Wednesday, March 28, 2007

hippity hoppity Easters on it's way

by teresa

I was at church today from 9:30am to 8:45pm ,mixing, making, decorating, labeling, boxing and packaging easter eggs.
I'm a little Eastered out people.
Only two more days left.

Chris was off he took care of the house, kids, homework, and a giant pile of laundry. What a big help that was. I am so blessed to have him! He also came up to church and had lunch with me and the ladies (my dad came too). They made chicken and dumplings..mmmmmm.

I missed not playing tennis with Chris today. We had played everyday since Sunday. I think we should get up early tomorrow morning and play before easter eggs. I looked online last night for a tennis outfit. No...not a skirt. Some shorts and an activewear tee(Lands end had some cute things).

I must go to bed now. I'm seriously beat!

Monday, March 26, 2007

“If it's not fun, you're not doing it right”

by teresa

First off....don't you guys love my pretty spring template? It makes me smile every time I click on it. Mary is so talented.

The weekend was wonderful. Beautiful weather and tons of fun for the kids.
Our first soccer game (Strikers vs. Dingos) was Saturday. We won 9 to 1. Kristian and Ben couldn't have given any better effort. They were very pleased with were we.
And Kai's team won also...with Kai scoring a goal. He was so tickled with himself. He lept in the air and shot back across the field arms raised like he'd just won the world cup.

As we were packing up to go to lunch the ref. for the next game got stung by a bee (and she said she was allergic). So she left in a hurry. So we stayed and Chris officiated the game. It was so fun to watch. Him trotting after these kids (5&6yr olds), whistle hanging out of his mouth, grinning the whole time. Katy leaned over to me at one point and said, "is he gonna smile like that the entire game?" What fun.

After we grabbed some quick lunch (Subway) we took Ben home to change and dropped him off at the first of two birthday parties.
Then we headed to the school and played tennis. Phew! That is an amazing workout. I think I did pretty good. Better than Chris thought I would do. I won four games...but he won six. We both had fun and plan on going back whenever we can.

We accompanied Ben to the last of the weekend birthday parties yesterday. It was a bowling party and we knew all of the kids from soccer and Ben's school. I was so mad at myself for leaving my camera at home. We went by the tennis court afterward to play...but it was too cold so we only played about 30 minutes and headed home.

Nick got home yesterday evening from the camping trip. He said it was fun...and his favorite part was doing the devotion. Also he thought it was funny that his grandad fell out of the canoe in the lake. Sorry George.

We barely saw Lauren all weekend. She was either working, shopping or attending a school function. Once she finally got home last night she did the nicest thing. Nick was wanting a new inner tube for his bike she volunteered to take him to buy one. She also took my entire grocery list and they headed to Walmart and shopped. How sweet.

Today I am heading to church for week two of Easter egg production.

Have a blessed day!

Friday, March 23, 2007

I really don't think I need buns of steel. I'd be happy with buns of cinnamon.

by teresa

I bought tennis rackets today.
I have been trying to exercise alot more.
I figured tennis would be fun for Chris and I to do together.

We just went outside for a late night round.
It was pretty funny since it is 11:30pm...and even with the flood lights on you can't see the ball till it's about to hit you in the face.

After about 15 minutes I got a little carried away and smacked the ball over the fence and into my parents backyard.

Chris said we could go up to the high school and play tomorrow after soccer when Ben is at his friends birthday party.
Tennis Return
I plan to unleash my inner Venus Williams.
He won't know what hit him!

*insert witty blog title here*

by teresa

My house needs some TLC today.
I have been neglecting it all week.
Going to church to make eggs and chit chat.
Leaving full hampers, dusty furniture and schmutzy carpets at home.

As soon as the last child is off to school I am going to take care of business around here.
It is going to be 80 degrees here at some point I MUST get outside.
Go for a nice, long walk. Sit in the backyard and read. Maybe even run to the nursery and pick up a couple of plants for my pots out back.

Ben has bible club from 2:15-3:45. A couple of my MIT friends started it at a local elementary school....and I am a helper. This will be our fourth week...and there are close to 30 kids attending. Isn't that exciting?

Sometime today I also need to hit Target for FIVE birthday presents.
Nick has a b-day party to go to tonight, Ben has two tomorrow (back to back at the same bowling alley), and one on Sunday(for twins).
Throw in a 2 day camping trip for Nick(I still need to pack him for), a soccer practice, 2 soccer games, and church and you have a very hectic weekend.

I'm off to get the middle child up and in the shower.

Before I leave I must post a collage of my sister Katy.
Because she told me..."don't you dare put those on the blog" they are.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

“Do not bite at the bait of pleasure, till you know there is no hook beneath it.”

by teresa
Today is going to be around 50 degrees...but the rest of the week (and weekend) is going to be in the 70's. Perfect weather. And just in time for our first soccer game on Saturday.
Easter egg production was fun again yesterday. The red-haired spit fire wasn't we didn't cut up quite as much. The woman mostly talked about my nanny...and how much they loved her...and miss her(she was called to heaven five years ago). She was most of these ladies close friend and hearing them reminisce about their good times with her was nice. A few cried as they spoke...and this really got to me. It was special to be a witness to their memories. I say witness because even though I was sitting right there with they spoke....they were somewhere else. Looking right past me. Eyes sparkling....slight smile....head tilted....30, 40, 50, even 60 yrs younger. Remembering times with friends and children who were naughty. And there was no spare to rod with these ladies. No time out chair 50 yrs ago. It was switches off the tree for them. Or daddy's belt...or momma's wooden cookin' spoon. Yikes! And there was no tv, nintendo and playstation. It was a ball (and usually made of something that didn't just rolled)..or a doll that had been your momma's and her momma's. A doll you kept pristine and perfect. That you saved and gave to your grandchild. Only to have her trash it after one week. Kids just don't appreciate things anymore...they would say.
One of my favorite stories of the day was about this woman and her sister. They were 5 & 6 yrs old. Brought up in church and taught to fear God (they rarely spoke of God's love and caring back then...just how you were going to go to hell if you sinned). Anyway, her and her sister stole a piece of bubblegum from the store across the street. One piece. They took it home, unwrapped it and the one sister put it in her mouth and chewed it a couple of times (their plan was to alternate chewing the gum) and then passed it to her sister because she was sick to her stomach. The other sister wouldn't touch it. She felt sick already. She said they stood there staring at the half chewed gum...and burst into tears. The guilt was too much for them. They cried all afternoon. At dark they rewrapped the gum...snuck outside...dug a whole and buried it. Then they went into bed and lay there holding each other crying for fear of the Lord coming and snatching them apart and sending them to hell. Their mother heard the crying and came in and asked what was wrong. Of course they confessed the entire thing. Their mother prayed with them and in the morning took them to the store and had them apologize and pay the man a penny (with was alot to them). She said that day felt so bad....that she never in her entire life stole anything again.
I'm taking today off (my sister begged me to come over) but I will return tomorrow for more fun.

Monday, March 19, 2007

“The oldest trees often bear the sweetest fruit”

by teresa

Today was the first day of a two week project the women of my church take on each year.
Easter eggs!
It's a really big production (and brings in mucho dinero).
I have enjoyed the eggs since I was a toddler (especially the peanut butter creme...have mercy).
I pound of chocolate and peanut butter...with your name on top.
It doesn't get any better than that.
But...this is the first time I have volunteered.
So I put on my hairnet and gloves and had a blast.
I was at a table with 4 other woman. Our job was to form the eggs and bon bons perfectly.
Not too little...not to big.
I was the only woman under 80.
You think I'm joking don't you?
It was a hoot I tell ya.
This one woman (who shall remain nameless) kept walking over to our table barking out orders like..."NO CRACKS LADIES!" "YOUR MAKING THEM TOO BIG(each one is I didn't see how that was possible)!" "YOU GOTTA SMACK 'EM ON THE TABLE TO GET 'UM FLAT!"
Every time she would walk away this one 80 plus yr old woman with bright red hair would roll her eyes...and mumble..."I know a place I could smack it to make it flat!"
It was so funny.
We talked about our husbands, children, laundry and church in the old days.
Well...they talked. I mostly just soaked it in.
What a blessing it was to sit and hear little snippets about raising children in the 1930's...and getting in the cart pulled by the neighbors mule to ride to the church revival. Touching stories about much loved husbands who have passed on and the hardships of raising 10 kids all by yourself. And giving God the glory...and seeing the positive in it all.
I can't wait to go back tomorrow.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Friday, March 16, 2007


by teresa

I have had no time to sit down and collect my thoughts enough to write a proper post celebrating my wonderful hubby's birthday. I left the house at 9:30 this morning....and just got home. And we will be walking out the door in a bit to head to church for the basketball banquet.
But I didn't want the day to go by without saying...that I am the luckiest girl in the world to have Chris as my spouse, parenting partner and best friend.
I love him just as much as the day (21 yrs ago) he sent his cousin across the fellowship hall at church to ask me if I "liked him". I told his cousin to tell him that...YES...I liked him and thought he was cute.
And the history.
And I've never regretted that decision.

Happy Birthday Sweetie!
Much love and best wishes for today...and forever.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's so beautiful outside!

by teresa

After I finished up some chores (laundry, dusting, vacuuming) I decided to pack up Shorty and take him to his favorite place in the world.

He met some new friends and got some much needed exercise. I took my camera and a book and plopped down in the grass and enjoyed the perfect (sunny, breezy,80 degrees) weather. I packed it up and came home when a cute little pug came into the park....and Shorty wouldn't stop trying to hump her. She was the only dog there that was shorter than him (I think he has a complex). I felt like that mommy at the playground who's kid keeps taking the other children's toys...or throwing sand or other such embarrassing acts where the other mommies (who's kids never do anything wrong) look at you like..."can't you control your brat?" "If you were a good mommy (or dog owner) your little one would not misbehave in public."
So I scooped up my horny hound and hit the highway.
Poor was just not meant to be.


by teresa

Hello to all my blogging family!
Please join me in wishing my mother a Happy(55) Birthday today.
She reads my blog everyday at work (hi mommy) and I want her to know how special she is to me and so many others.
Because...face it.
If it wasn't for would not have ME! :0) Just kidding.

Each year I’m extra happy on your birthday;
Your day reminds me of God’s gift to me--
A mom who gave her all to raise me right,
A mother like the one I strive to be.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I want some! In every color!

Our History
Do you wear crocs? What style? What color? I hear they are the comfiest(is that a word?) shoe ever. Do you recommend?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

March Madness

by teresa

The first round of NCAA games begin this Thursday.
Chris' team (ODU) plays Thursday night in NY.
He is beside himself with excitement over the fact that they were chosen to be included in the tournament (since they didn't win their conferences tournament).
The championship game isn't until April 2nd.
So from the 15th-2nd I will have to retreat to the bedroom if I want to watch anything that doesn't involve a bouncing orange ball.
I found this video that shows just how passionate some people about their teams.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Finally...a moment to catch my breath.

by teresa

I can't believe I haven't had any blogging time in days.
I will sit and catch up on all my favorites tonight.
The past week has been super busy.
Lots of church, school and sport commitments.
And pretty much every free minute I've had has been devoted to the basketball slide shows (two of music) for the awards banquet on Friday night. I have spent hours and hours on PowerPoint making them just right. I also took on the task of creating over 200 beautiful black and white photos (from the zillion I took of the season) of the players to sell to the parents this weekend. The profit will help ease the debt our church has from the start-up costs of this first season(goals,balls,equipment,curriculum,etc).
As of tonight...I am done with the slide shows. We went to church and ran them on the sanctuary computer/projection system. After about an hour of fiddling they were ready. And I relieved. Now I just have a little sorting to do with the snapshots. That won't be hard at all. I will sit and work on them this week while Chris is in Atlanta.
Lauren's senior cruise went great. She looked beautiful and had a blast with her friends.
Ben went to the coolest birthday party this weekend. It was at a place called kangaroo Jac's. The whole building is filled with those inflatable jumpy things. After an hour of jumping, bouncing,climbing and sliding...they go into the party room for pizza, presents and cake. What a neat idea.
Kristian and Kai are gone this week until Thursday night. Their dad took them to Massanutten to go snow tubing. I don't think Ben is going to make it without them. He has already had two major meltdowns *i'm so bored and I don't have anybody to play with* and it is only day ONE of their vacation!
Nick got a much needed haircut over the weekend. He was looking a bit shaggy. I always tell myself I am going to take him every couple of weeks to get a it doesn't get so out of control. But....alas. I forget..and he ends up at week 10 looking like forty year old elvis.
I went to Lets Dish on Friday afternoon and stocked up my freezer with yummy meals. So far I have cooked the crab cakes, Mexican pork roast wraps and sesame apricot chicken w/lo mein. It's been easy....and super yummy!
Chris and I watched the season finale of Six Feet Under last night. Oh my! It was pretty much the best ending of any show I have ever watched. Seriously. It showed you what every character ends up doing years later and then how and at what age they died. I cried so hard. Chris and Lauren looked at me like I was nuts. But it really got to me. I've always had a hard time watching people suffer....even on tv...also in books. I cry right along with them. I must have been dealt extra empathy genes or something. It doesn't take much to set me off. I think the movie I cried at the most (and there have been many) was The Passion of the Christ. I watched it with Lauren at home. Thank God. Because I wept so hard I threw up. That would have been a bit embarrassing in the theatre.
Well I'm off to sit and relax.
Here's a couple of Lauren's pictures from the senior cruise.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ben's such an ar-teest

by teresa

A few nights ago Ben came running in the house from the backyard.

Mom...he yelled! Come outside and see my CREATION!

Oh my...I thought. No telling what he had done.

Paint the back door with his left over pinewood derby car paint?
Nah...he did that last week.

Dig a deep hole in the yard and then cover it with leaves so mommy walks into it and snaps her ankle?
Nope....that was January.

Stack every last outdoor rubber made chair we own into a six foot tall white, cracked, bird poop covered, plastic tower to try and climb over the fence to nanny's yard?
No...that is such an old trick. He has been doing that for months now.

This is what he did!

Too funny!
Click on the picture to enlarge for your viewing enjoyment.

It's the skateboard ramp with Kaden's scooter toy on top (and a little white and orange digger truck on top of the scooter). Every basketball we have piled in the hoop. And hanging from his purple jump rope is his blue beach bucket with Nick's church shoes tied on either side. Inside the bucket is the skateboard and a big stick wrapped in electrical tape. And don't forget Kai and Kristian's bikes arranged perfectly in the background.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

happy humpday

by teresa

Soccer practice went great last night. Despite the fact that it was about 30 degrees (and windy) outside. None of the kids even complained about the cold. Now the parents on the other hand were fussing and moaning and begging for a shortened practice. No such luck with Coach Chris.
As he ran to the sideline to fetch something out of his bag one of the moms said..."it's cold.....are we gonna end practice early? Cause the older teams cancelled practice because of the weather." Chris just glanced over and said, "y'all are a bunch of wimps! the kids are having a blast." And then he ran over to join the team. hee hee
After practice the funniest thing happened. He always closes practice by asking the kids to run over and put their hands in the circle. Then after a little pep talk they shout ...STRIKERS!" Last night he bent down....put his hands forward (starting the circle) and yelled "over here strikers"....and one cute little boy got all excited and ran to Chris and tried to kiss him on the mouth. It was hilarious. I guess he thought Chris was bending down for a hug and kiss.

After soccer I ran to church to take some more upward pictures. So the boys and Chris had to fend for themselves for dinner. I called on the way home and Ben answered. He said..."MOM...Dad COOKED dinner for us!" "And it's GOOD and you don't even have to bring anything home!"
I was impressed. I should be gone during the dinner hour more often.

We have a guest staying with us this week. His name is Stanley. Flat Stanley. He has been accompanying the family wherever we go this. I will post at the end of the week to show you guys all the people he has met and places he has gone.

Lauren's prom dress is scheduled to arrive today. We are so excited. We ordered from a dress shop in Texas so it has taken awhile to get here. I will make sure to post pictures. Tomorrow is her senior banquet on the Spirit of Norfolk cruise ship. It's a black and white party. We found the perfect black dress and shoes at Dillard's last week. She picked up a necklace and headband that matches. Our neighbor is letting her borrow a dressy black purse. I can't wait to see the entire outfit put together tomorrow night.

Last night Chris and I finally watched the Six Feet Under Netflix dvd's that have been sitting here for two weeks. We haven't had a moment until yesterday to sit together and enjoy. We are now halfway through the final season. I will be sad to come to the end of the season. What a moving, funny, tragic, thrilling, thought provoking show.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


by teresa

Sorry no time to chat.
I have been working for two days on two slideshow presentations for the basketball banquet next week.
Taking and sorting through hundreds of photos.
Cropping, recoloring and organizing.
Choosing music and trying to make it all look and sound good.
I am going to each practice this week to get some last minute shots of the kids and coaches.
Who volunteered me for this?
Oh wonderful hubby!

I have also been trying to stay on top of all the housework.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

“A wise woman puts a grain of sugar into everything she says to a man, and takes a grain of salt with everything he says to her.”

by teresa

It's been a busy...yet pleasant Sunday.
Nick and I were on the schedule to help in puppet/snack class at church.
But....the teacher failed to show.
Not good!
So we (along with another mother) sang some praise songs, led prayer, made up a puppet show, read a bible story, threw together a snack, printed off some coloring sheets and broke out the good ol' play dough.
We had fourteen 3-6 yr olds.
Three of which were screaming bloody murder as their parents tried to leave them (one of them had NEVER ended up staying before).
They all stayed and had a great time
I was blessed by their prayer requests (boo boo's and colds) and praise reports (new toys and good friends). I also enjoyed watching them sing, dance and jump...hands in the air....praising God with no inhibitions at all. Why do most of us lose that as we get older? Always worried about what people will say or what we look like.

He called a little child and had him stand among them. And he said: "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." ''Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven."
"And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me."

Ben had a birthday party to go to this afternoon. So while he was gone Katy came over with Kristian to work on her science project. She was doing an experiment to find out how much salt it takes to make an egg float.
Just in case you are interested....if an egg is in a glass filled with one cup of takes 7 tablespoons of salt poured in to make the egg float to the top.
We had alot of fun...made a mess...and I took a bunch of pictures (which she is going to use in her presentation).

Now I am off to take Nick to church for choir practice and to Barnes & Noble with Ben to spend his gift card.
Oh friend Melanie from MomsInTouch came over and brought me some yummy cookies. Her daughter Jamie is a girl scout and I had ordered some tagalongs and all-abouts. Seven boxes! Hush!
It's for a good cause.
I took Ben and Kai to Barnes & Noble. As we entered the childrens section Ben literally squealed with joy. MOOOOM....there is a new Magic Tree House book...he screamed! He grabbed it up then turned around and saw another "just in" book display. It was none other than Junie B. Jones. He was actually aggravated at me for not knowing that Junie B. had a new book out. Both books came out last week. I must be slipping having not been on top on that.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Our Saturday in pictures

by teresa

Early morning soccer practice.

Afternoon basketball games.
Nick, Ben and Kristian scored a total of 20 points in todays games.

It was 64 degrees outside today. So the kids played in our backyard for a couple of hours.

Friday, March 02, 2007


by teresa

The read-a-thon winners were announced today.

Ben won first place in the school for most minutes read!

And to all you guys who thought we were going overboard....reading 1,845 minutes....reading until late at night....being obsessive.

The second place child...... read a little over 1,700 minutes!


I'm not the ONLY overzealous mother in the world!

He received a $25 gift card to Barnes&Noble, books, bookmark,McDonald's coupon,pens, highlighter,tattoos and a foam rocket launcher.
Good job Ben!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


By Chris

Second tour of duty in Atlanta this week is half over. I left my Blackberry in the car at the airport at home . . . and I am in serious withdrawl. I keep reaching for it. Longing for it. My thumbs are twitching. I have everything in there. Air iteneraries are in the calendar (I carry no paper on my hotels, flights, or anything). Appointment details are in the calendar. It's my main phone. My office phone calls it when I have a message there. Fortunately, it's all pretty much replicated on my laptop, but you can't really wip that out walking the airport halls can you? I've also discovered I know nobody's phone number. I just type the name I want to call and BB calls it. And, my emails pile up when I have it. Now, it is unmanageable. I'm struggling! It feels so weird not knowing if a new email has arrived and having to call in and check for voice messages, like the old days.

Got to fly through storms on the way in today. Yee Haaaa. Just like a bumpy roller coaster, but all was good with the Dramamine in full effect. There's tornados and thunderstorms all around here, it's warm and some trees are in bloom. Weird.

Let's Dish

by teresa

I went to the Lets Dish grand opening party and I had a blast.
Sampled fajita steak w/chile lime sauce, japanese glazed salmon and veggies, raspberry chipolte pork tenderloin w/barley pilaf and sesame apricot chicken w/lo mein noodles.
Everyone got to make one free meal...and I chose the pork tenderloin(it is made with two huge tenderloins).
It was so yummy! I taste tested with our pastor and his family...and his favorite was the pork also.
I can't wait to cook it for the family this weekend.
I will definitely be signing up to come in and make some more dinners this month. I will take Lauren with me next time. I think we would have a blast together. Maybe mom, Katy and Jackie would like to come too. The more the merrier.

I think that I shall never see, a poem as lovely as a tree.

by teresa

I am going out of my mind people!
The house next door (not mom's) is having their trees cut down.
Pine trees. Eight, tall, monstrous pine trees.
They started yesterday..and are finishing up today.
When they cut each section off...and it drops to the entire house booms.
It feels like God himself is dropping the logs from heaven when they hit the ground with such force.
As you can imagine...Shorty the Dog is not happy about all the commotion.
But this is a minor inconvenience...when I think about all those pine cones we have had to rake up and all that pine straw that has been dug out of our gutters each month.

My friend Jackie at church brought me a little gift last night. It was a bottle of grandmas secret spot remover. She had read on my blog about the pen bursting in the dryer all over the boys clothes and gave me the bottle to try out. How sweet of her to think of me. And before I even left church I already had a reason to use it. Ben tripped coming down the stairs from class and went face first into the floor. His nose started to bleed...EVERYWHERE! And wouldn't you know it...but he was wearing his BRAND NEW KARATE UNIFORM (we had come to church straight from karate). The replacement uniform of the one that was ruined in the pen incident! Blood got all over his pants. NOOOOO!
But never fear....I had grandma's secret spot remover right in my purse. I put a drop of it on each blood spot (there were 47....yes I counted). I ran it through the wash and the pants are good as new.
Thank you Jackie!!

You all need to click over to Mary's blog (I guest posted today) and read the stats on her new grandson.

Happy March! Can you believe it is March already?

by teresa

I want to start today's post out by saying Happy Birthday to my Dad.
He turns the BIG *five five* this year.
Here's some of my favorite pictures of him.

Tonight....while the boys are at karate(a fellow karate kid takes them on Thursdays)...I am heading to the opening of some friends new business. It's called Lets Dish. Ever heard of it? It's one of those places that you go and make a bunch of meals (they have all the ingredients)and then take them home, put them in the freezer and serve another day. Perfect for the mom of three who is in and out so much, driving her kids from this city to that city, from this sport to that sport, never able to cook, always having to eat what's quick and easy at home or whatever drive thru we pass first. So much so that her children know the McDonald's manager by name. Well...not really...but you get my drift. Another cool thing about Lets dish is that you can book it with your friends. Go in for two hours and talk and cook and have fun. And to top it all's actually in the new shopping center behind my most favoritest store in the world.....TARGET! So I will already be in the vicinity 5 to 10 times a week! :0)
After my little outing, I will go over to mom and dad's and enjoy some birthday cake. Chocolate with vanilla icing. mmmmm Chris is in I will eat his piece for him. You think I'm joking...don't you?
I spoke *text* with Mary at 7:00am this morning. Still no baby. But her text said...and I quote..."He's getting ready to come out!"
Praise the Lord!
They checked in at 8:00pm TUESDAY NIGHT!
Have mercy!