there is dog poop on the ground. He said the kids take turns guarding it, so no one will step in it. He said they say....watch out for the poop....back away from the poop....don't cross this line or you'll be a poopy foot! Has it ever occured to anyone to pick up the poop? Hello teachers? Maybe if they make it a part of an SOL training class....someone will figure out how to pick it up.

cheering is over....at least for awhile!

by teresa
The Indian River girls basketball team lost last night in the regionals. I know I should be sad about this...but I'm not! That means cheering is over for Lauren! Yeah!!!!! At least for awhile. We get our daughter back! She has cheered for the past month straight! I was secretly wishing for the team to lose. So she would be free. She has had to put aside family...friends... church...and work. And eventhough she says it hasn't...I know it must be affecting her school work too. So join me in celebrating with a cheer....hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray! hip hip hooray!

stupid dog!

by teresa
I just let Shorty outside. His girlfriend KiKi has been barking next door...and he was chomping at the bit to go talk to her. So out he went. I went upstairs to put away some clothes. I hear a knock on the front door. I run downstairs and open it. My neighbor Tony is on my porch with Shorty sniffing at his pant leg. Apparently, there is a hole in the fence and Shorty tried to make a break for it. Tony spotted him and lured him back to our house. Tony was saying...don't bite me...Shorty...don't bite me! Shorty looked like he was about to. Shorty is very protective of the house area. Especially the porch. He loses his mind if a stranger is on our porch. A stranger to him is anyone not in the Green crew. He can even have seen you everyday for the last 4 years (my mom and dad)...he will still growl and bark when you come in the door. Any way..I opened the door and Shorty ran in the house and hid under the couch. He knew he was in trouble! Now of course he can't fit under the couch...he just shoves his head under there. I guess he thinks I can't see him.

I'm skeered

I don't know why...but this picture of Kaden scares me a little bit. She looks like a baby doll. That blank stare! Have you ever seen that twilight zone episode...Talking Tina? Kinda like that....My name is Talking Tina....and I don't like you! Yikes! If you don't think so...just click on the image and enlarge it. Stare at it for a minute....spooky!

boogers...we got em...but we don't need to discuss it!

by teresa
I was just watching the noon news (local). Anyway...the newscaster (Kerry Furey) was referring to our health in regards to the weather. She said...this time of year everyone has coughs, colds, and boogery noses. What? Boogery noses? That sounds like my 7year old wrote her script. Gross!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


by teresa
Today Jackie watched Ben while I took Nick to a Dr. Appt. Chris went by her house on the way home and picked him up. He told me later that Nanny Jackie had told him she read about him on the blog. She read about him sleeping in the hallway. Then he turned to me and said...from now on...you better get my permission before writing about me on that blog. Excuse me? Are you talking to me? Well I'm the only one here...so you must be talking to me! Now remember...he is only 7 years old. He was very serious too. Will I stop writing about all the crazy things he does and says? NO! But, from now on mum's the word people. You didn't hear it from me!

to pee or not to pee...that is the question

by teresa
Ben told me he thinks petting our dog....makes him (Ben) have to go pee pee.
Why do you think that? I asked.
Because everyday when I get off the bus, I stop and give Shorty love....then I really have to pee.
Well...I said...you probably have to go to the bathroom because you have been at school for so long. And once you get home you have to rush to the bathroom. You just happen to pet the dog before you go.
Hmmm....no...it's the dog! I don't have to go till I pet him.
Okay...who am I to argue.

calgon...take me away

by teresa
Nick told Chris and I this morning...that he thinks he will feel much better after a nice hot bath. This made us both smile. Nick has always been so "adult". I mean what 10 year old boy says...I need a nice hot bath?
He is upstairs right now soaking.
Litzie's Tub II Giclee Print by Pam Ingalls-Cox

sad tootsies

by teresa
My feet are sooo dry.

This is where you say....how dry are they?

They are so dry...when I take off my socks it sounds like velcro

They are so dry...if I rubbed them together, it would start a fire

They are so dry...when I walk on our wood floor, it sounds like I'm tap dancing

All better!

by teresa
I'm pretty sure Nick is feeling better. No...it's not my keen motherly instincts. It's the fact that he just came down and asked for nachos!

when pigs fly!!

by teresa
The world must be coming to an end because the unthinkable has happened! My husband....Chris Green....watched American Idol last night! And liked it! holy moly! He says we have to watch tonight to see who gets cut. I didn't think it was possible to love him more than I did. But after last night...my love has been kicked up a notch (BAM)! His favorites are Kevin Covais, Wil Makar and Taylor Hicks. Now if I could only get him to watch figure skating with me.....yeah right! When pigs fly!

To dry or not to dry...that is the question

by teresa
Lauren comes into our bedroom late last night. Chris and I were watching the Olympics about to go to sleep. Here's the conversation that we had:

Lauren: Mom, can I leave the dryer on while I go to bed?
Mom: Ummm, sure. What's in there?
Lauren: My cheering windsuit.
Mom: What did you do with the clothes that were in the dryer?
Lauren: I put them on the table in the hall.
Mom: Folded?
Lauren: No.
Mom: Well go down there and fold them.
Mom: Oh yeah...there were clothes in the washer too. What did you do with them when you washed you cheer suit?
Lauren: I put them in the dryer till my clothes were washed...then I took them out and put my clothes in the dryer and your clothes back in the washer!
Mom: What? Why didn't you let them finish drying?
Lauren: I didn't have time for that. It takes too long. I wanted to come up to bed.

I'm not sleeping with him...

by teresa
Last nights bedtime was full of drama. Nick was still feeling ill. So we moved him into his bed (he had layed in our bed most of the day) and gave him some medicine and a rag for his head. Then it was time for Ben to get in his jammies and into his bed. No! He said. I'm not sleeping in there with sicky Nicky! That's a sick room. We told him he wasn't going to sleep with us...but he could ask sissy to sleep with her. He asked...she shut the door in his face! She had just got home from the basketball game and was changing and getting her homework done. So she shot him down. He was fussing all up and down the hall. So I told him if he didn't want to get in his bed...to sleep in the hallway. I got his blankets and pillows...and he got his mp3 player. He layed there and was asleep in about 5 minutes. So then it was just Shorty and Nick in the boys room. In the middle of the night Nick had a bad dream and came in our room crying. He snuggled up between us. When I wole this morning at 6:00am Chris was nowhere to be found. Just Nick beside me and Shorty laying in Chris' place. I came downstairs and Chris was sleeping on the couch. He said Shorty had started barking and scratching at the door in the boys room because he was alone in there. The dog will not sleep by hisself! So Chris had let him out and into our bed. Then came down and bunked on the sofa. We need a bigger bed. Do they make anything bigger thatn a California King? lol

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

In denial?

by teresa
I think my family might be rednecks and we just don't know it. I was reading one of those "you know your a redneck if" lists. And some of the things seemed familiar to me. Read on and see.

You might be a redneck if...
There are more than five McDonald's bags currently on the floorboard of your car...Katy!! This is you!

You might be a redneck if...
You think that potted meat on a saltine is an hors d'ouvre...Me!! I love potted meat..and vienna sausages.

You might be a redneck if...
Your only condiment on the dining room table is the economy size bottle of ketchup...Mom!! Puts it on EVERYTHING!

You might be a redneck if...
The neighbors started a petition over your Christmas lights...well..not my lights, but my santa wreath is getting on their nerves!

You might be a redneck if...
You've ever barbecued Spam on the grill...Well, not on the grill..but in a frying pan with some eggs. Don't be hating! It's good!

I had a grandaddy named ...Georgie Buck. And an uncle named....June Bug. I swear! I am not making this stuff up!

crazy rednecks!

by teresa
On the way home from the grocery store this morning, I was behind this pickup truck. A Ford...I know this because it had one of those stickers on the window of a little boy peeing on the chevy logo (classy). It also had a sticker that said...Don't be skeered! Anyway...when we stopped at a light I noticed something on the back bumper. I inched closer and this is what I saw. It is a hitch cover with a deer on it. When you put on the brakes a target lights up on the deers belly and it's arms go up infront of it's face. Good grief! Crazy rednecks!
''Don't Shoot Me!'' Deer Hitch Cover and Brake Light


by teresa
Today, the winners for the read-a-thon at Ben's school were announced. Ben was second in the school...first in his class and grade. He was on the morning announcements (video announcements). The principal read off his name and crowned him king of his class (actually put a crown on his head). He got a calculator, flashlight thingy, cinema cafe pass, 2 free dinners at Old Country Buffet, and a book. He also got a certificate and he got to attend a pizza party during lunch today. All the winners from each grade level got to go. He was thrilled!! He wan't even dissapointed about his lose. Good for him! As a matter of fact...he said he would rather have not won because the winner had to make a speech on the announcements. I don't blame him...that would have freaked me out too. And just so you know...just because the contest is over doesn't mean we have stopped enjoying our reading time. On the contrary...we read everyday. Ben got some great books for his birthday last week and even continued to read over our vacation with nanny Jackie.

sicky nicky

by teresa
I've had a very busy day. Grocery shopping...dry cleaners...and tons of laundry. Plus Nicky woke up this morning with a fever and headache. I called his school and they said this virus has been going around. Lots of children home sick. One class only had 10 students attend yesterday due to this virus. I hope he feels better soon. I gave him some tylenol and he is laying in our bed.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

want a piece of bimbo?

by teresa
While on vacation...we stopped by the local Walmart for some snacks and drinks to have in the hotel room. I spotted this on the shelf and had to snap a picture. Bimbo bread? What in the world. I'm sorry...but the name just cracked me up. I can't imagine that marketing strategy working. Are there that many bimbos in the area to warrant their own bread line?

water park

by teresa
Massanutten resort has added an indoor waterpark on it's property. We took the boys there today before we headed home. They had a blast. It's pretty neat to be snow tubing one day and swimming the next. They also had a buffet at the waterpark that we all enjoyed before the ride home. The boys swam...played...then ate so much, that they pretty much slept the whole way home. Nice! Here's some pics.

Were Baaaack!

by teresa
I missed all you guys in the blogging world. But we were on vacation, having a great time. It was cold in Massanutten...but you know I love that! It took a little under 4 hours to get there....no traffic either way. We were very lucky! The kids had a great time and if you can believe it...there were no fights! The food was yummy and the tubing was great. We went twice in one day. The first session in the morning was packed....and we didn't go down too fast. I mean it was fast...but no fast enough to scare you. But then we went back for the session from 7:00pm-9:oo. The temp. had dropped and all the people had gone home. So there were no lines...and the lanes were completly icy! It looked like glass! I was a little scared...but that's what makes it fun...right? Ben had no fear...dove right down on his tube head first! I on the other hand...sat on my butt everytime. The three times we were there....the medics had to come take people away that had hit the wall at the end of the tubing lane. It's padded...but not very soft. Scary huh? But like I said...that's what makes it fun! Here's some of the highlights.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Party Animals!

by teresa
We all had a great time and great food at Ben's party tonight. Ben loves chinese food....so we all went to China Garden and indulged! The kids ate and ran around. They like to look at the giant fish tank and also throw pennies in the indoor water feature they have. We got a picture of them in front of the big budda statue. Then we came home and opened gifts and had cake. It is now 11:00pm and Ben is still up going from new toy to new toy. He is thrilled with all of his things. One last time....Happy Birthday baby!
by teresa
Happy 7th Birthday Ben!
You are such a happy, beautiful boy!
We all love you soooo much!
I pray you have a birthday rich in God's blessings!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Snow Tubing is Fun!

by teresa
Only 2 more days until our family winter vacation. The third annual snow tubing trip to Massanutten. The forecast is calling for snow while we are there. Yeah!! That makes the tubes go soooo fast. Now that we have the new camcorder, I want to get some video coming down the mountain. Should look cool. As long as I don't slam into the wall like last year.Snowtubing at Massanutten Resort

bow wow wow yipee yo yipee yeah

by teresa
Ben is crazy about dogs! Loves them...reads dog books...loves dog movies...even pretends to be one sometimes. Here is the paper products I bought for his party tomorrow. PERFECT!

birthday pencil

by teresa
Ben was very excited when he came in from the bus. He got his birthday pencil today. His school calls your name on the announcements and you get to go down to the office and get a birthday pencil and card. Here he is with it. He told me that he never wants to sharpen it. Just save it forever.


by teresa
Ben is very excited about his birthday tomorrow. He keeps hugging and kissing his presents! Too bad you lose that enthusiasm for birthdays when you get to be my age.


by teresa
Good grief! I have got to put that bookcase together I got for Christmas! This one looks as if it is about to burst at the seams. Maybe a little elf will come in and put it together while we are away snow tubing this weekend. Daddy?

who all's coming?

by teresa
While on the phone with Chris today he asks what time the birthday party is tomorrow. I tell him 6:30pm. Then he asks....who all's coming? Well...who does he think is coming? The same people that have come to everyone of our childrens parties since birth. duh! He says...well...you never know. I think he was referring to Keith. He has been spending alot of time with Katy and the kids lately and this infuriates Chris (and us all). He says...he(Keith) is just using the kids to get to Katy. And that the only reason he is around for them(the kids) now is because his girlfriend kicked him out and he is living with his parents. So he is trying to create a "family" feeling for Katy knowing that is her weakness. I think Chris worries that Keith may just pop up at some family function...and he may lose his cool and pound him in the ground.

this is a photo of Chris and Keith meeting up...hee hee


by teresa
Yeah!!! Chris is coming home tonight!! He just called from Atlanta airport. He was checking in and ready to be home. He said we should all go out to dinner tonight. Sounds good to me! Some much needed family time. We will all go pick him up from the airport around 6:00.


by teresa
Well... on the way to the store to get Ben's cake...I "bumped" a trashcan with Chris' car. No marks on the car....it just hit the sideview mirror. Luckily he has one of those fold-in sideviews. So that part is fine...but the mirror itself cracked. Pooh! I went by Auto Zone on the way home. They were no help...but I did get to listen to Police and Def Leppard on the music they had playing in the store. Cool! I think I'll just go to the dealer for it later.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


by teresa
Chris needs to get home soon. With Lauren gone everynight until after 10:00pm...it's just me and the boys. Actually I feel like it's them against me! They have been mega hyper...running around after their showers naked...no rush to get dressed. What is it about boys that makes them think we girls want to see are their "stuff". They have no inhibitions. Good grief! Belching and "shooting the bunny" all over the place...like it's a contest of who can be the loudest or smelliest! Gross! Tonight I let Ben take up a small cup of cereal to bed with him. He picked out new cereal today and wanted to try it to make sure he would like it for breakfast. Anyway....about 20 minutes later...I am relaxing on the couch watching my "Dancing with the Stars" and he calls down to me. Mom...I am bringing down the cup to you. I'm done. I yell back (wanting to preserve my peaceful time) leave it on the stairs and I will get it later. Of course I hear his little feet coming down anyway. Darn! Their like cockroaches...you think their gone..but as soon as you sit down, they come crawling out again! He rounds the corner with the cup. Hmmmm...I think. What is in it? Any guesses people? Give up? Pee Pee! He is giggling.....mom...I peed in the cup. Hee hee hee! What the heck? He says...it was too dark to go in the bathroom...so I just finished the cereal...and went in the cup. What should I do with it? I would have yanked him up in a heartbeat, if he wasn't standing on my new carpet. So I calmly told him to pour it in the toilet...and throw the cup in the trash. I will deal with him in the morning. Right now I just need him to be asleep! Chris....come home! :)


by teresa
Sorry I haven't blogged all day. It has been a jam packed day. With my moms in touch meeting first thing....then desk duty at school. I had laundry and cleaning and grocery shopping waiting for me after that. The once the kids got home, it was homework...reading...and rushing off to Nick's orchestra concert. He had to be there and hour before it started...so mom took pity on me and brought Ben with her so he wouldn't be bored to death sitting in the auditorium. I did get to catch up with some moms at Nick's school who also went to jr high and high school with me. we reminised about how miserable jr. high school is...with teasing boys...and our over developed bodies and under developed maturity. Not a good combination! Anyway...Nick's performance was great. He looked so happy and at ease up there. He has been telling me that he didn't want to play cello after this year. that he would like to change to band next year and maybe play the trumpet. But after the concert...and seeing the older performers...he has said that he thinks he may stick with it again next year. We'll see. Anyway...we just walked in.. got in our jammies and are heading to bed. I am exhausted! Here's some pictures of Nick's debut. Oh yeah...see Nick's tie? I tied it all by myself. I did have to look online for step by step instructions. But I did it!

moms in touch

by teresa
My meeting went very well this morning. There was only two of us...but we hope it will increase as the weeks go on. We had a powerful prayer session covering our kids...schools...and teachers. It was really spirit filled and I am excited to read, pray and prepare for next weeks meeting.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Lauren's busy week

by teresa
I am over Indian River basketball! Poor Lauren has cheered every night this week. It has been for the boys and girls playoffs. One night boys...the next girls...until they lose I guess. So everyday after school they practice new dances and then travel on the bus to the games and then get home around 10:00pm. I don't think it is right to require something from them EVERY night. Then she comes in...eats something...and does homework (she has chemistry this semester). So she is exhausted! And her cheering shoes are humming (PU)!

lost and found please

by teresa
Ben is missing a blue Lands End coat. I have checked the entire house...school...moms house and my car. Has anyone seen it anywhere? He was going to use it when we go snow tubing this weekend. Thanks for looking.
Oh yeah...and Lauren has lost her glasses....so check for those too please.

dead cockroach

by teresa
Nick informed me as we were leaving church tonight...the George (his royal ranger commander...and grandpa) made everyone in the class do the "dead cockroach" for a few minutes when they were not listening to him. Nick thought it was funny. The "dead cockroach" he says is when you have to lay on your back and stick your arms and legs straight up.

I'm telling Nanny Jackie! :)

I'm Sittn' Here on Capitol Hill . ..

By Chris

"I'm just a bill. Just a lonely 'ol bill. And I'm sittin' here on Capitol Hill . . ." We were singing that Saturday School House Rock song this morning. I was very fortunate to spend my day on Capitol Hill with a really fun group of colleagues.

Day Pass
No cars today . . . as we used the METRO (train) to get from lodging to the Capitol area. Unlike the simple one-token-gets-you-anywhere system in Atlanta, there are many more options here. All but one in our group decided to be smart and buy the day pass. Sticking our cards in the slot repeatedly, the gates wouldn't open. One colleague on the other side taunting: "How's that day pass working out for you!" It's a little after 9:00, and it turns out the "day" for the day pass doesn't begin until 9:30. They should put that somewhere besides on the back of the ticket, that you don't get until you purchase the thing out of a machine. Metro staff man had mercy on us and lets throught he "back door" The METRO is very clean, and much nicer than Atlanta's MARTA. So, we get off and have to insert our cards in the machines again to exit (that's how it knows how much to charge . . . point A to point B fare, I guess. Well, now it will not let us out (except for our heckling colleague who purchased the proper ticket). Waiting until 9:30 didn't work either. METRO lady helps this time, with some ribbing. Turns out that since we had not ever "entered" officially, it would not let us exit. Helpful METRO man really just got us trapped. METRO lady ended up fixing our problem, and we still made the short walk to our first Senate meeting on time.

Lots more stuff to report on the day . . . as we shuffled between office buildings, cafeterias and a couple of places on the mall. Will recap that later.


by teresa

They will be playing twinkle, twinkle little star....merrily we roll along....and other such classics.

To get them in "playing" mode...they went to the Chrysler Hall today to hear the symphony. Nick said it was great. They played the theme songs to Superman...Spiderman...Star Wars and the Incredibles.

P.S. Sorry about the last minute invite...Nick informed me as he walked in the door from school today. He is soooooo like his sister!

Moms in Touch

by teresa
I have been invited to join a group called Moms in touch. It's a group of mothers in the Norfolk Highlands, Sparrow Road, Georgetown area who will meet once a week for an hour to pray for their children...schools...and teachers. Our first meeting is tomorrow morning from 8:30-9:30. The women who invited me to join is on the PTA at Ben's school. I like that she "knew" I would be the kind of person to get involved in something like this. See kids....this little light of mine....I'm going to let it SHINE!

"Pour out your heart like water before the face of the Lord...Lift up your hands toward Him for the lives of your children."
Lamentations 2:19

Ben's birthday party

by teresa
We are now having Ben's birthday party at 6:30pm at China Garden. Now everyone should be able to come. Let me know if this is a problem for anybody. We will come back to our house afterward for cake and icecream and presents.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Day One in the Capitol

By Chris

By DC travel standards, had a successful first day in the city . . . which promised to be the toughest because of the need to drive and park several times downtown . . . always challenging. But, made the first location early, easily getting to the office building that I had been to before. Only one circle around the block to find the best parking option . . . which cost me $17. Leg two, across town at 5 p.m., promised to be tougher. Only got us lost for a minute, which is pretty good in this crazy place. The streets sometimes make sense . . . Like going down K Street today, you pass 15th St., 16th, etc. Looking for Connecticut. I knew it was coming up .. . but passed it. The pattern at that point? 15th, 16th, Connecticut Ave, 18th street. 15, 16, Connecticut, 18? Only Washingtonians count like that! I ditch the car tomorrow and will use the train for the next two days. Much easier. With Capitol visits planned, I'm sure to get lost on foot though. While the actual Capitol is easily identified, navigating the various Senate and House office buildings. that surround the Capitol. There are some underground routes between building, though. I'm sure that's not complicated at all!! Pretty neat though is one of the routes I've mapped out that I'll take (some take cabs for this route I'm told, but I'm going to walk it). Leaving the one of the Senate office building, making your way to one of the House of Reps. office buildings, there is a route you can take down First Street that lets you look to your right to see the Capitol dome and look to your left and see the US Supreme Court before passing by the three Library of Congres buildings. Teresa thinks its a little geeky that I get so jazzed about just looking at these things.


by teresa
Just wanted to tell all our family (and friends) that we love them! Happy Valentine's Day! From the Green crew.
Here's some of my favorite LOVE pictures.....enjoy.

What the heck is that....I mean I love it!

by teresa
Nick brought me home a valentines gift. He said it is a flower holder (see the flowers sticking out of the ends at the bottom). I thought it was a piece of pizza. He informed me that the hole at the top is so I can hang it on a nail. Hmmmm...I wonder where I will display this beautiful work of art. The inside of my closet door is pretty bare. It could go there! Oh hush up! I'm just kidding! Seriously...it would look great in Chris' office. :)

Valentines Party

by teresa
Ben's class a very fun party. They had lots of snacks...and then they passed out their cards to each other. They had decorated a big envelope earlier in the week to put the cards into. It was chaotic! Squealing and giggling and hugging (mostly the girls). Finally the teacher had to turn the lights out for a second to get things under control. Everyone loved Ben's cards (remember..they have his picture). Especially the girls. He has several girls in class who adore him. I know this because their mothers have told me they go on and on about him at home. He's such a playa! He was all grinning as they kept running up to him trying to hug him. Here's a few shots.