Friday, January 29, 2010

is it or isn't it?

by teresa

I think it might happen.
We haven't had snow accumulation in this area of Va. in years.
The weatherman is calling for up to 15inches.
The kids are bursting with anticipation (and don't even get me started on the hubby).
It better happen.
I bought a lantern (in case of power outage), cute polka dotted boots and pulled out all our hats/gloves/scarves from the hall closet.
Bring it on!

After I posted this I remembered the last time it snowed. I looked outside and saw my daddy walking house to house with his big broom and shovel. He was wearing his blue, lined jumpsuit over his clothes and he was shoveling all the neighbors walkways and sweeping the snow from all our cars. I have this on video somewhere, I think. When he noticed me taping him he laughed and made faces and told me to get back in the house or he was telling Chris (because I was out with no coat and he figured his tattling would get me in trouble).

Thursday, January 28, 2010

“It is a very hard undertaking to seek to please everybody”

by teresa

Up at 5:00am this morning (ugg).
Drove to church to send Nick off to Accelerant with the teens.
I know he will have a great time and pray for revival in their hearts and lives.

The weatherman said we are expecting snow this weekend.
That would be awesome. Haven't had a good snow in years.

Ben only has a half day of school today and then we are heading to Charlottesville for a basketball game. Anthony is coming with us and he is a huge UVA fan. They are playing VaTech, so Ben will be clad head to toe in all things Tech. Both boys have been bubbling about this since Chris bought the tickets a month ago.

Sissy slept in the bottom bunk last night. When I roused Ben this morning, I pointed out to him that his sissy was sleeping under him. He said," why did she have to sleep in my room?"
He was the one mentioning that option night after night.
good grief.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

exam week

by teresa

I am being so mean!
At least that's what Nick says.
Or maybe he just called me ridiculous.
Why, you ask?
Because I am making him study for exams this week.
I know...I'm horrible...right?
He comes down and sits by me on the I didn't just threaten his life if he didn't crack open his science book two minutes earlier.
When I request that he return to his room, he looks at me with shock and awe.
"What mother didn't request for me to lounge beside you on the couch for awhile (so I can secretly check the bball scores on ESPN when you get up to go to the bathroom)?" can't live with can't live without them (who would cut your grass?)

Monday, January 25, 2010

benedryl anyone?

by teresa

Pretty tired today.
Been sick with fever, stuffy head and coughing through the weekend. Not enough to keep me in bed, but definitely enough to keep me on zombie meds. It's either that, or I succumb to the sick and let the children take over (destroy) the house (Chris is out of town).

To add to my fun, the car began to leak a pretty red liquid on the driveway.
Not good. Not good at all.
An appointment is set for my baby (I sooo love my car) to be fixed and fly in no time.
Until then, I am grounded (except for emergency runs to 7-11 for vanilla lattes and nyquil).

Nick is very excited about his trip to Tennessee this weekend. It's a youth ministry weekend of speakers and concerts. It's called Accelerant and he is going to have the time of his life.

While he is gone, Chris and I are taking Ben and friend on the road to a UVA/Va. Tech basketball game. Should be a fun time.

Lauren has now slept in her new room for two nights. The first morning I had forgotten all about her in there. I went in the office and flicked on the lights (at 6:30am). Oops. Sorry sissy.
Ben has requested that she come upstairs and lay in the bottom bunk of his bed. He has been really excited about this prospect. I don't know why...but it's cute. He wakes in the morning and the first thing he says to me is,"Is sissy under me mom?" I told Lauren and I bet she surprises him soon.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend.

by teresa

I hugged my girl this weekend. And she hugged me back.
And we laughed and hugged and laughed and it was nice.
I don't remember what struck us so funny.
She is my friend now. Not my baby chick...but fellow hen.
One day that tiny baby will be your friend.
It's different, but good.
I love her.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

he calls himself B the D (defense captain)!

by teresa

Quick update on the Monarchs soccer team.
Four games down and four wins.
Ben has scored in each game and continues to be this aggressive lion on the field and floppy haired lamb as the whistle blows. I keep trying to get video if this so I can show you, but somehow my video skills are lacking. I seem to capture everyone on the team except Ben. Next Saturday I am determined to shoot some blog worthy footage.

Friday, January 22, 2010

go hokies

by teresa

Movie night at B's school tonight.
Watching UP (that movie makes me cry).
I hope there is a full house.
You are supposed to wear pajamas...but Ben refuses.
He said he would only participate if I bought him Va.Tech pajamas.
His birthday is next month and all he wants is Tech stuff.
He gets on the computer and "favorites" things (and then calls us in to see what he has favorited). A watch, curtains, rug, chair, wall art and even a Va. Tech couch.
He is obsessed for sure.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

work in progress

by teresa

I'm getting there.
The boys room is done.
Lauren's new room (downstairs office) is done.
Nick's new room is about 10% done.
All the old furniture is emptied and Lauren's things are in one of four places. Downstairs put away, in the trash , stored for future use in the attic or dropped off at goodwill. I have called for a bulk pickup, so tomorrow her and I will move all the furniture to the curb. Then I will assess the damage to the carpet and walls. I'm pretty sure the carpet will need to be replaced. In case I have not mentioned it recently, Lauren is a slob. So any room she has lived in, especially for the past 10 years, will need some major overhauling. And since I don't think hot pink and purple are Nick's colors...the walls will need painting. least favorite thing to do.
The next month or so should be exhausting, but the end result will be wonderful.
Three kids, in three rooms, with as little interaction with each other as I can possibly manage.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

a long weekend

by teresa

We had a three day weekend, thanks to MLK.
Lots of Upward basketball, a couple of indoor soccer games, ODU played and I had book club. So pretty much from the early am to late pm, we were surrounded by laughter, squeals and excitement. Yesterday, we took the boys bowling. They played three games and Ben won two of them (with no bumpers). He has the ugliest throw, but it goes right down the middle nine times out of ten. He admitted to us he says (in his head), "ashes ashes they all fall down", as he approaches the lane and releases the ball. Too funny. Two games came down to the final frame, with Nick and Ben splitting the victories. The third game looked like the Vikings vs Cowboys game this weekend (34 to 3). Ben had 117 and I don't think Nick made it out of the 40's. Poor Nicky.
Nick spent some late night hours over George and Jackie's, Sunday and Monday night, watching 24. He loves hanging with his grandad and is now hooked on the series for life. I hope George doesn't have plans on Monday nights from now until season end.
Ben's indoor team won 14 to 4 on Saturday. Ben came out of defense long enough to score one of those goals. It is so fun to watch them play. Hopefully this weekends opponents will give the boys a great challenge.
The only update I have about Lauren is, she got her hair cut and colored. I only saw her for a minute and a half the entire weekend. She rushed by us with her coat on heading to work.
(This picture is from Christmas. I just wanted you to see her cute coat. I love it!)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them. ~Michael Jordan

by teresa

Up late with Ben tonight, putting the finishing touches on his civil war slave journal.
Soaked the pages in tea and then dried them in the microwave. Smelled like burnt feet in the house for a hour or so...but achieved the old, yellowed effect he was going for. He did a great job....and wouldn't let me help. That annoys me. Our other two would gladly let you take charge of any project they had. Lazy kids with a mom trying to achieve that A in school that was always beyond her effort. Truth is...I was lazy too. Ask my mom about the civil war project "we" did together when I was in school. She was up all night painting a confederate uniform on my Star Wars action figure.
Ben is different. In his mind, no one can do it better than him (including mom and dad). The "it" being just about anything. Run, read, soccer, sing, school work, etc.
In Ben's world, the little engine wouldn't say, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can." It would scream, "I got this! I got this! I got this! Move out the way!"

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

things heard in the Green house this week

by teresa

Mom, how did you fix my pants? Sharpie marker.
If it snows tomorrow, do you think we will still have soccer practice?
Toothpaste smoothies don't taste very good.
The pastor said next Sunday is the beginning of a fast. Can I fast homework?
If you give me money for the arcade..I will pay you back when we get home with my target gift card.
It makes a dad proud to hear his son sing a song about fireflies and sock hops.
Woman, you are slippin' around here. There has been no diet coke in the house for 24hrs!
The Taco Bell diet works because whatever you eat just shoots right threw you.
She will be sleeping on a fold out ottoman. Instead of rolling over....she has to swivel in place.
I gave Kai a puzzle for his birthday and he looked as if I gave him a bag of poop.
You don't want to hear your parent referred to as "hot".
Did you notice that I was wearing makeup? Yep, I saw that your eyes weren't as flesh color as they usually are.
Lauren's car smells like Fruit Loops.
I read somewhere that seeing a boob is as beneficial to your heart as running on the treadmill. just sayin'.
Kai, I ordered you gift but it hasn't got here yet. It's some bangs. *side note* Kai got a haircut this past week, which left the front of his hair looking like Kitten on Father Knows Best.

Friday, January 08, 2010

“How long a minute is depends on what side of the bathroom door you're on”

by teresa

Went to Sams today.
Love that place (cheesecakes for $10)!
I had to use the restroom while I was there, but as I approached there was a sign stating it was being cleaned. Before I walked up I barely had to go...but once you are denied access....with no notice of how long it will take....the urge grows stronger.
Some old lady and I stood there doing the "pee pee" dance for ten minutes, while this minimum wage earning kid slapped enough water/cleaner on the floor with his stinky mop, to sink the titanic. I think he was rushing because, aforementioned old lady kept kicking open the door and yelling that,"I HAVE TO GO ALOT BECAUSE OF MY MEDICATION...SO GET OUT!!!".
The young man stared a whole in his feet as he squeezed out the door with his cart-o-Lysol and big yellow sign. By this time there was a long line. Me and five additional elderly women who have medication induced bathroom emergencies. Did I let them go first? Nope. When you have to go you have to go. And besides...I was there first. No cutsies allowed (I'm sure I saw a sign that read something like that).
The floor was so wet, that I almost busted my butt twice before entering the stall. I think it was God punishing me for not showing respect to my elders. Of course I picked the one stall that had a broken lock....and no purse hook. The floor was seriously dripping wet, so I could not set my purse down (ewwww). I had also wore my new, black scarf. The loooong one. The one that when I sit, touched the floor. Good grief....can nothing be easy?
So I wrapped the scarf around my head a couple times like the red baron, gnashed my purse between my teeth, sat down with one leg up (stretching with all my short person might) to pin the door closed. Cause you know those old ladies can't see and would snatch that door open on me in mid tinkle. I actually giggled out loud, looking down at myself and how completely insane I looked. I won't get into details about *ahem* wiping. Just picture the same scene, except with my forehead pressing against the door to prohibit peeping.
I will definitley go before I leave the house from now on.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

anything for peace and harmony

by teresa

Oh my goodness, is it cold.
I don't think we have had temps. this low, for this long, in years.
Hopefully we will get some snow out of it.
I actually bought gloves. And wear them. With a coat and scarf.
If you know know that's not the norm. Even in the dead of winters, my cold weather garb usually consists of some kind of sweatshirt/turtleneck/jacket combo. Never a coat and gloves.
I did get the most fabulous scarf in the obx this summer and I have been happy to add it to the mix.

I finished the boys room yesterday. Bunk beds back together, toy bins cleaned out, walls washed and bedding cleaned. It is such a huge room with the beds together. The boys were thrilled and spent most of the night up there, together, not yelling, breaking things or throwing shoes at each other. It was a miracle. A miracle that took me 7 hours, two broken finger nails, a bruised foot, a ripped bra strap (don't ask), 3 Tylenol and a tack in my foot to complete. It was well worth it.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

trading spaces

by teresa

In the process of moving spaces around.
From one closet, to garage and attic spaces...from one room into two rooms. I've been tackling one space each day.
At the end of it all...the boys will be separated and Lauren will be residing in the office/bedroom downstairs. We had an epiphany the other night. Why does the person who is here the least, have the largest room in the house? So Lauren has been downgraded. Well, not yet...but it's coming. Slowly, but surely. Today's project? Putting the boys bunkbeds back together. It will give Ben more room and Nick will get sissy's bed once he claims that space. What will sissy sleep on? Her and I looked online at some foldaway options and she is actually happy about decluttering and organizing her life.

Monday, January 04, 2010

do you think Ben would go for it?

by teresa
Just finished packing up all the Christmas decorations. At least the indoor stuff. Ben did the outdoor things himself last week. He prefers no one to touch his illumination supplies.
I think next year we should just do this:

This cracks me up. Some guy did this as a joke and had to take it down two days later because people kept driving up in his yard to save him. haha

Saturday, January 02, 2010

more of the same please

by teresa

A New Year has come...pretty quietly too.
For the first time since I can remember, I was asleep when the ball dropped.
Resolutions and promises?
Just live for and love on and be loved by.
God, family, friends and those who are placed in my life (if even for a moment).
Sounds simple to me.

"Youth is when your allowed to stay up on New Year's Eve. Middle age is when your forced to."