Wednesday, May 31, 2006

copy cats...

by teresa
Guess what I just did?
Give up?
I downloaded this from itunes.
I am now sitting here with #4 on REPEAT!!
I love me some Chris Daughtry people!

I have got to by tickets to the show for me, Katy and momma!

Hey..have you guys seen the preview for ABC's new show...The One...Making a Music Star?
It will air during the summer. I think it is like Idol...except the camera doesn't just show the performances. It follows them through rehearsals and their real life drama. Hmmmm...what do you guys think about that?

look both ways before crossing the street!

by teresa

We bought the kids sidewalk chalk over the weekend. It came with cool stencils and stamp pads. But what did Ben draw? A parking lot! Of are his life! Anyway..I took some pictures of the parking lot he drew. Notice the stop sign, yield sign, the "parking lot for bikes oley" sign...and the handicap space. Pretty cool!

can you use it in a sentence?

by teresa
I'm very excited about the national spelling bee coming on tomorrow night during prime time on ABC. I watch this every year. The kids are so sweet...I usually get attached to the dorkiest one and follow them to the final round.
Have you ever watched it? It's pretty entertaining...and humiliating. Humiliating because I usually can't spell like 70% of the words correctly! They always sound so serious and mature...and ask questions like... Does this word have a homonym? What is the part of speech? Can you use the word in a sentence? What is the definition? What is the origin of the word?
The kids are truly amazing!
Check it out...tomorrow night at 8:00pm.

whatcha watchin?

by teresa was a Tuesday night...without American Idol.

What did you guys watch? Come on...tell me....inquiring minds want to know.

Chris and I ended up watching According To Jim...Rodney...and Less Than Perfect.
Then we flipped over for the last two quarters of the NBA semi-final game (Dallas vs. Pheonix).

Tonight at 8:00 is the Heat(Shaq and favs.....oh yeah...and I'm thinking Duane Wade is a cutie patootie. Even with those crazy black long johns he wears) vs. Pistons

eeeek....(standing on a kitchen chair)

by teresa


I say "A" mouse...because I won't let my self think there are more than one! If I think that... I can't live here!

We saw it last night running down the hall toward us in the kitchen....then flip back around and run back toward the livingroom.

Ewwww! I hate mice! HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE!

And don't go feeling sorry for it either! It's nothing like this mouse...or this mouse...or even this's more like THIS one!! I know...scary huh?

Well I refuse to walk around the house without my shoes on now. The thing that would freak me out the most would be for it to run across my bare feet *shudder* So my keds ain't coming off. And the SHOE NAZI will just have to live with it! didn't know that my husband is the shoe nazi? Ever since we got our new carpet (like 7 months ago) he has policed the front door yelling...S H O E S!! To anyone who comes in.

We put out traps last night....I'll let you know if we catch the little bugger!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

like daughter...

by teresa

First let me start out by reminding you that Chris and I have known each other since childhood. We went to sunday school together and public school together too. We started dating once I turned 16. He had this little old Honda civic hatchback. A hand-me-down from his parents. We called it ...the tuna can. It was a stick shift...and I didn't know how to drive a stick shift. My mother tried to teach me...but I was reduced to tears and gave up. Chris decided he would teach me in his car. We drove up and down Hazel Ave (the street where we now live) over and over. I kept releasing the clutch too much and making the car lurch forward and cut off. Drivers behind us were getting aggravated. And I was getting embarrased and anxious. I just kept laughing hysterically everytime I stalled the car. I just couldn't get the hang of it. Finally, I laughed so hard that I wet my pants! WET MY the boys' car I am dating!! We had to come to my house so I could change and clean out his seat. TOO EMBARRASING! But...he still came around after that. He must have been crazy or he really liked me. forward to this week. Lauren comes home from a school banquet. Chris and I are sitting on the couch and we hear her come in and run up the stairs. We call her back down to see what her hurry is. She comes down giggling....and the front of her skirt is soaking wet. ???? Apparently Lauren and her friend Megan were laughing so hard on the way home...Lauren wet her pants. What makes it even funnier is that she was driving Chris' Honda Accord. Poor Chris! after she changed her clothes, we had her go outside and clean the car. The next day Chris went to work and said he wasn't even 2 blocks away when he realized his pants were wet...all the way to his underwear. He was soooo mad. He thought it was pee....but it was just a "cleaning concoction" Lauren came up with to clean the seat and get rid of the smell. She poured flavored water (lemon) and a bottle of perfume in the seat after she toweled up the pee. Good grief! Chris' drawers were lemony fresh all day!

back to the old grind....

by teresa
I am a little tired this morning. We shouldn't have stayed up watching the Miami Heat play last night. Although, they it was kind of worth it. I love this team because...well for one..Shaq! He is SO great...and seems like he's really into family. His kids and his wife are always with him. That's rare for such a huge star. Second...Alonzo Mourning went to school with Chris and I. He was in many of my classes from Jr. High to High school. Even after his kidney transplant a few years back...he's still a strong player. Impressive!
My alarm didn't go off this morning. I'll check it later...I bet I had it set for PM by mistake or something. I just happened to roll over and look at the time...and it was 10 minutes after I usually get up.
I went into the boys room and picked out their clothes. When I woke Ben up he was wining and saying...I'm not going to school anymore! I want to sleep! I got him dressed as he lay there. Then he said...I want you to take me so I can go back to bed! Then he ran in our room and jumped in the bed with Chris.
I knew it was going to be hard for them to get up this morning. This whole 3-day weekend has been nothing but staying up late...sleeping in...and playing HARD! It will take them a couple of days to get back on schedule. Only two and a half weeks of school left. I can't wait. No more alarm clock till September!
Out cookout went great yesterday. Lots of good company and good food! We ate for like 7 hours straight. The kids got in the pool...and I stuck my feet in. It is still WAY too cold for me to get in. Even just putting my feet under the water almost sent my body into shock! BRRRRRR! The kids on the other hand...jumped right in. Amazing...the temp. doesn't faze them at all. Even Kaden got in up to her waist....and didn't even make a face!
Once everyone leaves this morning I am going into CLEAN mode! I pretty much stayed on track with the laundry all weekend..but there is alot of straightening to do from all the company. I also have errands to run..dry cleaners, drug store,library..etc. So it should be a busy day. Here's some pictures.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

I miss you...

by teresa
I have missed you guys the past couple of days. I will need to take some time after the kids go to bed tonight to catch up on all the happenings in your lives.
The past two days have been non-stop yard work and house cleaning. Mostly yard work though. Weeding, planting, mulching. Putting together the patio furniture set we bought. Cleaning out the garage and enjoying our new backyard. The kids have been playing with the toys from sun up to sun down! The ramp was a big hit. They haven't gotten up enough nerve to ride down it on their skateboards...they ride their bikes over it. I need to take some pictures and post them later.
We went to church this morning and then got right back to yardwork after we got home.
Tomorrow all of our family is coming over around noon for a cookout/pool party. Cookout over our house...pool party next door at mom's. I'm glad we got everything fixed up before the cookout. Except for the new garage door. I need to price some this week.
We had some news this week about Katy's ex. She found out that he got married a couple of weeks ago...without telling anybody. Including his parents. He had still been coming over Katy's house most days and hanging out. Making plans with her and the kids for the weekend. Then she is browsing around Myspace and see's his ex-girlfriends page (the one who is pregnant with his kid). It has a big post about how she and "the knucklehead" had been married the week before. What? He is just too much!! Katy told the kids and Kristian got real upset. She is only 7 and has been through so much already. Katy and "the knucklehead" have split and got back together many times...moved from one apt to another...from his parents to my parents...then he moved out with the girlfriend...but still hangs out like a family when he feels like it. She is always sad and moody. We pray for her everyday. He leaves tomorrow to head to NC and meet up with a marine troop and then head over to Iraq.
This is what Kai said to Chris yesterday...
Kai...Chris, my daddy is going to Irag to fight for our sins.
Chris...ummmm...I think you mean fight for our country. Jesus died for our sins.
Kai...oh yeah...I get those two mixed up alot!
Too Funny!
Kai is spending the night with us tonight. Him and Ben usually do well there shouldn't be any problems. Nick is spending the night with Chris' parents. Lauren has a friend spending the night after youth service tonight. Then they are heading out tomorrow for a cookout at the youth pastors house. She is just blowing us off for her friends. Lucky! :)
I'll catch up with you all tomorrow.
Have a great memorial day with your families.
Here's some pictures of what we hhave been doing in the yard and the finished concrete. Note the old raggedy b-ball hoop. Chris' new one should arrive this week sometime.

Friday, May 26, 2006

shopping is fun!

by teresa

Chris and I have had a fun day of shopping! We went to Sam's club and bought a new table and chairs and umbrella for the backyard. We also bought some big pots and pottong soil from Garden Ridge. Then we headed out to Dick's sporting goods and bought skateboard, helmet,pads and skate ramp for Kai and Ben. We also ordered the new basketball hoop (soon to be delivered and assembled). We bought a new ball and some clothes for Chris while we were there. With our vacation coming up on us...the man needed some casual clothes! Chris also picked out the prettiest little pond. One of those plug in things where the water runs out of a fairies hands. It also has a brightly colored tiled bottom. We will put a few fish in pretty.
Well..I'm off to cook some lunch...Chris and I haven't eaten yet today. We will be heading over to Lowes later (or maybe tomorrow morning) and then to the flowere market at the end of our street.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 25, 2006


By Chris

Sheww. NC trip over. I was home by 8:30, making my way across the whole state of NC in record time, I must say. The traffic was flowing really good on I-40 and I-85, so I went with the flow, pushng 85 mph much of the time just keeping up the natural flow of traffic. Driving in a place other than your home state, you really notice the stuff (signs really) that you don't have at home. Like . . . Steak and Shake. These are all over the place south of Va. I have to go there sometime. One billboard touted a restaurant called "Cookout." That sounds good too. Unique. Also unique: 70 mph speed limits. That doesn't exist in Va. And . . . these bellboards that say J*B on the left, then all kinds of things, from Cigars to clothes brands to cigarettes at cut-rate prices. What is J*B? Whatever it is, they sell everything and buy a bazillion billboards on I-85. I also like some of the town names on the exit signs. Very Carolina sounding places. Like you might hear them on the Andy Griffith Show, or something. My favorite: Haw River. Hickory is a solid sounding NC name too. The AM radio station you pick up there talks about "The Hickory Metro" area. Metro? Hmm. The same station also reported on the news of the day, which included someone's door being kicked in doing $100 worth of damage; A brick was thrown through a hardware store window and a $300 prressure washer was stolen. And Billy somebody was served with papers at 8:45 a.m. a couple of days ago. I saw two Billy Graham Highways and one Dale Earnhardt Blvd. And, for a guy who lives at sea level, the sand embankments coming down the mountain called "Runaway Truck Zones" are a little unsettling. One sign coming down the mountain, in the far right lane, has flasshing lights and a sign that says "Truck Going Too Fast". The lights went off when a bus I was beside apparently exceeded the recommended 35 mph in that lane. An eerie bell also was ringing very loudly. I stepped on it to get away from that action quick. Sure hope they didn't have to use one of the runaway truck zones! As I went through Eastern NC, all the sports talk station was abuzz about their Hockey team being in the conference finals of the National Hockey League. Now wouldn't that be something: a Stanley Cup Champion in Raliegh, NC!!!

Glad to be home and looking forward to playing on my new concrete!

it's got a nice beat and it's easy to dance too

by teresa
I just got home from my Thursday morning commitments (MIT and Ben's school). Ben wasn't even there today. The second graders went here on a field trip. And then they will stop at a farm/park on the way back to school for a picnic lunch. I hope he doesn't act up on the bus ride back again.

Lauren had some good news yesterday. She was elected secretary for next years (her senior year) Operation Smile Club. She also found out she was elected onto the class council. So with those, varsity cheer squad, Alpha, yearbook,and her Target job...she will be a busy gal. All these extra curriculars will look great on her college apps.

I had to go out and buy new phones yesterday. We have cordless phones downstairs. But I could only find one for about a week. Well I found it finally....outside. The boys had taken it out with them...although I can't imagine why. It had been rained on and no longer worked. So off I went yesterday to Target (of course) to purchase new ones. It was not very easy to make a decision. They had too many to choose from...too many different features. I even tried to call Chris while standing in the aisle...but he must have been in a meeting (in NC.) so I just picked the coolest looking ones!

The men will be finished up with our concrete today. I am so relieved. Yesterday Ben and I sat on the porch watchng them pour and smooth out our new walkway by the porch. Ben said, "cool...that looks like fun". The worker, who had been silent all week looked up at Ben and said," better stay in school". "You don't want to be doing this when your my age." Ben was like....uh...ok. It does look like some hard work. Hunched over all day. My father is a retired roofer. so he used to be hunched over like that all day long....and 100 feet off the ground! That's some hard work! anyway...Now I think we have to wait a week before we can drive on it. But only 24 hrs to walk on it. Chris comes home tonight...he will be very happy! This weekend we are going to spend alot of time (and money) creating a backyard haven. New patio furniture...pots and basketball hoop...and all this for the kids enjoyment. I hope the weather is nice for a Memorial day cookout on Monday! Are any of you guys doing the cookout thing? If not...just scoot on over and we will put on some burgers for ya!

As I am writing this... the construction workers radio is B L A R I N G! I'm sure the neighbors are loving it!
Snoop Dog's Drop It Like It's Hot is on has a nice beat...and such lovely lyrics...

I'm a gangsta, but y'all knew that
Da Big Bo$$ Dogg, yeah I had to do that
I keep a BLUE flag hanging out my backside
But only on the LEFT side, yeah that's the CRIP side
Ain't no other way to play the game the way I play
I cut so much you thought I was a DJ[scratches] "two!" - "one!" - "yep, three!"
S-N double O-P, D-O double G
I can't fake it, just break it, and when I take it
See I specialize in making all the girls get naked
So bring your friends, all of y'all come inside
We got a world premiere right here, now get live! So don't change the dizzle, turn it up a little
I got a living room full of fine dime brizzles
Waiting on the Pizzle, the Dizzle and the Shizzle
G's to the bizzack, now ladies here we gizzo
I'm a Bad Boy, wit a lotta hoes
Drive my own cars, and wear my own clothes
I hang out tough, I'm a real Bo$$Big Snoop Dogg, yeah he's so sharp
On the TV screen and in the magazines
If you play me close, you're on a red beam
Oh you got a gun so you wanna pop back?AK47 now nigga, stop that!
same issues, now I'm on the move
Your family's crying, now you on the news
They can't find you, and now they miss you
Must I remind you I'm only here to twist you
Pistol whip you, dip you then flip you
Then dance to this music we Crip to
Subscribe nigga, get yo issue
Baby come close, let me see how you get loose!

I know...those of you who know my husband Chris are probably in awe of how much this song describes him. I's pretty uncanny! Chris also wears his blue flag on the crip side....drops it like it's hot and fills our living room full of fine dime brizzles. hee hee

what's a brizzle anyway?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I can't believe it's over!!

by teresa

Tonights show was full of highs....
The womens ensemble...(Mandisa and Paris can sing!)
Prince (oh heck yeah....remember guys...I grew up in the 80's...I thought Prince was totally tubular!)
the men's ensemble...(I miss Chris!!)
CLAY AIKEN (who looked majorly hot by the way...his stylist needs a raise)and that guy that makes Elton John look as tough as Vin Diesel... TOO FUNNY!!!!! I thought the guy was going to wet his pants or faint or something!

and lows....
chicken little singing pussy cat song...
Brokenote cowboys...

I am so happy that Taylor won. He was definitely my choice between the two. I actually tried to vote last night...but only got a busy signal.


North Carolina is REALLY Big

By Chris

Been in NC since Tuesday. Drove down through Durham, to the Charlotte area. Attended a really cool event at the NASCAR Speedpark that featured lots of NASCAR drivers and media in an event to fight cancer in honor of a driver in the middle of a personal fight (Bobby Hamilton). I am not a NASCAR guy, but know it is absolutely a huge deal. It's race week in Charlotte, so the NASCAR family is all over the city. With the drivers on hand, selling chances to race go-carts with them, eat dinner with them and buy some neat stuff in an auction, people were showing up in force to support a good cause. Lots of big names gave their time, and tens of thousands was raised. They auctioned everything from helmets and race suits to a tool cart used at a race and signed by drivers. They even had a Grey's Anatomy DVD set signed by the lead actor, known as "Mc Dreamy" on the show at at my house. When I told Teresa that I stopped bidding at a pretty low amount in her eyes she was . . . auidibly upset. Ooops. Had no idea it would have been that big of a hit. Should have kept bidding! Kudos to the NASCAR family and fans. Class folks with big hearts. Big props to my go-getter team member too for making it all happen!

Spent the day in the Charlotte area after finding one of the few hotel rooms in the area that wasn't gobbled up by race activity. Then, it was off to the western, mountainous section, via a quick ride up I-40, to Asheville, where I am now. I've logged a good 600 miles already in the state. A-ville is beautiful, and incredibly unique. Way more funky than one would expect in the NC mountains. After spending tomorrow here, it'll be back down I-40, this time making my way into Eastern NC, before making a b-line for the Va. border and home. I will have made a great big triangle through NC by then. Probably a good 1,000 miles. And, there are still many parts I will not have been to this trip. The beaches; the whole triad. This place is HUGE!

I'm a happy happy woman!!

by teresa
I returned to the thrift store by Katy's house search of some good books. I took my time and emptied every single shopping cart. They were over-flowing with books. It took about and hour and a half. Here are the TREASURES I came home with.

My Sister From the Black Lagoon by Laurie Fox
Queen Bees and Wannabes by Rosalind Wiseman (movie Mean Girls)
Lunch at the Picadilly by Clyde Edgerton (bookseller book of the year)
Where The Heart Is by Billie Letts (Oprahs book club)
The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks (I've read a couple of his books...and love them)
Suzanne's diary For Nicholas by James Patterson
The Ice Child by Elizabeth McGregor
The Sacrafice by Beverly Lewis (I've only read one of her books...loved it)
The Covenant by Beverly Lewis
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith (voted book of the century...I've always wanted to read this classic)
Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt (I've read this...I wanted it for my home library for the's great)
Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O'Dell (1961 Newberry Award winnner)
Reading Lolita in Tehran by Azar Nafisi (a story about a teacher in Iran who gathered some female students secretly to read forbidden western classic authors such as Jane Austen, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Vladdimir Nabokov)

kids books...
Garfield Hams it Up
Mailbox Mania
The Hundred Dresses(1945 Newberry honor award)
Eek there's a mouse in the house
Terible times
Going Places
Zelda and Ivy
When Momma comes Home tonight
Ira sleeps Over
Apple picking time

It is my goal to own...and read every Newberry Award winner ever written. And for my children to read them too.
If you don't know... the Newberry Award is given to one book a year in children's literature. The best written book. It started in 1922...and continues today. And without a doubt..every book chosen for this award is GOLD!! Some past winners are...Shiloh, Sarah Plain and Tall, The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle, Ginger Pye, Sounder, Walk Two Moons, Holes..etc.
I only have 15 of them. So I am always on the lookout for more.

Oh the way...I only spent $20 for all these!

magazine day...

by teresa
Yeah!! Today is magazine day. I don't know why...but it seems most of the magazines that we get arrive on the same day each month. It makes me very happy to go to the mail box and see it stuffed with fun mags. to read. Especially since Chris is out of town this week (till thurs. night). I just sit up late, thumbing through. Ear-marking new ideas...crafts for the kids, etc. Do any of you subscribe to magazines...if so...which ones? Here's a list of all the ones we get.
Family Fun
Readers Digest
Jack and Jill

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Taylor are the NEXT American Idol!!

by teresa
Tonights show has aired...and here are my opinions.

First round of songs
Katharine: Black horse/cherry tree...very good...better than last time she sang it. I'm glad she wasn't laying on the floor this time!
Taylor: Living for the city...SO EXCITING! I find myself smiling when he sings. Great!!

Second round of songs
Katharine: over the rainbow...moving...beautiful...LOVED IT! (please don't get on the floor again)
Taylor: Levon...pretty good. I liked it better the last time he sang it.

Third round of songs
Katharine:Destiny...didn't like it...sounded off key...notes were too high for her(she was reacing for them)...screeching...not good!
Taylor: do I make you proud...I wasn't crazy about the song...but he did a terrific job with it!

Congratulations are the new AMERICAN IDOL!!

famous faces

by teresa
I thought this was neat. After the big Jubilee event this weekend...our local paper (which I get online each day) requested that people submit pictures of their families enjoy the events of the weekend. It stated that not all photos would be published. Well, I clicked on my "paper" this morning scanned the first pages for interesting news. Then I glanced down at an article called Out and About in Hampton Roads...and there was Kristian and Ben's picture. On the roller coaster this weekend. Once I clicked on it I was able to see that there was another picture of them too. Showing off the wood craft they make in the Home Depot tent. We have a couple of celebrities!! Here's the link. Scan down for the photo.

Jam Master B....formerly known as Benjamin

by teresa
Ben has been a little hard to handle lately. He is completely full of himself...and sassy! He gets away with it alot because he is so flippin cute!
His teacher called yesterday to see if I got a note she sent home to me on Thursday. said. She said she asked Ben if I had seen it and he said...I can't remember. Apparently she sent home a behavior notice (that must have gotten lost on the way home) after the field trip last week. Ben and his friend Qianna were talking loudly and not sitting down on the bus ride back to school. She said she told them 5 times to correct their behavior...but they just continued. I asked to speak to Ben (he was there with her when she called) but all he did was sniffle. I think it really embarassed him that she called me. When he got home and I tried to discuss it with him he just kept running away and sticking his head in the couch cushions. And when Chris got home and mentioned it to him...he shot me a look that showed his feelings of betrayal toward me. How dare me tell daddy what went on at school!

I took him to get some summer clothes from Old Navy the other day. I figured he needed a few t-shirts that fit (I tried his on from the begininneg of the school year and you could see his belly button they were so short)and a couple pairs of shorts. He wore one of his new shirts to school yesterday...and came home with pizza sauce ALL over it. And I mean ALL over it...there was sauce on his back too! I had him change before the dentist. Once home the boys and Chris went in the backyard to check out the progress of their basketball court. Chris said he watched Ben walk over to the backhoe the workers left...slop up a handful of grease off the side and wipe it on his shirt and shorts (new outfir from Old Navy). Then he looked at Chris...smiled and said...OOPS...I fell against the tractor and got dirty! ARRGGG! This made me so angry! But mom saved the day and gave me a can of WD-40. I sprayed it on the greasey areas and soaked it overnight. It is now washed and good as new! Lucky for Ben!

Later we were watching jeopardy together. One of the catagories was SAR-castic. The answers were all things with the pre-fix SAR. Well, Ben heard the category and said....Hey, sarcastic...that's what I am...right dad? I guess he has overheard Chris and I talking about him. Oops!

A few minutes later Chris was trying to get him to wind down and go up to bed. He was bouncing (literally) all over the livingroom with Chris chasing after him. Chris kept saying...Beeeen....come here! Beeeen...put on your jammies! Beeeen...go back upstairs (after tucking him in 3 times)! Finally Ben says.....hey! It's NOT BEN! It's JAM MASTER B you! It was so hard for Chris and I not to let our giggles slip out as we were having to correct him and put him back in bed.

Stop playing...and get working!

by teresa

The construction workers are here again today. They are making such noise! But I don't care...we just want it done.
After the foreman left a few minutes ago...all the noise stopped! I heard NOTHING for a few minutes. Then I heard a bouncing noise...and laughing. So I looked out the window...and this is what I saw. They had set up our old basketball hoop (we had taken it down because Chris is having a new one delivered soon) and were playing a game. I went next door to mom and dad's house and shot this out of their bathroom window. The guys played like this for about 45 minutes....until the foreman came back. TOO FUNNY!

kiss today goodbye...the sweetness and the sorrow...

by teresa
Yesterday was just a blur of and laughing gas.

I had tons of laundry to do from the kids trips out of town. And good grief were they stinky and dirty! And not just Nick's camping clothes...Lauren's things were CRUDDY! And she packed them back in her suitcase with all the clean clothes that she didn't wear! NICE! So I am washing EVERYTHING that she overpacked too. Because now it is all FUNKY!!

The concrete men came yesterday and stayed a whole 5 hours. We are making progress people! What they said would take 3 days MAX...will now take about 7 or 8 days (according to the head guy). Whatever...just get it done! The kids (and I do include Chris with the kids) are driving me nuts with anticipation about the new "play area". They all need to take a chil will be done...when it's done.

I forgot to remind you guys that the boys follow-up dentist appts. (fillings) were yesterday. Remember the deal with the old dentist...and then finding the new one. Well the boys appointments went perfectly! I was SO nervous. I has taken two years to get Nick to get this cavity filled. He was so scared before (thank you Zoloft). I feel so relived to be able to cross that off "my list". When the boys came out...teeth crying...I told the dentist (I'm not kidding) that I wanted to kiss him and the whole staff. That he didn't know how much this meant to us! He just smiled..patted me on the shoulder...and walked away. I think I scared him. I was almost crying I was so relieved. What is it about the dentist that makes me cry? No... it's not the bill! After insurance I only had to pay $14 for the boys combined! Yeah...Guardian Dental!!

Now that sweeps is over what are you guys watching? Did anybody watch the Desperate Housewives season ending? We did....and I loved it! Greys Anatomy was great...ER's was okay. I have been faithfully watching ER for it's entire existence. has not been as good since Carter left. This makes me sad. I love my County General family. He makes me smile......*sigh*.... are so pretty!

Monday, May 22, 2006


by teresa

Lauren and Nick have returned to the flock. Nick around 5:00pm last night....and Lauren around 6:00am this morning!
Lauren called from New York last night around 11:30pm. Seeing as she was supposed to be home at 1:00am....this was not good. Apparently one of the three buses had broken they sat at a rest stop for 5 hours waiting for a new bus to arrive. Good grief!!
I told Chris when my alarm went off this morning ....I think Lauren is home. I said...she touched my arm a few minutes ago (I think)...and I opened my eyes and saw the back of her as she left our room (I think). I started to wonder if I just dreamed it. But a peek out the window for her car proved that she was indeed real. I can't wait until she is rested and up so we can chat about all the highlights.
Nick hasn't elaborated too much about the camping trip. Just short, to the point answers.
Did you have fun?......YES
Did your friend Jonah have fun?.....YES
Did you get tired during the hike?.....A LITTLE
He did say one thing that really cracked me up. I don't know if this was one of the ranger commanders yanking his chain...or if he missunderstood what they said.
I asked him....what were some of the things they cooked that you liked to eat?
His answer was....Oh...I had some really big hard boiled unfruitalized ROOSTER eggs! They were really good mom!
Ok...I got two problems with this....unfruitalized? I think he meant unfertilized. Rooster eggs? Huh? I'm fairly certain they weren't rooster eggs.
I will ask his grandfather(one of the Ranger commanders) what the deal is with this.

I'm so glad they are home safely. The only down thing is...they brought their dirty laundry home too! And you know me...I hate to have more than 2 tubs off laundry to do. Now I have about 6 or 7 waiting for me.
I'm off to take care of it...bah bye...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Jubilee joviality...

by teresa
We had such a wonderful time at the Chesapeake Jubilee yesterday. Well...most of us did anyway. Kai kinda chickened out on riding anything. Of course this was after Katy had bought him the $20 unlimited ride hand stamp! This aggravated Ben to no end. He came expecting to ride all day with his best buddy. But Kristian stepped in and took Kai's place as Ben's best buddy for the day. They rode on EVERYTHING! Many, many times on everything. Their favorites were the Swings(Ben's flipflops went flying off ), the Tornado, Funhouse, and Tugboat. Katy, Kai and Kaden left around 3:00....and Kristian, Ben and I stayed until around 5:00. We were there about 5 and a half hours. The weather was perfect...75 degrees and breezy. So we weren't uncomfortable at all. My feet did start aching near the end though. For the thousands of people in attendance...there were maybe 4 benches. So a couple of times we plopped down on the grass in front of the main stage....watching whatever act (kids dancing, singers, bands,etc.) was performing. They got their faces painted (except for Kai...he grumped and didn't want it done to him), went to the petting zoo (the goats were especially friendly), ate hotdogs, made some sort of wood craft thing at the Home Depot tent (this really aggravated Katy and I...the parents had to help the kids...and we kept bending our nails everytime we hammered!), Ben got a firehat from Sparky the Fire Dog, and rode all the rides. It was well worth the $20 ride pass. They had fireworks at 9:00pm last night too. But we didn't want to go pay for parking and walk though all the crowds we went to our church (which is a couple blocks from the Jubilee site) and parked and watched them from their. Lots of people were there....our church even provided hotdogs and drinks for free to anyone who wanted to watch the fireworks from our parking lot. They were really pretty. The kids were oohing and awwwing over each explosion. They lasted about 20 minutes and then we headed home. Once home Ben was OUT LIKE A LIGHT. And so was I!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Still in the Upstate

By Chris

Sitting in the Greenville airport now. Shuttle situation actually worked
well this morning. But, the sound of thunder woke me up this morning,
which is never a good sign on an air travel day. I've come to learn that a
little stormy weather anytime anywhere on the east coast can mess up the
whole delicate chain of events that is air travel for the rest of the day.
Sure enough, it's sunny now at 10:20 and my 10:10 plane is not even at the
gate. At these small airports they don't tell you much either. The gate
sign, which is not digital, still says 10:10 as depart time. And check
this weird scenario out (another conformation of the zaniness of airline
business). I have a USAir ticket. So, I go to the USAir self service
kiosk to print my boarding passes (I have to fly past my destination city
to Washinton and change planes). Kiosk can't find my record. I go to the
live person ticket counter. They tell me I have to go to the United ticket
counter. Of course??? United and USair merged long ago. But apparently
still operate seperately except that your USAir ticket might put you on a
United flight wothout you even realizing it. Isn't the point of merger to
combine operation, eliminate redundancies? So I went down the hall to the
United counter, staffed by people dong the same job as the people down at
USAir's counter. How did that merger help either on of them?? I'm not
sure what airline will take me on my second leg, but I now have a United
boarding pass and a USAir iten. Document??? Bye. Plane's here

just call me little miss muffet....

by teresa

My date night went great! We met up with Katy and her kids...and my mom at the park near Katy's house. The park was very full...which made it hard to keep track of where the kids were. There were several of "those" moms there too. You know who I'm talking about. The moms who are at the heels! Heels..and tight sparkly jeans. This cracks me up. They keep sinking down in the playground mulch trying to chase their kids around. The kids played for a while, but it got very , very chilly....and the kids were all in short sleeve shirts. So we headed to a chinese buffet near Katy's house. We got distracted by a CHKD thrift store two doors down from the restaurant. It was a wonderful place (that I am going back to sometime this week). They had many children's books that were on my list. But they were all in shopping it was hard to sift through to the bottom. So I will go back later in the week and dump those puppies out in the floor and go through them! Once inside the restaurant...the kids were like ravenous dogs! Especially Kaden. That little one can put down the grub! Katy couldn't get one bite herself without Kaden screaming and pounding on the table wanting more. I know it was aggravating for Katy...but it made mom and me laugh and laugh! After dinner we went over to Katy's house and watched Nanny McPhee. Ben and I had picked it up on the way over there. I know, I know...we are probably the only ones in the world who haven't seen that movie. I took my kids to see it once...but it sold out before we purchased our tickets. was GREAT! We all really enjoyed it. I had no idea it was going to be so good....I thought it was just silly and funny....kinda like that movie Matilda. But it had a wonderful storyline....and Colin Firth *sigh*. Ben and I came home after the movie and climbed into bed together. It was about 10:00pm by then. He wanted me to read to him. So I read about 35 pages of Junie B. Jones smell something fishy. Then I looked over and Ben was asleep. I was tired I decided to stay in bed and go to sleep. We slept great....but when I got up this morning....there was a smushed spider under my covers.....G-R-O-S-S! I HATE SPIDERS!!! This freaks me out to think it was crawling around on me when I was sleeping...aaaahhhhhhh! Okay...I am better know. Katy is coming over in a little while and we are taking the kids to the Jubilee. So I'll come back later to read how your weekend is going. Have a great Saturday!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

The Up State Review

By Chris

It's been a really long, but very enjoyable day. Made my way to the what they call "The Upstate" in South Carolina, which is basically the Greenville - Spartanburg and surrounding area, all the way to the western North Carolina mountains. I had the pleasure of getting reacquainted with small propellar planes on the early morning flight. I had forgotten how loud those are . . . and bumpy. I spent all day and night in the Upstate, hopping all over the place for a good 15 hours. Saw hundreds of people and talked to dozens, and the Upstate is an incredibly friendly, caring community-oriented place. I've been here before, but never got exposed to so much of the communities like today and tonight. It wouldn't be a bad place to live. Special thanks to my escort who adeptly maneuvered me around to get the most out of every minute in town.

Only a few insiders will get this, but I even got to check out Apostle Land at 11 p.m. It was easy to find it with the huge, tall multi-colored flashing sign with LOUD graphics, which really reminded me of stuff from my family entertainment center days. The compound, I mean campus, was blokced by a closed gate, so we couldn't get too close. But I could spy the huge buildings, loudly painted. A sign by the gate said, "First time visitors, blink your lights and you will receive instructions." Huh?? It all struck me as weird.

I'll be back early afternoon tomorrow . . . . missing everyone, especially since Ben pulled the crying thing at 4 this morning :((

One final funny thing. Conversation between me and the hotel clerk at check - in:

Me: Do you have a shuttle that goes to the airport?

Clerk: Yes.

Me: Does it run tomorrow morning?

Clerk: Yes. What time do you need to go.

Me: How about 8:45.

Clerk: No. That's not one of the times.

Me: 8:30?

Clerk: No. (Uhhh, wouldn't it be more efficient if she would just tell me when it DOES run).

Me: When does it run.

Clerk: Every 20 minutes.

Me: Starting when?

Clerk: confused look

Me: Well . . . which 20 minutes. Starting on the hour?

Clerk: Still looking somewhat confused, but says Yes.

Me: So, how about 8:20?

Clerk: O.k. Let me check the book (Uhhh. will this magic book confirm that 8:20 is in fact 2o minutes past the hour?. . . . . . . . Yes. 8:20. Got it. Writes down my name in a book that has nothing else written on that day.

It should be interesting to see what actually happens at 8:20 tomorrow!.

my git up n go has got up n wint!

by teresa

I'm kinda just hit me.
I feel like laying across the bed. I really don't have time for that it sounds like the construction workers have every digging machine in Va. going in my backyard right now!
I need a pick me up...I think I'll run out and get a Latte. That should do the trick.
Or maybe I just need a wagon wheel!

Do you guys remember this old PSA?
It used to come on during Sat. morning cartoons when I was little.


by teresa

I saw this on another blog and thought it was a good idea.


F irst thing I need to do this morning is a tub of laundry. You would be proud of me...I have kept up with it all week So in the morning I have maybe one tub to do. Two tubs if there are some whites.

R ight now there are many construction workers crammed into my backyard. Digging, plowing, measuring and other such examples of hard labor. all the husbands who work with their hands like this. That is some hard work right there. They deserve an extra hug when they get home from work today!

I have lost a total of 4 pounds this week. And I feel great...and full! That's a wonderful thing pepole (my son Ben's spelling). I may win that money from the contest after all!! Nick has even embraced our new menus. I made some spagetti last night. I made it with this and this. I also cooked some ground turkey and veggies (green peppers, mushrooms,etc.) Then I put it all in my new food processor and blended it so the kids could not tell anything was in it. They each had 2 bowls! It was very yummy! And only 6 pts per serving.

D arn it! Chris went out of town again this morning. I think his flight left around 5:30am. He will be in South Carolina checking in (doing that big boss thing) on some Relays for Life going on this weekend. Ben happened to get up and come to climb into our bed when Chris was getting ready this morning. Talk about laying on the guilt! Seeing Chris getting ready that early...he knew that he must be going out of town. And he cried and cried and cried(I think it was mostly from being tired and half asleep)! Begging Chris not to stay home with him...not to leave him behind (who am I...chopped liver?). He has been SO attached to Chris lately. It's really sweet. When he hears Chris' car pull up in the driveway, he bounds toward the door like Dino from the Flintstones!

A bout four more weeks till school is out and we head to the Outer Banks on vacation with the families. Chris is so funny about this. He keeps cracking jokes is it a vacation when EVERYONE is coming too? What is it a vacation from? It will be like Thanksgiving...for a week...that we have to pay for! Now don't go getting your feelings hurt if your some of the people going with us!! He is just kidding!! He knows that I live for things like this(all of our families getting together) he teases me about it all the time. And he also agrees with me that we wouldn't have it any other way for our kids. They LOVE and adore their grandparents...aunt...and cousins. So that's why we ALL have to go! The more the merrier....right?

Y es!! Tonight is date night!! I know...Chris is out of town. But I have a date with a tall, handsome, blue-eyed blond. My Ben-jammin! Nick wil be leaving on his hiking trip this afternoon...Lauren is still in Boston (I heard from her by the way...and she is having a blast)...and Chris will be in the Carolinas. So it's just me and Ben. I don't know what we will do yet. Dinner...dancing...then back to his place for a night cap (diet dr. pepper...with 2 straws).

Thursday, May 18, 2006

I am a happy woman!!

by teresa

This picture...right here...makes me want to do a HAPPY DANCE!
As a matter of fact...hold on a minute while I do one...
Okay..I'm back. That felt GREAT!
I'm SO happy the concrete man finally came.

concrete man...concrete man...where for art thou concrete man?

by teresa
Well.. I'm off for a few hours. First to MIT meeting, then to Ben's school for a couple of hours.

The concrete man never showed up yesterday. I did get a call though...saying he was behind because of rain and he would be he THIS MORNING...NO DOUBT! Well see. Chris is driving me crazy over his basketball that man better show up or I'll have to hunt him down. At least we only gave him a small deposit. And not HALF up front like the man wanted. We have been burned by "money up front" before. NEVER give them the money before they do anything!!! It is a HUGE mistake! If they can't afford to start the project with their own money....pass on them quick! Once they have the money...there is no incentive to get the job done on time.

just a little side note... I saw a bumper sticker the other day on a concrete truck.
It read....
If you don't use concrete...
it's your own asphalt!

I think that's funny!

Oh...I weighed myself this morning and I was down THREE pounds. Yeah for me! I need to go to the grocery store today and get some low fat...low calorie snacks. My house if full of cheese sticks ...pepperoni...and eggs from our low carb life. By the way...I had and apple the other day. It was the first fruit I have eaten in over a year. Atkins makes you swear off fruit because of it's sugar. MAN...that was the BEST APPLE I have ever had!! I have really missed my fruit.

See ya later alligator...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

my man is coming home!!!!

by teresa
Chris is coming home tonight! Yeah for me! I feel like waiting at the door and tagging out (like the wrestlers do...not that I've ever watched wrestling or anything:) and yelling...NEXT...and running down the street to the nearest Starbucks.
The kids have been BEYOND rambunctious this week...and I am BEYOND over it! I think they are getting the "school is almost out" jitters.
Lauren left for Boston about an hour ago. She was so excited and I am so thrilled for her. She gets to do the coolest things. She has traveled to Guatemala and Costa Rica on mission trips. Gone to New York City over her Christmas break (2 years) to volunteer ministering to the homeless. She has been to Disneyland and Universal studios with Chris' step sister. Not to mention the week long church camps every summer. The week long cheering camps every summer. And our family summer and winter vacations. What fun...what memories she will have. Sshhhhh...don't tell Chris...but I let her take my camcorder on her trip. So I know there will be MUCH bloggable entertainment to post once she is back! teenage girls+camcorder=hilarity

bye bye Elliot

David Spade is the voice of Kuzco, the emperor that's been turned into a llama, in Walt Disney's The Emperor's New Groove
Is it the llama from Emperor's New Groove?

Mr. Tumnus ( James McAvoy ) in Walt Disney Pictures' The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
Is it Mr. Tumnus from the Narnia movie?

Is it one of Santa's elves?

Nope... it's Elliot Yamin! I'm sorry...I just couldn't resist!
Seriously...he is a great singer. I even got a little teary when he got kicked off tonight. He seems like a really neat guy. I know he will do great things musically eventhough he didn't win!
Good bye Elliot.

Almost Home

By Chris

Sitting in my favorite spot, the Atlanta airport, looking to be home in a
few hours. Uneventful trip so far this time. All planes and trains on
time. I used a traveling trick today that points out the stupidity of the
airline rules. Realizing I needed a later flight, I called to see how full
the flight after mine was, and what it would cost me to change. With the
change fee and fare difference, I was quoted $119. And, the agent shared
with me that the later flight was "wide open.". Hearing this, I said thanks
and hung up. I then intentionally missed my flight, went to the airport
and explained I missed my earlier flight to the agent, who then put me on
the later flight for ..... Free. This is basically how it works for most
airlines I've found. Weird.

Me...from A to Z!

by teresa

I got tagged by Melissa today! Enjoy reading about some of the things that make I will be tagging a few can run...but you can't hide!

ACCENT: (lived in Virginia all my life)
BIBLE BOOK I LIKE: Ephesians...I also like the Psalms and Proverbs alot too.
CHORE I DON'T CARE FOR: There is a tie between bringing the groceries in from the car...and putting the laundry away.
FAVORITE COLOGNE: Curve for Liz Claiborne
HANDBAG I CARRY MOST OFTEN: Lauren's (my daughters) hand me downs
INSOMNIA: Never had it
JOB TITLE: domestic goddess
KIDS: 1 girl..Lauren age 17, 2 boys...Nick age 11...Ben age 7
LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: The five of us live in a 4 bdroom, 2 story house next door to my parents. Stop with the snickering! We all LOVE this arrangement! Right honey??
OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAYS: (Five) Three with the birth of my children, one when I had my hystorectomy,and one when I had my breast reduction at 18.
PHOBIAS: flying, crowds (closed in with a bunch of people), not being near an exit (or at least knowing where the closest one is...I always have to have an escape route planned wherever I go)...I know...I'm a nutball!
QUOTE: Baa-ram-ewe, baa-ram-ewe. To your breed, your fleece, your clan be true. Sheep be true. Baa-ram-ewe...from Babe
RELIGION: Christian...member of Parkway Temple Pentecostal Holiness Church
SIBLINGS: one younger sister..Katy age 25
TIME I WAKE UP: 6:15am
UNUSUAL TALENT OR SKILL: I know the words, songs, dances to lots of musicals. e.g. Oklahoma...Oliver...My Fair Lady...etc. That's more annoying than it is a talented. I know something...I can do the crossword puzzle in the paper everyday in less than 30 minutes. I LOVE my crossword puzzles!
WORST HABIT: I NEVER call my kids by the right name. Sometimes I even call them by the dogs name.
XRAYS: Twice when I twisted my ankle
YUMMY STUFF I COOK: Meatloaf!! Great meatloaf...and chicken florentine. My family also loves my corn casserole.
ZOO ANIMAL I LIKE MOST: The monkeys! I love the monkeys! I always love those stories where a family raises a monkey with their family... like one of their kids. They put little clothes and stuff on them and teach them sign language. That's so neat.

And that's me...from A to Z! Now I'm going to tag Leslie...Paige...Jenn...and Mary! Have fun ladies! I'll look forward to reading your answers to these questions on your blogs!

and here I sit....waiting and waiting

by teresa
Last night, after three and a half hours at the dojo (I had to shower to get the feet smell off of me) we came home. Just as the boys were finishing dinner George and Jackie called. George needed to come over and adjust Nick's new backpack before the campout (on Friday). It was a gift from them especially for the hiking trip. So they came over and Jackie brought me a card (for no reason) and a Starbucks gift card. Isn't that sweet? It took George like an hour and a half to get the bag adjusted Jackie and I got to watch Idol together. I don't think she has ever watched it. The show was great....and her and I agreed that Taylor won...hands down! Katy called during the show and had the same opinion. Mom called just as it was ending and felt the same way as us. I don't know about them...but I think Katharine is going to go on the the finals with Taylor. Her performance of Over the Rainbow was unbeleivable! I don't think Elliot did bad...I just liked her better last night. So we will see what happens.
Well, so far today I have made the beds, unloaded the dishwasher, washed and put away ALL clothes,showered,and read more of my book. I usually go over to Katy's on Wednesdays...but the concrete man is supposed to come sometime today with his crew to start demolition on our yard. So I have been hanging around waiting for him. And waiting...and waiting! It is 11:00am...and still no sign of him. GREAT! I'm surprised Katy hasn't called to chew me out for not coming. I think she goes stir crazy sitting in her apartment all day. She has Kaden and Kai at home (Kristian in in school all day). She also babysits for two kids (under two). So she is pretty much forced to stay put until the kids get picked up.
I have started a new weight loss plan. After a year on South Beach/Atkins...I am switching to weight watchers. I have heard many people sing the praises of it. So I am going to give it a shot. Have you...or anyone you know ever been on it before? Let me know how you/they did. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

ba da dump*ba da dump*ba da dump*bump*bump...(the Paul Revere music)

by teresa

This morning has gone well so far. No attitudes or whining. Ben did complain a little about his throat being scratchy. I sure hope he isn't getting sick.

Right now I am waiting for Nick to get dressed. This usually takes FOREVER! Eventhough I pick out his clothes and have them laying there.... he dilly dallies until the last possible minute.
Playing with toys...watching cartoons in his room...stacking the dixie cups in the bathroom into pyramids...etc.

Chris got up around 3:30 this morning...YIKES! He had a flight to catch. He is in Atlanta for a couple of days...then North Carolina at the end of the week. I guess I will just fill the afternoons and evenings with double karate lessons for the boys. Lauren has to work I might as well not cook. Just pick up something on the way to karate.

Nick and Lauren are both downstairs now....arguing a little. Nick wants Lauren to do his hair this morning...and she is not in the mood to be bothered. For the past two days she has fixed his hair into a "faux hawk". He has loved the attention from her and his friends thought he was so cool yesterday. I wish I would have taken a picture. It looked pretty funny!

After the kids leave I will make the a tub of laundry...and get ready to go to Ben's school. I have been keeping up with the laundry each morning all I have to wash is what we wore the day before. I hope to keep on top of it....but I know it's only a matter of time before it gets the best of me. I'll miss just one day...and then multiplies overnight! Laundry is not my friend...but the dry cleaning man is! I have started taking my shirts (the button up dress ones) to the cleaners each week with Chris' things. It's nice to have them clean and pressed and waiting in the closet to be put on.

Man...that reminds me. I have got to clean out my closet. Just like the laundry..I try to keep up with it. Wash...dry...and hang up immediately! This works for about a week or two. Then I get slack about it and the next thing you know I have towers of clean clothes tucked into the sides of my closet.

Lauren just came in and sat with me here in the office. She is nervous about her Boston trip tomorrow. Worried about not packing enough stuff or the right stuff. We will go over her itenerary tonight and make sure she has the appropriate outfits. Her Orchestra class is going to Boston. They leave at midnight Wednesday night and come back Sunday night at midnight. They have a full schedule. Thursday they arrive, check-in, and go to six flags. Friday they attend a classes at a conservatory in Boston. Perform at the Christian Science Church, visit Plymouth Rock, Salem witch museum, haunted ghost tour and more. Saturday they go to historic downtown Boston along Freedom Trail (Paul Revere), Boston Tea Party museum, and more. In the evening they are attending a Boston Pops concert. Sunday after breakfast they are leaving for NYC. Once there they have tickets to the musical Chicago at the Ambassador Theatre. After the show they will make the long drive home. Sounds fun...but exhausting!

Nick will also be gone for a couple of days. His Royal Ranger troop is going on a hiking trip Friday, Saturday and coming back Sunday.

Now...if I could only get rid of Ben....any takers? Just kidding! It will be nice having one child for a couple of days. Those of you who have one kid...and complain about it....have NO IDEA!! When you have 3 or more children...and you just take ONE out of the mix for a day or's like a vacation! Just one...and the dynamics are shifted. It's a wonderful thing! Although I will be waiting anxiously for Nick and Lauren to return to the homestead! I like to keep them where I can see them!

I just remembered... it's American Idol night. Yeah!! By the way...what is the genre of music being sung tonight? I forgot. I think my mind went blank right after they called Chris' name to go home. My Greys Anatomy finale was SO great last night! McDreamy and Meredith kinda got back together again (if ya know what I mean *wink*wink*). I get so sad when my shows end for the summer. Next sunday will be the finale of DHW. Katy and I love this show...and call each other while we are watching it. We answer the phne not with ...hello? But with..did you see her dress? Can you believe he is cheating? I would have slapped her silly! That was the best episode ever (we say this each week)! What will we do all summer without our weekly fix?

Monday, May 15, 2006

My 10 years!

by teresa

I teach my kids not to steal! But I had to go against my own teachings and swipe this HILARIOUS video from Melissa's blog from yesterday. She is a great lady...y'all need to go over to her blog and give her a hello and how do you do!

I clicked on her blog this morning and saw this and HAVEN'T STOPPED LAUGHING SINCE!!! I just keep thinking that this will be Nick and Ben in about 10 years!

comic relief

by teresa

This morning I was met with groans and whines from the boys as I tried to get Ben up for school. He kept covering his head....pulling his little feet away from the socks I was trying to put on his feet. Hiding them in the covers. I started singing(a song called..ain't nobody here but us chickens)...I got nothing! Telling them about a funny dream I had last night(where I looked outside and my dad was stringing up huge gaudy Christmas lights all over the neighborhood)...I got nothing! I was singing and dancing on the bed(a little ..There's no business like show business)....I got nothing! I begged and pleaded reminding Ben of what time it was...and how he was going to miss the bus....I got nothing! So I did would any good mom (e.g. Cosby, Cleaver, Cunnigham, Brady..etc) would do! I LET ONE RIP! That's right...I whiz popped with all my might! And it worked people...the boys sprang up like jack-in-the boxes. Laughing their heads off. Cause....moms (especially theirs) just don't do that! The rest of the morning went great. Giggles and cooperation! Maybe I'll do an encore tomorrow if the situation calls for it! I'm always willing to sacrafice a little dignity in the name of peace and harmony!

I had a great Mothers Day!

by teresa
I had a really nice Mothers Day. I hope you all did too.
We had church in the the kids gave me my presents before we left. Some cards (even from the dog) and some cool handmade stuff from school. And Lauren got me a food processor(Chris helped with the $). Her and I watched a show a couple of months ago on Food Network. The chef used a food processor to prepare everything. And it all looked amazing! I commented about wanting one. And she remembered that! I was very touched by that....and I can't wait to use it.
After church we all (Katy her kids, mom,the daddy,Jackie and George, and the 5 of us) went to Atlas restaurant and had lunch. It was sooo good and toooooo filling! Chris and I came home and napped while the kids(yes...all the kids) were downstairs playing playstation. Lauren did homeowrk and then napped too. Then she went to teen church at 7:00.
She came home last night from teen church around 9:45pm (they all went to Coldstone icecream after the service). She went straight up to her room...then came down around 10:30pm. Chris had gone to bed and I was up watching Greys Anatomy (which was great...and the 2 hour season finale is tonight!!). She came over to the couch and asked...mommy? Did you really like your present? I assured her that I did...and how I appreciated her remembering our conversation from so long ago. She smiled....obviously pleased with herself. Then she asked... can I go to the bank after school tomorrow and deposit my paycheck? And can I go to Barnes and Nobles too? I was like...why would YOU go to B&N? She said...I thought someone was getting you a book or something...since that's what you always...always want. But no one did. So I thought I could go by and get you a gift certificate. AWWWWWWWWW! Isn't that sweet? I told her to save her money...that she didn't need to do that! She seemed adament about it.
I already know what book. I will buy this one. (look at the left side of the site for the article on the author...Mike Lupica) He is a great writer. This book is about a boy playing baseball....the last one I read was called Travel Team...about a boy playing basketball. And it was outstanding!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Friday, May 12, 2006

dog-gone it!

He is your friend, your partner, your defender,your dog.
You are his life, his love, his leader.
He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.
You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."

The boys and I took shorty to the dog park after school today. We went to a nicer one than this.
There were loads of dogs there. I thought Ben would have a coronary! DOGS DOGS EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK!
Shorty seemed to have a good time. He ran...chased...sniffed and other such hoopla. He even made a new friend. I think it was a great dane. Next to Shorty it looked like a horse.

Gardening requires lots of water -- most of it in the form of perspiration

by teresa
I got some nice pictures at Ben's school today. They had finished planting all the flowers before his class had a chance to go outside. But they dumped a load of mulch and had his class spread it out and rake it. I got there early so I could go out to recess with the kids. Ben's face lit up when he saw me enter the playground. That made my day! And the teachers (who were all congregated under a tree) looked dissappointed that they would have to stop their little gossip session since a parent was present. Why is it grumpy...impatient people (who can't seem to stand children) become teachers? Have you ever run into teachers like this? Everything the kids do seems to irk them. Anyway...I'll save that rant for another post!

I like the picture where he is giving me a look like...could you please get that camera out of my face for a second? I took the picture of him with the tiller so he could trick Nick into thinking they let him till up the flower beds. Nick would be majorly jealous of Ben using yard machines!

lazy dog!

by teresa

Now this is the life!!

I love how the wind makes his ears look like the flying nun!

Shorty was out back barking....for no reason!
So I opened up the back door and called him.
He looked at me...rolled his eyes(I kid you not) and plopped down in the grass.
Defying me...mocking me!
What a brat! Everytime I would motion for him to COME HERE...he would look the other way.
Then the wind picked up and started blowing his ears up...I had to get a picture!

let the music play...

by teresa
My morning has been a lot of running around. It was nowhere I won't bore you with the details.

Later I am going to Ben's school for "beautification" day.

Which is actually just a day where they let the kids go outside and weed the flower beds. Then help plant some donated flowers. Moms and dads get to join in the fun too. Yeah! *sarcastic* I don't even like weeding my own flower beds!

Speaking of Ben's school...a few weeks ago they started playing classical music over the speakers during lunchtime. Now usually I am there doing my "desk job" during the lunches. And I tell you...they sound like wild animals in there! The head lunch monitor is constantly having to blink the lights and calm them done. Sometimes even putting them on silent lunch. But since they have started playing the classical music, it has all changed. The kids are quieter and haven't had as much trouble controlling themselves. I think this was a great idea! It's like that saying...the music soothes the savage beast. Well I think that theory has been proved at Norfolk Highlands Primary!

Maybe I will start to have NPR on in everyroom of my house...24/7! Quieter days...less fighting...more relaxing...better attitudes.

I'll let you know how that goes.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


by teresa
The boys and I are playing Crash Bandicoot on their playstation2. About twice a year we break it out together and get all into it for a week or so. I had it all set up when they walked in from school. They were shocked and surprised. Usually when they come in from the bus they immediately have to start homework (with a snack). So here we are...on the floor...putting off homework for an hour or so...bouncing on turtles and jumping over electric eels and spinning boxes of apples. Sounds cool huh?

A minute ago Ben fell off a mountain and died. He said...OY!

I was like...where did you here that?

He teacher says it all the time. When she messes up.

Then he says....and sometimes she says...Opah! When she drops something. I think it means oops. She told us that her parents are Hungarian...and that they say this alot.

Nick then chimes in with....Oprah? I didn't know they have Oprah in Hungary?

too funny!

I need a new workout...can you say NEW workout when you don't have an old one?

by teresa
I think they need to invent one of these for adults. It would really work those thigh and calf muscles!
What do you think?

Kaden did this for a half an hour...without stopping! I wish I had that kind of stamina.

I'm looking for a workout to do at home. Do y'all suggest anything? Videos...classes (what kind)...what?
Tell me your secrets....and I'll tell you mine. Actually I don't have any secrets...but I can tell you where every Krispey Kreme donuts is in the Tidewater area! That's a skill...right? WAY PEOPLE!

by teresa
I was in complete SHOCK when Ryan said are safe! WHAT?? I love Chris...and I am really upset that he has to go home. I just KNEW he would be in the top 2. My phone rang the moment they said his name. It was mom. I was like...hello? She was like...NOOOO! Can you BELIEVE that?? She liked him too. And Katharine has been her absolute favorite since the beginning...but, even she thought she deserved to go home last night. Were you guys as surprised as us?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Family fun

by teresa
After dinner last night Chris and I took the boys out in the backyard and played with them. They looked so excited when I suggested it. I was like...hey guys...why don't you get your shoes on and lets go out in the backyard. Why?..they asked. So we can play ball. You are coming too mom? and dad will come play with you! Yeah!!! They ran out back with Chris while I finished up in the kitchen. I joined them and we played soccer... football... and basketball until it was time for showers and bed (and American Idol). It really wore them out (especially since they had both had karate too). The weather was perfect...clear, breezy, no humidity. It was nice family time.

I can't wait until our backyard renovations start. Did I mention that Chris is having a basketball court put in the backyard? I think he is more excited than the kids. We were getting our driveway repaved...and he decided to pave half of the backyard too. (over 2,200 sq.ft. of concrete:) So we could have a dining/entertaining area and a basketball/skateboard area. Lots of new furniture...and such will spice up the backyard. Chris even promised Kai he would buy him a skateboard ramp (this makes me nervous). I think the concrete man is going to start sometime next week. So it won't be long now.

Idol chatter

by teresa
American Idol was great and full of surprises. Before the show I thought Elliot would be going home next FOR SURE! But after the show.... if it were up to me...Katharine...bye bye!

Before I start in on the contestants...let me say this... Prisilla Presley....YIKES! Her lips...oh my! She looked like the joker on Batman!

Paula...are you drunk??? On crack??? Being kicked in the head repeatedly before the show???

Ok, now...
Chris...suspicious mind: liked...not loved! A little less converstion: Blah...not very challenging.

Katharine...Hound dog: forgot words...lost your breath...BAD! Can't help falling in love: Pretty at first...then messed up the middle and end.

Taylor...Jailhouse rock: You are great! lock me up! Ghetto song: ok...not very exciting!

Elliot...dream song: GREAT GREAT GREAT! Evil song: THAT WAS AWESOME! He totally changed my mind about him. What a talent (it made me see past his elfishness:)

Elliot was the clear winner of the evening...with Taylor coming in second.

dodge the dojo

by teresa
Last night at the end of Nick's class they played dodge ball. Actually it is more like dodge pad. Here's the video. I got a kick out of the mom (who takes class with her child) running around all prissy trying not to get hit.

God is good...All the time!

by teresa
Yesterday started out so normal and boring. A trip to the dry cleaners, thrift store, Ben's school. Then home to do a couple tubs of laundry, and other tedious household chores. Once the boys got home we did homework and then got ready for karate classes. Then we realized that Ben had left his belt in Lauren's car the night before when she took him to class for me. He was not about to go to class with no belt. He would have to stand with the white belts (humiliation:). So we drove over the Lauren's school to search her car. School was still in session...with about 5 minutes to go. So we pull up next to her car and I get out and start rummaging through her trough of a car. Then I notice a boy and girl in the car next to me. They are being loud...but I can't tell if it is happy loud or mad loud. I continue sifting. All of a sudden the girl jumps out of the car and starts running through the rows of cars toward the school. She is screaming at the top of her lungs. I still can't tell if they are just playing around or what. Then he gives chase....catches up to her....and takes her down to the ground.......WHAT THE ? Now he is dragging her (she won't put her feet down) toward his car again. She is screaming...crying...flailing. Now remember I had my boys in the car with me witnessing this. I tell the boys to STAY IN THE CAR!!!!! Then I run to them and scream at him to let her go!!!! He is much bigger than her..or myself. He ignores me and yells at her to stop doing this....come with him and shut up. She looks terrified. I scream at him to no avail. I see another mother running toward them. I reach in my car and call inside the school. I'm so FREAKED by this time all I can get out is......SEND SECURITY...STUDENT PARKING LOT...DRAGGING GIRL INTO HIS CAR! The woman is now trying to pull her from him. She has a hold of the girls arms...but he still has a hold too. They have now made it right to the passenger side of his car. I jump into the drivers side to take the keys out of the ignition. But dang it!! They are not there. He must have them on him. So I jump out and go around to where they are. We are yelling at him...pulling at her...then FINALLY two teenage boys who were standing back like flipping idiots...jump on him and pull him off of her. The woman and girl run like the wind toward the school. Then the boys let go of him. He shuts and locks his car doors... then walks toward the school after them. Like nothing happened. I see the security guard bust out the doors running right past the girl and right toward the boy. School has now let out so he is just looking around the sea of teenagers pouring out the doors confused as to who is causing trouble. So I run over and yell at him. I point out the boy and he grabs him and takes him into the building. And then I breathe! I climb back in my car and I am shaking. The boys look like a couple of deer caught in the headlights.
Once in the car and on the way to karate I call into the school. I tell them who I am and ask how everythng is doing.
The secretary thanks me for alerting them and tells me it is being handled.
On the way to karate the boys are full of questions. Why would he do that? Why did you help? Would he have killed her? I tried to explain to them that he probably wasn't a bad person. His emotions (and hormones) got the best of him and he didn't react the right way. He needed to control his temper...even when his girlfriend and him were fighting. That they should never treat women like. Never put your hands on them...never drag them around. Even if they are acting unreasonable and leaving when you are trying to talk to them. I told them he probably wasn't going to kill her....he just wanted to continue their talk (fight) and she didn't. So he was trying to keep her with him. I also explained that it would have been very wrong of me to sit back and watch this happen. Not interfere! I pray every morning for God to guide my thoughts...words...actions. And I just KNEW I was supposed to help. I felt like God had guided us there for that missing belt. To be right THERE!! BESIDE THEM!! It's pretty cool when you think about it. School wasn't out one would have seen them. But there we were...digging through Lauren's car...looking for that stupid belt. Which by the way wasn't even in her car. They had left it at karate. So that makes it even cooler. We were they for no reason at all...except for that girls protection. Somebody must have had her in their prayers too. And we were put together, like pieces of a puzzle.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

the sloth

by teresa
Last night before I went up to bed..I asked Lauren to please bring down any dirty clothes she had in her room. I said....bring them down...and put them in the basket on top of the washer! I had done laundry all day yesterday....everyones but her's. So I wanted to be done this morning. I don't ask much. Most mom's of 17 yr olds don't even do their kids laundry anymore. All I asked was that is be in the basket when I woke up. Well...when I woke and headed down the stairs this morning this is what I came across.

Her dirty clothes in a STINKY...STINKY...did I mention that they were STINKY...pile at the bottom of the stairs.
That is one LAZY girl right there! I figured my revenge would be to blog about it (some of her friends read this too).

A couple of years ago...her youth pastor at the time asked all the kids to choose the animal that was most like animal they would like to become. And this was videoed and aired during the morning worship service. Some kid chose an a a dolphin...etc. Lauren chose a SLOTH! I kid you NOT! Chris and I slid down under the pew we were sitting in. She like the sloth because it slept for like 15 hours a day. and they only come down out of their tree to go to a new tree when all the food is gone in the one they are in. They also are very rushing around. Yep...that sounds like Lauren to me!

Did somebody say bookfair??

by teresa
Late yesterday afternoon Kristian called and invited me to a bookfair at her school last night. BOOK FAIR?? DID SOMEBODY SAY BOOKFAIR? I got a visual in my head of that dog commercial from a few years back....BACON? BACON? DID SOMEBODY SAY BACON? And then the dog runs around the house searching for it in a bacon frenzy! That's how I felt when she said...bookfair!

Katy said...I don't know if there are any books you need (since she knows I have ALOT)...but you are welcome to come. ANY BOOKS I NEED??? I whipped out my list (I keep a running list of books I must have in my purse) and headed out the door.

They had a nice selection. I did find one of the books on my list. One that I have wanted for a while now(I started it last night in bed....I'm on chapter 13 :) I also got Ben 4 new Junie B. books. I couldn't believe there were 4 that he didn't have! There are like 20 something books in that series! When he got home from karate and saw....he literally squeeled with delight...ran upstairs....jammied up....and waited for me in the bed so we could read. We finished one entire book before he fell asleep! NOW THAT'S MY BOY!!!!!

Take a look at these cute pictures I took at Kristian's school. Take a look at the butterfly she made in class. Yikes...what's up with the antennas? And it only has one eye! I'd be scared if I saw that thing flying around my yard! And in the picture of her Super Citizen award...if you look closely she wrote her favorite foods are NOODLES, TACOS AND SAUSAGE! And believe me....that is NOT just her favorite foods....they are the ONLY foods she will eat!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

dis jank is off tha shizzle (Lauren wrote the title..hee hee)

by teresa
This is the funniest thing! Please watch and enjoy!

book report

by teresa

On tuesday Lauren has a rough draft on a paper about the book David Copperfield due. She told me this on friday (i'm surprised she didn't wait until monday evening). She has read the book..but she claimed she needed the cliffnotes too. So she could write about symbolism and character comparisons. So Chris told her by Sunday morning she had to have it exceptions. She worked from 11:45-8:45 Saturday. I called her around 9:00 to see why she wasn't home yet. She said...I told you I needed to go by Barnes and Nobles for tthe cliff notes. Oh yeah..I said. Well...are you on your way home now? No...I'm still at the bookstore. Why? I'm doing my report. Huh? Apparently...Lauren decided not to buy the cliff notes. Just to borrow the cliff notes. She took the book from the shelf...went to a table and did her report...then put the book back. I'm not BUYING the notes..she said. I only need it for one day! Good's only like $3.00. This just cracks me up. Picturing her sneaking to some table in the back of Barnes and Nobles with the book. Writing as fast as she could before they closed...and then putting the book back. And knowing how "gentle" Lauren is with her things...I can't imagine what shape it was in when she returned it. Torn and folded edges....pen marks....drink spilled on it...cover folded back. She doesn't share my love and appreciationof the written word. It is an annoyance...a punishment to have to read a book. I think she was switched a birth!

weekend recap

by teresa
Hello everyone...Happy Monday! I hope your weekend went well. Ours was great. My uncle Jim and his sons came down and visited. We all went out to dinner together on Friday night...then his boys spent the night with Nick and Ben. They had a good time. Mostly playing Playstation (until almost midnight...sorry Jim:). Then the next morning we all headed to Ben and Kristian's final game. We lost...I'm it's all over until the fall:( Then we went out to lunch (Rancho Grande...Nick's favorite). We came home...played outside (basketball and kickball) and then at 3:00 we had Nick's birthday party. He loved everything he got. Chris and I bought him an Ipod (shuffle)...a new karate manuel & shirt...some pens and pencils (he is a mechanical pencil fanatic!)....and tickets to the Raven concert (in two weeks). He was so excited! He also recieved new camping gear from Chris parents (his Royal Ranger troupe is going on a campout in a couple weeks)...some money from my mom and grandaddy and Katy...and a gift card from Jim and the boys. Chris and I are also taking him and his friends to Laserquest next weekend for his birthday. I had the cutest cake mad with one of his baby pictures on turned out so cute! We kept cutting away at it...leaving his face for last.
Yesterday we did the church thing then ate lunch with the in-laws. They took the boys home with them for the afternoon. I know...nice huh? But don't get too excited for us. Because when we got home Katy and the kids were next door. By the time we changed out of our church duds....Kristian and Kai were over. Wanting snacks and for us to play with them. Katy and Kaden came over for awhile too. Chris was helping her look online for a car and setting up a budget for her to go by. While Kaden crawled all over my crafting project. She is so cute...that I didn't even mind. She kept pulling on Shorty and giving him kisses. Too adorable! Later Kai came back over alone...insisting that Chris go outside and play with him. It was drizzling...but he was so persistant , that Chris gave in. They played out there for a long time. Once inside again...Kai what Chris? By now Kristian had come back I heard Chris and the kids playing in the livingroom. They were taking turns telling scary stories...and playing tickle monster. This went on for a good hour. I was very impressed that Chris lasted that long entertaining them.
They looked so sad when Katy said it was time to leave (around 6:30pm). But I'm sure they will be back tonight.

The teachers liked their breakfast this morning. Several other moms brought in some great stuff. Muffins...danish...fruit...bagels...french toast casserole...etc. It was tough not to partake! I will head back over there later to help clean up. Talk at ya later.

the early bird gets the worm.....who cares! I don't want no worm! I want to be in bed!

by teresa
I am up at 5:30am... making pigs in blankets for the teachers appreciation breakfast this morning(Ben's school). The PTA is putting it on....I'm tired! They better be appreciated! :)

Last night I made 55 candy bags with little stamped tags on them (every good gift comes from above)...tied on by pretty blue ribbon. This is also for teachers appreciation week....but courtesy of the Mothers in Touch group. My back hurts from crouching on the livingroom floor for 2 hours putting these together. Katy and Kaden came over while I was putting these together. Kaden crawled all over the candy bags and chewed on the ribbons....then peed on my leg....nice! :)

I've got to go check my piggies in the oven....I'll talk more later.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

now dedication

by teresa
Here's a picture of my neighbor Miss Geri. She has been out gardening all day long. And it has NOT been a pleasant day here in Va. Actually it's quite chilly and drizzling too. But that doesn't stop her. She just puts on her rain boots...and rain coat...and goes out there anyway. Just to make us all look bad! I wish I had that much of a dedication to my own gardening.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


by teresa

WARNING...VIEWING OF THE FOLLOWING VIDEO MAY CAUSE CAVITIES....because of it's excessive sweetness!!

we are so mean!

by teresa

Here's a video of us out to dinner last...feeding baby Kaden lemon pie! Don't give me that look...I know you have done this before too! Enjoy!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Where are You Going

By Chris

Teresa says my voice has been missing from the blog too long. O.K.

I'm home alone after skipping out on family dinner plans. I was so tired after getting back from Baltimore today, that I quickly fell asleep after I jumped in the bed to watch tv (thinking I would just watch the weather and see how the stock market did ((UP 130+ points!!)). I was half out of it when Teresa says "Do you want to go with us?" Huh? Go where? Oh yeah, the cousins are in from Warrenton and everyone (meaning about 8 kids and 6 or 7 adults) is meeting at point X to go out to eat. "Where are we going?" I ask (I have two reasons for this question: 1) I don't like to eat everywhere and 2) I'm wondering what problems that many people will have eating at the same place.) Of course, Teresa doesn't know the answer.

So, I make the stupid man mistake. Since she asked "do you want to go?" , I thought it actually was a question. Of course now that I've shaken off my sleepiness, I'm realizing that it probably was not really a question. And, therefore, my "no thank you" answer and falling quickly back to sleep probably didn't go over too well. But, they're gone now. I'm sure I made it easier for them to get a table somewhere with one less person. She should be thankful for that, right? I think I'll also change the air filters, just to show I was productive while dissing the dinner plans.