Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat (preferably a krispy kreme doughnut)

by teresa

Had a busy couple of days. Yesterday I went with Ben's class to see the Junie B. Jones musical play. It was wonderful! Ben and his classmates (and all the mommies and daddies that went) were laughing and enjoying every minute of it. If it comes to your area...please go see it. Especially if your kids are as nuts about Junie B. as Ben is.

Last night we had an awesome soccer practice. We have two big games this week...and we really needed to get some plays together. The kids worked hard and Kristian scored an amazing goal from the side on one of our best goalies. I pray she will score in the games this week. It would do wonders for her self esteem.

After practice we dropped Ben off at the house with Lauren ond Nick...and then Chris and I ran to Walmart to pick up a few last minute halloween things (candy, black hair paint, yarn for a wig). Lauren was supposed to feed Ben dinner (which I had already cooked) and get the boys to bed. When we came in from shopping it looked like a heard of elephants had been trouncing through our house. Lights on all over the house (which was our first clue no one was asleep)... food on counters, dripping down sink, on kitchen floor and table...crusty plates on counter, food still in pots (hardened) on stove top...all the pillows from the couch on the floor...four tv's on and up loud...every playstation controller and steering wheels (to racing game) spread out across office floor...paper and markers scattered on desk...magnetix (all 500 pieces) spilled out on Ben's bed. We hear Ben yelling at Lauren...and Lauren yelling at Ben from our room...and Nick calling for help (with homework) from his room.

Good grief!

I don't even think it was worth it to get out by ourselves.

It took us about 40 minutes to clean up...pack up...and shut up the kids.

We were exhausted by the time we sat down to watch some tv. We only made it through 2 shows and then we had to head up to bed.

First thing this morning we had plumbers come to fix our leaking toilet and the nozzle on the side of the house.
They were in and out while I sat there putting the finishing touches on Nick's costume. Extra buttons, a gold chain attached to his vest, and trimming the yarn wig I made into a cute bob (just like Johnny Depps in the movie).
We will be leaving for church (after visiting our neighbors houses) around 5:45 tonight. I will make sure to take lots of pictures of the evenings happenings.


I want to see pictures of all your little rugrats on tomorrows blogs!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

pamper lovin'...so funny!

by teresa

This so too cute.

Thanks for sending it to me Melanie.

Thank you God...for Daylight Savings Time!!

by teresa

It is 6:20pm....and my children (the boys) are in bed.

It was dark here by 5:30.

They showered while I made dinner....then ate and went upstairs.

They didn't even question what time it was. hee hee

I guess with it being dark out...they just figured it was bedtime. And I didn't argue!

Early to bed and early to rise,
Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Go Team!

by teresa
Lauren's cheer competition was very exciting last night. There were 9 squads...but only four could go on to regionals. Lauren's team didn't make it. We were very dissappointed. But proud because we thought IRHS was outstanding!

Lauren received flowers from her coach, Chris and I and Ben. We also gave her a card (with a little something in it) to let her know how proud we were of all the hard work she put into this.

Friday, October 27, 2006

I gotta popcorn ball, I gotta pack of gum, I got five peices of candy....I gotta rock!

by teresa

Poor Charlie Brown...he never gets any candy in his bag.

All my kids are gone...and I'm sitting here watching "Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown".

How sad is that?

Actually I love all the Charlie Brown cartoons. "A Charlie Brown Christmas" is my favorite. And "Snoopy Come Home" is pretty good too.

Remember how cool it was to get to see a cartoon at night? Now you have cartoon network on 24/7. But Ed, Edd and Eddie, Camp Lazlo and The PowerPuff girls got nothing on Charlie Brown!

I've got the golden ticket...

by teresa

I'm back home from my shopping frenzy.

I hit three thrift stores and Target.

I found everything but some black dress shoes for Nick's costume.
This is what he is going as...

And Ben is going as...

That should be pretty funny looking!

I also found some matching blankets for the boys beds and Four great books. Has anybody read "Night" by Elie Wiesel? It's supposed to be very powerful(true story of his family taken and put in a concentration camp). He won a Nobel Peace Prize after writing it. I think I will read it tonight. Nothing like a little light reading :0)

We got two Netflix movies in the mail today. Click and Slither. Seen either of them?

I hear Ben's bus coming down the street...I'm off.

Later dudes!


by teresa

For some reason...my previous parfait post (say that 10 times fast) does not show up in blogger. Are you guys able to see it or comment on it? Weird! It's on the blog...but not listed in my blogger posts.

Anyway...this is for all nannies and grandaddys and my sister Katy.

Next Friday (Nov. 3rd) is Senior Night at the football game.

Lauren wants you all to be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The game begins at 7:00pm....but Chris and I will be escorting her (along with all the other senior athletes and parents) onto the field for senior recognition. It's supposed to be a big deal....so attendance is mandatory! Do you hear that daddy? MANDATORY!!!! :0)

Katy...you too! Bring the kids and Josh (her new boyfriend).

It's the last home game....so there are no more chances to see her in action.

Oh...I almost forgot. This Saturday evening (7:00pm) is the cheering competition. It's at Oscar Smith High and we will be leaving around 6:00 to get a good seat. Please join us! It's very exciting seeing all the cool dances from all the area schools squads. Last year Jackie went with us...and we screamed our lungs out. They get points on crowd participation...so we were as loud as we could be!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

busy busy busy

by teresa

Another busy day.

MIT then the grocery store then Nick's school for the rest of the day.

I think I am going to have to give something up soon....maybe I'll give up laundry. :0)

So many commitments is really stressing me out.

I picked up the team pictures and trophies yesterday and they turned out great. I gave out the pictures at practice last night....and at the party we will give out the trophies. I also went to check out the party room at the rec. center yesterday to make sure it was going to be big enough for us. And also to make sure there is a place we can set of the power point show. Chris is putting together something awesome with music and all the pictures I have taken of the kids this season.

I gotta split.
But not before I present one of my favorite AFHV's ever!
Neva scare a brotha

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

by teresa

I got my first Christmas catalogs in the mail today. I can not even believe the holidays are right around the corner. It is very exciting. I love the time from halloween to new years day. It's my favorite time of the year. Besides the obvious...that it's Jesus birthday and we have church plays, a dinner and gift giving for children whose parents are in jail(a ministry we are involved in), cantatas,etc. I also love the chilly days...gift shopping...family get-togethers...Chirstmas music...wonderful meals...decorations (I put my Christmas stuff up inside and outside the weekend before Thanksgiving)...and memorable winter outings (lights at the beach, snowtubing, breakfast with santa,visits to a nursing home,etc.).
What is your favorite thing about the holidays? What do you and your kids do to make the holidays special? When do you put up your tree? White or colored lights?

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Turn your head and cough

by teresa

Nick's appointment went very well.
She was very happy with his progress....and encouraged him to keep it up and stay active.
At one point when she was discussing his "nether regions" and his "boys" and puberty I actually laughed out loud. Then Nick and the doctor started laughing. How immature was that. I just couldn't hold it in. I just had to lighten the mood because Nick looked as if his head was going to burst from us two women (the dr. is a middle aged woman) chatting about his manhood. Oh the joys of parenting!

Then we headed to the optometrist where He tried on a bazillion different frames to replace the ones snapped in half in the dodgeball incident. Then the assistant pointed us to this display where all the glasses were only $59...that's including the frames. I quickly moved Nick over to those and we found a great pair. Once January rolls around he will be due for the exam and glasses on the insurance. Then he can pick out the mucho dinero pair he wanted ($200).

Now we are home and doing homework. Lauren got Ben off the bus for me and did his homework with him already (God Bless her!). Chris is in Hotlanta...so I think it will be sandwich night. Lauren is at cheering practice then she has a Halloween Alpha social to attend after that. They are supposed to where a costume...but that would take planning and thought (more thatn five minutes before walking out the door) on Lauren's behalf. And we all know that ain't happening. So what is she going as you ask? A leaf blower! Yep...a leaf blower. She attached a leaf to the front of a baseball hat so it hangs in her face. Then she blows it. Have mercy!

I'm off to make a couple of grilled cheeses and soup for the kids.

I'll leave you with this.
The Life and Death of a Pumpkin

dum dum dum...Another one bites the dust! And another one gone, and another one gone, another one bites the dust!

by teresa

Last nights game was super. The team we played had an incredible defense. Better than any team we have ever played. We would drive it down to their goal over and over and over. and everytime they would boot it out of there. Darn frustrating! It was edge of your seat action the entire game. When your in a game like that you feel as if your going to pull your hair out (or burst a lung shouting)...but afterward it is exhilerating. It was 0 to 0 until the last quarter. Then we got in 3 goals in the last minutes. Yeah! We are blessed to have a wonderful group of parents (and precious kids) this season. They all attend each game...cheer loudly and are very supportive of the kids and us. That's what keeps us volunteering season after season.

Had to run to Target early this morning. I got a call from the PTA prez. about someone who's father passed away this week. So I needed to get a sympathy card to them. Also I bought some butter knives. Where in the world do all my butter knives go? Are the kids sneaking them in their rooms and trying to dig a tunnel to freedom (Shawshank) or something? It's so frustrating.

Well I'm off to go fold something, dust something and scrub something.

Ta Ta...

Monday, October 23, 2006

If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.

by teresa

Went out to meet Ben's bus and it is cold and dark outside.

When does the time change?

Soon I hope. Because it is real hard getting a kid up for school when it is pitch dark outside.

Nick finished his project for civics and paper for English yesterday. They both turned out very nice. I can't wait to see what grade he gets. In English they had to write a short story about escaping danger. Here's how his went.

Narrowly Escaped Danger
Once upon a time, early one morning a little boy named David went into the woods near his village. The woods were very cheerful. He saw some animals he had never seen before.
After a few minutes later David came to the part of the woods where there are two portals, one side is happy and one side is evil. He had heard of these portal but had never believed in them. He had also heard if you go too far in one you will be stuck there forever.
Around mid-day David turned back to go home. But he tripped on what seemed to be a magical root that sent him flying intot he dark portal. When he noticed that he was in the evil world he hid under something fluffy. He felt a cold sensation on his face. So he jumped up. It turned out to be a wolf. But this wolf was a portal back home. Before he could get his brain to say "jump on the wolf," the wolf ran away. so there was David sitting there wishing he hadn't ran off like a sheep.
The next day he saw the wolf drinking out of a lake. When he tried to sneak up on him a bear came out of nowhere. So again and again the same thing happened for many years.
But then on fateful day he snuck up on the wolf and jumped on it. The wolf ran hard and very far. When it finally stopped it sent him flying home. His mom said, "time for breakfast." It had only been a dream.
I told him it was a story I would like to hear more of. It's just the kind of fantasy stuff that I like.
I have a busy day ahead of me. Ben's school for most of the day. I also need to take Nick to get some new glasses. His got broke in a dodgeball game on Friday. Some kid nailed him in the face (it is a nerf ball) and his glasses broke in half. Grrrrr. Nick said the kid was like a foot away when he threw it. I was so upset and ready to call the school, but then Chris said it was Nick's fault for not taking off his glasses...so I shouldn't call.
We have a make-up game tonight at 7:00pm. It is going to be fareezing! I will make sure to bundle Ben up real good.
Tomorrow is Nick's follow up appointment with the doctor. I am looking forward to seeing how all his test results came out and how she feels his progress is going.
Time to get Nick up for school.
Be blessed everyone!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I Think I'll go for a walk outside now, the summer sun's calling my name...I hear you now, I just can't stay inside all day...

I got to get out, get me some of those rays!
Everybody's smiling, sunshine day!
Everybody's laughing, sunshine day!
Everybody seems so happy today...It's a sunshine day!

Were you singing along? I loooooved the Brady Bunch. Especially the ones with the singing and dancing.

Yesterday was so beautiful. About 64 degrees and sunny. Perfect weather to be outside. Which we were. All day! Ben's soccer game went well. The Strikers won 5 to 0. Yea us! Ben scored one goal and was beyond thrilled with himself. Then we ran across town for Kai's game. He is really good. And it's nice to just relax and watch a game instead of having to coach. His team won 1 to zip.
Then we all packed up (mom,Chris,Katy and her kids) and headed to Chris' new building. Mom loved his new office and all the pictures I put together. And the kids enjoyed running amok...calling each other from the conference rooms and using the ice machine. Then we left Chris to catch up on some work and headed across the street (literally, right across the street) to Mt. Trashmore park (yes...that's the real name) to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. The kids climbed up the giant hill and rolled down about 100 times. They also played in Kids Cove (their favorite thing was the tire swing) and threw the frisbee around. Kaden seemed to enjoy the freedom out of her stroller. But then she kept picking up rocks and putting them in her mouth. So back in the stroller she went.

Nick and Lauren got home around 11:00pm from the youth group outing. Nick was exhausted but said he had a wonderful time on the farm. They played football, cooked out, had a bonfire and hayride around the land. They also had some devotional around the fire and had each kid give a testimony of how they have changed in God. Nick said he spoke...which is amazing. I hope they get together like this more often. Sometimes it's easier for kids to open up in a more relaxed setting.
Well...I'm off to church and then home so Nick can finish his civics project.
Have a blessed day!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Life is good!

by teresa

Homecoming was great. We won 42 to 6! The kids had a blast and feasted on chik-fil-a and pizza. A cold front came through near halftime...and they insisted on hot chocolate. Lauren looked like she had a memorable night. All smiles and laughs everytime I glanced over at her. Some of the girls got together and went to IHOP after the game. They will be celebrating late rooty tooty(yummy IHOP) style. Oh to be young again! It is now 10:50pm...and I can hardly keep my eyes open to right this post. Here's some of the pictures from the night. Ben yelling in his megaphone (much to the dismay of the guys infront of him). Kai grinning with pizza sauce all around his mouth. Lauren in back of a truck in the homecoming parade, doing a stunt, and cheesing with her best buddy Jasmine. There are no pictures of Nick, because he was working the concession stand the entire night. He has such a servants heart!

I'm off to bed.
Be blessed...and sleep well.

Office Reviews and Key Boy

By Chris

Teresa's office decorating was a big hit. I believe nearly everyone came in to take a peak, saying someone told them to come check out my office. I must say I have the most cool area now. Some asked if they could hire her to do their's. If I thought they were totally serious, I would have booked her out. College money, baby!

I love it. It was so inviting, I was here by 6 a.m. today! I managed to sneak out without anyone knowing I was gone (aside from a glance from Shorty the Dog as I had to reach into his and Ben's bed to get the rental car keys).

Yep. That's right. Key-and-car-obsessed Ben insists on sleeping with the key and cool remote entry thing every night. It stays on the pillow right by his head. He insists that the key be covered up and the buttons be exposed. Every once in a while you hear the "beep beep" sound because he must rollover onto the button. The kid has hundreds and hundreds of keys (literally . . . Teresa bought him a whole bunch of old car keys off eBay, prooving you can get anything there), yet any new key really fascinates him. He checks it out, pontificates about which other models they are similar too, etc. etc. Last night, he told Nick and me to stay in the car when we arrived, because he wanted to open all of our doors from the outside to see "how smooth they are. Pretend I'm the limo driver," he said.

Like my new look?

by teresa

I love our new template!

Thank you soooo much Mary. You are so like, totally awesome (said in my best valley girl voice).

The past two days have been so busy. Lots of commitments and little time.
I did have fun yesterday buying some frames and putting together some artwork for Chris new office. The boys and I took and his new things to his work last night...then we spent the next hour and a half hanging it all up. Then we headed out to dinner and home to get to bed.

This morning was competely chaotic. My moms in touch meeting was today. So I was all set to go and then as I dropped Nick off at school I remembered that he had a field trip today. It had completely slipped my mind. The trip was already paid for...but I was supposed to send money because they were going to some cafe for lunch. Darn! So I had to haul butt to the ATM and get some cash and then fly back to his school to give him the money before the buses left. So I missed my prayer time with my MIT gals. Bummer!
I did some cleaning and then ran to Old Navy. Chris called from work and said a co-worker told him they were having a sale where things were 97cents. So I headed up there to check out the deals. It was pretty well picked over...but I did get all three of my boys navy blue sweatshirts. You can never have enough sweatshirts.

Tonight is the big high school homecoming game. Ben is thrilled because he likes to watch the sports cars drive around the track with the homecoming court on them. Also the floats are cool too. Lauren and the other varsity cheerleaders ride in the back of a decorated pickup truck. The boys think this is beyond cool. They ride around waving and throwing footballs and candy to the crowd. We will sit on the front row to get good pictures. She is also taking part in one of the teachers retirement awards. It is a surprise to the man. She will be handing him and his family flowers and then escorting them off the field. It is all very exciting. Lauren and some other girls decorated their car windows and tied blue and white(school colors) ribbons to everyones car anntenae. We (except Chris) are all wearing Braves(school mascot) buttons and tatoos. I will make sure to get lots of pictures. Kai will be going us this evening and then spending the night afterward. I planned on Kristian coming too....but she is spending the night with her second favorite aunt and uncle(my sisters ex's family).

Tomorrow morning we will be up and out early for another soccer game. And then the youth group is having a get together on one of the families farm out in NC. They are cooking out , having a bonfire and hayride. It is from 2pm-10pm. Nick and Lauren are very excited. We need to find something for Ben to do. And then we can be alooooone. :0)

Hope you guys have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I was a bible.....what a geek

by teresa


Teenage girls.....double grrrrrr!

Secretive, moody, thinkin they're independent...but still can't do their own laundry, know-it-alls!

That's all I'm going to say about that!

Okay....what's up with the weather? I was enjoying my chilly (60 degree) days. Now this week it has been close to 80 and humid. Fall....please come back!

Today I will be at Nick's school for most of the day. He is excited about coming to sit with me in the reading room during lunch. I also need to run to OfficeMax and pick up printer paper and a black ink cartridge. Chris also wants me to pick him up some nices frames and create some photo artwork for his new office. Which means I will get to go to the best place on Earth....Target! yeah!

Well...October 31st is just around the corner. What does your family do to celebrate? We go our churches annual Harvest party. Lots of food...games...and some of those inflatable thingys. Then trunk-r-treating in the parking lot. We used to encourage the children to wear biblical themed costumes(when I was a kid). But now...seeing as this is one of the biggest outreaches our church does...we don't stipulate what to wear. So whether they show up as an angel...or Freddie Kruger...they are shown a good time. And best of all they are safe...and not roaming the streets. I was once "the living bible". I painted a refridgerator box black (with gold on the side and top), had a red strip of fabric hanging out the top (bookmark), made little handles onthe inside,and had Living bible written on the front. I also had a tape recorder inside with the bible on tape going. What a dork! That same year Chris and two friends went as Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego. They wore tattered, burned looking clothes and painted their hair orange and red (like fire). What is the dorkiest costume you ever wore?
What are your kids going to be this year?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Proof that I am a TOTAL dork!

by teresa

On the way home from taking Nick to school this song came on the radio. It is not my favorite song or anything. As a matter of fact...I think David Hasselhoff is a complete freak! But it DOES get stuck in your head when you hear it. No matter what I do ...I can't get it out of my brain. Arrrg! So I thought I would share the love with you. Enjoy.

If I get over 20 comments (which I KNOW will never happen) I will make this a weekly treat. I will even let you guys pick the song. hee hee

You know I can be found,sitting home all alone. If you can't come around,at least please telephone. Don't be cruel ,to a heart that's true!

by teresa

Have you seen me?

It is 1:00am...do you know where dog is?

I don't!

Shorty has left the building.

He has escaped the yard(around 10:30pm)....and is nowhere to be found.

He has his tags on...so there's no chance that if caught he won't be identified.

But it's raining...and I hope he doesn't get hit by a car in the darkness.

Chris is not home....so I don't want to leave the kids to go drive around looking.

Stupid hound dog!

I am tired and must go to bed.

Hopefully he will be home by morning...or Ben will blow a gasket!

Shorty returned home around 2:45am. I layed on the couch..and I heard him scratching at the front door. He was soaked to the bone! After toweling him off we both went up to bed. Needless to say, I am beyond tired this morning!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Long Way to W. Va. and The Rest of the Story

By Chris

I'm in West Virginia safe and sound after a few delays and flying through the same storm twice. You see, to get to West Virginia from Norfolk, Va. on a plane you have to fly all the way down to Georgia and then all the way back up to Charleston. Same thing going back. It's always fun flying through stormy weather, especially in the smaller planes. Bump, bump, dip, dive, climb . . . yeeeee haaaaaa . . . just like a roller coaster. Then, you get to land on the flattened out top of a mountain that is Charleston Yeager Airport. I've learned to not look out the window on that landing. Freaks me out. You are CERTAIN you are going to miss the little runway and fall off the face of the earth . . . or into the next mountain. So, all aisle seating for me . . . head back and eyes closed on that approach. In another display of the insane airline pricing structure, it is much, much cheaper to fly a Delta plane to Atlanta; get on another Delta plane to WV; then the same in reverse than it is to simply fly to Atlanta and back. On the same planes. Seriously. Go on delta.com and see for yourself. Many people say "just book the WV trip and skip the WV legs of the flights." But, they've got that covered. If you don't show up for any ONE leg of a booked trip, they cancel the rest of the itenerary. So . . . no getting home with that trick. So, I typically drive another 45 minutes to a different airport (Newport News) if I am just going to Atlanta, because it is as much as $600 cheaper that way. And, it's still on Delta. Essentially the same amount of miles. ?!?!?!?

To finish off the wreck thoughts. Lauren is so go-with-the-flow. Apparently after checking out the wreckage that was my car, she went back in the store to continue working, ringing people up, etc. I guess she figured all the cops had everything under control. I found this out because she says "These people came through my line who saw the wreck, and told me what happened." So I say "Wow you had to find out from a customer." She replies, "No, I had seen it and came back in. Then the manager saw me and told me to go back outside." Isn't that hilarious. The whole unsettling incident didn't even shake her enough to make her want to see what was going to happen. She saw her daddy's car crunched up with shopping carts and hardware everywhere, gave the cops the registration and casually went back to what she was doing! I guess she gets honestly, because stuff like that doesn't freak me out either. In fact, we got some strange looks from people as we both were joking about how rediculous the whole thing was, laughing in the middle of all the mayhem. You could tell people really expected us to be irrate and yelling or something. Lauren and my freak-out level is well beyond wrecked cars though. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever seen Lauren freak about anything. Sometimes, she seems oblivious (which I get accused of too, sometimes). I prefer to call it steady and balanced.

Speaking of oblivious . . . As we're joking around about the wreck, this cop comes up who looks about 12, checks Lauren out in a bravado cool copy way, and says "So, how old are you?" He then commenses with some other obvious pick-up type conversation, which Lauren willingly engaged in. I stopped laughing, and gave him a look like, "you're shopping for something that ain't for sale." When I told Teresa about it later, Lauren was like "huh??" She didn't even get it. So, of course I told her it's no wonder she doesn't date much. . . she's probably getting hit on all the time and just has not figured it out yet!! Ha!

I'm a scaredy cat

by teresa

I was thinking about taking the kids to the haunted maze and hayride in Va. Beach this weekend. Then I read MommaK's hayride experience. Now I am reconsidering.

I went to the haunted forest with some neighbors as a kid. It freaked me so bad I cried and peed my pants.

It's weird...cause I LOOOOOVE scary movies! The scarier...the better. But let someone jump out of a closet at me. YIKES! I will send out a scream so fierce....it will lift you from the ground and shoot you across the room. Seriously!

What about you guys?
Like scary movies?
What's your favorite?
Haunted hayrides, haunted forest, etc.?

If stretch marks were like parenting service stripes...I would be a Four Star General!

by teresa

I don't know what happened to my previous post. I had videod Nick playing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on his trumpet. He plays this over and over and over every day. I hadn't realized how LOUD the trumpet was when I let him sign up for band this year and drop the cello. I have had him practice in the other room (with the door closed).....it's still incredibly loud! I have sent him in the backyard a few times(sorry mom and dad...but it's every man for themselves)....my parents dog howls everytime...and I still can't hear myself think. I'm ready to fork over major bucks to send him to a private instructor. It will still be loud....but at least it will be good! :0)

Nick said something funny this morning. He said that God was like a chef(Emeril). And that when he was creating the world and came to the waters....he said....let me add a pinch of salt...BAM! I thought that was cute.

As we were leaving for school we noticed Shorty was sitting on my parents porch...staring in the front door. I don't know how he escaped from the backyard. The dog is like Houdini. I went around and looked and found no openings anywhere. And the gate was locked up tight too. Very eerie! I ought to set up my video camera...to catch him in the act.

Today Nick is supposed to go to the library after school. He wants to get his homework done there without his stupid baby brother bothering him the whole time (Nick's quote).

Chris is out of town today. I can't remember where though. Isn't that funny? I looked on my calendar and all I had written was out of town. I think it might be West Va. But I'm not 100% about that. It's a short trip this time. Only one day. Thank goodness. When he's gone for long periods of time...the kids start looking at me funny. Like they are conspiring a takeover or something. I can smell mutiny in the air. And I have to break bad...just to show them that I am to be respected as much as Big Daddy. Then they just giggle at me and walk away. MAN...I wish I was tall. I think my short stature is a major handicap in parenting. hee hee

A couple of you have asked for my latest recipes. I found them in this great WeightWatchers cookbook that I purchased at at thrift store last year. They have lots of yummy dinners and they are very low in fat and calories. Here's some of our favorites...

Tuna Patties
2 6oz. cans tuna, drained
3 egg whites
3 tbl bread crumbs
2 tbl parsley
1/4 tsp. pepper

Mix all together, form patties,cook in skillet(sprayed w/cooking spray),cook 5 minute on each side. You can eat them just like this or on a wheat roll w/ a slice of no-fat cheese toasted under the broiler for about a minute.

Beef in a Leaf
2tsp olive oil
1 lb. lean sirloin steak cut in strips
2tbls soy sauce
2tbls balsamic vinegar
2tbls honey
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
4 cups cooked angel hair pasta
1 head red leaf lettuce

Heat oil in skillet, add beef (5 mins), add next five ingredients, cook for 3 minutes, add pasta and toss to coat, cook 1 min.,pour in serving dish. Spoon 1/4 cup mixture into each lettuce leaf. Roll up and eat with hands. It's also good without the lettuce leaves. Just put in bowl and enjoy. I also double the soy sauce,vinegar,honey to make it more saucy.

Hamburger Nests
12 slices reduced calorie oatmeal bread
1/2 lb (10% or less fat) lean ground beef
3 tbls bread crumbs,
1 egg beaten
2 garlic cloves
1/4 tsp.pepper
1/4 cup bbq sauce
1/3 cup nonfat shredded cheddar cheese

Preheat oven 350
Spray muffin cups w/nonstick spray, press one slice bread (I peel off the crust) in each muffin tin, combine next 5 ingredients in bowl and mix, spoon evenly into bread lined muffin cups, top each w/1 tsp bbq sauce and sprinkle of cheese. Bake for 25 minutes or until cooked through.


More on the Wreck

By Chris

Teresa gave most of the details on the Target car wrecking episode. A few other observations.

First, Geico is awesome. They've always taken care of us (of course, our three acidents with them have been somone elses fault) One phone call from the scene and they had a the accident report completed, tow truck dispatched and car at body shop in less thab 2 hours from the time we got the call about the accident. They will handle everything, including collecting our deductible form the crazy driver.

Speaking of her, apparently she was that other thing that makes you drive badly (besides drunk): old. Everyone who filled me in at the scene had the one descriptor: "she's old.". I never saw her. Apparently, her daughter was following in another car and witnessed the whole thing. That must have been tough on all kinds of levels.

Oop. More later. Plane boarding finally...

Monday, October 16, 2006

by teresa

My day was filled with calls.

Calls to the insurance company, the adjuster and the rental company.

After Lauren got home from school she took me to the rental place to pick up the car (Dodge Stratus)

Ben was very excited to have a new set of keys to play with. That kid is obsessed with keys...and cars.

I finally had to hide them from him because he kept making it beep with the remote key clicker.

I sent him and Lauren to the grocery store for me. I gave her my list and my check card. That was a real help!

Tonight is soccer practice. So I cooked dinner early. Hamburger nests (oatmeal bread pressed into muffin tins...top with lean ground beef mixed with garlic,pepper,bread crumbs and eggs. Top with tsp. of bbq sauce and cheese). Everybody loves them.

Nick has tons of homework(as usual). So I am off to help get it done before we have to leave.


Sunday, October 15, 2006

by teresa

Just got the scariest call ever!

We were sitting down for dinner and the phone rang.

It was Lauren's # on the caller ID.

I answered and it was some man on the other end.

He says...who is this?

I say...WHO IS THIS?

He tells me he is "so and so" the executive such and such from Target stores.


He says...there has been an accident...your daughter is ok. It was is the parking lot...someone lost control of their car.

I am freaking! I ask...did the hit her??? Or her car?? ???

He then (why couldn't he have started the conversation with this bit of info) says...Oh no maam....she was working inside and somebody ran into her car outside in the parking lot. Phew! Sweet Jesus! Thank you...and please have this man take some classes on how to phone someone with bad news.

He asks if we could come up there immediately....and that the police are on their way.

I say we will be right there.

Then I hang up.....and cry.

I am so thankful that she is alright...but the hurt of thinking that she wasn't (even if it was just for 30 seconds) is hard to get over. I am still choking up writing this.

Chris went upstairs to change and then head out the door to Target.

I went to my purse and got all the insurance info they would need.

As he was about to leave he realized.....LAUREN TOOK HIS CAR TO WORK TODAY!!!

Oh my.

I'll make sure to update once he is home and I know how bad the damage is.

Please pray that the people in the accident are unharmed. Cars can be replaced... but loved ones cannot be.

Chris and Lauren came home around 9:00pm. He said Geico took care of everything. The tow and the body shop details. They will be calling us today about a rental. The adjuster should call by tomorrow with an estimate of how long they will need to fix the car and how much it will cost. We will have to pay a $250 deductable (which the ladies insurance company WILL be reimbursing us) and that's all.
Chris was told it was quite a sight. The lady hit one of the steel, bolted to the ground cart caddies. It was carried off by her car...then she kept going...hit several more cars and almost hit many shoppers. They said, on the video, people where jumping left and right to avoid this woman (and the cart caddie sticking off her car). Then she went across the row...hit another cart caddie and then slammed that caddie into the left side of Chris' car. The first caddie flew off her car....and into his rear window. He said it was in the window and sticking up in the air.
What a mess!
The woman was taken to the hospital...but just as a precaution.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

by teresa

Just a quick update of our day.

Ben's breakfast fundraiser was good. Mom and Kristian came with us. There were many school families there...even at the early time we went (8:30am).

The soccer game was AWESOME. We won 4 to 0. Yeah Strikers!

The missions cookout (burgers and hotdogs) went well. Although we left early to head to Kristian's party.

Kristian seemed thrilled with all her guests and gifts. Katy made a truck load of party food and the yummiest cake. It is 10:00pm and we are still in a food coma from the day.

Tomorrow will be church and then Chris and Lauren are spending the day going over college applications. I plan on cooking a yummy lunch (sirloin steak strips with olive oil, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, honey, red pepper flakes and angel hair pasta)...watching som football and taking a nap.

Hope your day is blessed as well.

Friday, October 13, 2006

This house...is clean!

by teresa


Long day....but I'm glad it's all done.

Everythings mopped, dusted, waxed, shined and scrubbed clean. The hampers are empty and I even cleaned the bathroom rugs and shower curtain. I went to Target and bought a new ducky shower curtain (so now it smells like Tylex and plastic in there) for the upstairs bathroom and also a rug for the kitchen area.

Chris even came home and got the yard mowed and edged and blown clean.

Then I cut Chris' hair out in the garage...and then took the yard blower to him to clean it off before I would let him enter my clean house. That sounds so redneck...doesn't it? But it's free...and looks good...and I can use the money he would have spent at the barber on my next trip to Target. :0)

We are now off to dinner with the in-laws. Italian maybe.

Hope you guys have a fun weekend planned.


don't be all snatchy with me!

by teresa

Wow...I can't believe I didn't post yesterday. I was just too busy to sit and form a thought.

It was a great day.....busy...but great!

MIT was wonderful. A very powerful (move me to tears) kinda meeting. And my friend Angie gave me a great devotion book to do with Ben. Last night was our first night...and he really enjoyed it. And afterward he closed with the most wonderful prayer too. God is good! all the time!

I had a good time at Nick's school. I did have another (slight) run-in with that cheery office worker. After my reading room shift....and before my library shift I went into the office to write a note to one of Nick's teachers and put it in her box. Well...I looked around for a piece of paper...didn't see one....so I grabbed one of the THOUSANDS of fundraiser flyers that were on the counter. As I was about to write she yelled out (and rushed toward me)....HERE IS A PIECE OF SCRAP PAPER....THAT IS THE FUNDRAISER PAPER!! Then she seriously tried to snatch the paper out of my hand...SNATCH...like I'm two or something. Like I was about to scribble on the flipping dead sea scrolls or something. ???? The temp office clerk looked at her like she was insane. I...snatched the paper away from her reach before she was able to grab it. I said...OHHH...don't trouble yourself...I will be GLAD to put the paper back on my own! Then I unfolded it....smoothed it out(in a overly dramatic way)....then replaced it carefully (again...very dramatic way)....and then said. I am so sorry. I didn't realize it was so important. Then I asked...are you getting a commision off this fundraiser or something? The temp. laughed out loud...and the secretary did a slight smirk. Then she said...don't forget to sign out in the correct book when you leave (as if I wouldn't). I was writing the note to Nick's teacher and looked up and said...OK. Then she said...cause there are three different books...incase you didn't know. I said...I know. Just then the vice principal walked out of his office. He called out ...MRS. GREEN! How are you doing? Anything you need? All while giving me a vice grip of a hug. This woman looked very confused. Was I important and she hadn't realized? He turned me toward the entire office staff and said......we love Mrs. Green. She is really helping us out alot this year. And we are all most grateful for all the work she does around here. This woman jumped up and ran over to me...SMILING. Oh yes..she said. Thank you Mrs. Green. May I put that note in Mrs. Harrells box for you? I said..sure...and thank you. Then I announced that I would be over in the library for the rest of the day if anybody needs me. She couldn't have been more cheery as the VP and I walked out together. She she doesn't know I work at the library several times a week. I check in at the main office on those days. So she didn't know I was important and all ..hee hee hee

Today is a day cleaning. Cleaning my house and my car out. All the beautiful fall leaves....have been tracked through my living room and up and down the stairs. grrrr

Chris is coming home early today because the movers are coming to move the office between noon and two. They built a new office in Virginia Beach (the office now is in Norfolk) and today is finally the day. Next week he wants me to go shopping to decorate his new space. It is a much more contemporary office than the one they have been in. So he wants new artwork and desk stuff.

I also need to go shopping for one more gift for Kristian's birthday party tomorrow. There was a Toys r Us insert in my Family Fun magazine I got in the mail yesterday. It showed these Disney Fairies set that is new. It is based on a book I got Kristian for her birthday last year....Fairy dust and the quest for the egg. It ws such a sweet book...with a special theme I thought was perfect for my Kristian. So now I MUST get a fairy something or other!

Tomorrow is going to be extremely busy. We will literally be gone from the house from 8:30am to around 4:00pm. Here's how it looks...School fundraiser breakfast, soccer games, missions lunch at church, Kristian's birthday part. But it will all be fun and full of friends and family. So it's all good!

I am off to take Nick to school and then come home and begin my cleaning mission.

concept: cleaning clipart

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

No more handstands for me....maybe just a few cartwheels on special occasions.

by teresa

First things first....my back and neck are fine. Thanks for all the concern. The only thing really hurt is my pride. And I can assure you that all gymnastics moves have been banned from the Green household for anyone over the age of 20!

We just came in from soccer practice. Chris is out of town so I ran it solo. One of the moms helped out and then we scrimmaged another team. I, as usual, was a raving psycho soccer mom. I don't know what it is...but when Chris is not there I must fell as if I have to be louder and play harder than the men coaches at the field. I ran....and yelled and ran...and screamed (it's a big field and I feel as thought the kids can't hear me over everyone screaming) some more. I wore a sweatshirt (dummy) and jeans thinking it was going to be cool. But it was far from cool. Especially with the display I was putting on. I was sweating buckets (sexy...I know) . And getting my sweaty clothes off at home was about as easy as peeling a grape. (nice visual...huh?)

We are soooo gonna kick some hiney on Sat.!!!! Sorry. That was rude of me. I mean....we are soooo going to have a fun game where everybody plays fair, nobody gets hurt, and every kid goes home happy. There...that's a better attitude.

Tomorrow is a busy day. MIT and then off to the reading room at Nick's school. I hope to get a few minutes tomorrow afternoon to catch up on all my blog reading.

I'm off to snuggle in the bed with my boys and read them to sleep.
Does it get any better than that?
I think not!

"Isn't it odd how much fatter a book gets when you've read it several times?...As if something were left between the pages every time you read it. Feelings, thoughts, sounds, smells...and then when you look at the book again many years later, you find yourself there too, a slightly younger self, slightly different, as if the book had preserved you, like a pressed flower... both strange and familiar."

This is a quote from one of my favorite books....Inkheart.
It is being made into a movie...with Brendan Frasier(the mummy) as one
of the main characters.

Your Legacy

By Chris

Before I get started . . . where is bloggin' momma? I'm Jonesin' from the road for some words from my baby. She must have spent all day working hard to make the Indian River community a better place! She's pretty amazing, spreading her sunshine all over children, teachers, administrators, churches and classrooms in the River.

Which brings me to my legacy. Today, on very short notice, I had to prepare and deliver a very brief talk that placed me in 2011 reflecting on what my legacy was, at that point. Ideally, it would reflect me puposefully taking advantage of my unique gifts and callings in achieving my org.'s mission (and you could apply it other parts of life too). I won't bore you with the details . . . but will say that everyone ought to do this. And share it with someone. It makes you think (which I'm convinced our fast-paced culture has made very difficult). It lets you get outside of life happening to you and move towards you happening to your life. It really is an easy exercise to focus on calling and purpose. And, if you don't put it away, I suspect it can serve to keep you on track. I know it's not a new revelation . . . write your own obituary everyday is similar philosophy, I suppose.

I also had to map the high and low points of my life today, then analyze them for similarities and trends, with the idea that I could particularly learn from the points that stick out on the extremes of the graph (good and bad). The idea is to concentrate on the actions that made the mapped line change directions. A deliberate examination of choices. Another good exercise. If you're so inclined, these things can also point out callings and divine placements, when you consider them appropriately. My little reflective map reassured me that, even though I didn't always realize it, I was on a definite course and that the high and low points were wonderfully orchestrated to carry out the next steps on the map with friends Goodness and Mercy always in tow, it turns out (even in the valleys).

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Been a Long Time

By Chris

I'm back. Not sure for how long, but after starting a secret personal blog, which I can't keep up, I've decided again to return to contributing here. I've been involved in some self-awareness activities lately, and this deliberating over multiple options is apparently just part of who I am as a "Rightsided Deliberator" Brainstyle. Apparently, I can't change this and shouldn't try. Oh, and I'm learning I can't change the Brainstyle of others either. So true. More on that later. Maybe.

I'm in a hotel room again for several nights . . . and bored. Teresa pokes fun at me that I like being alone too much, but it's actually boring without the fam. Apparently, years of submersion into fighting siblings, frolicking cousins, homework questions, soccer practices, ever-humming washers, trumpet and violin playing, spontaneous in-law visits etc. etc. etc. actually makes peace and quiet hard to deal with. I've just discovered that I really don't even like watching tv without Teresa nearby to joke with about the people on tv. Dinner was a highlight, as I was able to crack and peel crabs and shrimp with pretty good company. All-you-can-eat to boot. Some non-coastal land lovers were really freaked out by the whole experience . . . finding the ripping and sucking of crab meat from the shells slightly barbaric.

Good night . . .

If your baby's "beautiful and perfect, never cries or fusses, sleeps on schedule and burps on demand, an angel all the time," you're the AUNT!

by teresa

Haven't posted pictures of my P R E C I O U S little niece Kaden in a while. Took some photos of her tonight enjoying a happy meal at mom's house. She said my name yesterday when pointing to a picture of me. I'm pretty sure I'm her favorite person in the world!

Mr. Fix-it

by teresa

One of the greatest things about living next door to my parents is that my dad is a SUPER handyman! He came over this afternoon and fixed our storm door. It has been sticking and very difficult to shut for about two months. I finally remembered to ask him to look at it today. Fifteen minutes later...it was fixed good as new.
Thanks daddy!

He is holding up my new book light over his head.

I gotta ouchie

by teresa





Took pictures of son doing handstands....check

Tried to do a handstand myself....check

Busted my butt and suffered possible spinal chord injury...herniated disc...and rug burn on my ear.....check

Monday, October 09, 2006

*olive juice*

by teresa

I love you more than band music...and cookie making!

I am up late watching the movie The Other Sister.

I have seen this movie a hundred times...and I love it more everytime!

If you have never watched it...please do.

What a sweet love story.

If you don't know what the title of this blog means...in the movie, Carla's sister tells her if you whisper *olive juice*....to a person across the room it looks as if you said I Love You!
She's the one: Juliette Lewis and Giovanni Ribisi

just another manic Monday

by teresa

Why is it that when you are behind on laundry....that's when somebody has an accident in their bed? Making for an extra four tubs of blankets, sheets and pillows. Sheesh!

It is 9:00pm and I am now finally caught back up. With company here this past weekend....I let the hampers sit untouched.

I had a nice time at the bookfair this morning. Found some great books for Kristian's birthday this weekend. A cool cowgirl story and a book called The Princess Academy. I know she will love them.

Also had to grocery shop today. How did I know it was time to run to the grocery store? I had been using paper towels in the downstairs bathroom and tissues in the upstairs bathroom for a day and a half. I also needed some more yogurt smoothie drinks. Ben told me that before he left for school this morning when he guzzled down the last one. He has had one for breakfast for the last two weeks. I offered to fix him eggs..but he is so in love with these smoothies. Are your kids like this? Get stuck on one favorite for breakfast?

We had an early dinner tonight (tuna cakes on broiled wheat rolls with melted cheese) because we had soccer pictures and practice tonight. Practice was good...except that the field lights are burned out. So by the end of practice you could barely see the ball anymore.

The kids are all in bed (except for Lauren...who is at work) and Chris and I are enjoying a little tv. We ate dinner so early that I am hungry again already. I think I'll go grab a jello.

See ya.

Man...this was a boring post. Sorry.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

by teresa

Been a very relaxing Sunday.

Church service was great. A VERY sweet lady brought me some wonderful books her children used to enjoy. She moved this weekend...so she had packed them away. Her children are grown so she thought of me and my love for the written word. It was like Christmas....she even put them in a gift bag.

Lunch with Chris' parents was de-leesh! Penne pasta with grilled chicken and brocolli and alfredo sauce.

Came home and took a three hour nap (much needed).

Watched some football with the boys and then fixed dinner. Sweet and sour pork tenderloin over brown rice. yummy!

I just put the boys to bed and now I'm chilling on the couch with the hubby. Watching home makeover (sigh...Ty).

Busy week coming up (what's new). Lots of school commitments. I'm even spending my Monday at a school that my kids don't attend. My friend Melanie, from MIT, asked if I could help her out at her daughters school this week. Did I say yes because I'm nice? No. I said yes because of two words. Book fair! She is in charge of the fall book fair and I am H A P P Y to help out for any book fair! heehee

The rest of the week I am at Nick and Ben's schools. Chris will be out of town most of the week...so I will not have much of a break until Friday (my day off from volunteering...although it is my cleaning day).

Hope your Sunday was blessed.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

A quick trip to petsmart?

by teresa

Just took a quick trip up to Petsmart.

Shorty was in dire need of a new bed (instead of my couch).

I thought it would be a great idea to take Ben, Kai (5yr old nephew) and Joe (7yr old cousin).
It's Petsmart....they let dogs run around in there. Surely these three precious boys wouldn't do any harm. Yea...right!

Here's how the trip went.

Everyone fighting in the car as to who was going to sit next to the dog. Finally Shorty hopped into the front seat by me and ended the dispute.

Pulled up to store (lucked out and got first space in front of store)

Got kids out of van. Kai was last to get out...and I asked him to wait by the side of car with the other boys. He then jumped up like a monkey onto my sliding door (made crazy monkey noise) and hurled it closed almost shutting me in it. Shorty squeals and I realize his tail is still in the door. I am trying to move Kai and unlock the door to get Shorty out. Kai laughs...jumps back onto the little median and right into a big pile of dog poop (which I had JUST finished pointing out to the boys to watch out for. Geesh!

I get Shorty's tail free...check it for breaks...and cross the street toward the store (me holding Shorty's leash and Kai's shirt...Kai holding Joe and Joe holding Ben's hand.

Once across the way we stood for a minute before entering to let shorty pee on every inch of the sidewalk.

Upon entering the store Kai shoots off like a dart for the animal aquariums. The boys ooh and ahh over the rats, snakes, geckos and guinea pigs. We then head for the giant bird cage where Ben grabs a hold of the stick the birds are sitting on (through the wire) and spins it. Sending blue and green birds squawking and flapping all over the place. People stare.

We move on to a dog bed display. They are nice and colorful and just what I was looking for. I ask the boys to step aside while I choose a color. Which Kai interprets as....go ahead and yank down the entire display on us. The beds come down on shorty's back....he freaks....and poops right there in the aisle. I am horrified! I trot around a corner (Shorty pooping the entire way) and I peek to see if anyone has witnessed this show. No one has...so we move on.

Joe carries the bed I chose and Ben takes a bag of dog food for me. Kai is whining...wanting to help also (I think he had helped me enough already). So I told him he could pick out some treats for Shortman. He chooses a big box of Scooby snacks. We move on.

I let them ooh and ahh over the kittens...but shorty is getting a little restless. So we head for the check out lane. I stop to look at another display of dog bed I see....and I hear(and see out of the corner of my ear) Kai do some karate scream/spin/kick thing. Then I hear this old lady go ...HUMPH! As Kai hits her in the stomach with his box of Scooby snacks. OMG!!

I try to apologize (and assure her that this is NOT my son :) but she hurrys away from us.

We finally make it to the cash register and put our things down. There is one man ahead of us...but he is almost done checking out. I have Shorty's leash in one hand...and I'm getting out my checkcard with the other. I don't notice it...but shorty has now wrapped himself around this poor mans legs...and as the man walks off he stumbles...and almost yanks my arm off.
I beg his forgiveness...but he just rolls his eyes. Good grief!

As I'm paying the boys run over to the fish displays for one last look. And I am left to schlep all the stuff away by myself (dog bed, dog food, treats and Shorty) What a sight!

As we exit the store and get hooked together to cross the street....it starts raining. Pooh!

I think I will be going to Petsmart (and every other shopping trip) solo from now on.

Let's bowl!

by teresa

Had a nice day yesterday.

Met my friend Barb at IHOP and ended up chatting for 3 and a half hours.

By the time we left....I was hungry again! :0)

Why do we lose touch with friends? We love them....care deeply about them and their families....but somehow the rut of everyday life pushes them aside. It feels like home...like old times as soon as you get together again. Five years...is like nothing. You just pick up as if you just chatted last week. I feel so blessed to have her back in my life. and I promise that I will never lose touch again. Friends are too precious to missplace. It's like that special jewelry you have. You buy it...it's wonderful....precious...you take extra special care of it. Where it out all the time. Then you place it gently in your jewelry box...for another day. It gets pushed to the back for a special occasion. You forget it...you still look at it every now and then and love it ...but things are so hectic that you never even put jewelry on these days. Then one day...you rediscover it...tucked in the back. You put it on...and it makes you feel beautiful and special all over again. That's how I feel.

My Uncle Jim and Aunt Beth came (with their two boys) and we enjoyed a fun family evening with them. Mom made tacos and brownies...have mercy! We talked for hours (and ate for hours) and the kids had a good time with each other. Later today we are all going bowling and then to lunch. I will make sure to take some pictures.

Our soccer game and pictures were cancelled today. What a bummer. It's not even raining here this morning. But the news showed that many parts of our area were flooded. We were pretty lucky I guess. It is supposed to rain off and on for the next 24 hours. Pooh! I can't find my umbrella....and my hair looks ridiculous when rained on.

Have a nice weekend you guys.


Friday, October 06, 2006

True friends can grow separately...without growing apart.

by teresa

Yesterday was a blur of activities.

I wasn't home much of the day.

Back and forth...back and forth.

MIT meeting, alteration lady (I love my new pants), dry cleaners (Chris had a ton of stuff that needed to go), Nick's school(volunteered in the reading room), home to cook(made the yummiest Tuscan pasta recipe from my weight watchers cookbook), Ben's school for a PTA meeting, took Nick to mall for haircut (can you say shaggy dog? Plus today is picture day at school) and to exchange some jeans that were too big, walked in the door at 8:00pm. Put the kids to bed, cleaned up the kitchen, changed into jammies and watched my shows.


Glad that day is over.

Today is going to be great.

I am meeting a friend for brunch later. We met at CBN when I worked there. We were inseparable. She's funny and sweet and has the neatest daughters. They even lived with me for a couple of weeks when they were waiting for their new house to be available. Well...kids...housework...life happened and we lost touch for about six years. Her daughter found me on myspace and gave me her moms email. The internet is such a wonderful thing. We have been chatting and finally were able to find a day to get together. I am really looking forward to catching up with her.

Later this afternoon....my Uncle Jim and his family are coming for the weekend. They are going to brave the storms that are due to pound us the entire weekend. We must think of some indoor activities to keep all the kids busy. Maybe we will even get desperate enough to venture to the place we do not speak of....(Chuck E. Cheese). I can't stand the place. Too many kids running around...crummy pizza...stupid money sucking arcade games. But it is the best babysitter around.

Before I go get ready...I just wanted to say something to the guy driving behind me yesterday. Yea...you! After you beeped at me for NOT running a light so that you could rush to wherever in the world you were needing to get to at warp speed....I hope you enjoyed the 20 mph drive you got to take behind me for the next mile. Hitting every light on the way down the parkway hee hee hee. And was that little gesture you made at me sign language for have a nice day pretty lady? I thought so. Next time...chill...slow down....wake up a little earlier if it's going to take you speeding through crowded intersections, causing accidents to get to work on time.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

New slideshow

A game of Tag!

by teresa

Saw this on Mary's blog... and thought I'd give it a go.

1. When you look at yourself in the mirror, what's the first thing you think?

Man...I need to get lower mirrors. I can only see the top of my head!

2. How much cash do you have on you?

A hundred and fifty dollars. Lauren paid me her car payment a couple of days ago...and I haven't gone to the bank yet.

3. What's a word that rhymes with "TEST"?


4. Favourite planet?

Earth baby! It's where all the action is.

5. Who is the 4th person on your missed call list on your mobile phone?

My sister Katy

6. What is your favourite ring on your phone?

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

7. What clothes are you wearing?

Khaki capris...pink t-shirt

8. Do you label yourself?

Yep. Mommy!

9. Name the brand of your shoes you're currently wearing right now?

Keds! It's all about the bo bo's!

10. Bright or Dark Room?

Both. Half of my house is dark..cozy colors. The other half is bright and fun.

11. What were you doing at midnight last night?

I was actually asleep. I closed my book around 11:30pm.

12. What did your last text message you received say?

Sadly...I have NEVER recieved a text message. I think that means I am O-L-D!

13. What's a saying that you say a lot?


14. Who told you they loved you last?

Ben...of course. He tells me all the time.

15. Last furry thing you touched?

Shorty the Dog. Under Ben's covers when I went to get him up this morning.

16. How Many Drugs Have You Done In The Past three Days?

Notta one. Not even coffee or chocolate.

17. How many rolls of film do you need to get developed?

Film? What the heck is film?

18. Favourite age you have been so far?


19. Your worst enemy?

Stretch Marks. I swear my body says...."aloe sweetie....you should have smeared aloe all over that huge belly of yours when you were pregnant"...in braille across my stomach!

20. What is your current desktop picture?

Baby Kaden

21. What was the last thing you said to someone?

Have a good day sweetie. (to Ben as he got on the bus)

22. If you had to choose between a million pounds (dollars) or to be able to change a major regret, which would you choose?

Money. It's all about the Benjamins with me!

23. Do you like someone?

That's a weird question. I like most people. At least to their faces :0)

24. The last song you listened to?

No Greater Love by Rachael Lampa (it's my myspace song)

If you have 20 minutes to waste on yet another Meme, consider yourself tagged.
And please leave me a link so I can read yours!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

hello...my name is Teresa. And I'm a photo-holic

by teresa

The kids and I were playing around with the camera tonight. Well Ben and Lauren and I were...Nick slept from 4-8pm. He said he was tired from all the running around they did in PE today. I told him he could lay down for a bit before doing homework. I didn't realize it was going to be a four hour catnap!

He was waking up as I was coming down from getting Ben to bed. So we did his homework and I gave him dinner. He just went up to bed. I will check on him after I finish this post. I know he is in bed because I can hear NPR playing and his light is off.
Here are some silly pictures Ben and Lauren (and Shorty) posed for.

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.

by teresa

I love being busy.

When I don't get up early....shower and get ready before the kids get up...it messes up my whole day. I have no motivation to do anything. To even leave the house.

This morning I woke early and got ready. Once I dropped Nick off at school I headed over to Ben's school for the day. I spent four hours there shadowing a third grade teachers assistant. The principal called me last week to see if I could spare some time each week to help out the third grade teachers. It was fun. I could really see myself enjoying that everyday. I copied, filed homework in cubbies, lamenated stuff(cool), used the paper cutter, reshelved about a hundred library books,put a binder together, and three hole punched about a trillion worksheets.

I like to feel useful.

I even ate lunch in the teachers lounge. And let me tell you....those sweet little school marms are none too sweet and innocent when they are all together chatting at lunch. I overheard several of the teachers talking about sex (specific things) and using it to get things from their husbands or to avoid arguments. Have mercy! I mean...I ain't judging. We all do those things (don't EVEN try to deny it ladies). But it is not to be disscussed at the lunch table.

Ben was very excited today because Lauren's teachers training class visited his school today. She even came in his class for a few minutes. He thought that was great. Showing off his big sis to his friends and teacher.

While I was at Ben's school they had a lockdown drill. I was sitting in the workroom and I heard..."Miss Lock-It is in the building" over the loud speakers. I was confused...and just sat there as people rushed past the door. It got all quiet and then someone came past my door and told me to run in a room quickly. Oooookay? So I picked a room and hopped in. They locked the door behind me...and acut out the lights. We sat there silently until the principal came back on the loud speaker to announce that the drill was over. The teachers all explained to the kids that there was nothing to be afraid of. That they were just practicing in case someone or something of danger was in the area. That way the kids would be protected. I know that this is necessary now a days....but it makes me sad that it has to be done. On a funny note....Ben said he was in the bathroom(doin his business) when the alarm rang out. He was so confused as to what was happening....that he just stayed in the stall and kept peeking out until he heard the ok.

Lauren took Ben to karate for me tonight. Nick pitched a fit about going...so I have him home with me doing homework and reading. I have had to twist his arm about going lately....and I am just about over it. I may withdraw him from lessons. Chris asked me to look into trumpet lessons....so I may just do that instead. Ben will just continue on his own.

Lauren brought home her graduation packet today. It has all the order forms for cap and gown...invitations...etc. She has her first appointment for senior pictures in 3 weeks....and we also want to buy a full page ad honoring her in the yearbook. Which has to be in sometime next month. Good grief is it expensive to have a teenager!!

I must go and make dinner. I've got a rumbly in my tumbly.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Game Two


Tonights game was TOOOO close for comfort.

It was unbelievably intense....and stressed me majorly!

Three players didn't show up until the second quarter...and one not until the second half was starting. So Chris doing the lineup before he left was pretty much blown!

All that strategic placing of the better players with the timid players went down the drain.

I was forced to put most of the kids with no playing experience all together in one quarter.

So at the beginning of the last quarter...we were down 3 to zero.

We scored three goals in the last few minutes of the game. Ben scored two and another child one to tie us up. You would have thought it was the finals of the World Cup the way the parents were cheering. We were about to score another goal (literally 20 feet from the goal) when the whistle blew to signal the end of game.

Winning would have been nice.....but I will take a tie FOR SURE over losing 3 to 0!!
Soccer Moms Rock Value T-shirtI want this shirt. Isn't it cute?
But after the screaming and yelling I did at tonights game (seriously...I think I scared some of the kids...and one dad) maybe I should get this one instead.
Soccer Mom from Hell Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Did I mention I love my new camera?

by teresa

Stupid blogger.

I have tried to post several times today....but it wouldn't let me on.

I am finally home from my countless errands.

I went to Ben's school for a while to help with some things.

Then I ran to the post office to mail off some Netflix movies. I don't like to put them in the mailbox for fear of someone walking off with them.

I then ran across town to order or teams trophies and get the photo information for the parents tonight.

I went to my alteration lady and dropped off a pair of sweat pants I bought last week. They were of course too long...due to the fact that I am the size of one of the munchkin kids from the wizard of oz. They are cute, black yoga type pants (with a white stripe down the leg) and a matching zippered jacket. I saw it and KNEW it would be my fall uniform. I can't wait to pick the pants up on thursday.

Also had to run to the optometrist. Nick's lens fell out of his glasses yesterday...and those dumb screws are way too tiny to try and put in myself. The lady at the office did it in about a minute and a half with some special tool.

After all that I finally got to go to Barnes and Noble.

I was there so long that three different sales clerks approached me to see if there was something they could find for me. I just shooed them off. I like to "find" my own books. I had a list...but I also like to scan and see if something jumps out at me. I went to the register when my arms were bruised and aching from the weight of my load.
I am very happy with all my choices. Can't wait till Nick gets home so we can pick a new book to start tonight at bedtime.

Yesterday my family threw me a birthday party after church. Katy made a great cake and also provided everyone with delicious subs. We ended up staying for about 3 hours.

I have been playing with my new camera non-stop since Friday. I have used two batteries so far. SERIOUSLY!! I had taken about 500 pictures and 15 videos. I am a little obsessed. It has so many features that I don't know how to use as of yet. I found the timer button today. Here's a picture I took of myself with the timer. I pushed the button and ran across the room (stubbed my tow on the couch....it hurt) and then stodd there trying to look natural. What a dork!

Tonight we have our second soccer game. I am nervous about it because Chris is out of town...so it's just me and Katy. Of course I did make Chris do the lineup before he left for Richmond this morning. I will make sure to post about the game when we get home this evening.