Saturday, April 29, 2006

Strikers vs. Fireballs

by teresa
The kids came out for the game this morning like they were still half asleep. Dragging their feet like they had lead in them! This is so aggravating! We had such a good practice on Thursday too. Our ringer had to miss the game today. He got his front teeth knocked out at daycare. Good grief! Another kid just didn't show up. It's sad how some parents don't take their kids activities seriously. I couldn't imagine just blowing off a game without letting the coach know. The score was 2 to 0. and if it wasn't for a great goalie in the third would have been about 7 to 0. We couldn't seen to get the ball down to their goal. We were constantly trying to keep it out of our goal. Three quarters of the game was played right infront of our goal!
We have 2 more practices this week...and then our last game is Saturday. We play a team who's coach is such a cheater (I'll blog about this at a later time). So we HAVE GOT TO WIN!!!!

"train hard, fight easy. train easy, fight hard"

by teresa
Last night I took Nick to his belt testing (karate). He was 3 months over due for the test. He kept postponing it because he was having trouble memorizing the verses. One of his sensei's got on him so much last much last week and forced him to study. He also told him if he didn't show up to test...he was coming to his house and dragging him there. This particular sensei is a sweet 20yr who grew up at the dojo. He took classes from the time he was Ben's age and now he is one of the instructors. Nick thinks the world of the young man. So any words of encouragment from him are taken very seriously. The belt test took 3 hours. I thought I would pass out from the strong feet smell coming from all of the participants...and the fact that my feet don't touch the ground when I sit on the bench (this cuts off my circulation). Anyway...he did great and earned his purple belt. He was so excited on the way home that he was just rambling and rambling on about every aspect of the evening. He had me take a picture when we got home with his new belt on. Ben will be testing out of little dragons in about 2 months. He is a red belt now, and will be getting his (little dragon) black belt next month. After that he will be in the regular classes as an orange belt. I know that sounds confusing, but upon graduating from little dragons you are promoted to the orange belt level for adults. He is so thrilled about this!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Smile, what's the use of crying? You'll find that life is still worthwhile....If you just smile

by teresa
Well folks...we had a great experience at the dentist this morning. Like I said yesterday...I was forced to find a new dentist (in a hurry). Luckily, the one practice I chose (which is next door to our pediatrician) had three cancellations for this morning. I say luckily...because I was informed at first that I couldn't get an appointment until SEPTEMBER!! it like this where you are? We were all a little nervous at first (me nervous not knowing how the boys would do), but once we walked in I felt like the kids worries were eased. Eventhough the first thing out of Nick's mouth when we opened the door! I hate that smell (the dentist office smell:) The place is big...and bright...and the staff are BEYOND friendly. Even a little silly (silly is good). Ben sat down and looked on the table beside him...lo and behold...a Junie B. Jones book (y'all know my Ben is way into Junie B.) It was one that he has read and loves (The Toothless Wonder). After that discovery...he was fine. Lauren and will always be fine with wherever she goes. The kid is so laid I didn't have to worry about how she would feel with a new dentist. She's just like...whatever? Nick walked in and some little kid (maybe 3yr old) latched onto him. which all you know is fine with Nick. He wanted Nick to play with him a him the fish tank and so forth. Nick was more than happy to oblige. Ben was called back first...then Lauren. It was just me and Nick left in the waiting room. He was pacing a hole in the carpet. Smiling...but pacing (can't you picture that worried look?) One of the receptionist noticed him and suggested that she would change the channel to something he would like. So she grabs the remote and puts it on discovery channel. It was some surgery show. After a minute she and I (at the same time) realized what surgery it was....a breast inlargement! I'm pretty sure Nick didn't realize...but the lady changed the channel to the disney channel in a hurry. Once he was called back I was able to get some reading done. They called me back after the cleanings so I could be in there when the dentist reads the xrays and evaluates. Each kid was in a separate room. Each room had a tv in it. One of the hygienists said the kids could put it on whatever they wanted to watch. Can you guess what Nick's tv was on.....that's right...The Food Network (Rachael Ray is his girlfriend:) Lauren had no cavities....Ben one little (in a baby tooth)...and Nick had one and also they have to pull a baby tooth that just isn't falling out (two permanent teeth are trying to come in on top of it). So...we will go back in May (22nd). I was very happy with the whole thing. but the real test will be when the boys get their cavities filled! Here's a couple of pictures of Ben after he got his teeth cleaned and was wating for the dentist.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Just say it...I'm a weirdo!

by teresa
I just have a few random questions for you guys. Things I've noticed about myself...and I'd like to know if maybe you guys do the same things. Or if I'm just a total nutcase. Here it goes.
I've noticed that when were out at a restaurant...and we are finished eating. I compulsively start cleaning up the table. Scraping leftover scraps from plate to plate. Stacking dishes...wiping up the table...collecting all the napkins and putting them on top of my plate pile. Why do I do this? They have people (who we tip) to do these things...but I can't help myself. I guess I feel that if I leave it the way my kids have it...they will issue a restraining order against my family from ever coming within 500 yrds of their establishment. Do you do this too?

Next...when I have a bad dream about someone...I wake up mad at them. Example: A couple of days ago I dreamed that I was hiding in the boys room (under the bed...who knows why) and Nick jumped on top of Ben and tried to smother him. He was hitting him in the head and holding a pillow over his face. I was trying to scream his name and reach for him...but something was holding me and keeping me silent. It was torture! It was so real! I awoke with a start...when I looked at the clock it was 2 minutes before my alarm goes off. I just sat there...sick to my stomach. And feeling awful feelings toward my Nicky. I knew he would never do such a was only a twisted dream...but I was still mad at him. I couldn't stop myself... Have you ever done this? Had a dream feel so real to you that you reacted as if it were real when you woke?

How do you sleep? I go to sleep on my back. With my hands tucked under my butt. Chris says it freaks him out because I look like I'm lying in a coffin. Most of the time I wake up on my side though (hands tucked under my body). I have this thing about my hands having to be under me. Also..I will not share a blanket. I have to be tucked in (all around...except for one foot sticking out (it has to breath:) . So snuggling under the same OUT! If we were under the same blanket...then I couldn't get my tuck on. This bothered Chris when we were first married...but like all the little things about me that aggravated him in our first year of marraige...he learned to GET OVER IT! IT JUST AIN'T WORTH IT! do you sleep? do you share a blanket with hubby?

I had a few more questions...but they slipped my mind. When I remember them I will ask.

open up and say ahhhhh

by teresa
I am so ticked off! I know I have mentioned earlier in the week that the kids all have dentist appts. Friday morning. Well the dentist office just called and said....we wold like to refer Nick and Ben out to another dentist. Lauren is welcome to keep her appt...but the boys should go somewhere else. ???????? Let me back you up to last year. The kids last appt. Both boys had a cavity. I scheduled an appt the day after their cleanings. They were very anxious (scared to death) about it. Ben had never had a it was the whole "unknown" thing. Nick on the other hand in PETRIFIED of going to the dentist! Actually at the time he was PETRIFIED to go anywhere (can you say severe anxiety disorder...thank you Zoloft!) So...when they went in they tried to be brave. They put them in separate rooms...and administered the novacaine (which we all know is the worst part!) Nick did take some proding to open his mouth(remember....petrified...and crying) but he eventually gave in. Well...his crying (not loud crying mind you...just tears and a whimper here and there) Ben then got his novacaine. He let them do it no problem....but then cried because he said it hurt. Well...the butthead dentist got all ticked because they were both crying. Not resisting...not uncooperative...just tears! She made them get up...come into waiting area with me....and told me to take them home. she would not fill the cavity with them so upset. Huh? What little kids don't get upset at a filling? They both were so upset...literally begging the woman to let them go back in (they wanted to get it over with). The worst part (the shots) were over...they were fine now! But she just walked behind her little door...and wouldn't talk to me. She sent a referral out with her receptionist. Telling me I should take the boys to this other guy who could fill the cavities in the hospital (knocking them out). It would cost me like $1000 dollars. Yeah right! They were there it now! Where it would be completely covered by our insurance. No dice! It mad me so upset I started crying too! I felt like a flipping idiot! All three of us standing ther crying (don't worry...we were the only ones there at the time). Now fast forward to today. Oh yeah...and I had almost forgot this part. The next week when my dad had an appt there...they told him everything that had happened with the kids (hello??? HIPAA...privacy?)You may wonder why I would make there yearly with her again. Well there are a few reasons. First... the kids are used to the place. when I gave them the option of where they wanted to go...they want her. I think it is the familiar (especially with Nick). He doesn't do well (at all) with the unknown...the unexpected).'s just easier for me. It is 2 minutes from home...they already have all the info...they have been our dentist forever (her father was in the practice before her). When I made the appts. 2 weeks ago. None of this came up. The kids have been siking themselves up for this. Especially Nick...he needs some time to mull things over first. Now the afternoon before the appts...they call with this. And for her to have the nerve to say....but Lauren can still come at 9:45...Ok? Are you out of your ever lovin mind woman? No Lauren will not be coming tomorrow at 9:45! Now I am here...looking in the yellow pages for a new dentist. I hate this! Does anyone (locally) have any recommendations for me?
Thanks for listening to my ranting.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Adventures of Flab Man and Slobbin

By Chris

Tonight's dinner was rather unusual as about 20 of us went to a reportedly popular Atlanta destination where you have dinner and an interactive mystery - comedy play. The production tonight was called: Adventures of Flab Man and Slobbin. It was bizaare. The main characters were fat versions of Batman and Robin intent on solving a murder in Gotham, Georgia. You eat between the acts. There are only two actors, but the crowd plays several roles too.

As we arrived, the lady at the door says, "are you Chris?" I was shown to a very specific seat, and given a yellow sheet of paper that says: "Welcome to Adventures of Flab Man and Slobbin. Your are Grit McDirt, owner of a dirt farm in Gotham City, GA. " Then, there were some stage directions that gave me a cue line from the actors, then stated: STAND AND SAY EXCITEDLY: "Yahooo!!!! Well, dust off my boots!!!! this seems too good to be true!" Serveral more lines followed, interacting with the actors. In my last set of lines, I actually had to say "You bet your burlap bra strap!!" I tried to do it up, sothern accent and all, figuring that shying away from the task would bring more ridicule. Many of the 20 in the group report to me, and they let out a pretty good laugh when I jumped up with that first Yahoo!, it was so absurd and funny in a strange way.

So, the play goes on. Lots of people have parts. Some had to sing. All the while the main characters are trying to solve the murders. Then, before the last act, I'm handed another yellow sheet of paper that says: DON'T SHOW THIS TO ANYONE!!

Then it says: "SURPRISE! You are the killer! We need your help one more time. . . " Followed by more stage directions and cues, where I have to interact in a very silly dialogue for the whole restaurant again with Flabman and Slobin (at one point actually having to say "Her seed plus my dirt farm equals lots of Tater Tots!", ending with these instructions for my last line:


"What have I done? What have I done?!!


So, I did it.

shhh.....can you use your inside voices please?

by teresa
I think Nick has gone past the point of return. The power of safety patrol captain has gone to head....and shot past the moon! I asked him how his "morning patrol" went today. This was his response (said in his Sgt. Joe Friday voice)...

Nick: Well...I had one person out in station 16.

Mom: Station 16 huh? Who is that?

Nick: I don't know names. I only know them by their stations (I guess he wants to keep it all business)

Mom: Were people doing what they are supposed to?

Nick: No...I had to write up two girls for talking in the cafeteria this morning.

Mom: Aren't you allowed to talk in the cafeteria?

Nick: No! It is a level ZERO VOICE ZONE! When you are done with your are to put your things in the trash...and go straight to homeroom. No chatting!

Heaven help this kid! He isn't going to have a friend left after his stint is over!

Get off my grass you young whipper snappers!

by teresa
Today has been super busy. I helped out at the book fair fron 8:50-2:00pm today. Once we got home...did Lauren from her off to work...ate...went to karate from 4:45-6:30pm..then headed to church till 8:30. I am beat, but excited because Idol will be on soon. Bye bye Kellie! Tomorrow will be even busier. I have Moms in Touch from desk at Ben's school from 10:00-12:00...then bookfair until 2:00pm. We have soccer practice at 5:30-6:30pm (by myself...Chris is still in atlanta)...then a babyshower at church from 6:30-8:30pm. Phew! I miss chatting with all you guys....but I'll be back to my leisurely schedule next week:) On the way to karate Nick and I had an interesting conversation. Here's how it went:

Nick: Mom? am I a pre-teen?

Mom: Well...I wouldn't say pre-teen. That's like a 12 yr old.

Nick: Isn't everyone before a teenager a pre-teen?

Mom: Well, technically yes. But there are different names for the ages.
Like baby...toddlar...adolescent...pre-teen...teenager.

Nick: Oh. Well what do they call your age group? Middle aged?

Mom: NO! I am a 30 something.

Nick: What is middle aged?

Mom: I don't know....maybe like 50.

Nick: Oh...I thought that was called old age.

Then Ben chimes in and says.....I can picture dad as a old age man. He'll be old and bald...with a cane. Yelling at all the kids in the neighborhood...saying GET OFF MY GRASS!

Nick: Yeah know how dad is about the lawn.

Biggest loser update

by teresa
I forgot to update y'all on our Biggest Loser style

Here are the order of biggest loser.

Lauren: 9lbs

Katy: 5lbs

Me: 3lbs

Mom: 0lbs

Nick: gained 1lb :)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Idol Chatter

by teresa
Here's the way I see it (after tonights performances)


Elliot...alright...I guess. Definitly bottom three though!


Paris...yeah...I guess so

Taylor....DUDE? your kidding me right? That was so not good!

Chris....WINNER! WINNER! WINNER! Once he sang....*sigh*....that was all she wrote!

I floss with a scarf....

by teresa
Fitness night at Ben's school was a hit! I am beat...and Ben went out like a light! It went what was supposed to be 6-8...was till 8:30. That's past my kids bed times (and I'm sure some of the other kids). So they were dragging near the end. We got there early to set up the skin analizer. Which was a big hit! You stick your head inside and look in the mirror (there are all these weird lights on the inside) and any dark patches that you see on your face shows where you have sun damage. Only a few people had considerable dark spots. Anyway...since we got there early, we got to partake in the dinner for the faculty and outside demonstrators...which was in the TEACHERS LOUNGE! I thought Ben would die when we walked through the doors. He just sat there wide eyed and grinning...eating amongst all his favorite teachers. It was cute. After the PTA meeting (where I was elected PTA secretary for the 06-07 school year...thank you very much) they rotated to each activity. First up was yoga. I was setting up the I must getting in the class(I was so dissapointed...NOT). But Ben and Kristian had a great time. Here are some photos...

Then we headed over to the parachute game. Did y'all have this when you were kids? I did...and I loved it. Everyone around it...yanking it up and down...shooting balls high in the air. Pulling it high over your heads and bringing it down fast to make a bubble inside...too cool. Although it's not too much fun when you are yanking it up and down with one hand...trying to take a picture with the other...and you drop your camera on top of the parachute. Sending it rocketing toward the ceiling (over and over and over). Nobody hearing your screams to...STOP..STOP...STOP...because the 30 kids playing the game are louder than a freight train! I did finally get it back (no harm done...phew). Here's some pictures of the fun...

Then they bowled (with soccer ball and soda bottles). But not until they had sent us down to a room on the first floor only to find this sign.

Were they trying to kill me or something?
Then they met with a dentist. who showed them how much sugar was in the food they to brush...and floss. That demonstration was neat. They put three kids together (teeth) and flossed them with a show how to do it's a picture....

Then there was sun/skin safety with a rep. from Coppertone. And then the skin analizer. Then they played vollyball standing up and on their butts (that was interesting).

The most fun was the line dancing and hula class. Ben's teacher, Mrs. Keagy did the line dancing....and another first grade teacher taught us a hula dance. all I got to say about that! The teachers are cute 20 somethings...and all us parents were...well....not! So we were having kind of a hard time keeping up!
As we pulled of from school Kristian asked....can I come back again next year? I think they had a good time. Lauren and Nick didn't want to join in with us, so they went out to dinner together. I know...I know... I'm crazy leaving Nick and Lauren ALONE TOGETHER for 4 hours. That's like leaving Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinski together for the evening. But, when I got home...all was well. Thank you God!

Rooom Service and Road Check In

I hardly ever get room service when traveling (in fact, I'm usually in hotels that don't have it). And, usually there is something scheduled for every minute of my travel, all the way through dinner and beyond. Tonight, I find myself with no commitments after 5:30! So, I dial up room service.


RS: Hello, Room service

Me: Yes, I would like . . . .

RS: Oh. Hold on. . . . . . . . Yes.

Uhhh. How does it surprise the person who picks up the phone and says room service that the person on the other end wants to order something? Hahaha.

It's a good day though. With any luck, I'll be snoozin' by 9. I scored again, getting upgraded again on the plane this morning. I'm going to get used to it though, and be very disappointed when it doesn't happen now . . . and there is no way I'm paying to be up there. This morning's row 4 experience offered something new, too. Being the first flight of the day, at the crack of dawn, the pilots were running through all kinds of system checks with the cockpit door open. Man, there are a lot of instruments up there! And, as I discovered this a.m., there are all kinds of friendly audio reminders, repeated in very calm voices built in for the pilots, which I got to hear them run through. "Terrain. Pull-up. Pull-up." "Engine on fire." Again . . . all uttered very calmly. Very reassuring, I guess.

Fitness Night

by teresa
What a busy day I am having. I have been at Ben's chool since 8:30 this morning. Working the front desk and also the bookfair. Remember...I wrote about the bookfair last week. I got all excited...and then when I got there I was informed I had my weeks wrong. So it's this week. I will be there everyday...all day helping out. Tonight his school is also having a Family fun and Fitness night. It sounds lame....but it is way cool. They go all out on this. You go around with your kids to different stations throughout the three story building. They have yoga instructors(teaching a class), line dancing instructors(this cracked me up last year), aerobics instructors(I was in major pain after this last year), doctors, dentists and tons of cool games (and prizes) for the kids. I am picking up a skin analizer from Chris' work later....they will have a doctor there discussing skin health and letting people try the skin tester. I will make sure to take lots of I'll post some tonight. I'm sure I'll have some doosies. Everyone (including faculty and parents) have to wear workout clothes, so they can participate. So you know I will catch some out of shape mom (like myself) doing the downward facing dog...and not able to get up! hee hee

Monday, April 24, 2006

countdown to vacation...54 days

by teresa
I am soo looking forward to our beach vacation. Were going on a few over the summer...but the best will be in June...right after school lets out. Because we have invited everyone (my family/his family) to join us. We have rented a house in the Outer Banks (Whalehead Beach...Corolla, NC). It is kinda funny that we live 10 minutes from Virginia Beach....yet we will travel 2 hours (and pay big time) to go to the beach. It's just more fun away from home I guess. It will also be nice to be right ON the ocean front. No packing up the kids and all their gear....hoofing it to the shore...unpacking...getting settled...only to have one of the kids have to go to the bathroom. With the house ON the beach, we can just pop in...and pop out...when ever we need to. We will take Kristian and Kai Ben will be THRILLED and OCCUPIED!! And then I can get in some reading and relaxing!! We took Kristian(not Kai...he was very clingy to Katy at the time) with us to Lake Gaston last summer...and Kai has never let us live that down. So I will enjoy seeing him have a good time too. Katy will probably also come up to visit (with Kaden) when her time of of work allows it. So we will definitley have a full house! It will be JUST LIKE HOME! :) Here is where we will be staying....I can hear the ocean already...awwwwwww


by teresa
Well, we have made it through kid hell....and I hope we don't return there anytime soon. Now they are the teachers problems :) Actually, the morning was pretty uneventful...which is nice. Nick got up SUPER early. It seems that the safety patrol captain of the fourth grade got there earlier than him last week...and took it upon herself to pass out the sashes...MUTINY! Nick was not about to let that happen again. He even brought home a map of the school with each of the classrooms marked....and a list of all of his "underlings" and what homeroom they have. He coralated this data and created list of Patrolees/order of classrooms. To make his route more time efficient. This sooo cracks me up! When we pulled up infront of the school this morning(45 minutes before school begins) ...the other captain was getting out of her car too. I thought Nick would twist and ankle the was he was sprinting to enter the building before her. hee hee hee
Ben was ok to get up. Not great...just ok. At least he didn't fight and whine about "how soooo tired he is" while getting him dressed. He just pulled the "wet noodle" thing. Flopping around like a rag no help at all. and he was ginving me the silent treatment. He washed, brushed, got his shoes, jacket and bookbag on....and then laid down on the couch till it was time for the bus. I did ask him if he wanted me to fix him breakfast....he grunted at me. Which I took thank you mommy dearest...I'll eat at school today! When I told him the bus was coming he zipped out to the driveway (without even saying goodbye). the bus pulled away from the house..he turned and smiled at me and gve me the sign for I LOVE YOU (we do this to each other every morning). *sigh* My sweet little Benny has returned to me!
Lauren came down in her normal 17yr old ways. Stomping around leaving a path of destruction in her wake (have I ever mentioned that she is a total SLOB?). Grumping at you for breathing in the same room as her. Communicating in deep, mubling, gutteral growls. Then looking at you like your crazy for asking her a question a second(and third) time because....I JUST ANSWERED YOU MOM!
They are all at school...and I am off to run some errand....ALONE!! ahhhhhhhhh

To prove that the weekend wasn't a total are some pictures I took. The first is of Kristian and Ben singing in church Sunday morning. Kristian even had a solo (she is such a diva). Ben (over the shoulder of the boy in the sweater vest) look soooo thrilled to be singing praises to our Lord and Savior!

The next pictures are of Kai's (#22) soccer game. They didn't win...but we were so proud of him. He ALMOST scored his first goal (I have never sreamed so loud in my life)...and he played excellent!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Nap Sneeker

By Chris

Teresa has always been known to sneek naps. "I'm gonna take these upsatairs" and disappear for two hours. She got us good today. I wanted to head to Dick's after church to check out basketball goals. "You drop me off, then you and the boys can head over. I have laundry I have to do." After some protest (this would make it a much less direct drip and involve me and the boys shopping together . . . leaving me outnumbered), I dropped her off, and we headed out.

Dick's is a huge sporting goods superstore (two floors, elevators, parking garage big). As soon as we get in, Ben is all over the store like Ricochet Rabbit . . . and we entered in the clothes section, for heaven's sake. He was absolutely uncontrollable, intoxicated by the wall-to-wall play stuff by the time we got to the basketball hoops, where there are these bins of unwrapped footballs and basketballs. Before I knew it, he was taking shots at all the display hoops and dribbling around through the rows of equpment, knocking off stuff here and there. I go to slow him down, when he informs me: "I want this one. It has a sweet spot." Then he shows me how he can make just about every shot he puts up. Well, this excites me more than slowing him down, because having a basketball star son would be way cool for me, so I let him shoot some more (no need to curb the boy's sudden enthusiasm for hoops and the sweet spot!). None of the store people came after all his initial noise making, so it must be okay, right? Then I catch something in the corner of my line of sight, a person in the middle of he display, where a person shouldn't be. It's Nick. And he has no interest in shooting on the rims, but getting behind them to see how easy the various height adjustment tools on them work. To do this, he is climbing awkwardly on all their bases, and they're all rattling into each other. "Get out of there!!" I say, scared he would bring the whole display down on us all. The whole Green male blood line taken out by basketball goals!! Of course, this just makes Ben want to get in there and climb the poles too. Nick out . . . Ben sneaks in. Uggh. "EVERYONE OUT OF THERE!!!!" I yell. All this, and I still have not gotten a chance to compare the hoops. So, with them scared of me now (I have to convince them somtimes that I might just be crazy enough to sacrifice one of them for the sake of order to get them in line).

So, I start reading and checking the various features out. Do I want 48 inch, 52 inch, installed, do-it-yourself? Lots of variables to plug into the Blackberry for price comparing when I get home, and I can't concentrate. Sure hope that laundry's going well of Teresa@@!! As I find a comparison binder -- just what I needed -- I notice a rubber playground ball soaring for the ceiling, landing behing a huge row of basketballs on display about 20 feet high. Ben's on the ground looking really thrilled with himself. "Why did you do that?" I ask. Nick wants to look at those balls on the top, and I was trying to knock one down. "Stop it!!" Then, I see Nick at the far end of the 20-foot tall display of balls, ascending a ladder. That's right, he took it on himself to get one of the store ladders to get a closer look at the expensive basketballs at the top! "Get down!!!" I say, looking around to make sure nobody is noticing the knuckleheads doing their thing. "That's only for employees." Of course, Nick doesn't get it. He thinks he can do anything an adult can, and better.

So, I lead us away from the basketball section, thinking there wouldn't be so much to mess with in the other sections. Wrong! Soon, Ben's zinging professional frisbees and taking soccer kicks at roles of ace bandages on display, sending one flying down an aisle. "That's it. We're leaving!!" I say. "See what you did," Nick tells Ben, who replies "What did I do?" Uggghhhhhh. When we get in the car, I'm so flustered, I go the wrong way in the parking garage. After turning around, Nick turns down the radio, looks at me and proclaims, "You're giving me a headache." "Yeah Dad," Ben agrees. I'm giving them a headache?????

So, we made our way home and guess what Teresa's doing. That's right . . . taking a nap, probably giggling in her sleep at having pulled off this exiling of the boys to a shopping trip with me. Nick did just go with our neighbor the bus driver to help her fill-up and clean her bus, which is nice. But, cousin Kai has arrived to take his place (he's crawling under my legs behind the desk now to hide from Ben in some game they've got going. He gives me these instructions: "Tell him to look high and in the bathroom." I guess to throw him off the scent of Kai's very low non-bathroom hiding place.

Sweet dreams, honey!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Booo Hoooo

By Chris

In an unusual occurence, I read a book before Teresa (and we're interested in the same book). "Marley and Me" is the title, and it's great. I knew it would upset her at one point, though. Well, it just happened. I was sitting on the couch and she across the room reading. I watched the pages as she approached the "upsetting part." I kew she got to there when I heard her trying to hold in a weep. Then, full blown crying. She had to run to the bathroom! Now, nose blowing. And . . . I laughed . . . "I knew you would do that," I said. Anyway, you gotta get the book. It's a great story. I'm sure the book mistress, Teresa, would agree.

No Soccer

By Chris

It was weird today without a soccer game to coach. Our team is off this weekend (an odd number of teams means every team gets a Saturday off). And, there is only a few weeks left of the season. Time is zipping by. Didn't we just start practice, all bundled up, feeling like winter??

Anyway, I found myself lying in bed, feeling like we should be getting ready for something. It's boring without something to do like soccer games. I hate being bored, with nothing to do. Makes me grumpy. And Teresa knows it. So, she jumped on the opportunity to send me off for a few hours when I said I had some work I needed to do. "Why don't you go on in now to your office." So I did, thinking "Did she just sheww me off?" She's gotten real good at reading me. When she's sensing I'm restless, she's always real quick to get me off doing something. I think she sees it coming on quicker than I even realize it. How does she do that? It's like she knows me better than I know myself. hmmm.

What a Disney moment......NOT!

by teresa

Lady and the Tramp

Bella Notte
Oh this is the night, it's a beautiful night
And we call it bella notte
Look at the skies, they have stars in their eyes
On this lovely bella notte.
Side by side with your loved one,You'll find enchantment here.
The night will weave its magic spell,When the one you love is near!
Oh this is the night, and the heavens are right!
On this lovely bella notte
awwwww....such a sweet picture..right??? Two brother enjoying each others company....existing together in peace and harmony! *cue car crashing noises* EEEERRRRRRRRR SSSSCCCRREEEEEECCCHHH KABOOM! picture the scene flipped on spinning...smoking....fuel leaking...KABLOOWIE! EXPLOSION! Oh much for my disney moment!
Mom brought over some spagetti for the boys she had made for dinner. She said Nick was over earlier when she was making it (staring and know we ain't got No pasta in this house right now). So she thought it would be nice to bring the boys some. It was nice...thanks mom! It was nice...for a split second! Right after this loving picture was taken...Ben screamed because Nick ate the last meatball (I had told Nick to let Ben have the last request hit deaf ears...what can I say...Nick's middle name is meatball:)...he yanked his fork away (sending noodles flying)...and Nick got mad and spit out his mouthful of pasta into the bowl (gross), making it inedible for either of them (I think it was on purpose so Ben wouldn't get anymore).
When will this day END??

The Green Family written by Ben Green age 7

by teresa me! Ben is getting on my very.....last...nerve! Actually he is getting on everyones nerves! He woke up inthe WORST MOOD IMAGINABLE this morning. His sassy, smart-mouthed comments had him on punishment to his room before he was even finished with breakfast. And it just got worse from there. Yelling things from his room...acting like he was choking to get us up there...and much, much more. He had to stay home with Lauren while we went to Kai's soccer game. This infuriated him. He called my cell phone (snuck the cordless in his room without sissy knowing it) and called me about 15 times. Demanding that I come back and pick him up! After the first three...I just put it on mute. It is now this kids attitude is still going strong. Screaming...crying (over nothing)...picking fights with Nick...refusing to eat the dinner I cooked (ham and of his favorites). Completely unreasonable! Frankly, he just needs to go to bed....NOW! When we got back from the soccer game, he came to the top of the stairs and announced.....I HAVE WRITTEN A LIST OF RULES FOR THIS HOUSE.....AND I EXPECT THEM TO BE FOLLOWED! EXCUUUUUSE ME????? When he handed them to me he said....and you can put them on the everybody will know them! So here it goes...with Ben's own spelling....The Green family rules:

1. Wen pepole are in trble they can be duwnstars!

2. No taking pepoles money! (side note...Ben went into the upstairs bathroom and emptied out my new foaming hand soap dispenser and filled it with water the other day. I scolded him and yesterday went out and bought a new one....he did it again last night! So I took $3 of his to pay for it. He is sooooo upset by this!)

3. No leaving somone behinde! (Because of leaving him home during the soccer game)

4. No fihgting! (I told him...this is one I want him to obey!!)

5. You can go next door with out asking. (To my mom's.....we always make them ask permission before going over. They always say....that's not fair...Kristian and Kai (Katy's kids) are over there...why can't we go too? I have to remind them that nanny's house is not THEIR house! You can't just go over without asking)

Then on the bottom of the paper it says in big letters...

I need to go take a nuprin!.....or a valium...whatever I find first!

Ben's Treat

By Chris

We've established that Ben is tight with his money. He's approaching 80 bucks to his name. So, he faced a dilemna the other day. With the ice cream man's sweet music playing in the distance, Ben ran in and asked me, "do you have any money for me, Kristian and Kai to get ice cream." When I said no, he pouted. "But, you're welcome to get your pig (where he keeps his money) out and get ice cream for you all. " That struck him to his penny-pinching bones. He thought REALLY hard. Then said, "How much would that cost?" "Just a few of your dollars . . . maybe three," I replied. More thinking . . . Time was running out though. The ice cream man would soon pass by. "O.k.," he said, half unsure, and ran to get his money (I know that half unsure feeling. Teresa says I'm a big grump at purchase time for just about anything, debating endlessly about the need for the proposed item and teetering on the decision to buy for months at a time. It took a good 8 months for me to buy my last car. Pants and shirts can take me several visits to pull the trigger. Buying a house nearly sent me over the edge!). So, retrieved three bucks only from the pig's full belly. Good plan, I told him. Keep everyone under three dollars combined, because you could spend a lot more. A little later, he returned with a $5 bill to put back in his pig (he's real careful to quickly store his money in his pig . . . unlike our other kids who always loose track of their cash). "How did you get that. I thought you were buying ice cream?" "Katy (aunt) gave me money for getting Kai and Kristian (cousins) some."

I just laughed. That's a pretty good deal. Go out with three dollars to treat your cousins to a treat. Get the treat and $5. A kid could get rich like that. And, that's just like Katy too. Come on, girl. At least get your change! I hope she doesn't shop like that.

Friday, April 21, 2006

anybody need a babysitter?

by teresa
Tonight Lauren had a babysitting gig for our next door neighbor. The little girl is three years old and a total cutie pie. The dad wasn't home from work long before he had to leave for his outing (his sisters birthday), so he left money with Lauren and instructed her to order something for her and his daughter. Lauren was panicked! What do I do mommy? I've never ordered out before. I told her to go over there...find out what the kid wants to eat...look up the number...and order. Off she went. Then about a half hour later she calls...she can't find their phonebook and needs me to look up the number here at home. She calls back like three times before she finally orders with questions like...what do I say when they answer? What should I order her? What can I get that's on our diet? What's the address here?
Then a couple of hours later she calls freaking out. Mom! The toilet is over flowing...what do I do? I tell her to run in there and cut off the water. How do I do that...she asks. There is a knob behind the toilet...I tell her. So she throws down the phone...and I here her run off. She comes back a momonet later...Now what do I is completely flooded? Well..I say...clean it up! With what..she asks? Towels...lots of towels! Soak it up...and put them in the wash for him. She says ok...and hangs up. About ten minutes later she calls back. Momma...(whining)...can you come over and help me? Are you kidding me? It's 10:00pm and I'm in my PJ's! Just clean it UP! She hangs up. She comes home about 40 minutes later...looking like something something the cat dragged in. She tells me of the nights highlights. How rambunctious...loud and demanding the little girl was (gee...a 3 year old acting demanding...what a shock) she wouldn't eat...wouldn't go to bed...and let one of the birds (Sparky) out of his cage when she "only turned her head for a second"! How the bird flew around the house pooping on all the pictures and biting at Lauren's hands whenshe tried to lure him back in his cage. While the little girl just ran around squealing with delight over Lauren's follies! I think Lauren got a little taste of....well...Lauren.... tonight. I felt like saying...welcome to my world, baby! On the upside. The neighbor gave her extra for having to deal with the toilet issues.

Dandelion Thoughts...

by teresa
I was just out front and noticed all the dandelions coming up ( need to cut that grass boy).

As much as they annoy me (a day after mowing...there they are...tall as ever?)...they also make me smile. Ben always brings handfulls in to me as a gift. Here mommy...he says...I picked some pretty flowers for you! And I smile...give him a kiss and display them in a dixie cup on the window ledge. And of course I am expected to leave them there until they look like brown, limp noodles. Lauren and Nick used to do this all the time too. Except Lauren would pick the neighbors flowers too (sorry). Thinking about this makes me a little sad. How big they are getting (too fast). Two of them are taller than me already. Them growing out of their "little kid" ways. Older...bigger...when they get to where it's harder for them to tell you..I Love You Mommy (I guess it's just not cool anymore)! Or jump in your arms (without warning, nearly taking you down to the ground:)...or cuddle in the bed and read a book to you (the same book..over and over and over). I'm reminded of one of my favorite kid books in my library. You probably know's called...Let Me Hold You Longer by Karen Kingsbury. Click here and you can read it online (it isn't long...but you will need tissues:) Wasn't that great! And exactly how I feel!
Here's a few more sweet kids books that I recommend...Miss Tizzy by Libba Moore Gray.... Miss Fannie's Hat by Jan Karon..... Hachiko by Pamela S. Turner..... I Promise I'll Find You by Heather Ward and of course Love You Forever by Robert Munsch



by teresa
I thought I would show y'all a sign that hangs over a doorway in my house. I love it! I purchased it when Lauren was about 3. That kids was a straight up NUT! Wild, outrageous, untamed! A friend nicknamed her "the maniackid" (hence my email...I also had it on my license plate for awhile). She would get so excited about something she would just squeal...shake...grit her teeth...and squeeze whatever it was until it broke (toys, flowers, knickknacks). My nanny said she was the same way as a girl. Her family got a baby chick...and she loved it so much she held it...and squeezed it...and broke it's neck! She just couldn't stop herself. That was Lauren 24/7! So I saw this sign in a store in the Outer Banks and knew I had to have it. And then once we added the boys into the was even more appropriate!

Although the following signs could also apply...Don't feed the animals...Enter at your own risk...Hard hats must be worn at all times...CAUTION ear protection required...Warning, area patrolled by angry dog with no legs.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Atlanta: Round 2

By Chris

Well . . . back in Atlanta again . . . and coming to realize that the aging process has gotten decidedly quicker. Just last year, two of these hectic trips in a week was no big deal. But, today's 4 a.m. start, repeating Monday's similar trip, has me reeling a little tonight after starting with a 9 a.m. appointment straight off the plane-to-train-to-bus travel and going non-stop through to a dinner engagement. I was seriously checking out a little bit at dinner. I had one of those periods where someone was talking to me and I honestly had no clue what she was saying when she stopped. Oh, skuuuu. Did she just ask me a question? Was I asleep for a second? I nodded agreeingly with a smile and buckled down, determined to concentrate and fight back even the yawns until I could escape to the hotel and get some sleep. Of course, now at the hotel and only 4.5 hours removed from being awake 24 hours . . . I'm not tired!

I do feel obliged to report, after constantly bashing it lately, that MARTA was a pleasant train experience today. Sat in a cleaner, newer car and all was running smoothly. I even pegged the connection with the little shuttle bus I use just right.

Mr. Popular (with the over 50 crowd)

by teresa
The phone just was Nick's school. It was Mrs. Gorman from the office. She said...nothings wrong...I just wanted to let you know that Nick missed the bus today because he was putting away the safety patrol gear. He wanted to know if he could walk home (it is 5 blocks down...I can stand on the corner and see the front of the school). The she said or Mrs. Moore (the other secretary) has offered to take him home..... to her house. She giggled! We LOOOVE NICKY..she said! He is such a darling...I wish all our students were as respectful! He said he would come to our house and cut our grass and clean our yards...giggle..giggle! He also said he would walk our dogs....and that he can cook too! Can't you share him with us pleeeease!
They are so funny! I know that made Nick feel good to hear them talk about him like that!
I am soooo gonna miss these ladies when he moves up to the middle school next year!!


by teresa
The bird in my flower basket has laid eggs. She sits there all the time now...without flying away (even when my monsters are trouncing in and out of the front door). Chris told me he saw the daddy bird fly up yesterday and relieve the momma for a while (sweet). I had to water my flowers today...and she flew away (don't worry...she came back a minute later). So I snapped this photo for your viewing pleasure. I'll try to get pic's once they hatch.


by teresa
Well, the dog park was pretty...well...interesting. When I pulled up there were two other dogs (and owners) in there. But once we started walking up...they left. Well EXCUUUSE ME! Shorty did get a little butt sniffing as they walked by us. So it wasn't a total wash. The outing pretty much consisted of me reading the paper and Shorty lifting his leg AT LEAST 30 times! He only peed about 5 times...the rest was just for show! I sat on one of the benches reading...and this huge...40 something...sweaty guy walked up to the outside gate of the dog park. He had these big 1970's earphones on...he was moving to the beat alittle...trying to get my attention (I think). I IGNORED!! After a minute or so he took off his shirt (gross...sweaty back hair...and did I mention he was HUGE?) Then he LAYED on the bench outside of the dog park. Great! He had on these shorty short shorts (ewwww...I'll pause for a minute while you get that visual). Let's just call him Shrek! I tried to ignore Shrek...I kept reading and taking pictures of Shorty and trying to get Shorty to chase a tennis ball (he was totally blowing me off). Then I would glance over and see if Shrek was still there....he was! Just staring at me! Nice! I started to get preoccupied by this....thinking things tucked away this little park there was NO ONE ELSE in the entire Shorty only protects me if I am in my own yard...can I outrun Shrek....yeah, I can defintely outrun Shrek! I look over...he is still staring at me! Smiling! What would I do if he came up to me? Throw my bag of dog poop in his face and high tail it to the car. Yeah...I had a plan I wasn't nervous anymore. It was like..."Do you feel lucky punk? Well, do you?'”
Just kidding...actually I just sat there waiting him out. After about and hour and a half (he wasn't budging)...I decided to leave. I had to leave...Ben's bus would be home soon! So I packed up Shortman..and walked straight for him. Try not to make eye contact..try not to make eye contact..try not to make eye contact...I made eye contact for just a second as we passed him..he lifted his head...and WINKED at me! NOOOOOOOOOOO! I acted like I hadn't seen him and kept on walking. As soon as I got to the parking lot, I turned around and he was up and making his way to his car. I think I'll be going to a different dog park next time...and bring my pepperspray! Here's a couple of pictures I took while there. One of Shorty...and another of the lovely view (HUGE POWER LINES...that's another reason not to return!)

my's boring...don't even bother reading about it

by teresa
This morning was pretty hectic around here. Chris was up and out (headed for Hotlanta) around 4:00am. Nick had to be at school early to hand out the safety patrol shashes...Ben had school pictures today. So I had to get him all dolled up! Then I had to take (her car is our car until progress reports come out...don't ask) Lauren early to get help in Chemistry. Then I had to be at my MIT meeting by 8:30am. I was booking it...let me tell ya! The meeting went very good...we even had a new lady join us. Our first praise...was that we (and our children) all survived spring break :) After my meeting I went to vacuum out Lauren's car. She is such a slob!! That car was a mess (I should have taken a picture before I cleaned it). I played hookey from Ben's school today. I know..I know.. But I just wasn't in the cut and past kinda mood. I think I will take Shorty to the dog park (woodstock park) and read a book. He got in trouble earlier. I had to pop him on the butt and put him in the garage this morning for getting out and barking at our neighbor and his daughter(scared them). Now I'm feeling I will give him some special time. The weather is so nice today( not for long) I better take advantage of it. I will make sure to take my camera case something blog worthy happens.
Have a great day friends!!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

bye bye Ace...

by teresa
Well ladies and's all over for the Ace man. I will miss looking at...I mean listening to him each week.
Here's one last smile *sigh* for the road...

octopus for dinner...yummy!

by teresa
Ben wanted me to take a picture of his dinner. So here it octopus! A hotdog octopus!

I know..I know..I'm so good...hold your applause!!

Strikers vs. Strikers (yes the other teams name was Strikers too....we were the originals though :)

by teresa

What an intense game! The kids all played excellent...the other team too! The score ended up being 2 to 2...a tie! At least all of our players showed up this time. Ben had no goals...just a couple of almosts. Actually there were alot of kids with "almosts". That makes me means everyone is getting a ball hogs! Here's a picture of us scoring...I love it...zoom...right past the goalie!

okay...just say it...I'm a slacker!

by teresa
Today my mom is working from home. My home. Not all day...just during her 3 conference calls. Her and dad cancelled their phone at home and now only have their cell phones. So she didn't want to use up all her minutes. She asked if she could come over (next door) and use my phone. That was no problem for me. She took her 10:00am call...and her 12:00noon my living room. I was in the kitchen...on the computer...over Katy's for awhile and dilly dallying around upstairs. After she left I went into the living room to let the dog outside. This is what I found sitting on the table....

(dog hair, earring back, thread, leaf, plastic..etc.)

Holy Dirt Ball Batman.......what is this? She must have been walking around my living room...picking up all my debris during her hour long conference call. My question is...why didn't she throw it in the trash? Why leave it on the table? Did her call get so intense that she forgot the carpet crud laying there....OR did she leave it there to mock me? To show me how slack my cleaning regimine has become? How I have lost the battle of the muck? How dissappointed in me she is that her grandchildren have to walk around in this filth? I'll leave you guys to ponder these questions while I go "Swiffer" shame!

the longest sentence ever

by teresa
Ben just came in from the bus. He was excitingly telling me a story about something that happened at school today. I am going to try and relay this conversation to you...exactly as it was spoken to me. There will be no punctuation...because there was NO pauses while telling it. (read it speedily...try not to stop for breaths to get the full effect)

mom did you see on the news today about a bus crash it was a bus from my school not my bus but another bus and it crashed into a car near my school it was a good thing it was not another bus because that would have been alot worse than crashing into a car i hope the person in the car was not hurt the people on the bus were not hurt there were 5 kids in my class on the bus Deasia Kyanna Quiara Destinee Deantre and none of them were hurt they said it was real bad but i looked at the bus after school because it was in back of us when we got on and I couldn't see anything wrong with it the mechanics must have come to the school and worked on it all day long for it to look that good I'm really glad it was not my bus because then we would have to have a substitute and I don't like substitute buses and I can't beleive that you didn't watch tv today and see if it ws on the news cause then you could have recorded it and I could see how bad the accident really was the kids on the bus said there was 5 cars all banged up together but Mrs. Keagy said it probably wasn't that bad can I have a snack? And then off he ran.....Phew! I'm suprised he didn't turn blue! I seriously don't thnk he breathed that whole time!

my idol opinions...

by teresa
I loved all the songs last night...not all of the performances...but all the songs. My mom watched the show with my 87 year old grandfather (this man is HEAVY into reality tv...especially AI). she said he sang along to all the songs...and then danced around the living room during the performance re-caps. This just made me smile! (in my opinion) is the list from BEST to WORST!

1. Katharine (she's so talented..but sometimes seems fake)
2. Taylor (he's his energy)
3. Chris (*sigh*)
4. Paris (this kid can SING...but she is just too young and cutsie)
5. Elliot (GREAT VOICE!!! UGLY!!! sorry...but you know I speak the truth)
6. Ace (his looks got him this it's time to go)
7. Kellie (durrrrrrrrr)

in the flesh...

by teresa
This week I recieved the nicest card in the mail. It was from the owner of The Full Cup. Remember? Actually , it was addressed to Lauren. And it had a note in it that said...she hoped that what I bought for her worked out well with her dress...and if she could be of any further assistance to either of us...don't hesitate to call. I thought that was pretty sweet. I don't think I'll need her for anything anytime soon. But...if any of you know someone who is having a bachelor party soon...and needs some "entertainment"...let me know and I'll give you the number. :) all his glory...

by teresa
Here are some pictures of Nick I promised. The first ones are of him performing last night. YoYo Ma..look out!

The second group of pictures are from this morning. When I snuck into his school (don't worry...I checked in at the office)...stalked the halls....and took a picture of him doing his "captain" thing. The ladies in the office thought it was precious...Nick on the other had was mortified! Sorry Nicky....that's the price you pay for having a bloggin momma!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

boys will be boys!

by teresa
If you are in need of a good laugh...and a little gore...hop on over here and check out one of the best blogs online! This gal has 7 (you go girl) children! 6 of whom are BOYS! She has a great "boy" story today that is a must read.

shooting the bird......a picture that is!

by teresa
After all my hard work gardening last week, don't forget this too... a bird family is enjoying my hanging basket of geraniums. The problem with this is...they are hanging on either side of our front door. So the momma and daddy birds freak out every time we go in or out or even look out the front door. They sit on the tree infront of the house and squawk relentlessly! Good grief! Why didn't they just build their nest in the tree they are squawking from? Anyway...I snapped a picture (crept up to the front door quietly so as not to disturb the momma).

I think she is giving me the stink eye! How rude!

O Captain...My Captain

by teresa
Nick just came in the door from the bus. He said...guess who your looking at? I asked...who? He said...the new SRI Safety Patrol CAPTAIN! Yeah for Nicky! He proceded to explain his new duties which include passing out the sashes and badges to the other safety patrols...assigning them to their stations...making sure they stay in their stations and don't chat with friends...walking the car riders out to the curb after school....and making sure if someone is absent, he replaces them with a sub. Alot of responsibility...but not too much for him. He said...I had to shoo some kid off from chatting with one of my patrols....I also had to tell some kids to walk on the right side of the hallway and stop talking! Yikes! I hope the power isn't going to his head!

Safety Patrol

by teresa
Nick has now gone one step further down the road to dorkdom. He has been elected to his schools safety patrol unit. Like his cello lessons and cooking interest weren't enough!

You guys KNOW I am just kidding right? I love all these things about my sweet boy!

Chris and I are very proud of him being on the safety patrol. You have to be a top student and very well behaved to be elected. And you have to be recommended by your teacher and the staff. His duties are to get to school early...put on his gear (you know I am going to sneak up to school and snap a picture of that)...and walk the halls. running...tardiness...and checking for hall passes. He was beside himself with glee when he left this morning for his first day on the job. He came home yesterday and told me he was requesting to be captain of the safety patrol (Lord have mercy). He needed to write a letter to be turned in today to the sponsor. I went on his works and pulled it down here so you could read it. I thought it was very nicely written.

Nick Green April 18, 2006

I would be a Great Captain because…
I love to help and you can ask my teacher Ms. Lyle that. I help out at church by passing out the roll books. So I’m already use to handing out something in a large place. I am also responsible for maintaining the lawn of three neighbors. So you know I am a very responsible kid. I will be there early every day. I get my morning work done quickly. I have a sharp eye for trouble so I can keep things in line. I am very well behaved so you don’t have to worry about me getting I trouble. All in all I would be a great captain because I am responsible and well behaved.

I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it...I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!!

by teresa
This week Ben's school is having their spring (50%) off bookfair. YEAH!!! You guys all know this really gets me EXCITED!! I am obsessed with books....especially children's books! Wouldn't it be the COOLEST thing ever to have a little bookstore (like in You've got mail with Meg Ryan...The Shop Around The Corner)? Maybe someday I will make that happen for me (when the kids are a little older) Nick's bookfair was last month, and I got the best deals. I am actually working at Ben's bookfair all this I will set aside all the good things for myself. And by the way...when you work get $20 for free! Now that's what I'm talkin about!!

nothing like waiting till the last minute!

by teresa
Nick informed me...on the way to school this morning...that he has an orchestra concert TONIGHT!! Good grief child...could you have given me a little more warning than that? Lauren is the EXACT same way. She'll be going up to bed...then come down and say...oh yeah...I need to bring in a cake for a party tomorrow. This drives me crazy! We have soccer practice tonight too (of course at the same time as the concert). I guess Chris will have to solo at practice while I go to the concert. I was really looking forward to a great practice too! Tomorrow is our next I hope Chris gets them in line. I'll take pictures of the concert and post them tonight.

And their off....

by teresa
The contest has now officially begun. We all weighed in together last night. For some reason my scale is 5 pounds heavier than mom's scale. So Katy and mom were NOT happy weighing in over here! I wrote it all down and they made me hide the list from Chris. None of us want him to know our weights. We can know his...but not the other way around. It's just a woman thing I guess. Tell me...does your husband know your exact weight? Let me know.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Atlanta Check In

By Chris

In ATL again. Surprise, surprise. Just a day trip this time. Out at 4
a.m. and back home by about 11 p.m. People say that's crazy, but it really
doesn't bother me anymore. MARTA got me again. Two trips in a row where
the thing broke. Today was rough, because the crowds were huge after the
back-up, and they were cramming in at every stop until we literally coud
not fit another single soul on the train. I caught a ride back, and just
learned I'll be able to upgrade to 1st class!!! Seat 1A! (I would never
pay extra for first class, but it sure is nice when you get it) That makes
up for the crammed train ride. far as the eye can see

by teresa
I did the weirdest thing today. Around 1:00pm I started thinking about what I was going to cook for dinner tonight. We had lots of chicken...porchops...burgers...steak. I couldn't decide. So I cooked it all! I made garlic and butter chicken breasts...dijon porkchops...cheese burgers...chopped steak...and chicken chilli. I made it...and put it in tupperware. Now that it is dinner time I am not even hungry. Chris' flight doesn't come in till 10:00pm, so he is probably eating in Atlanta before his flight. Ben is laying down (not feeling good). So I guess I'll find out what Lauren and Nick would like to eat. You hear stories about women who do this. Depressed...psycho women...women on the edge. Ready to leave their lives behind. So they prepare enough food for their family so that after their gone they will be well fed. Don't worry...I was just bored! :)

Ive been tagged!

by teresa
Paige's deep thoughts has tagged me to do a meme (I have no idea what this stands for...somebody help a girl out and let me know) so here is my attempt. Please be nice!
I am to list 6 things that you probably don't know about me....which probably will be hard to come up with since I blabber on about every single thing in my life to you guys daily!

1. I had posters of Billy Idol (I thought he was da bomb...or actually, back then he was awesome)...Michael Jackson (you have to admit..before he went insane he was soooo talented)...and Loverboy (you know...Almost paradise , Heaven in your eyes and Working for the weekend...great songs) on my bedroom walls as a teenager.

2. The license plate of my first car read...KRZY4C Which stood for...crazy for chris...awwwww!

3. My favorite food in the whole wide world is......a footlong hotdog with ketchup, mustard, and CHIILLI! Yummy!
From Dannys dogs in Norfolk , Virginia. It's a drive-in that's has been open since my parents were teenagers!

4. I played varsity soccer in high school (don't be jealous) I also played softball for 7 years.

5. I must have a fan blowing on me to sleep. Even in the winter...poor Chris! And not just a celing fan...a BIG momma of a fan! Chris says it sounds like a helicopter hovering over our bed. I blame it on mom...she put fans in our rooms as kids.

6. My good friends (besides my family) are people I have never even met! People from all over the United States. I talk to them daily...laugh at their kids...cry with their heartaches....and think of them often. My blogging buddies!
What did I ever do with my free time before blogging? :)

Now I must (I'm sorry...I must) tag a few others to continue the fun.
1. Fireflies & Frogs (the first blog I read in the morning)
2.Fold my laundry please
3.The big Yellow house
4.Cozy reader

our Easter Brunch.....don't be jealous

by teresa
The five of us and Jackie and George decided to forgo the list preparing...and cleanup and instead make reservations at a local hotel that was serving and Easter brunch buffet. That was seriously the best idea I have ever had. Lots of great food...and you had the energy to sit with everyone and eat and talk. At home your always up waiting on someone or getting a head start on cleaning. And the table at home isn't big enough for everyone to sit at comfortably. So this was SO the way to go. Here's what we ate...

Made to Order Waffles
Country Style Eggs Benedict
Farm Fresh Scrambled Eggs
Virginia Sausage Links
Artisan Bread Display (that just means a big pile of bread)
Assortment of Garden Fresh Salads
Seasonal Fruits and Cheeses
Virginia Baked Glazed Ham with Pineapple Salsa
Chicken Florentine with Boursin Cream
Roasted Pork Loin with Spiced Peaches and Pecan Butter (soooooo yummy)
Baked Atlantic Salmon with Lobster Sauce and Spring Asparagus
Roasted Garlic and Chive Mashed Fingerling Potatoes
Wild Rice and Vegetable Pilaf
Spring Vegetable Medley
Carving Station with Top Round of Beef and Roasted Leg of Lamb
French Toast Sticks
Chicken Tenders
Macaroni & Cheese
French Fries
Plus…Peter Cottontail’s Favorite Desserts

And just let me say...we tried it ALL! Hold your applause!!

Let's get ready to rumble....

by teresa
Me, Chris, mom, Lauren, Katy, and Nick have started a weight loss competition. It's $20 to get in it. Whoever wins after 2 months (that's when we leave for our beach vacation) gets all the money. We will weigh in with each other weekly. With someone checking in on us...we are sure to stick to our diets. Wish us all luck.


by teresa
Ben has a new favorite word. I don't know if he heard it on tv...or if it was in a book he read...or if e made it up (when asked he says he can't remember). But he uses it quite often these days. It's whiz-pop! What does it mean, you ask? Well, let me use it in a sentence for you.

Ben? What is that smell?

Sorry mommy(giggle giggle)...I just whiz-popped!

That's's another word for....pooting! (I hate the f-word)

It cracks me up everytime he says it.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Duds

by teresa
My beautiful family in our new Easter clothes. We go to church every week (2x) and we have plenty of church clothes. But even have GOT to have a new outfit for Easter. Don't you agree? At least for the kids.....and me :) Chris doesn't understand this concept. Whatever! I a always had new Easter shoes and a dress...sometimes a hat and little white gloves.

The Kids Easter Trough

by teresa
A little bit of candy(gummy bears..robins eggs...jelly beans...etc.), goldfish, bublegum, peanutbutter dipped pretzels, cashue mix, sea monkeys...that's right sea monkeys, bouncy balls, new card games, couple of movies, and of course some PEEPS!

Happy Resurrection Day!!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bed Time . . . Sort Of

By Chris

Nick's asleep in his bed. And, Teresa has made Ben and I come upstairs and stay in the bed with her and relax. The TV's been off for a while. Ben's reading a chapter book siliently (he's on fire reading these 70 - 80 page books by himself all of sudden). And I've got the laptop out, bloggin and surfin. When I brought it up, I was met with a warning: "You're not bringing work in my bed are you!" (I was in my office for several hours today, so I guess bringing work to bed was crossing a line). Oh yeah. Shorty the dog is laying on my feet too. Thousands of square feet in this place, and four of the five living creatures here right now are all on the same bed.

Ben just took a deep breath and put his book down. 45 mins. is about enough for him, I guess. Me too. And we start talking. "Shhhh" Teresa says. I'm trying to finish this puzzle, and it's hard!" "Have you ever done a soduku (I think that's what she said) puzzle?" Ben and I made the exact same face . . . one that says "Uh no. Who in their right mind would do those boring puzzles you do in those books and in the newspaper everyday!" "They're hard!" She continued. O.k. we say. She was trying to get us to look at it, you could tell, but she could tell we wanted no part of it. Ben has picked his book back up. It's a happenin' Sat. night at the Greens!

Ben's A Saver

By Chris

I've noticed lately that Ben is really tight with his money. He's had a few dollars for a while now, and whenever we're at a store and he wants something, he asks me if I'll buy it for him "With YOUR money," he says. When I say "no, but you can use your money," he thinks real hard. And typically puts the thing back. Lauren's like this too. And Nick can't keep a dime in his pocket without buying something, unless we make him. So, tonight Ben and I got out his piggy bank and he counted his money. The boy has 71 bucks!! I had no idea he had accumulated that much. What makes some people like that while other people seem to be wired to spend money they don't even have yet?

somewhere over the rainbow...

by teresa

The boys dyed some eggs. Lots of eggs...lots of color combinations. They really had a good time with this. They each had 16 to decorate. They really got creative. Some had our names on them...JESUS...a cross...a picture of Shorty the dog...tricolored ones...etc. I went to take pictures of the eggs after the decorating process was over and my cameras batteries ran out. *pooh* I'll try and get some pictures before they are eaten.

Here are the pictures of their egg art...

the Easter EGGstravaganza

by teresa
Our church had such a great turn out for the annual easter egg hunt. It seemed to be well over a hundred kids. Ben had a good time. He guessed how many jelly beans were in a jar, watched a veggie tales easter movie, hunted for eggs, ate hotdogs and cupcakes, and played lots of games. Nick helped out the ladies in the kitchen (that's his thing). Lauren and the other teens helped out with the games and food. They also met up at church this week and stuffed all the eggs with candy...and got there early today to hid all the eggs. Ben came home with basketful of candy. With all he has I could probably take half of what I bought back to Target!

Stikers vs. Lightening

by teresa

brrrrrr brrrrrr brrrrrrrrrr
brrrrrr brrrrrr brrrrrrrrrr (taps)
brrrr brrrr brrrr brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


I don't like to lose! The kids don't like to lose! The parents and grandparents sure don't like to lose!

The score was 4 to 1 (Ben scored our only point).
Everyone seemed tired right out of the gate. It didn't help that 5 people didn't show up. Which means we had exactly enough kids to play (9) reserves. Every kid played the entire game. They were dragging by the 3rd quarter. need to wallow. Our next game is Wednesday night at 7:00pm. And we intend to practice them HARD on tuesday to get ready for it! NO MERCY!!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Today feels like Saturday

by teresa
It is so nice having Chris home. He got in last night around 9:45. Ben and I were in our bed reading and doing sudoku...Nick was watching tv...and Lauren was still over her friends house. He came up and unpacked and changed into his jammies and put the boys to bed for me. It took them awhile to fall asleep. They kept arguing (overly tired). We layed in the bed and watched tv. It was nice. I missed him. He had to go inot work this morning (bummer), so he was up and out early. Ben came in our bed around 4:00am. We both slept until.....drum roll please....10:00am!! That was soooo nice! Lauren beat us though...she didn't get up till after noon. When Ben opened his eyes he looked around and asked...where is daddy? I said...he's at work. He said...NOOOO! Is it on a plane work or take his car to work? I told him...take his car work. He was very happy about that! He said...he hasn't played basketball with me all spring break! Maybe Chris will come home early enough today to play with him outside (*guilt*). I ran out to the drug store...dry cleaners and to get easter basket stuff today (I know..I know..I just haven't had any time away from the kids lately). Jackie took the boys with her for about and hour to get her car from the shop (they walked there together). So I headed over to Tar-jay (along with every other person in the Hampton Roads area). I got some sweeties and some treaties...they will love it all. I took it all over to moms so the boys wouldn't peek. I'll go over tonight and get it.
I threw some chicken in the crockpot and now I'll try to get some cleaning done (yeah right).

Thursday, April 13, 2006

spring four

by teresa
We had a nice day today. Great weather (80's)...sunny...breezy. I planted the rest of my flowers and Nick helped our neighbor paint her porch. Ben just rode his bike around the yard until I was done. Lauren got up early and drove with some friends from church to Nags Head beach. The boys and I went to the mall for the dollar movie...but all 3 kids movies (Nanny McPhee, Curious George, Pink Panther) were sold out. Bummer...Ben cried! We did get in some shopping for Nick. He needed an easter outfit. So we went to Hects (I had a gift card) and bought a cute outfit. They had all their Polo brand on sale...YES!!! Then we headed over to rackroom and got some boat shoes for the boys to wear to church during the spring and summer. I think they are so cute with khakis and no socks (I like the preppy look). The boys were pretty tolerant with all the I took them to Tropical Smoothie Cafe for a late lunch. Then we came home and watched Narnia for the umpteenth time. I love me some talking beavers! Ben had soccer practice at 5:30...which I had to run by myself since my hubby was still in Hotlanta. The kids were unruly..and the hour dragged by! Now we are home...showered...jammied up and watching tv(American Inventor). I am waiting for Big Poppa to home to mommy!! I'm reffering to Chris just in case you were wondering. Chris' flight comes in about an hour. There is a thunderstorm going on right now...I hope that doesn't effect his flight. I hope he is off work tomorrow so we can all do something together. He should be off since it is Good Friday and all. Well I'm off to lounge on the couch with Nicky. Peace out.

he's doing it on purpose.....

by teresa
Ben came into my room last night around 11:30. The tv was on, but I was asleep. He was sobbing (that tired whiney kind of cry). Here's our conversation..

Ben: Moooom...Nick is snoring soooo loud...and I can't get back to sleep!

Mom: Okay honey...I'll fix it.
I get up...follow him in his room. Nick is snoring...but it is faint.
I roll Nick appease Ben. Ben lays back down and closes eyes.

Ben: Moooom! Nick is snoring again. He's doing it on purpose to make me angry!

Mom: He is asleep Ben. He can't help it!

Ben: He is tricking you...he is not asleep...just trying to make me mad!

Mom: Go put a pillow on his head

Ben: (weeping) Okay...
He leaves the room. YES!!! Then returns about 2 minutes later. NO!!!
Mooooom! He is doing it again! I want my own room....Pleeease! Give me my own room NOW!

Mom: Fine! The hallway is now your room....sleep there!

Ben: NOOOOOO! I'm so tired! Just make him stop snoring!

Mom: OKAY!!! I get up...flip Nick to his tummy...cut their radio up (they sleep with NPR (national public radio) on everynight)
re-cover Ben (and Shorty)...and crawl in my bed. I lay there for what seems like and hour, my head
haniging off the bed... staring into the hall wating for their door to open. I wake up this morning with
my head still hanging off the bed. I'm not tired...but I can't turn my head to the right or left!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Not Bucky!!

by teresa
I love Bucky...I can't believe he got voted off. He was soooo not one of my favorites in the first weeks....but then he grew on me....and crept slowly into my top 4. Now he's gone. I'm sad! It should have been Ace (eventhough tonights performance was great!) He (Ace) has been sooo not good lately. Cute...but not good. Elliot rocked it out tonight. I liked how they made the bottom three sing one more time. They all did WAY better than last nights performances.

Bye bye Bucky!

mulch butt

by teresa
I just got undressed to get into my jammies. There was mulch in my underwear people! The scary thing is... I took a shower after gardening and before we left for karate. I don't even want to know where that mulch was hiding out for the past 5 hours!

spring three

by teresa
The kids and I were in the yard working from 9:00am to 4:o0pm. I had to bring them in...shower us down...get to karate by 5:00pm. Then church straight from karate. I dropped the boys off at church (bad mommy), and came home to do some laundry (neglected...because of yard work)...dishes...and get on the computer without interuption. I am aching like an old woman. I think I'll go take a motrin...or 5! I'm such a wuss! Only 2 more flower beds to go. Phew! Kristian and Ben rode bikes through the yards (mom's and mine...remember, we live next door to each other) back and forth for hours. Nick helped me in the yard for awhile...then abandoned me to go help our neighbor (Ms. Pat) with her yard (traitor). I was struggling alone...I kept looking over at her yard and there was Nick...trimming...cutting...weeding...etc. All with a smile on his face! Talking them to death I'm sure.
He came home and said...Ms. Pat had her father-in-law over. He kept trying to eat the paint brushes and walk out in the street. He has "Old Timers"...isn't that sad mom? I was helping her keep him out of the street. I thought this was so sweet of Nick. Her loves to help people...especially older folks. I like how he said Old Timers...instead of Alzheimers.
Here's a picture of Nick working hard.

I have blisters on my blisters!

by teresa
My dollar tree gardening gloves.....suck (sorry mom)! My hands are killing me from all this weeding and planting! Iv'e got one word for you....ROOTS! I don't know if you have trees in your yard...and have tried planting around them. But there is like a bazillion roots zig zagging this way and that! It takes me an hour to dig like 4 little holes. Sheesh! But it is all worth it once the yard is filled with colors. I just took a break for a minute because the kids wanted breakfast....imagine that. I was like...go grab a poptart (bad mommy). But Ben was all....we want a BIG breakfast (spoiled kid)! With lots of things on our plate. I was like...then grab two poptarts! They didn't take me up on that offer. So I had to come in...wash the worm guts off my hands...and start some sausage and eggs. Maybe the garden fairies will plant the rest of my flowers while I'm in the house doing the mom thing.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I'm too cool for this blog....

spring two

by teresa
Yesterday we filled our day with karate (double classes)...haircuts (the boys were shaggy)...and hopscotch (sidewalk chalk is cool)...and a movie (rented). Last night Ben spent the night with Katy's kids...and Lauren spent the night at her friend Christina's. So it was just Nick and I all night long. We stayed up late watching movies and slept in till 9:00am. Katy came over about an hour later with the gang. So I loaded them up and headed for the dollar tree. I needed some gardening gloves and I knew DT had them. The kids each got to pick out a toy and a candy. They were thrilled (I love DT). Then we went to pick out some flowers for my front flower beds. I dug out the weeds from one of the beds. There were so many took hours for just the one bed. So I planted and put the rest of the flowers away until tomorrow. The boys and I showered (we were beyond filthy) and dressed and headed to the mall (cinema cafe) for a movie. Tuesdays are dollar days...and Ben had a gift card from the read-a-thon. So we saw 8 Below. It was pretty good. Ben loved it...of course (dog movie). Nick kept getting up and going to the arcade in the lobby. After the movie we walked around the mall...then rode over to Lowes for some mulch. Then got dinner and came home. Lauren was waiting with her friend Christina (who is spending the night). They both wanted to go over Hunter's off they went. Katy was just leaving mom's by the time we got home. Kristian begged to spend the night at our house (since Kai was the last to have a turn) I gave in. Eventhough it was dark Nick and I dug out weeds from another flower give us a head start in the morning. He watered everything for me and put away all the gardening stuff. Ben and Kristian are curled up on the couch watching some disney channel movie...and Nick is listening to his DCTalk cd. I think I will go wash up (dirt under the nails)...get in my jammies...and call it a night! Day two of spring break under my belt...and all's well!

Monday, April 10, 2006


By Chris

Made it to Atlanta just fine. Even got an upgrade to first class, and arrived early. Weir, huh?

But, I got my due with the MARTA train ride. After convincing two others that MARTA was the best way to get around and dragging them onto Atlanta's version of public transportation . . . the train proceded to break. We had to get off, wait for another train, change trains again, without much guidance. "I will never do this again," my unwitting partners said. "How would we know what to do, they're not giving any instructions. We'd be lost without you." Oh well. Trying to save the earth through the encouragement of the use of public transportation is tough with this system. I did my part, I guess. It took us nearly as long to get from airport to our in-town destination as it did in the air from Virginia to Atlanta.

Birthday lunch

by teresa
Yesterday after church we all got together to celebrate Lauren's birthday and give her our gifts. We all strayed from our diets to partake in carbs and sugar galore! She got some nice things. Gas gift cards... money... clothes... jammies... and a Vera Bradley purse, wallet, glasses holder. Now, today it's back to the old diet. Here are some pictures of Lauren at her party with her birthday burger (and bun), and her brownie sundae. Yummy!