Monday, December 31, 2007

by teresa

Five minutes to midnight...and I'm the only one awake.
We had a nice, quiet night at home. Katy and her kids...Jackie and George all came over for hot dogs (Nick grilled it up for us) , chips and roasted marshmallows. I also made some yummy sherbet punch. Everyone left a little before nine and we all got into our jammies. I was tired and ready to crawl into bed by ten...but decided to enjoy some alone time and relax on the couch with Dick Clark...and one ....or four glasses of punch.
Tomorrow is a start to another year for the Green's.
Will it be touched with heartache like last year...maybe.
But that's just life...right?
We will get through all that life brings us with God's strength and the love of our family.
And we will go on like we always do....with a smile on our face and joy in our hearts.
The clock just struck midnight...and it sounds like a fireworks factory lite afire outside (crazy rednecks).
Happy New Year to you and your family...from all of us here at the Green Family Circus!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

How to tell that it's time to take down the Christmas tree....

When you come out of the bathroom and find the tree sprawled across the living room floor. Ornaments scattered...and the star cracked and bent a foot away.
Notice the vent cover duct taped to the tree stand. This is my handy work. It was leaning forward when I put it up. So I crawled under and taped it to the vent underneath. Don't worked. For thirty days it worked. I love how the fall pulled the vent right out of the floor. That duct tape is strong stuff!

Friday, December 28, 2007

by teresa

We had a nice Christmas.
Everyone came over and enjoyed each others company.
Everyone except Chris.
We saw him for about five minutes the entire day.
He was sick in bed with the flu (or Family-itis) for two days.

Since Christmas we have just chilled at home.
Watching tons of movies and eating all the party leftovers.
We have also played tons of games. Checkers, MadGab, Cranium, Speed Stacks, Yahtzee Turbo, etc.
Nick and I have played with his checker rug for hours. He is really good....and almost beat me last night. Almost.

We have been sleeping in everyday(waaay in)...and I know this is going to come back and bite me in the butt Wednesday when school is back in session.

Lauren moved back in this week. She had been living with mom(next door) since my daddy passed on(can you believe it has been 3 1/2 months?). I think she moved back in to reclaim her room. Ben has been sleeping in there since she left. And he had slowing started moving some of his toys in there. The Daddy (my 90yr old grandfather) moved in with mom on Wed. to recover from surgery (he was in the hospital for over a week). He had some injuries resulting from a fall down the stairs. He is great now...but needs to stay with mom till the doctor gives him the ok to be on his own again.

Today we plan on going out for breakfast and then shopping. I hope the crowds have lessened by now.

Don't you love my cool new crocs? Red with fur lining.
They are so comfy!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Christmas Eve 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007

I wish you enough...

by teresa

I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright no matter how gray the day may appear.

I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun even more.

I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive and everlasting.

I wish you enough pain so that even the smallest of joys in life may appear bigger.

I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.

I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.

I wish you enough hellos to get you through the final good-bye.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

What's more annoying than your 8yr old playing gps while your driving?

by teresa


Ben decided to make up a new game.

While you drive...he plays gps.

He's a little peek into our drive home from dinner last night.

"Hey dad...let me be the gps on the way home."

"Keep straight."

"Keep straight."

"Keep straight."

"Keep straight."

"Turn left at the next street."

"Turn left at the next street."

"Turn left at the next street."

"Turn left at the next street."

"Keep straight."

"Keep straight."

"Keep straight."

"Keep straight."

"Go slow." (so he could look at Christmas lights)

"Go slow."

"Go slow."

"Turn right at the next street."

"Turn right at the next street."

"Turn right at the next street."

"Turn right at the next street."

"Keep straight."

"Keep straight."

"Keep straight."

Sounds like fun...huh?

Nick was so aggravated by this I thought we were gonna have a reenactment of the Ali vs. Frazier match right there in the back seat.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

by teresa

Weird dreams around here lately.

One night there is some wacko chasing me around town : I ended up hitting him with a rake and he cried and apologized saying he was just trying to give me a present.

Next night I loose my niece Kaden in a crowded place: I ended up rescuing her from a crowded, moving train where she was locked in our churches old prison looking cribs.

Last night....chased from a tree house into the ocean where a squid monster was trying to get me: I ended up swimming faster than aquaman on steroids and leapt to dry land just in time.

I need to lay off the snacks before bed!

We had such a good time last night. Chris had a great idea. The ODU monarchs had a game in SC. It wasn't on tv...but it was being broadcast online. So we packed up and went to his office. He brought up the game on his laptop and ran it through the projection system in the conference room. We popped popcorn, made hot chocolate (all of which we brought from home) and enjoyed the game. I even finished up my Christmas cards (I know, I about late).
Chris and Ben ran up the street and got dinner at half time.
Another memory made.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tickets and Blisters

By Chris

I'm shocked Teresa hasn't given this tidbit of information up. It really thrilled her when it happened:

Phone rings in office ... it's the wife. "Guess what you got in the mail today?" she asks. .... "A pretty picture of your car on Connecticut Avenue." "Hahahaha."

Yep. It was a ticket by mail. I didn't even realize it had happened. Driving to, in and around our Nation's Capital is one of my leaset favorite things to do. But, I have to do it. Usually, very slowly. Painstakingly slowly, in fact. The place is an eternal traffic jam. But, somehow, according to this new device, I was going 43 mph in a 30 mph zone. I've heard of the red-light cameras in different places, but never one for speeding. Until now. The letter requested a $40 fine. Not bad, I guess. Far less than a real speeding ticket, I've heard. (I wouldn't know, since I have never gotten one!!). And, apparently because it was not human-issued, it can't be put on my driving record, nor reported to insurance carriers. So, the logic is, these are not reliable enough for lots of things legally, but they are reliable enough to collect $40 from you! I'm tempted to write them to say that surely that only brings my lifetime average speed in that darn place to 5 mph. Oh well. It was bound to happen. Just last week I was bragging about my untarnished history, when it comes to tickets, and my ability to talk my way out of them on several occeassions. Well, there's no talking out of this one. But, I did want to get it down for the record, that this is not an OFFICIAL speeding ticket. It says so right on the letter. You know . . no points, no insurance, small fee. Just so everyone knows ;))

And, on the blisters. Teresa was right. They were nasty. But, I have perservered. In defense of how wimpy I must have seemed, I did walk my butt all over half of Atlanta to get them and never once "let 'em see me sweat." Although I did come close to tears when I had to remove them and put them back on at the airport security line. I think I played it off pretty good, though. Of course, to me, even worse than hurting feet would be the thought of wasting money and retreating to more comfortable old man shoes. Because, my new kicks are very hip and in-style (at least, I think they are??). So, I have worn them, discomfort be darned, two times this week after stretching them out a bit this weekend.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

does anybody have any bandaids?

by teresa

What started out to be something beautiful...turned into something tragic.

It all started with a dream.

A dream...of new shoes.

New, black, shiny, hip dress shoes.

Something the hubby has been in need of for months now.

He's just so busy that finding time to shoe shop proves to be impossible.

He finally went...and alone at that. I was so proud of him.

He came home with really great new shoes.

He was so happy and eager to model them for me.

They looked super (very hip and trendy...unlike his older (old man) shoes).

He was happy to have his new kicks for his impending business trip to Atlanta. He even got a new coat to complete the look.

Off he went...looking good and feeling fine.

Until....*dramatic music*...blisters.


And it was a two day trip. And he didn't pack any other shoes. And it was alot of walking...and touring a new facility...and walking...and agony...and smiling and being a big shot impressive man on the outside...while crying and screaming like a little girl on the inside.

Poor Chris.

He came home with the worst blisters I have ever seen. I seriously should have called Ripleys! From heel to ankle and side to side. Ouch!

He has been shuffling around like one of those feet binding geisha girls ever since.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Sorry for the long post....but it's been a busy weekend.

by teresa

We had a full...but happy weekend.
I'll give a quick re-cap.
Friday nights pajama party went good.
We all ate too many hot dogs and waaay too much popcorn.
The place was jam packed with kids and parents.
And judging by the laughs, hugs and thank you's I think a great time was had by all.

Saturday started with an early morning choir practice for Ben and then we headed over to LetsDish for their Christmas party. Ben had fun with the inflatables and free toys. He also enjoyed some hot apple cider, more popcorn and cotton candy. Nothing like starting your morning with a hefty portion of cotton candy (I'm such a cool mom).
I dropped Ben off with Chris (Jackie and George picked him up later to help wrap presents at their house) and then Nick, mom and I went to church for the Bless a Child Christmas party.

72 kids...and twice that many caregivers came and enjoyed the best food and entertainment around. We didn't have fru-fru Christmas music either. We know what the kids like! The church hired a Christian rap group called 12 strings to perform. It was amazing!!! I was upfront (everyone stood, jumped around, waved their hands and screamed the whole time) and one of the guys came over and started dancing with me. Thank God Lauren wasn't there or she would have died of embarrassment right on the spot. All the kids were thrilled and enjoyed it very much. Present time was emotional. Lots of squeals, smiles and tears (and that was just from me :). I am so honored to have been a part of something so wonderful.

After the church party we came home...rested for about an hour and then headed across the street to Chuck and Geri's for the neighborhood cookie exchange. Oh my gosh! It was super! My oreo balls were so good...and sooooo sweet. Wow! A chocoholics dream. We sang carols...pigged out and got to take home some of everyones cookies.

Yesterday was church...and the cantata. It was beautiful and Ben did such a good job singing. He loves to be in front of a crowd and sang loud enough for me to pick out his voice. After church we all headed over to Primo's for some yummy Italian food and then home. Chris, Nick and Lauren went to the ODU game. Lauren went with friends...and we saw her on tv in the student section whooping it up. And after Ben and I finished his history project he went with Jackie and George to their churches Christmas party...and I actually had a few minutes to myself.

Today I am meeting mom at The Daddy's to paint his bedroom (as a surprise). I can't wait till he gets home this afternoon and finds it all done.

Friday, December 14, 2007

by teresa

I get to go to a pajama party tonight.

Jammies, a movie, popcorn, hot dogs and sweets.

Sounds great huh?

Oh...I forgot to mention.....there will be 50 elementary school kids there too.

So I guess we won't be watching a DiCaprio film or the latest Johnny Depp flick.

Probably something with a talking tomato.

Should be a hoot.

I'll make sure to take lots of pictures.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

by teresa

I have a lot going on this week(MOPS party, wrapping party at church, Good news bible club pajama movie night, Christmas Blessing banquet, Ben's choir practice, neighborhood party/cookie exchange).
A lot of fun stuff...but still a lot of stuff that takes me out of the house.
Chris is finally back in town (he crept in while we we sleeping last night). But I will be out tonight and tomorrow night. I guess we will meet up again over the weekend :0)

Something remarkable has happened.
Ben has gotten up great all week!
Would you like to know my secret strategy?
An alarm clock. For him.
He loves it. And get this.....he sets it for even earlier than we usually got up. He likes to get completely ready (we pick out his clothes the night before) before my alarm wakes me up.
It's been wonderful.
And...he is ready so early that he has been getting in some reading before the bus comes.
Love it!
Except for the new book he's reading (The Book of World Records). With every page read he feels as though it is very important knowledge that he must share with me.
E v e r y p a g e !
Hey mom...did you know that the longest sea cave is in Oregon?
Hey mom...did you know that Mexico drinks the most coca cola?
Hey mom...did you know that the world's largest vegetable is a yam that weighs 150 lbs.?
Help me.

Oh yeah...I almost forgot.
Ben wants to see this movie when it comes out this weekend.

Do I have any volunteers?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

You have to go try this yourself!!

by teresa

This is the funniest thing ever!

And this too.


Sorry...I couldn't resist one more.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

comments and questions from this week

by teresa

Mommy...if you really loved me you would buy some more m&m's.

I dropped a jujubee into my cleavage and it's lost forever.

I wish I was deaf! Not all the time...just a couple days a week.

I bet I don't get anymore booty till 2008.

I don't long as I get a foot massager for Christmas!


Can I get a bumper sticker with my blog url on it?

Me and the boys square danced in the front yard to the neighbors Christmas music.

I don't like children.

If somebody ate the last Christmas tree cake I had hidden under the sink I am going to be ticked!


If somebody drank the last can of diet coke I had hidden in the crisper, under the carrots I am going to be ticked!


The kids last day of school is December 20th...I'm leaving for vacation (I think I have some time accrued) on the 21st!

I washed in my most stinking parts.

Monday, December 10, 2007

by teresa

Well the cookie contest is over.
I drew a name.
And the winner is...*drum roll*....BETH!
So I will be making the Oreo balls for the neighborhood party this weekend.

And because I'm such a wonderful person....and the fact that only 3 people entered the contest to begin with.....I am sending all 3 ladies (Beth, Melanie and Sterling) a special something. And by sending ...I mean I will give it to you when I see you (cause postage is too expensive...and I'm cheap like that).

Saturday, December 08, 2007

I'm running on fumes people!

by teresa

I've been up since 6:00am (that should be outlawed on a Saturday).

After running from function to function ALL DAY LONG I am finally home.

And what did I do?

I invited Ben's friend to spend the night.

Am I insane or what?

Friday, December 07, 2007

we had a chance of flurries here yesterday...we got nuttin!

by teresa

Ben lucked out yesterday and they didn't race in P.E.
He was very happy...and in a better mood when he arrived home.
I was up at his school all week working Frosty's shop...but today I am not going up there.
I promised myself.
Sometimes you gotta let someone else step in.
Tomorrow (yes Saturday) I will be up there at 7:15am to set up for the Santa breakfast.
I was volunteered to fill the Santa photo taker job.
Already 230 people have made reservations for the breakfast....and many people will just come for the pictures.
That's alot of snapping I gotta do.

Today is going to be filled with errands, cleaning and wrapping.
I need to get it all done before 2:00pm so I can pick up the kids for bible club.
Rush rush rush.

Before I go I want to remind everyone about the cookie contest.
So far I only have two entries. Sterling and Beth.
The drawing will be hurry and submit your favorite recipe to get your chance at the prize!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

He gets it!

by teresa

Don't you hate it when you forget to change the dial on the washer from small back to JUMBO load before washing all your families jeans. Leaving a lovely, soapy residue caked around all the seams.

And don't you hate it when you forget to put said "tub 'o jeans" in the dryer before you go to bed? Leaving your son to wear his "skinny fit" jeans you bought from the thrift store. The ones he hates to wear. The ones he can't bend his knees in. Now I have ruined his entire life because (and I quote) "Today is the running test in PE...and since I can't bend my knees I won't be the fastest in the school this time!!" "I'm always the fastest....and now you've ruined it!!"

I nice mommy would dry those pants and take them up to school for him to change into.

I won't...but a nice mommy would.
by teresa

Well...I finally caught up on my sleep.


That's what time I crawled into bed last night.


That's what time I crawled out this morning.

Man...that felt good!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Is it ok to NOT like your own child?

by teresa

I love him...but I don't like him at the moment.

8yrd old boy + smartmouthsassyhead=5:00pm bedtime.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

by teresa

I am so tired.
Up late last night watching my Little People Big World and John & Kate Plus 8. I had to record them earlier in the evening...because the boys were monopolizing the tv (they wouldn't go in the other room...cause apparently The Year Without Santa can't be viewed on anything less than a 50" screen).
But I had PTA stuff to I was on the computer all night.
So after watching 2 hours of TLC's reality tv I headed to bed.
It was almost midnight.
I finally dozed around 1:00am cause I kept being pulled from the first stages of sleep by our overly sensitive motion sensors in the hallway. They are either too sensitive...or the Ghost from Christmas Past was roaming the hall all night setting it off just to punish me for that horrid Christmas sweater I used to wear each year.
Then....bbbrrring bbrrring!
1:30am. Phone ringing.
What?!? Who??!
I answer....cause what if it's my hubby...and there's an emergency in The District of Atlantinamore ( at 1:30am I couldn't remember if he was in DC, Atlanta, NC or MD!)

Me: "HELLO!"
Some dude: "Tisha....Marleen is waiting for you at the bus station girl!"
Me: "Who?"
Some dude: "I knew you were gonna forget her!" "You need to pick her up now!" "I'm with Moesha and my car is you have to go by yourself!"
Me: ???
Some dude: ???
Me: You have the W R O N G N U M B E R M I S T E R!
Some dude: *click*

No excuse me for waking you up at the wee hours of the sorry....just *click*.

I could not go back to sleep.

So me, Shorty the dog and the GFCP came down and had a party (bowl of Captain Crunch) till 3:00am. Cause it ain't a party...till the Captain arrives.

Monday, December 03, 2007

cookie contest

by teresa

A very busy week ahead for us.

Out of town for Chris (just two days), Band concert (tomorrow), PTA board meeting, MOPS meeting, Bible Club (for Ben and Nick), Santa breakfast at Ben's school (which I am working for 3 hours), ODU game, Pythian Christmas party (with Grandaddy) and last but not least...Frosty's Wonderland (where the kids bring in money to shop for gifts) all week at Ben's school.

I'm looking ahead to next week....and there are twice as many things then.

Have mercy!

Something I am really looking forward to is our neighborhood Christmas party. The wonderful Ford family (Chuck and Gerri thanks for the pot roast dinner last night) are hosting.

There's gonna be a cookie swap...and I need to find a really good recipe.

Do you have a favorite cookie recipe? One that you have made and everyone raved over it?

Put it in the comments and I will write them all down and draw the winner.

I want alot of entries. I have around 70 visiters a day... most of which are just lurkers. So delurk...and add your favorite to the mix.

Make sure it is super yummy...and not too hard to make.

You can put in entries all week (you can enter more than one)...and I will draw next Monday.

The winning recipe will recieve a "Joy" gift in the mail!
So make sure to check back in next week to see if you I can get your email/address!

questions and comments from last week

by teresa

The remote control smells like crotch!

I don't smell anything.

It's the buttons...the buttons smell like crotch!

Get back in the bathroom and actually get IN the shower...don't just dampen your hair in the sink, spray axe everywhere and wrap yourself in a towel!

Where are my underwear? Did you hide my underwear?

It was like I gave birth...but it wasn't that big.

The bully on Popeye was Pluto.

No..that was the dog on Mickey Mouse!

The bully on Popeye was Bluto!

Who gave the dog salami?

I don't want to hear anymore about the size of Nick's poop!!

What are you writing down? Are you writing down what I'm saying to put it on the blog? Stop that!

You are such a Roloff!

I cried during the movie Fred Claus because I was on my period.

If you touch me I might explode.

Mom (child coming down at 10:00pm...2 hours past bedtime) I forgot to eat lunch I want it now!

If I'm ever "stopped up" all I have to do is eat a plate of your mom's food and it cleans me right out.

I'm NOT putting THAT matter how much you BEG!!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

by teresa

Christmas lights!!!!!!!
I love to ride around and look at peoples Christmas lights.

Forget the lights at the beach.
It's more than $10 a car.
On top of that they try to sell everyone in the car donuts and hot chocolate.

I go by the kids hot chocolate and donuts for $1...and then ride to the rich peoples neighborhoods and see their house lights.