Sunday, August 15, 2010

one down...two to go

by teresa

Lauren moved into her own apartment yesterday.
She has been preparing for a while and had accumulated lost of furniture and necessities through Craigslist and thriftstores. The place is so cute and clean (I wonder how long that will last). The girl even bought a swiffer....makes a mommy proud.
Dad even got into the excitement with a trip to Sams for cases of chefboyardee and oodles of noodles (what a maniackids diet is built upon). He also spent a couple of hours walking around ODU (she lives at the edge of campus) with Ben and Kai after stocking the apartment and putting together some furniture. They soaked in the university excitement and came home giddy with Monarch madness. If Chris didn't need an onsite maid and cook I would worry about him getting a place over there. The man loves his Old Dominion University.
Wouldn't it be funny if Chris and his fellow ODU enthusiasts started hanging at Lauren's? Eating all her food and making a mess. hahahhaaahaha tit for tat!