Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fire Alarms and a Long Wait

By Chris

Wrapping up two days in HOTlanta (mid 70's today) with a several hour airport wait. Got here early and tried to get on the earlier flight, but was denied. I missed it by one person, and probably could have gotten on if I pushed (you see, no matter how much earlier you get there than someone with a bunch of frequent flyer miles, the more frequent flyer can jump ahead of you on these standby lists. And, I have quite a few miles. Though others have more, I usually fair pretty well in this process now). I felt sorry for this older couple though. They had a stack of tickets in their hands and very weary, defeated looks on their faces. I could tell they were caught in one of those travel nightmares where every option they had to get home had been messed up by some weather event somewhere in the country and the nasty trickle down effect canceled flights has on the system. Who knows where they had been before here and for how long. So, I voluntarily asked to get behind them on the list. They literally cheered when the agent called them. The husband had the sweetest look on his face watching his wife cheer up. I heard him say he would let her go if they could only get one seat. They did a cute-old-people-holding-hands walk through the door. So, I'm still in Atlanta. It might not be true, but I'm imagining they are gonna get there and get big hugs from Grandkids in the airport who are very anxious to see them. That makes it better, I guess.

I've experienced hotel fire alarms going off before. Always, they quickly went off with no action needed. Last night, just as my dinner arrived, off goes the alarm and blinking strobe lights. Through the speaker in the room, the automated voice says something like "There is an emergency in the building. Cease operations immediately and evacuate the building. Do not use the elevators . . ." Over and over. At first, I didn't believe it. But, it kept going on. I see how people panic. It was so loud, and blinking light that you can't quite think. I was "gotta leave. Am I dressed. No time to look. Which way do I go. What do I take. . . . " So, I did a quick tuck and check and went into the hallway. This one seemed real. Lights were flashing and the alarm was going of there too. I could hear men in the stairwell yelling "Go, Go, Go! Quick!" that'll get the adrenaline pumping! The maintenance staff were urgently flying everywhere and one was turning a big knob on the red pipe in the stairwell (water, I guess). I got outside, and a group was looking up at the roof "I saw flames," one said. Once the adrenaline wore off, I thought about what I should have done differently. I left my cell phone in the room. Could have used that. What if I got stuck? It would have been helpful. Left the wallet too. Could use money and credit cards if I couldn't get back in. I gave myself a failing test on disaster reaction. But, I had to give myself credit for one thing, I thought: I was out of the building alive. That's objective one in a disaster, right? One lady, who got out very late, explained "I was in the bathroom, and it would have been a disaster of another type if I had gotten up!" HA!!! Eventually, it was all proclaimed a "false alarm." Huh? What about those flames you saw, dude? Group hysteria, I guess. Dinner was cold, but back-to-back college bball was on, so it was an o.k. night, I supppose.

We must not measure greatness from the mansion down, but from the manger up.”

by teresa

We recieved a catalog in the mail this week from the realtor that we dealt with renting our summer vacation home. It has pages and pages of incredible homes for availability this season. Ben has been mesmorized by this book and the page after page of extravagance. Fifteen bedroom mansions...indoor swimming pools...five car garages (which impressed him the most...the kid has a thing for automatic garage doors)...etc. He read off page after page to me(and boy did that get annoying....I just zoned him out after about 15 mintues of it). He would come to a page and read off the stats....bedrooms, bathrooms, bed size, kitchen features....then he would say...oh need 12 jobs to get that one. Or oh gotta have 20 jobs for that one. I was puzzled by this and after the tenth time I was like....what are you talking about? 20 jobs? Then he showed me the read occupancy 20! He thought the word was occupation.

Then after looking at the prices of some of these for the week ($12,000)...I realized he was right!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Got my new washer today...and I likey! I've already christened it 5x over!

by teresa

Did some major cleaning and organizing today.

I took every dish and glass and food storage container out of every cabinet in the kitchen. Threw away alot of old, ugly, mix-matched plates and contaniers with no lids...and lids with no containers, etc. Wiped out everything and then put the best of the best back nice and neat.

I also rearranged my dining area. I removed everything from the room and then swept, scrubbed, restained and polished my wood floor. It was very faded in one area where the rug under the dining table had been in the same place for 10 years. It looks amazing....and the room looks much bigger the way I switched the table around.

I then hung my Christmas wreaths and put candles in all the windows. Tomorrow I will finally finish the outside of the house. My neighbors are soooo putting me to shame. I'll definitely post some pictures later in the week.

I almost forgot to tell you the great deal I got at the thrift store today. Ben ripped a hole in the knee of his ONLY jeans this week. So I ran up the street to see if I could find a substitute pair. I found FIVE pair of GapKid jeans and cargos...and two pair of Childrens Place chinos(khaki and navy blue) for church. All in perfect condition(a couple with tags still on them) and all in Ben's special slim size. It doesn't get any better than that people!

Tomorrow is MIT in the morning and reading room in the afternoon. I need to do some shopping after that. Nick has a birthday party on Friday night and Ben has one Sunday afternoon. My Uncle Jim and his crew are coming on Saturday and Sunday to celebrate Christmas with us. Nick and Ben are thrilled that their cousins will be here to play with. And Chris mentioned that maybe he and Jim will sneak off to see the ODU game Saturday night. It's always a blast whenever they come.

I'm going to look at the weather channel and then hit the hay.

Nighty night....

A Christmas Tag

by teresa

Lisa tagged me. I was tagged by Mary last week when the plague was sweeping through our house...and never got a chance to do it (sorry).

1. Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot choc-o-LOT! Sorry, not a fan of the nog.

2. Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? Santa is a wrapper!

3. Colored lights on tree/house or white? Colored on the tree to match our eclectic mix of ornaments. White on the window wreaths and bushes outside.

4. Do you hang mistletoe? No...but we have some in our tree out front. Maybe I'll send Chris up a ladder to fetch it :0)

5. When do you put your decorations up? The weekend before Thanksgiving

6. What is your favorite holiday dish (excluding dessert)? Breakfast casserole that my MIL brings on Christmas morning.

7. Favorite Holiday memory as a child: One Christmas when I was about 8. I had slept with my parents on Christmas eve....when we woke and went in to see what Santa had left in the livingroom my mom asked me to go in my room and get some socks on my feet. I begrudgedly went and when I opened my door there was a beautiful canopy bed set up in my room. I had never had a bed before (just a mattress and box springs) so this was HUGE to me.

8. How and When did you learn the truth about Santa? My mother told me as we were driving somewhere...I burst into tears.

9. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? NO!

10. How do you decorate your Christmas Tree? Multicolored lights, ornaments the kids have picked out and made, angel at the top. We let them pick out new ornaments each year. Something to represent what they are into at that time. Such as Scooby doo , Bob the Builder, Spongebob, soccer, etc.

11. Snow! Love it or Dread it? Love it! WE just don't get much of it in this area of Va.

12. Can you ice skate? Are you kidding me? I can hardly walk without stumbling.

13. Do you remember your favorite gift? My canopy bed is right at the top. But, my favorite toy was my barbie dreamhouse and pool that was all set up and filled with water in the livingroom one Christmas morning.

14. What’s the most important thing about the Holidays for you? Celebrating the birth of Christ and being with family.

15. What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? My FIL's chocolate, cherry trifle. And the funny thing is...I don't really like cherries. But I can't get enough of this stuff!

16. What is your favorite holiday tradition? Going to mom's Christmas evening for a casual dinner and opening gifts for the grandchildren and cousins. We did this at my Nanny's(moms mom) until her passing...and now my mom has taken on the roll as "the Nanny".

17. What tops your tree? An Angel

18. Which do you prefer giving or Receiving? Giving! It's the most exciting thing in the world to do. To see someones smile when you give them a gift...or your time...or love. I feel like bursting with anticipation for Christmas morning to come....and the kids to come downstairs. I am always up at the crack waiting.

19. What is your favorite Christmas Song? It's a tie...The Little Drummer Boy and The Gift (the first nightingale's song)

If you are reading this and you would like to do it too...consider yourself tagged!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

RIP.... GE large capacity 2000-2006

by teresa

My dang blasted washing machine broke. I Had the repair man come this morning and he informed me it was unfixable. Well...actually he could rebuild it. It would just cost as much as a new one. So I thought about it for a minute...then headed down the street and purchased a new one. It will be delivered in the morning. Merry Christmas to me!

Luckily I had finished every stitch of laundry yesterday. So I won't be too behind missing today. I probably just jinxed myself. Now all three kids will wet the bed and puke on everything tonight.

And now I get to spend tomorrow waiting for the delivery. Hope it's early enough to allow me to spend some time at Ben's bookfair. It ends on Thursday and I haven't been able to get there all week.

I took the boys to karate again tonight. It's so nice to get them back on the schedule. With soccer practices and had been nearly two months since they had been to class. Bad mommy! Bad mommy! For all you local kinfolk....the dojo Christmas party is next Thursday evening (the 7th) at 6:30pm. Please let me know if you are going so I can purchase the tickets.

I'm gonna go over moms and hangout for awhile after I get the kids to bed. I printed out some pictures of Thanksgiving and I want to give them to her. Chris is watching college I don't think he will even notice I am gone.


Monday, November 27, 2006

I had a good day.

by teresa

Busy...but good.

Not one person in the Green household is sick (my sister, niece and grandfather have it now).

I cleaned out the boys dressers. Took out all the short sleeve shirts and soccer gear. I also cleaned out the closet. Then put all the boxes in the attic for the spring weather.

I ran to the dry cleaners (Chris is going out of town Wed. and I like him to have everything clean to choose from when packing)...then went to the post office (had to mail off two Netflix movies).

Had some PTA stuff(minutes) to do this morning then off to Ben's school to pick him up for his dentist appt. He had a little cavity at last months today was filling day. They also put sealants on his teeth to prevent future problems. And after sitting there for an hour and a half of work all I got to say is....THANK YOU AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY FOR YOUR KICK BUTT DENTAL COVERAGE! As I checked out... the receptionist told me the total is 286.00....I almost fainted. Then in the next breath she said my part (after insurance) would be $18.50. Phew!

Then we went to BestCuts for a trim (Ben was looking a bit bushy)...stopped at MickeyD's on the way home and then did homework. I layed across the bed(I am still kinda weak) while Ben played with his cars until Nick came home from school. Then me and the boys went to karate class. Chris met us and then we all headed to Applebees for dinner.

We're all home now (except for Lauren...who has Miss Indian River practice all week). The boys are jammied up and in bed. Chris and I are vegging on the couch.

I plan and getting to bed early tonight.

Here's hoping!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Near, far, wherever you are...

by teresa

I'm up late.
Red, puffy eyes. Sniffling and stuffy.
Am I sick again?
I just stayed up and watched Titanic (for the third time).
And as my nephew Kai would say (in his cute little boy voice)...I kweyed and I kweyed!
Oh Jack...why did you have to die? Rose loved you so much...and you were so much nicer (and cuter) than that guy Billy Zane played. What a jerk that guy was!

*I heart Leonardo DiCaprio*

My list of movies that make me cry would be so long it would take twenty blogs to cover it. But here are a few of my favorites.

Titanic (the old people in the bed holding each other, the frozen mommy and baby, Jack sinking into the ocean,Rose dying and entering the ship with Jack waiting on the stairs)
Notebook (when Noah and Allie are dancing and she forgets who he is)
The Passion (I cry at any movie that depicts Christs crucifixion)
Schindler's List (the little girl in the red coat...enough said)
Steel Magnolias (Sally Field talking about holding her daughters hand as she passed she was so touched to be there the moment she entered the world and the moment she left)
The Pianist (omg..the holocaust! It crushes me to witness the horrible things that happened)
My Life (Michael Keeton dying...making video tapes for his soon to be born child...and when he slips away and he's finally riding that rollercoaster he's been afraid of all his life)
Diary of a Mad Black Woman (when that evil ex husband of hers goes up to the altar at the end...repenting of his sins...and falling on his knees...phew...that gets me everytime!)

What are some of your sure fire tear jerker movies?

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

by teresa

I woke up fever free this morning. Thank you God. I appreciate all your prayers and well wishes. We (the Green Crew) are truly blessed to have so many who care about us.

I wanted to post some pictures of Thanksgiving. We had it at mom's house (since our home was contaminated) and it was wonderful. Katy and Kaden (Kristian and Kai went to DC with Katy's ex-inlaws for a special weekend), my mom and daddy, George and Jackie, me and the kids (Chris was in bed all day), and my 89 year old g-daddy (boy do I miss my nanny on days like these...this was the 4th thanksgiving without her) all enjoyed the food, fun and fellowship. After dessert some of us played the game Mad Gab (which was hilarious) and the rest of us (the men folk) watched the race.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Another One Bites the . . .

By Chris

Lauren put in a LONG day at Target. Black Friday meant she worked 6:30 a.m. - about 5 p.m. After a detour to a friends' , she showed up feeling a little yucky in the tummy. We know where this is headed. She also has had round one with it earlier in the week, though it was much less severe than the average. That's always been the case with her. She can usually avoid sicknesses altogether. I'm betting she'll wake up ready to role tomorrow. She was lying on Teresa on the couch. A sad state for the entire female caucus of the Green family, they were. The male Greens all seems to be on the uptick tonight, and just in time. I wouldn't call us nearly 100%. But, the Monarchs do play tomorrow at noon :))

Even sick, Lauren found time for some "Lauren-ness." I was talking to her pretty seriously about an undisclosed topic, and I kept getting distracted everytime she blinked. There was this very subtle, super quick blue flash, it seemed (you know, blinks are really, really quick). Finally, I was like. "What is up with your eye." Turns out, she had a small blue marker dot on each eyelid that was only visible with the eyelid closed. The effect during normal blinks was just as she intentended . . . subtle and weird in a way that makes a "viewer" wonder if you are really even seeing anything. I swear, I almost rubbed my eyes thinking I was seeing light dots. It's a sure-fire way to distract an interrogator, in this case. Where does she get this stuff?? To make me look even sillier, I told her to blink her eyes at Teresa. The darn dots were gone, and she was like "What . . ???" She's a real trip! hehehe. I need to remember to tell her that, as funny as it may seem, it really wouldn't be a good idea to role this trick out at school. I can just see her talking a whole class into doing this and driving some poor old teacher crazy.

This House Is . . . Not Clean

By Chris

Another miserable night to report thanks to the super stomach-headache-throat virus of 2006! I was feeling a bit better and tried a little Thanksgiving leftovers. Let's just say, they evacuated quickly, but through a different exit than the earlier-in-the-week evacuations, with slightly less pain. Can't you see the little virus leader bug in my tummy:

"Ha ha ha ha. Look boys, this fool thinks he can eat again! We let the crackers and ginger ale slide, but this mac n' cheese and turkey has got to go. Let's make sure he won't want to eat that again until next Thanksgiving. Quick, send the meal out the back door and the rest of you guys go stick your thorny feet into his throat!!"

I stayed up all night watching Jeffersons, Leave It To Beaver and Sportscenter downstairs because Teresa had it much worse than me upstairs. That's right. It came back on her. Bad. Bad like I had it all week. I have never heard of something so persistent as this. I have also never had something that made you sick to your stomach and head \ throat simultaneously. Some have said we are "passing it back and forth." I have it on pretty good authority that such a scenario is really not possible. You only can get the same virus once. Ever. This is just an extremely persistent one, that goes into hiding. I've pulled myself up today, and even managed to venture outside of the house with the boys for a while. Which has now made me feel like I ran a marathon. No energy. Zero. Like, the worst energy-zapped feeling I have ever felt. It's not tired. Just drained. Still no sign that Teresa can even get out of the bed yet, so I guess I have it better than her for now.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

by teresa

Thirteen things I am thankful for....

1. Christ Jesus
2. My family (those in town and those 3 hours away...I love you Jim and Beth and the boys)
3. My friends (those I know personally and those special people whom I met online)
4. My church family (I love you Cherie...tell the family Happy Thanksgiving for me)
5. My health
6. My wonderful home
8. Krispey Kreme (chocolate glazed creme filled)
9. Indoor plumbing
10. Target/DollarTree
11. Diet Vanilla Cherry Dr. Pepper
12. Harry Potter and all Fairy Tale magic :0)
13. MY COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

That's it....Thanksgiving is now OFF!

by teresa

It is 3:00pm and Chris hasn't come down from bed yet. Still sick.

Nick (who stayed home from school today because of a tummy ache...Diarrhea) just vomited all over the livingroom floor and couch he was laying on.

I need to put up one of those contamination tents over the house and signs reading..ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.
by teresa

What a mess it is outside right now.
Southeast Coastal Storm
See that tiny part of Va that is green? That's me!

Really fun errand running weather *sarcastic tone*.

Ben's bus was about 15 minutes late this morning. But I expected that...when it rains his driver picks each child up at their own house (no bus stops) so that they don't have to stand out in the rain. How sweet. was ineveitable. Chris is ill. He came home from work yesterday around 1:00pm sick. Puking sick. Not good! He had a time of it all night long. I really hope he improves as the day goes on. It would be miserable to be under the weather on Thanksgiving. Keep him in your prayers.

I am heading out for some last minute shopping as soon as I get Nick to school. Then coming home to do my "oh my God people are coming to my house" cleaning frenzy. Late this afternoon I will head to my friend Barb's house to collect two yummy, homemade pies for our dinner tomorrow. She is the pie lady at Thanksgiving (cookie lady at Christmas) and is generous enough to make extras for our family.

If I get finished with the house early I will put up the Christmas tree. Actually this will be the latest I have put up my tree since moving out of my parents home. It's usually put up the weekend before Thanksgiving (along with the rest of the outdoor and indoor decorations). But with all the sickies around here the past three weeks it has been hard to get anything accomplished.

Well I'm certainly not getting anything done sitting here. So off I go.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others

by teresa

I Worked the bookfair/library at Ben's school today. The kids there are soooo cute. They give you hugs...and tell you they love you(even when they don't know you). They sit quietly when you tell them to and get so excited about coming in to the library. Like it's an honor to check out the books. Soooo different than at Nick's school. When Ben's class came in he got to walk around with me and shop for books he "must have". He also picked out a High School Musical poster for his room. Man...does that kid love that movie.
Tonight is the PTA meeting and second grade program. Ben's class has been practicing their songs and dances for weeks. I can't wait to see the performance. I will make sure to take tons of pictures.
I did manage to sneak out of the library for a few minutes today to take a peak at Lauren in the kindergarten class. Her teacher invited me in and graciously allowed me to snap some pictures (while Lauren died from embarrassment). Miss Bland told me Lauren is doing a wonderful job interning...that she will make a great teacher and that the kids all love her to death. I was beyond proud!

Donde Esta The Stinkin' Towels?!?

By Chris

Teresa was a blur of got-to-work-at-Ben's-school-all-day-can-you-take-Nick-to-school-I'm-outta-here this a.m. No problem. I can handle one kid's shower, cereal and ride to school. Except . . .

I could not find a single towel. Usually, there are a few stacked predictably in the same place, every morning, for years. Not today. I wasn't sure what to do. Where are the rest of them kept Closet 1, no, Closet 2, no, downstairs, no, dryer, no. So, of course, it must be Lauren's fault. She's been known to keep all kinds of stuff in her yucky room. So, I knocked. And knocked. Finally, she answers:

Open the door
Open the door
"What do you want?"
I WANT YOU TO OPEN THE DOOR!!! (Duh. Isn't that what people always want when they knock on a door?)

Sure enough, there was a pile of towels in there. And, she really did not get why in the world that was a problem. "Mamma needs to wash them," was her comment. So, I'm feeling a "get familiar with the washing machine" day coming. In the end, I resorted to using a really small golf towel, not much bigger than a wash cloth. Fun.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Basketball and Such

By Chris

So, college basketball is in full swing. Nirvana. Or, something like it anyway. Laptop on my, well, lap, and 51 inches of tv 8 feet away with basketball on all day and all night. It's a Thanksgiving Week tradition. ESPN and their family of networks show back-to-back-to-back-to-back games all week. Get home early (which I did, thanks to a 6:30 a.m. start brought on because I could not sleep with the round ball excitement in the air) . . . basketball on. Stay up until 2 a.m. (which I am planning to do) . . . basketball is on. Go on the Internet . . . and the online discussion communities and news sites are hopping with new content and banter to participate in. I love it! My guys . . . Old Dominion University, sit at 4-1 after beating the #8 team in the country, Georgetown, last night, AT GTOWN. That is huge. Makes me real happy. Pathetic I know. When the inevitable job-out-of-town scenario comes up, basketball is always on the reasons-not-move list. The news about my buddies' babies and other such life events has always waited until the next opportune interaciton, but the win last night warranted a late night phone call (which I never do unless the Monarchs do something big . . . like beat Georgetown . . .by 13!). The Internet message board devoted to Monarch basketball literally crashed from the traffic. More than 300 posts on the game to read and respond to. Oh my!

I do have quite a basketball dilemna on my hands, though. Through 15+ years of season ticket holding for ODU with my boys (friends that is), I always dreamed that my other boys (sons that is) would become huge ODU fans and fiend to watch the Blue and White like dad . . . with dad. . . . 'til the end of my days. Until now, Ben was not really up for a whole game with dad and the fellas. Nick was. So, I have two season tickets . . . not three. Now, Ben and Nick both have the basketball fever. Awesome. Except, I don't have enough tickets. Iam having to buy an extra one every game since neither wants to go along with the every-other-game plan I was counting on. And I don't have the heart to deny either one. They both even suckered me into buying them close to $100 worth of ODU stuff so far in the fan shop, and we are only five games into the season. "Dad look at this beanie with the lion on it!" "How about this cool hat, dad. It looks good on me!" "This sweatshirt goes good with the beanie!" They know when game days are now, and get the gear on in anticipation. How do you say no to that? My precious little Monarch Maniacs! They already know the players, their numbers, the songs, the cheers . . . the cheerleaders, the dance team (sorry mom, but apparently such things are necessary). I would be heart-broken to miss a game too. I know how they feel. With the light shows, rousingly loud bass thumpin' player intros with video graphics, strobe lights and chest thumping bravado, it is all very stimulating to the testosterone-controlled portion of our being. Already they have won pizza, t-shirts, seat cushions, pens and more. How exciting. But, what about the sold-out games. How will that work? I may have to pluck down some more donation dollars and ticket money to secure another seat. I've sort of thrown that thought out to Teresa, but she doesn't respond. What does that mean? I always respond when she asks me about something (and often when she doesn't ask). Of course, it will cost less then the unexpected furniture that just showed up! She says the 9:00 end times are too late for a second grader . . . but, hey, it's only a few times a year, right? What's a basketball lovin' dad to do??

Oh, and on an unrelated note. Recent radio ad I heard: "Did you pay too much for your last funeral?" Hahahahahaha

Well. That's enough. It's 10:30 p.m. and DePaul is unexpectedly hanging with Kentucky in the second half in Hawaii. Must go watch.

Doesn't it feel good to get new furniture?

by teresa

We purchased new dressers for our bedroom this weekend...and I couldn't even get out of bed this morning. I just lay there...admiring my beautiful new boudoir.

Our old dressers were pathetic. The armoire was purchased as a wedding gift. In it's hayday it was gorgeous. The two drawers on it have been broken for a couple of years now. Our dresser had some drawer fronts that kept coming off and having to be glued on. The other day the one drawer front came off again...and the next day I went to open another drawer and the bottom fell through another drawer to the floor. Geez!

So off I went Saturday, on the lookout for a deal. Mom went with me that evening, after no avail by myself all afternoon. We found some beautiful things to choose from. It was so hard deciding....but I chose two dressers. One low, long with nine drawers. And one tall with six drawers. They match our bed perfectly...and the knobs (silver) match all of our accessories (lamps, clock, mirror,frames). And they are solid...real wood pieces. Not the pressed mess painted to look like wood and glued together we had before. I couldn't be more pleased. The hard part was unloading the truck (did you know real furniture is heavy?)and getting it up the stairs to our room. It just about killed us....but in the end it was worth it. Chris and I went from sharing FOUR drawers in one dilapidated having our own dressers to get organized with. All our other clothes were on shelves and baskets in our closets. Not easy to find....and hard to keep organized. The two of us spent hours yesterday organizing our new spaces and tossing out old stuff.

Today I am going to Ben's school to set up for the bookfair. It will open tomorrow for a sneak peek and then again all next week after the holidays. Can I just tell you that I am getting a little sick of bookfairs? Yes...I said it. This is the third one I have worked this year...and I don't think there is a book out there my kids want that I don't have. My house is a regular Shop Around The Corner (man, do I love that movie).

I am also going to be taking the brochures for our churches new basketball program up to Ben's school today. They will be put in all the childrens take home folders this week. I hope this generates some interest. Most of the kids on our soccer team are joining it. When they heard Chris was coaching a team(or two...or three)...they all wanted to sign up.

I can't believe it is almost turkey day. Last week when I was at Nick's school they asked each kid to write down what their favorite holiday was..and why. I thought Christmas would win out because of getting gifts. A few kids did put that. But most of the childrens favorite was Thanksgiving. They said they liked it the best because all of their family came together for the day. I thought that was nice....coming from hyper, loud, prepubescent 6th graders.

What are you guys doing to celebrate? Are you cooking? What's your most requested dish? Are you going out of town...or people coming to you?

Okay...I'm off to wake the Nickmeister.

I will leave you with this cute picture of Kaden (almost 16 months). I love the outfit!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

I slept for 13 hours!

by teresa

I had a busy day yesterday.


Then I met my friend Barbara for a lunch date. We went to the place we used to go to lunch at when we were working gals. We call it "shmoke-no-shmoke" because that's what the hostess would ask when you walked in the door. She was saying "smoking or non smoking"...but it came out "shmoke-no-shmoke". We ate and chatted for over 2 hours. She invited me over next Wed. night to pick up some homemade pies she is making for me and the family for thatnksgiving. Yum!

I had the evening all to myself. Nick and Chris went to the ODU game...Lauren worked...and Ben spent the night with mom. Because Kai was spending the night, she asked if Ben would like to also. Of course he jumped at the chance to be with his best buddy Kai.
So there I was...all alone. And what did I do? I went to bed! I planned on reading in bed...and maybe watching some tv. So I went up around 8:00pm...and clicked on the tv. Nothing good was I turned it off . I fell asleep pretty quickly...and didn't even hear the family come home. I woke up at 9:30am....13 hours later. Have mercy! I haven't slept that long in years. It was nice.

Today I plan to clean a little and run to the grocery store to pick up something to make for the potluck dinner at church tomorrow. There is lots of good college football on we will be home the rest of the day. If it gets cold enough tonight we will make a fire in the fire pit and roast mallows.

Be blessed!

Friday, November 17, 2006

thar he blows...

by teresa

My house smells like vomit right now.

I's a little early in the morning to be speaking of puking. But...that's my life people. Whaddayagunnado? You scoop up....spray down...mop up....lysol...repeat.

Last night Ben was invited into Lauren's bed for the third night in a row. I know we have mentioned before that he used to sleep with her most nights of the week for awhile there. But sometime around the first of the year Lauren put an end to it. So when he was invited back this week...he was thrilled. Lauren said he would snuggle close to her...and fall right to sleep. He would wake in the morning and tell me how great he sleep with sissy. So last night as I was putting him to bed he asked her if he could sleep in there again...and she said sure. He smiled and hopped in with her. About 3 hours later Lauren comes into my room..."mom...Ben just puked!" I was asleep and jumped to attention. I went in sissy's room and saw Ben's handywork. Gross...stink...blah! It was everywhere. Bed,pillows(4),floor,comforters(2),sheet,even on her canopy. Good grief! Lauren was very grumpy from being woke up and puked on....she climbed into my bed while I ran down stairs for my equipment (bucket, papertowels,sponges,carpet cleaner,trashbags,fabreeze). It was around 11:30...and I finished about an hour later. Chris...who had gotten home from a church meeting minutes before was downstairs. So I sent Ben to him. He got him taken care of and bunked down in his own bed. I put a trashcan next to his bed is he needed it (which he did many, many times) and headed downstairs to begin my all night laundry party. I took my blanket and pillow and slept on the couch to be closer to the festivities. Chris was don't have to do will all be there in the morning. EXACTLY! It will be sitting there....piled up...stinking...hardening and waiting for me. I'd rather get it taken care of I won't get behind on all the chores around here.
Lauren woke this morning sick too. Great. I called into Ben's school and told them Ben AND Lauren wouldn't be there today. Lauren has been student teaching in a kindergarten class at Ben's school for the past two weeks. So I had to call for both of them.
I have some errands and lunch with a friend her being home sick was actually a BIG help to me. :0)

I am off to continue my party. Only two tubs to go (stupid HUGE comforters).

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Shameless Promotion

By Chris

Ooops. Forgot to mention it earlier. Today is the American Cancer Society Great American Smokeout. The 30th annual, in fact. Everyone knows smoking is harmful to your health now . . . not the case 30 years ago . . . but there is still work to do. If you smoke, try to stop. If you like clean air, get involved in advocating for it. Here's the promotion part: We've (the organization I serve, that is) has launched a new website on the subject where you can learn a little about quitting and get involved. Check us out

There's lots of cool stuff there. I like the materials section where you can look at all the American Cancer Society smoking posters of the last three decades. Classic.

Hold on to your hats people!

by teresa

It's windy.

Like Twister kinda windy.

A cow just flew past my livingroom window.

Earlier when I was at Nick's school a section of our fence blew down and Shorty escaped and ran amuck in the neighborhood. He ran under the mailmans truck and got stuck. My poor, sweet neighbor Gerri chased after him treat in hand. He led her down the street playing that annoying game of chase dogs do. You know...they let you get within a foot of them...then they take off to the next yard....and repeat this over and over. She finally got him...put him in our front door...and then before she got back acroos the street he was out again. Seems the wind blew our back door open all the way. My livingroom was COVERED in leaves and newspapers (from the pile on the back porch). Have mercy!

I hope all my Va./NC. buddies are riding out the windy weather well.

I've heard of some fatalities from tornados in NC.

So please stay the bathroom...with a mattress on your back just in case.

Seems we are in for major thunderstorms in a few hours to accompany the 50mph wind gusts.

Let me go batten down the hatches.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Can I see your hall pass?

by teresa

Today was parent visitation day at Nick's school. He was very excited for me to come and sit in his classes with him. I signed up...but told him I was not going to go for the whole day. I just didn't think I would be able to sit through six hours of fractions, the periodic table, dangling participles, the louisiana purchase and 25 eleven year olds blowing their trumpets! So I compromised and went to three classes...and lunch. And after spending three hours with Nick and his classmates all I got to say is....Middle school teachers salaries should be six figures! Man...are those kids loud....and inattentive...and fidgity...and attention hogs...and crude and loud. Did I already say loud? We did visit the book fair in his English class...where we picked up a couple things from my list. I also got roped into working the bookfair for the next two days. Dang. In one class we broke up into two's and had to interview each other. Tell our names and birthplace...hobbies and people we are inspired by. Then the teacher had me get infront of the class to read the answers to the interview I gave. Lord have mercy! The only thing worse than sitting with a bunch of sixth graders for 3 getting infront of a bunch of sixth graders and speaking.
Tomorrow I will spend the day working the bookfair and the reading room. That's more my speed. I took pictures of Nick and his teachers...but I haven't taken them off the camera yet. I'll make sure to post them later.

Father Daughter Time

By Chris

Lauren and I were sent on a "very-highly-encouraged-by-mom" shopping trip last night. My daughter and I are very, very similar in a bunch of ways. One likeness is cutting sarcasm. Which, when directed at each other continuously, apparently sends the very non-sarcastic mom of the family into a little bit of worry. Plus, like-minded people can get on each others' nerves. We do that regularly too. But, it's all good. I think we "get" each other. And get over it quickly, too. Anyway, I guess all this led to the shopping-time-together intervention.

We both thought it was weird. But we went anyway. I'm glad we did. Lauren is not really a princess. I mean, she never has turned on the charm to get anything out of daddy. So, it was funny to watch her feel her way through an evening when dad was feeling generous. I dropped a couple of hints at our first stop to show I might be open to picking up more than just work clothes. She awkwardly picked it up. "So, I guess I could use a purse," she said at one point. "Look, Old Navy. I forget that's here," (her way of saying "oh, please daddy take me to Old Navy and buy me some pretty clothes") She also put out this thought about stopping at Old Navy, rather than heading home: "You want to spend enought time to get full credit." That, of course, would be full credit from Teresa for the bonding experience. Good point. To Old Navy we went. And bought jeans and a shirt. She did pretty well on the night, princess or not: 2 pants, 2 shirts, a purse and a pack of gum. And, Red Robin for dinner. Her fave. It was fun too. She doesn't express it well, but I think she appreciates the stuff she gets. Unlike her much younger brothers, Lauren can remember when we could barely swing the pack of gum treat! I mean, it was TIGHT, when she was little.

Teresa will be happy to know we didn't pick on each other much in our bonding time. Though we did have fun roasting some people who are commonly annoying to both of us. We almost always have the same feelings about people (celebrities, her brothers, man on the street, friends . . .whatever).

So, thanks mom. The night was a success. Yippee!

Has anybody heard?

by teresa

Yesterday evening I saw a report on the news about a two year old girl who's mother left her in the car while she ran in the store and the car was stolen. I think it was in NC. There was an Amber alert out for her.

Has anybody heard an update?

I pray for her safe return.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'll take crossword answers for a thousand Alex.....

by teresa

It is so nice and quiet in the house. Let me just sit here and soak it in...hold on while I soak.

Okay...I'm back.

Ben went with mom tonight to visit the daddy. She goes every tuesday...but usually she leaves too early for the boys to go because they are still doing homework. But she worked late Ben was done by the time she left. Nick was still working on his homework so he stayed home with me(and boy was he thrilled).

I sent Lauren and Chris to the mall for a little father daughter bonding session. Lauren was in need of work clothes(red sweatshirt and khaki pants...the target uniform) and I thought they could use some time together. They are also getting some dinner. Chris was like...she isn't going to want to go with me. I told him...if it involves new clothes and food...she will go anywhere with you.

Nick and I ran to the dry cleaners and then picked up Subway on the way home. Of course once we got home he didn't like the choice of subs he picked. So he pouted...tried to talk me out of my sub...and then made himself a sandwhich when I wouldn't give him my food. That kid is soooo high maintanence!!!

He is now upstairs getting in his jammies and playing a game. I was finishing up the newspaper crossword puzzle. My life is so exciting.

My blowdryer/curling brush broke today. My hair was just about I hadn't done my smoothing flippy thing to it yet. So I looked a little like this. Seriously. I had to go up to Target looking like this to purchase a new blowdryer thingy. I got this one...and it works great. My hair was smooth and flippilicious in no time.

I am off to watch celebrity jeopardy. I ROCK at jeopardy!

All I want for Christmas is....

by teresa

The other day I pulled the children aside one at a time (in private) to inquire as to what they would like for Christmas. I told them to pick two things...just two. I am tired of getting a bunch of junk , just for the sake of having lots to unwrap. And two weeks later the kids can't even remember what they recieved. That's why I said TWO things...two really special things.

Lauren's requests: #1 tv/dvd combo for her room #2 vcast cellphone

Nick's requests: #1 laptop (like that's gonna happen) #2 firefly phone

Ben's requests: #1 a new brother #2 Air Hogs Storm Launcher

I told him to quit kidding and let me know one more thing. He said he wasn't joking....and would be happy with just the one toy and no Nick.

"All for one and one for all
My brother and my friend
What fun we have
The time we share
Brothers 'til the end."

Monday, November 13, 2006

Sick Goes Around

By Chris

O.K. Teresa alluded to it . . . but there are far more details to the sick Green family episode of Fall 2006. There is definitely something nasty in the air. I mean, I can deal with the lasts-a-day-or-two sicknesses. But this hold-on-pretend-to-get-better-then-get-even-worse thing is annoying. Teresa has been about five notches down for a good little while. Nick, as you heard, has progressed and regressed for many days. Poor thing's shirt was soaking wet from the chills that set in again Sunday at church. Two bathroom trips during the run-up to his performance threatened to cancel his participation in a "stick routine" for the congregation, but he pulled it off between sick waves, before letting it loose all over the car on the way home. Thank God (literally . . . I specifically prayed this) he didn't explode on stage! That would have been one memorable children's special! In the car, Ben was like "eewwww. Pewwww. That stinks Nick. Hahahahah!" Brotherly love, I guess. Teresa was lucky enough to be in another car. "Well I was praying to feel better, and now I do," Nick proclaimed. Great. Praise the Lord. In the driving rain and wind, I shop vacked, Resolved and Lysoled this answer to prayer, none to happily. Ben watched me, amused by the whole scenario.

I have been aching, half-sick for more than a week now. After the end-of-season speech and player awards I had to do Saturday, I felt like someone had beat me up. And everyone was so cheery, so I had to be cheery right on back. No need to ruin the feel-good mojo with grumpy sick coach feelings. Besides, no way I could pull sick hubby and go to three straight days of basketball tournament games. Teresa's slide show was the hit anyway. Very, very, very good. Lots of people said as much. Anyway, medication and denial have worked pretty good for me, especially since the cursed thing was apparently just toying with me for a good week until now . . . but it has hit me pretty hard all of a sudden. And, I have no way to get home from the office with my car getting new brakes (again, Indian River Sunoco (used to be Texaco) comes through, replacing brakes, retrieving and patching the damage of three nails in a tire in half a day and for less than $175. I love those guys. You should go there if you're local). Teresa indicates a pick-up for me at the office is a no-go for another hour at least. And, the last thing she said before haning up is "Oh . . . the dog puked on the carpet . . . gotta go. click." I heard Ben giggling in the background. Dog's got it too, I guess. And, what's up with Ben getting a kick out of mom and dad cleaning up puke? He threatened to get sick at the basketball game last night, but calmly went to the bathroom and took care of business. Typical Ben. Everything's always easy for him, for some reason.

It's all a real bummer. I thought I bought a pretty good anniversary gift, and poor sick Teresa could hardly muster a smile about it. I mean, small-package-and-shiny good. Oh well. She must really be sick, or my judgement must really be off.

So watch out. I bet this thing seems to be persistent. Lysol the room. Wash your hands. All that good stuff. Because this one has legs! I even tried to avoid the dang sicky yucky hex by sleeping in another room from Miss Cough-All-Night for several days, but it still found me. And it doesn't leave easily! Oh, somebody please come take me home!

I'm still alive

by teresa

I'm still here.

Still feeling icky...but not as bad as last week and the weekend.

I haven't turned on the computer since my last I will need to sit down today and catch up on all of my blogging buddies lives.

Saturday was our last game...which we won 4-1. We ended up winning first place in our league with only one loss. The kids and parents were thrilled.

The party was a big hit. Over 60 kids, parents and grandparents came to celebrate our athletes. The slideshow show was awesome. I used 140 photos (from the 400) I took of the season...and made a slideshow. The music we used was "Dare You To Move" by Switchfoot. We hooked up a projector and screen to the computer so the pictures were like 60 inches big. Some parents and even a couple of kids were moved to tears. I couldn't have been more thrilled by the responses. I look forward to next season already.

Yesterday was horrible. Nick got sick at church...and then puked in the car on the way home. I had some major stomach I couldn't eat a thing all day. Chris and Ben left us sickies at home and went to the basketball tournament. We had a noreaster blow through with 40mph winds. It lifted our table and chairs off the ground in the backyard and broke the umbrella. Great! Everyone was sick...and grumpy...and I don't think a kind word was said to each other all day long. was our Anniversary.

This morning we took Chris' car to the shop to have the brakes checked out (they are squeaking). So I dropped him off at work after I took Nick to school. I also ran to the pharmacy, dry cleaners, bank and the grocery store....I'm ready for a nap already.

Our computer is still at the shop. I called to check on the progress but the woman said they hadn't had a chance to look at it yet. She said she would call this afternoon with the diagnosis.

I am off to put some clothes in the wash. I have many tubs waiting. I ran out of Tide Saturday night...and I just felt too bad to run out and get any yesterday. So I will try to knock it all out before bed tonight.

Friday, November 10, 2006

My nose hurts from wiping it...and I think I am getting a fever is good!

by teresa

Finally sitting down at the computer for the first time in two days.

I have been sick.

Puke, cough, fever, achy sick.

Not fun.

I feel about 50% today. Only puked once.

I had to leave the house yesterday afternoon to pick up Chris' car. It was finally ready. It looks very nice and shiney.

I need to run out today and pick up the cake for the party tomorrow and drop off Chris' clothes at the dry cleaners. He arrived home from Atlanta last night. I only chatted with him for a couple of minutes...and then went back up to bed. He elected to sleep in Ben's bed last night. I guess incessant coughing and gagging in bed next to you doesn't exactly make for a good nights rest.

In my Nyquil haze of a day yesterday...I forgot to take Chris work key off the key ring when I turned in the rental car. So poor Chris had to schlep around town tracking down where the keys were so he could head to work this morning.

My house looked like poo poo and my hampers were all full from my taking the past two days off sick. So I have been trying to catch up today. Geoge (FIL) took pity on me and summoned Nick to his house this morning to run errands with him. So at least I don't have the boys fighting all day.

Chris is excited because this weekend is the ODU basketball tournament. So there are games Fri, Sat, and Sun. He is taking Nick tonight...then both boys tomorrow night so I can have the evening to myself. Our anniversary is Sunday...but we aren't going out till next week since things are so busy this weekend.

I am going to a book club meeting that some women from church are starting. Tomorrow night will be refreshments and talking about which books we would like to read. If your guys have any suggestions...please let me know. I'm not big into christian I have no idea what I would suggest. I like funny...I like mysteries...I don't like fluff (harlaquin romances). Let me know what you come up with.

I'm off to fold and put away another tub.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

my dignity ain't all I lost tonight.

by teresa

Tonight was....interesting.

The kids looooved scrimmaging the parents.

Let me just say it had rained all day the field was a muddy mess.

Me no likey!

Within the first minute my butt became aquainted with the ground. I had mud all over me. Everyone laughed. What a doofus! Bye bye dignity!

Then once while trying to catch the ball before it went out of bounds I did one of those cartoon slip and slide dances when my feet hit the mud. I looked like I climbing up some invisible stairs. More laughing. Like I said...what a doofus!

The parents ended up winning 6 to 2 (even with me on the team). Everybody groaned when I said our hour on the field was up...they were having a blast. I am really going to miss this group of parents and kids.

Now for the drama.

I realized as I was scooping up all the ball that I couldn't find my keys. I looked everywhere to no avail. I figured maybe I lost them somewhere when I James Brown split in the mud. But no...they were not there. Poop! By the time I made it to the parking lot most of the parents had left. They helped me look through the ball bag and around the car and then I remembered something. Lauren had brought the soccer equipment to the field (I had forgotten to load it in my car) in my minivan...while I drove the rental car. I had hopped out of the car and opened the back of the van with my keys while she sat in the car about to head to church. Maybe I had left them in the back of the van. My phone was locked in the car so I borrowed one fo the parents. I called her at church (she was in class). When she answered and I told her I needed her to go downstairs and look for my keys she grumbled and hung up on me. I told the parents she had hung up and I needed to call her back. So I did and she was all...WHAAAT? I asked if she was going down and she said yes. I told her to stay on the phone because I was on someone elses phone and I didn't want to have to call her back. She hung up. Grrr! I called for the third time. Once again she was all...Whaaat? She was out in the parking lot and went up to the minivan and then said...NO they are not sticking out of the keyhole. I asked if they were inside the back. She said...I didn't bring down the keys, they are up in class. Now I have to go all the way back up and get them. She was mad at me for interrupting class. We hung up and I asked if one of the parents could give Ben and I a ride home and I would call Lauren back from there. On our way out of the parking lot Lauren called back and said yes...they were in the back of the minivan. Phew! Thank you Lord! I said great....can you bring them to me. She said a no. I can't leave now. I have Stephanie at church with me and I would have to take her home and miss class. I was like...well...I'm sorry to cramp your plans but I need the keys NOW! She kept whining and then said ...Katy will bring them to you...and then hung up again. Katy had just arrived at church and saw her heading in the building and overheard our conversation. So my sister brought me the keys and took me up to get my car. Lauren stayed at church. It is now 9:16pm...Lauren got home 16 minutes ago as I was typing this post. I locked the deadbolt (she doesn't have a deadbolt key) and cut off all the lights like we went ot bed. She keeps ringing the door bell....but I just sit here. Let her see how it feels! Oh don't get your panties in a bunch....I will let her in, in a couple more minutes. Brat!

happy humpday

by teresa

My guy didn't win. Darn.

Nick was whining all night long. He threw up once too. But he said it wasn't because he felt was because he bunnied and it smelled so bad it gagged him. lol

He stayed home today in bed and slept. He ate some peanut butter toast...but that's all. He finally came down around 4:00pm and said he was hungry. So I guess he is feeling better.

Chris is still in I will be running the last soccer practice solo tonight. I'm not feeling very well (sore throat and coughing) so I may let the parents play the kids in a scrimmage.

I went to Sams club and ordered the cake today. It smelled so good in the bakery...I can't wait for a piece on Saturday. I spent the rest of the day taking care of Nick and doing a little laundry.

I also sat and watched a movie with Lauren when she came home from school. Try and guess what we watched from this line in the movie.

Ta-ay ina wheeen...


Chicka chicka chicka peeeee...

If you know it...put the answer in my comments.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

by teresa

Lauren just got home from work. I was only downstairs waiting up for her to come home safely (it's raining cats and dogs) now I am up in bed.
With Chris out of town watching tv alone is no fun. So I have come up to bed and will lay here checking in on some of my favorite blogs while waiting to see who wins the Va. elections. Ben is laying here next to me. He reminded me as I got him ready for bed...that he gets to bunk with mommy when daddy is out of town. That's fine with long as he doesn't start with the kicking. Nick went to bed around 6:30pm this evening. He isn't feeling all that great (no fever...just stuffy and headache) so he spent most of the afternoon and evening on the couch. I hope he feels better by morning for school. They only go 2 days this I hate for him to miss one.
*speak of the devil*
Nick just came in crying from a headache. So I gave him some ibuprofen and now he is laying at the end of my bed. This should be a comfy night.
Tomorrow I have some running around to do for Saturdays soccer party (order cake, get plates and cups) and also some PTA stuff to get done. Our computer is acting up again (I've been using the laptop today) so I need to take it to the shop. It cuts on fine...but then cuts itself off about a minute later. How aggravating!
Darn...I just realized that I forgot to cut on the dishwasher before I came up to bed. I and waaaaay too lazy to get up and go downstairs to do it. So now the dishes will be impossibly crusty in the morning.
Yesterday, when I fussed at Ben for taking the pine straw out of the back flowerbed (can you call it a flowerbed if there are no flowers in it?) and arranging it in the shape of a road in the middle of the backyard...he said "Well sorry mom...I'm not psychic or anything. I couldn't look into the future and know you would be mad?" more Raven!
Lauren told me that one of the local radio stations (107.7 Lite FM) is already playing Christmas music. I looooove Christmas music...but isn't that just a tad bit early? I mean how many times do I need to hear Barbara Mandrell's "It must have been the mistletoe" or Mel Torme's "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire"?
Well...I'm off to sleep. My guy is in the lead for the time being. But they are saying all the precincts are not in yet. So I'll have to find out who won in the morning paper.

Early Voting

By Chris

With travel on the schedule, I arose early to record my vote. I found some surprises. First, I was greeted by the normal partisan greeter in the parking lot from party "x" . . . and my polling place also had a volunteer from party "y" for the first time that I can remember. Not sure why, but until now a certain side of the political spectrum had never decided working my small precinct was worth it, at least not while I was there. Anyway, the two old guys from both parties were very pleasant, and I noticed they were chit-chatting like old buddies. They probably were. Watching and listening to the cable news and talk radio scream-at-each-other-the-opposition-is-the-devil dialogue (a generous description) makes that kind of scene seem weird. These guys were not following the drill! Doesn't that D fellow know that his R friend is a heartless gun touting racist out to get rich! Surely Mr. R understands that Mr. D is a Jesus hating bleeding heart! Hmmm. Can't we all just get along. Apparently, at least in this little neigborhood, we can. Very cool.

I also found my usual "hanging chad" machines had been replaced by the electronic, touch-screen devices. And, the usual poll workers were not on hand. A new lady, and what looked to be her young daughter, checked me in. Just the two of them at the registration table, instead of the normal 4-6 older ladies. As usual, a sign declared "STATE LAW REQUIRES YOU STATE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS OUT LOUD AND SHOW A PICTURE ID." I was asked to state nothing. But, this younger version was way quicker finding my name in the huge binder! The child did the computer part. Yikes! The whole touchscreen experience didn't inspire a lot of confidence. Sure, it seemed to work o.k. But, that old piece of paper, fed confidentially and personally by me into the counting machine seemed a little more, shall I say, trackable and real. Heck, even at 7-11 when you make an electronic transaction, you get a receipt confirming the details. ATM's too. And Target. Yep, Wal-Mart does the same. But, not for your vote on these things. Sure, a nice little message comes up at the end assuring you that your vote has been successfully cast. I don't trust it. I'd feel a little better with a receipt for my vote, if you know what I mean. Something written down that could be checked later if needed. You could even turn it in, just like the chad cards of old, as you leave, just in case. I mean, what would a re-count look like in this case? I know computers never ever do this, but suppose some system locked up and votes needed to be re-entered?

I predict these devices will soon land us in a contitutional crises that will make the Florida hanging chad fiasco look minor. God Bless America!

"Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.”

by teresa

Go vote....

Monday, November 06, 2006

pray for's a teacher workday

by teresa

My kids are out of school for the next two days for teachers workdays...then they are out Friday for veterans day. Heaven help me. Actually, it is noon and there have been no fights. They must be ill.

We had breakfast and then all sat down and watched Nacho Libre. The boys thought it was hilarious. They were cackling and singing along with the entire movie.

The weather is nice today. Warm, sunny perfect for a walk around the block or trip to the park (maybe later).

After the movie they went outside while I did some laundry. They are playing in the backyard doing who knows what. Everytime I glance out there they were walking from the garage with something different under their arms....taking it to the back under the big tree. I saw them with my step stool, stadium cushions, wheelbarrow, rake, skateboard, skate ramp and toolbox. Should I go check on them? Na!

It is 12:17pm....and Lauren is still asleep. Oh to be a teenager again.

I am off to make lunch for the rugrats. Oodles of noodles and crackers with cheese.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Losing isn't fun!

by teresa

Not much to blog about today.

We lost our first soccer game this morning.

Boo hoo.

The score was 3 to 0.

The kids were freezing(it was 40 degrees and windy)...tired(it was and early morning game)...and scared of the super star(this kid is BIG and fast) on the other team. No matter what we said they backed down from this kid the entire game. We have one game left. Next Saturday morning. We will get in two good practices this week before our game.

I have spent the day going through the 250 pictures I took of the soccer games this season. We are putting together a power point with the photos and music for the team party next weekend. I went through tons of songs....and chose "I Dare You To Move" by Switchfoot. It goes perfectly with the action shots. We will make a copy for all of the parents to give out at the party.

Chris and Nick went out and bought a firebowl for the backyard. We love to go out on cold evenings and roast marshmallows and weiners over a fire.

I'm off to dinner with the family.

Be blessed!

Friday, November 03, 2006

I can't believe my dad came to the game tonight. Thank you daddy!

by teresa

Back from the game early.

Left at the end of third quarter.

Couldn't take the cold.

Butt and toes were frozen and numb.

Mom, Dad, Kristian and Jackie left during halftime.....wimps!

We were up by 3 we figured it was safe to leave.

Lauren and friends looked to be having the time of their lives.

Chris leaned over to her as we escorted her in and told her to look around at the crowd....and soak it all in. He said to remember this time in her life...and enjoy it. I saw tears in her eyes. The past 5 years of cheering (since 8th grade)....over. *sniff*

Here's some pictures of our frigid outing.

just a quick hello...

by teresa

Busy day ahead of me.

All three kids have dentist appointments this morning.

I have some PTA stuff to get finished.

A couple tubs of laundry....and clean the upstairs (I did downstairs yesterday).

Senior night at Lauren's school tonight. We have to be there early, all dressed up, and excort her into the stadium along with the other senior athletes. They will all be recognized...Lauren is excited about it. I....not so much. You guys know how much I love to be infront of people. I did go out and buy me a new jacket from Macy's to help with my shyness. :0) All the family is coming to see the ceremony and game. It is going to be about 40 degrees during the game. Have mercy!

Last nights soccer game was very intense (and coooooold). We won 1 to 0....but it was some work getting that one goal. The other teams denfense was awesome. Our next game is Saturday morning. It is against the other undefeated team in the league. I can't wait to see how we do.

I'm off....have a good day.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

lollypop lollypop, oh lolly-lolly-lolly lollypop!

by teresa

Last night we left for Kai's game about 30 minutes before Lauren had to leave to cheer for a volleyball game. Which meant she would be responsible for closing up the house and putting the dog out (or in the garage).
Well we pulled up and the front door was wide open (around 7:15pm) and all the lights were on. We walked in and saw a trail of lollypop wrappers leading from the front door....down the hall and around the corner into the living room. When we reached the living room Shorty went running out and hid in the kitchen. The entire room was covered with candy wrappers. Ben had left his pumpkin on the coffee table (about 2 feet tall) and Lauren had left Shorty HOME ALONE! The pumkin was too heavy to tip over or pick Shorty must have stretched up on his hind legs (his inch long hind legs) and reached inside that pumpkin with all his might and taken out all that candy piece by piece. I should have taken a picture...but our first reaction was to clean it up before it stained. There must have been thirty chewed up lollypop sticks stuck to the carpet (you could tell what his favorites were), and empty bags of peanut M&Ms. The rest of the candy was just strewn about here and there.....wet from being inside his mouth. When we called out Shorty's name he took off for the stairs. Chris chased him down and we put him in time out (garage) for the rest of the evening. I'm shocked the dog isn't sick from all that chocolate and sugar.
When I spoke to Lauren about it this morning she was like ,"oh, so it's my fault Ben left his pumpkin out on the table?" Then she just grumped back up to her room.


I think I will have a chore list for her when she gets home from school today. hee hee

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

by teresa

Last night was so much fun....and now I have a tummy ache.

Too many recee cups. Is there any candy better than a recee cup I ask you?

It also could be from judging the chili contest (along with 4 other judges) at church last night. Eleven different bowls of chili. The winner turned out to be a 9 year old boy. Isn't that funny?

Once home the boys both had to take showers to get all the paint off of them. Ben had to take two! That blue mess in his hair just wasn't budging. that halloween is over we will *blink* and it will be Christmas. It just zooms by so quickly with the shopping and baking and wrapping and visiting.

I have been trying to write this post since 8:30 this morning. Everytime I sat down and wrote a sentence something would distract me (kids, hubby, laundry,phone,etc.) and then I would get into some other project.

Right now we just finished dinner and are about to head out to Kai's soccer game then church. I may just send the kids to church with mom so I can come home and straighten.

Here's our pictures from last night. I hope all your youngin's had a safe and fun time.