Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm Black Belt Ben....FEAR ME!

by teresa

Ben had a very exciting afternoon. Today was his black belt test for little dragons. He has been taking karate for a year and a half (3x a week). Earned every belt...patch and certificate that could be awarded! We are so proud of him! He not only had to learn special kicks, blocks, punches and forms. But also had tests on hygiene/health, stranger safety, emergency awareness, fire safety, life skills (listening...cooperation...obedience) and 8 bible verses. Check out the new black belt.

we could do it in mom's pool???

by teresa

Conversation with Ben my 7yr old...

Ben: Mommy? I think I want to get baptized.

Me: Really honey? What makes you feel like you want to?

Ben: Well...I have Jesus in my heart...and I want to show him that I love Him.

Me: *tear* *sniff* okay...well we will talk to the pastor about it at church.

Ben: ummmm....can't daddy just baptize me?

Me: well...ummm...we can talk to daddy about that when he gets home :)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

I scream...we all scream for icecream!

by teresa

We just had the strongest storm come through a couple of hours ago. Heavy down pours...thunder...lightening...hail...winds. Our power kept going on and off...pretty scary! In the middle of the flashing lights and house shaking claps of thunder I heard a little tune outside. It was the flipping icecream man!!! Can you believe that? Do you want to know what is dumber than the icecream man coming through your neighborhood during a storm? I'll tell's the fools that ran out there during the storm to get there sweet tooth fix! Good grief!

Here's a picture of the truck through our front window.

funny cartoon...

I got this off of Zephra's blog. It's too perfect!!

I'm changing my name to Sandy!

by teresa

Today was my MIT meeting. We are doing one a month, instead of once a week until school starts back. The ladies and I decided to have our meeting outdoors since we would have all our kids(8 kids between the 3 of us). So we went to First Landing Park in Va. Beach. It was a lovely day. No rain!! Did you hear me people??? NO RAIN! It was even cool and breezy by the Chesapeake bay. We circled our chairs and prayed for our children...their summer events(camp, summer school, etc)...teachers to get lots of rest and relaxation...our husbands...and each other(mostly that our kids don't drive us insane the next 3 months:) I can't tell you how beautiful it was. Lifting up the name of Jesus...surounded by all of his beauty like that. Ahhhhhhh
The other women had to leave early because of children getting out of summer school. But the boys and I stayed for a couple more hours. We ate sandwiches and chips...and people watched. That's my favorite thing to do at the people! Nick found a conk shell...with the conk still in it. Yuck! He pulled it out of the bay and it squirted water on him. Of course they "collected" half the shells on the beach! I'm going to need to find a use for all these acumulated shells.
We just got home...showered and changed (I have sand in places I didn't even know existed). The dryer guy should be here within the hour. So I will sit here waiting and catch up on all the news from you guys blogs. Have a great day!

I'm all washed up!

by teresa this is too weird! You know how I told you our dryer was broken? And that I was having to take my clothes over to moms to dry.....and the repair man is coming today? Well, Tuesday's dryer broke too! And sister's broke this past weekend. I think that is too weird! So this forced me to take drastic measures and take my clothes up to the ....dun dun duuuuun (dramatic music) coin operated laundry place! I have NEVER been in a pay and wash before. I took my 4 tubs of wet clothes and my two boys to the closest one I could find. Luckily there was only one older man in there we had our pick of dryers. The woman who worked there came from behind her bullet proof window (I swear...that's what it looked like) to help me. I think she could tell I was a newbie. I pulled out a $20 and asked her for change...she had none, but said I could put it in the change machine in the back. She followed me over (I kinda gave her a ....dude, your in my personal space, look). She smiled and's going to be just like hitting the slots when you put that $20 in there! I guess this gave her a thrill...because the whole time this machine was spitting out my quarters....this woman stood there whooping and cheering! Oh my Lord! She advised me as to how many quarters I should put in each machine...and then she scurried off to the back chairs to watch Jerry Springer (I kid you not). Since the boys and I already have every episode of Jerry Springer on dvd (kidding people) we headed out to the car to watch Aquamarine (real cute movie by the way!). Twenty six minutes later (and for $4)...all four of those tubs were dry and folded. MAN...I HAVE GOT TO GET ME ONE OF THOSE INDUSTRIAL DRYERS...AND PUT IT IN MY GARAGE!! Here's a couple of pictures from our adventure.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Back to Reality

By Chris

Day two back to work from vacation, and it was time for a journey to Atlanta, my first since the summer holiday travel season hit. And, right on cue, it was a HOT MESS. Leaving out of Newport News at 5:45 a.m., the airport was packed with people still trying to get out from the night before, making huge lines. I chose AirTran for this trip . . . and got a glimpse into some of the ways this particularly low-cost carrier cuts some costs. Their kiosk and ticketing system in general demonstrated some serious flaws. Being just up-and-back in a day (granted a 20-hour day), the kiosk should have spared me the long counter line. No such luck. Error message. See the desk. Great! That's not usually a good sign. By the way, this only happened AFTER it charged my card $35 for the optional upgrade to business class (that's the upside to Airtran . . . it's always worth buying on the travel day that starts that early. Agent man gives me a boarding pass without a seat assignment. Not good. Bump possibility is high when this happens. "It let me buy the upgrade, though, and charged me?" I quized him. Sorry. You'll have to deal with that with the gate agent, who can arrange for a refund. Huh? Just do it here, I thought. But there wasn't time. At the gate, a bunch of us had these no-seat-assignment tickets. In fact, more than there were seats on the plane, it turned out. I told the gate agent about my upgrade problem, and her high tech solution: She wrote with a sharpie on my receipt I shared with her "refund credit card" and took down my address to MAIL me a refund receipt. The time it took to do that I am certain was greater than just doing the transaction live! Who makes this stuff up! So, I get on the plane, and they are turning people around, the flight attendant yelling at the gate agent, who had followed us down, to stop sending all these people down, "We're out of seats!!" Two poor ladies, left over from the night before and frazzled actually got in the plane before being told they couldn't get on the plane. So, close . . . but so far away. That was just cruel! Ends up, there was one business class seat left, which hadn't been assigned for some reason . . . they were torn about what to do for a second, with all of us vying for one seat and already in the plane. Oooo oooo oooo, I know why!!! That's the upgrade you charged me for. Just give me that seat and skip the whole reversing of my credit card transaction, I quickly suggested. "Good deal," said the gate agent, as I got to sit in the cushy seat as the rest of the poor suckers had to get off the plane and wait.

I got mine returning tonight, though, as the day of storms on the east coast caused the feared summer ATL airport baglog. You can tell when it happens, too. People lying all over the floors very soon after you enter the airport, stuck in this travel limbo state. My flight's delay meant I got to spend a good 4 hours in the limbo, which would have driven me crazy in the past. Now, in comparison, that's not a bad delay in ATL on a stormy day, I've come to realize. It had been a while though since that happened to me, and my endurance for it is definitely down a bit.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

anybody have any ear plugs?

by teresa

The boys and I had a pretty uneventful day. Dry & arts store...movies...and karate. We took Nick's cello back to the music store (we have been renting it $67 a month since Sept.). He decided next year he wants to move from strings to band. So I got him a trumpet($20 a month). He is very excited and wants to start lessons right away. This evening we sat at the computer and found some websites that gave us some good starting tips on how to position your mouth and such. I think I sounded pretty good...Nick, oh the other hand sounded like a cow being run over by a tractor ( ears are bleeding). Shorty ran out of the room and stuck his head under the couch (I am not lying). I will be arranging those lessons in the morning!!
We went to see the movie, RV with robin Williams. It was pretty good. Lots of slapstick stuff, which my boys LOVE! It was defintely worth the $3 for (3) admission tickets...I love dollar days at the cinema cafe!
Karate was pretty hohum. Not many people in attendance. But that may have to do with the fact that it has been pouring rain here for days!! If the kids wouldn't drive me insane sitting home with them...I would have loved to stay home (dry) and read and watch a movie. children are wild animals when caged in the house...and I am no Steve Irwin. I try to steer clear of danger...such as two boys fighting over the last donut...or battling to get the highest score on PacMan! It's not a pretty picture people. So out in the elements I went...frizzy wet hair...running mascara...and wet, white,see-through capri pants (I told you it wasn't a pretty picture)! Anything for my children!
Tomorrow we are heading to the library and then we are going to come home and make these. The boys also want to do it to some of the seashells from our vacation. I'll make sure to post some pictures of our finished treasures.

*love ya*

and I know...he watches over me....

by teresa

Yesterday the boys and I had a very close call on the way to karate. As we got to the end of our street (which is a lighted intersection) we waited to turn right because we had a red light and there was a big postal truck coming down the road we needed to turn on. As his light turned yellow he punched the brakes, but was going too fast (it rained all day, so the roads were slick). He should have just gone through the yellow light because he lost control and spun sideways....plowing right towards us. It looked like a train jumping the tracks...very scary! AND LOUD...the brakes were making this horrible screeching noise. I looked behind me and saw no I put my car in reverse and pealed back a bit...knowing it was going to hit us...but hoping I could get far enough back to ease the impact. The boys FA-REAKED! At the last second the truck must of hit a slicker spot...because it did another half spin and nailed a telephone pole (ripping off it's hood) to the left of us. And then it stopped...about 50 feet from our car! But wait...there's more...then the telephone pole came down! It teetered this way and that....then it fell towards the truck and stopped right before it hit it. It had overhead lines connecting it over our heads to another power pole on our side of the street. Then that pole pulled toward us. By this point the boys were both sobbing from what they had seen. I sped around the corner as fast as my soccer mom minivan cold take us! By the time we turned like 40 people had run out of homes and businesses to help the truck driver. He looked alert and was getting out of the we drove off. The boys cried almost the whole way to karate. Nick stoped crying and said a prayer aloud for the drivers safety and for protecting us. He said..."Mom, I think God's hand came down and stopped that truck from hitting us". I think Nick's right! Thank you God...for keeping us safe!
It makes you what if we hadn't forgotten their karate bag as we were pulling out of the driveway. We had to go back in the house and get it. That took at least 2 minutes. We would have been to that light before that truck ever got down the street. Then our car wouldn't have triggered that yellow light...and the truck would have been fine. There's a reason for's all God's plan. Maybe it kept me from greater harm further down the road.....or as the man gets checked at the hospital for his minor injuries...they will find something serious that needs to be dealt with... something treatable in it's early stages that he could have died from in a few months if gone untreated. Am I weird to think things like this? Stuff like this goes through my head alot.
Anyway...I hope you guys all had an uneventful day yesterday. Today the boys and I are headed to the dollar movies to see RV with Robin Williams...then to karate for double lessons. So I'll check back with you tonight.

God's Hand In The Clouds
picture taken of God's hand in the!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Vacation Reflection

By Chris

Alright. Can't let Teresa give the only vacation point of view.

Teresa gave me props for braving the cold, wet, sandy world even though being dirty, wet and cold are some of me least favorite things (sandy counts as dirty, in my book). Have to admit, it was fun playing with the kids in the ocean though. Next time, we must get a house with a pool though. There are some available with pools, gamerooms and home theatres complete with comfy movie seats and all (I know because Teresa has already been checking out the houses on the Internet that were on our street. She'll probably have us locked in soon for a return visit).

That all said, have to share a couple of comical happenings:

On one store run, I bought sparklers, thinking the kids wouuld enjoy these harmless of all fireworks. I ventured onto the deck with Ben, Nick, Christian and Kai and came back in a little worn from the experience. The whole holding-fire-on-sticks thing freaked Kristian out enough that she retreated inside after one nervous round of the experiment. Kai decided that a fun thing to do with his sparkler would be to touch my face with it. Yep . . . walked right up and touched me on the face. Not sure what he was thinking??? Ben was as spastic with sparklers as he is with everything else. Tippy-toe hopping all over the place with his, he got behind me and burned a hole right in my shirt. I was feeling a little warm, and asked Teresa to see if I was on fire. "Nope," she replied after checking my back. "No really, it's burning a little," I replied. "Nothing there she said." Only after we came inside did she see the hole. Good grief.

Grandpa George (nobody calls him that, but it does sort of have a ring) found a neat trail made of wood that winds through the woods before dead-ending on a deck on the sound (the sound is on the West, and we could check out the sunset). On the way in, I commented that this area "looked like mosquitos." Well, they were not mosquitos, but these craze flys took a liking to me. Once we decided to retreat, they became more aggressive. I guess we should have taken the hint of the teenagers who warned us on their way out: "we gave up and turned around because of the bugs." As Teresa and I headed back to the car first, she was laughing at me swatting wildly at the stupid things, welts forming everywhere. They particularly liked my face and ears. They left everyone else pretty much alone. I finally killed one at the end of the trail. It was yellow and black striped with a big-'ol needle mouth to poke me with. The whole thing left me swollen and sick feeling until I got some Benedryl in the system.

bow to your sensei....

by teresa
The boys and I slept in a little this morning. That was nice! Lauren left early in the am. for teen camp. She will be gone untill friday. All the kids from the youth group at church went...I'm sure they will have a blast! Chris went back to work today..and then he is off to Atlanta tomorrow. It's been so nice with everyone being together the past 9 days. But I know he's got to get back to work and bring home the I can fry it up in a too much....and gain 5 pounds! (man I love me some bacon)
My dryer broke today...pooh! I called the repair man and he will come on Thursday...THURSDAY? I guess I will wash my clothes here and then walk next door to mom's and dry them. That should be loads of fun....get it? LOADS of fun! I'm so funny!
The boys and I are heading to karate later. We usually don't go on Mondays...but they have missed a whole week and Ben has a big belt test on Friday (little dragon black belt) so he needs all the classed he can get.
I watched part of a movie I had already seen before last night. It's called Enough. Have you seen it? JLo...Billy Cambell and my Noah Wylie (Carter from ER...sigh). She plays a sweet girl who marries this guy and has a daughter. Life is perfect...or so it seems. They have a beautiful home, lots of money...then he starts hitting her and having affairs (openly). What a jerk! She runs all over the United States to get away from him...but he has all these connections and keeps finding her. She finally takes these defense/fighting classes while on the run. She confronts him in the end and TOTALLY KICK HIS BOOTY! He looksd so stunned as she is pummeling him over and over! I feel so bad for battered awful for the person you love so much to beat on you or your kids! I wish they all could turn around and put a hurtin on their attackers like JLo did in the movie. SWEET!
Well..I'm off to karate. Hiyah!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Home Sweet Home

by teresa
The family and I are back from vacation. It was a perfect week....sunshine days(mid 80's), cool breezy nights, lots of good food. It only rained once...for about an hour! At night we watched movies (aquamarine, Pink Panther, Cheaper by the Dozen 2)...and played video games (Ms. PacMan and DigDug). We also kept up with So You Think You Can Dance...I L-O-V-E Travis and Martha! He's from our neck of the woods (Va. Beach)...and she's from NC. Not a bad combo! Also we watched the NBA finals. Very exciting! Especially when your team WINS!!! Yeah Miami!
I tried to blog while on vacation...but could only get good connections two times all week. But that's good I guess...I filled my time playing with the kids and reading 2 good books (My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult...and Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan).
I think we are going to try for another vacation sometime this summer. With just our family. It was great having everybody with us(especially my mom and dad. George and Jackie have gone on our vacations many times...but this was the first time my parents came)...but the kids act different around other people. They compete for attention from the grandmas and play with their cousins instead of each other. This always leads to someone feeling left out (NICK) and hurt feelings. You also have to be guarded about how loud they get playing. Always shushing them and telling them to turn down the music and videos games.
Chris did well this week....remember, he is NOT A BEACH PERSON! The kids and I could go to the beach everyday of the summer (I have made a vow to myself to go at least once a week this summer...we only live 15 minutes from Va.Beach)...but Chris hates SAND! Isn't that funny? You go for a week long beach vacation...and you hate sand! He sucked it up by day 2 and came out to the beach with us. The kids had a great time swimming and boogie boarding with him all week. Chris had a good time too. Oh..but did I mention the water was FAREEZING? Oh My! I have never been so cold in my life. It was so cold that you NEVER got used to it...NEVER! We were in there for hours and my body was half numb and half stinging from the water temp. I will never complain about mom's pool being cold that I have experienced...ADVANCED COLD!
I hope all you guys hav had a blessed week...and I look forward to jumping back in the blogging world where I left off. I'm off now to wake the kids for church. I have to help teach the puppet/snack class today for the 3-6 year olds. I really enjoy this so much. Especially at prayer request time...whoo...the stuff you hear there :)
I'll talk at ya'll later...Peace Out!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

she wore an itsy bitsy ,teeny weeny, yellow polka dot bikini

by teresa
While I have a minute I thought I would post the picture of Lauren and my mom in their matching bathing suits. I think they look cute.

Monday, June 19, 2006

fun in the sun...

by teresa
Hello! It seems that a couple of our neighbors have wireless routers which we are able to pick up at our house. So I am able to take a couple of minutes to jump on the computer and say hello. I haven't really had time to miss the internet...we are having such a great time. Lots of sunning, swimming, shopping and eating. The kids are having the time of their lives. Kai even got in the ocean (which he has been afraid of since birth). Nick rigged up a kite he found in the dunes to a fishing pole. Too funny...I must say! Don't will come once we are home. Katy, Kaden and my dad left to go home about an hour ago. Katy and dad both have to work they headed back early. We will miss them. Kristian and Kai stayed behind...thank goodness! Ben would have gone nuts without his cousins to play with. We all got in the ocean today which was hilarious. I was a total dork. Shreeching loudly everytime the FREEZING water came up on my body! I think tomorrow we are going to the go kart track as a surprise to the kids. Hope you guys all had a nice fathers day...and a great week.
God Bless!

Friday, June 16, 2006

bathing burkha...hahahahah...too funny!

by teresa

I had to give love to Chris (not my husband) over in the trenches today! She wrote the most perfect post about taking children to the beach. It is so funny...and so RIGHT ON THE MONEY!! You must take a moment and visit her.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

I'm feeling a little rooty tooty...

by teresa

Today has been a mix of emotions for the kids and me. Ben almost started crying once he got off the bus. Which of course made me teary! He was sad to not be seeing his friends everyday. He also will miss his teacher Mrs. Keagy. Nick is leaving the haven of intermediate school...and heading over to the ....dun dun duuuuun (dramatic music)...MIDDLE SCHOOL! Alot more hustle and bustle and hormones. And we all know how well Nick handles change. Definitley not good with change! He likes all things the same. SAME SAME SAME...EVERYTHING...ALL THE TIME...THE SAME!
The teachers loved their gifts... books...of course! I also took some goodies to the office staffs at both schools. I feel like I leave Lauren out all the time. Outside of parents night at the beginning of the school year, I haven't spoken to any of Lauren's teachers this year. Once their in high's time to cut 'em loose! Plus...if I showed up to her school with goodie bags for her teachers I do believe she would burst into flames right on the spot!
She took my video camera to school today. Before she headed to the beach she came home to change and drop off the camera(after her new camera phone was washed away at the beach...she was forbidden to take any electronics with her). I sat and watched a few minutes of the footage. The kids were all counting down the last minutes in class. The last minutes of being a junior (in their words). Once the last bell rang they all screamed...WE'RE SENIORS!!! 07 RULES!!! Then she proceeded to run down the main hall interviewing everybody she knew. They were all jumping up and down...yelling and hugging and congratulating each other. Carefree! I hope they all have fun and safe summers.
Once Chris came home we all went out back and played basketball together. We also cleaned out the garage and took lots of trash and empty boxes to the street for trash day tomorrow. I love getting the garage nice and clean. I also would like to put the old basketball hoop(old, ugly,taped together) out to the trash (which was our plan when we got the new hoop), but now the boys (I mean Chris) are complaining about having to get rid of it because they enjoy playing a full court game. Good grief! Maybe once everyone falls asleep tonight I'll wheel that sucker to the curb.
We are heading over to IHOP for dinner. Thursday nights kids eat free! Sounds good to me. That rooty tooty fresh and fruity has my name ALL over it!

shhhh...I'm hiding

by teresa
I am a lurker.
I have a handful of favorite blogs that I read daily and comment on...but MANY that I pop over and red about once a week. Lurking in the shadows...never commenting...just observing. Well one of the blogs I lurk over is The Blue Sloth....a daddy blogger to 3 cute kids. He is very funny and interesting. I took this video (sorry) from one of his blogs this week. It's 8 minutes long...but well worth the time to watch it. When you get a chance today...sit back and enjoy.

By the you lurk anywhere? Reading...but never commenting?


by teresa
The kids got off to school good this morning. Nick was in a bit of a mood because I wouldn't let him wear his blue vans. The shoe laces keep coming untied and dragging the ground. Looking very sloopy! So I told him...just for today to wear his Nike's. Well good would have thought I told him to go to school naked! What an attitude I got for the rest of the morning. Whining and moaning about the stupid Nikes. Gee whiz...just hush up already and GO TO SCHOOL! Ben and Lauren were both bubbly. Ben is so excited about summer vacation starting tomorrow...and Lauren and her friends are all heading to Va. Beach after school. Sounds like I miss being a teenager!
Well, I'm off to deliver teachers gifts and do some things at Ben's school. Then pick up some laundry detergent and sodas from the grocery store.
Ta Ta for now...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

party time...excellent...

by teresa
This morning the boys literally bounced out of bed. Both eager to get to school for their PARTY DAY! Since I spent all day at Ben's school yesterday (field day) I went to Nick's school today and hosted his class party. But before I went to school I had my MIT meeting this morning. It was great and uplifting as always! Right in the middle of praying my cell phone started to ring. Nice! Of course I couldn't find it right away in my purse. There I am digging in my eye still closed...trying to stay "in the Spirit" while the theme from Ragtime was ringing out from the floor. One of the mothers that attends the weekly meeting said her pastor says....if a phone rings during my service...that person has to give $10 to missions! I thought that was cute. We decided not to meet weekly during the summer, but instead meet just once a month. And have those meetings at the beach or over someone hose who has a pool. That way we could bring our children (there are 10 children between all the ladies of our group). I'll be looking forward to that! Anyway...after the meeting I came home for a few minutes. I heard a siren as I was getting out of my car. I ran to my porch( was raining) and waited to see if it came close. The ambulance and fire truck came right to my house and stopped. They got out and went in to my neighbors house. I've spoke about Miss Gerri before. Yikes! I threw my junk in my front door and ran across the street to see if I could help. Chuck was not feeling well. His breathing was labored and Gerri couldn't get him up to the car to go to the she call an ambulance. I made calls to their kids and family while Gerri got dressed we prayed together and then she headed to the hospital. I haven't heard anything yet...but I continue praying that he is feeling better!
Nick's party was a success! Lots of fun and lots of food. Eventhough only 4 parents did the rsvp to me, letting me know what they were bringing....lots more parents sent stuff in. I was so relieved. When you are room mom...sometimes you get stuck doing and bringing EVERYTHING!! And that's just not fair! Nick had a blast and then got to leave early with me. His teacher gave me this....very nice! When Ben got home from school he had this for me from his teacher. Are they trying to tell me something? Am I like dry and ashy?
Tonight is church....and then we will attempt to get our children to bed. It will be in vain, I'm sure...because they are SO WIRED about tomorrow being the last day of school. I am heading to Ben's school in the morning for PTA business and to visit in his class. Then the next two days will be laundry and packing for our trip. I'm so excited...I can't hardly stand it! I hope we have good weather!
Oh yeah...I forgot to say...YIPPEE!! THE HEAT WON LAST NIGHT! They are still down 2-1 in the series...but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! GO SHAQ!! I was up till midnight watching the game...which was literally down to the last few seconds! Phew! Tonight is "So you think you can dance". I hope it's not over before I get home from church. Last weeks episode was pretty good. I'm starting to get my favorites already.

The wet look is so chic...

by teresa
Well...I have been rained on so many times today...that my hair looks like this...SERIOUSLY!

Secretary to the President

By Chris

For several weeks now, Ben has a new career choice. He talks about it a lot. He says he wants to be "Secretary to the President." Sometimes, he says it when someone asks him what he wants to be when he grows up. But, other times, he just blurts it out. "Wouldn't it be cool to be Secretary to the President dad," he asked last night. I asked him "why not be President?" He replied. "I couldn't get enough votes," he answered. Of course, mom and I assured him he could!

Jam Master B - Secretary to the President.


After Chris wrote this blog about Ben wanting to be Secretary to the President he came home with this book he had written in school. I thought you would enjoy it.

I love love me...we're a happy family...

by teresa
This is what Ben does to me as his bus pulls off every morning. Even when he is grumpy. He gets on the bus frowning and acting like he is not going to do it. Then at the last possible moment before the bus goes out of sight I see his little hand in the window...making it's I love you sign. This melts my heart!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Cars Report

By Chris

Got through boys night out to see Cars just short of having to mortgage the house! My, the movies are expensive at night. Especially the food \ drink.

The movie was o.k., but I did spend some of the time surfing on the Blackberry. That should tell you it was not nearly as good as all the hype, though. The boys reported they loved it, though. Larry the Cable Guy as a tow truck was pretty funny . . . Git R Done! The boys wanted to sit on the front row, so we didn't even sit together (yes, Teresa, I sat at a strategic spot where I would be certain to notice the movie theatre boogy men who steal little boys).

Got home to a dark house and a fast asleep mom and Shorty the Dog.

I've been tagged...

by teresa

Sweet Mary Sunshine tagged me with this...
Name 7 things I say often or eveyday.

1. good morning..good's a happy happy day! ( I sing this each and every morning while waking the boys for school)
2. Brush your teeth....use toothpaste this time!
3. Stop dilly-dallying! (it's a real word...see)
5. I'm telling daddy! (I hate that I stoop to this sometimes...but I do!)
6. Get your finger out of your nose!
7. who was last in the bathroom?.....well get back in there and FLUSH!

I will tag Lisa...Leslie...Melissa...and Misty!

I think i'll go for a walk outside now...the summer sun's callin my name(i hear ya now)...i just can't stay inside all day...

I gotta get out get me some of those RAYS!
everybody's smilin
sunshine day!

*sorry...I had a Brady Bunch flashback*

Today I am heading over to Ben's field day. As a matter of fact...I'm leaving as soon as I finish this post. I love field day. I remember my own field days. The sack game...pie in the face of the principal...etc. So much fun...I know Ben is really looking forward to it. I will take MANY pictures to show off later. It's sunny here this morning...I hope the same for you!
Be blessed...

Monday, June 12, 2006

10 reasons why I love my hubby!

by teresa

1. Because he is a godly father and husband.
2. Because he always tries to make me laugh (and succeeds...he is really hilarious!)
3. Because he provides for our family's needs. (even traveling alot eventhough he would rather be home with us..just so I can be a SAHM to our kids)
4. Because he makes a mean chilli! ('s awesome!)
5. Because he genuinely cares about and for me.
6. He is extremely intellegent...but doesn't take himself too seriously
7. He does housework! Nuff said!
8. He thinks I'm beautiful no matter what state I am in.
9. He always reads books that I recommend to him. Even if it is a childrens book (and he is into the sophisticated literature that flies way over my head)he reads it and tells me I have such great taste in books!
10. Because he ALWAYS says "I love you" first.

*there are many, many more reasons...the best of which can't be written on my "family blog" hee hee*

rain rain go away...come again another day...

by teresa

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. Went to church...then came home and grilled some hotdogs for lunch. We all lazed around most of the day. Reading the paper and watching tv together. Later in the afternoon Nick layed down and took and nap and Ben and Chris went outside and played basketball drills for over 2 hours! I sat out there and watched them. I did go over a few times and try to shoot. Ben would laugh at me...and then I would return to my chair and lemonade. Once the kids were showered and in bed Chris and I watched game 2 of the NBA finals. Which the HEAT lost again! Now the series in 2-0 in favor of the Mavericks! BOO!! The one cool thing about the game though was that Elliot Yamin sang the national anthem before the game. He did pretty good too...except for some weird giggling and hesitation by him at the beginning of the song.

Today has been raining and blah!

The kids all got up good though...looking forward to starting this last week of school. For the boys the last week is slack. Full of parties, field days, assemblies and such. For Lauren the last week means FINAL EXAMS! Don't those words just send shivers down your spines? It does mine!
Nick's school called awhile ago. Apparently Nick threw up and I needed to get there immediately! So off I went. I get there and he is SOAKED from head to toe. GROSS! Another mom was walking in with me. We got to talking and realized her daughter was in Nick's class too. Nick comes around the corner grinning from ear to ear. He didn't look sick to me! I as him..."did you get nauseous?" Nope...he says. The girl beside me at the lunch table threw I threw up! And then he just chuckles. Man did he REEK something awful too! I told the office lady that he wasn't sick...he just has a weak stomach (like me). She said that the rules state... if a child throws up ...a child goes home! So Nick got a get out of jail...I mean school free card! I brought him home...had him shower...and burned his clothes! Just kidding...I rinsed them in the garage sink and put them in the washer. He is upstairs now laying across his bed watching tv in his jammies.
Cause MY rules are....if a child comes home sick...a child goes to bed!

Tonight Chris and I are taking the boys to see the movie CARS. Vrrrooom! I hope it's as good as all it's hype.
I hope all of you guys are having blue skies and sunshine! Talk to you later....

You Should Know By Now!

By Chris

O.k. Have to vent on teenage daughter a bit. She's 17 . . . driving now . . . lots of freedom. I think we're pretty good with her too. She doesn't even have set curfew (I don't get the curfew thing. So, you say your kid has to be in every night by 11 p.m. That, to me, is a free ride to do whatever you want before 11 p.m. Pretty much everything I don't want her to do can be done before 11 p.m. . . . or anytime for that matter. But, hey, she would be home by eleven!). So, we say tell us what you want to do, and we'll tell you when to be home. Done by 7 p.m.? Well, be home at 7:20. No unaccounted for time is our key. Heck, if she gave me a real good reason that she was doing some legitimate thing I could check on, she could come in at 2 a.m. (have not seen that legitimate thing yet!). We also say, when you leave any location for another, call and ask first (not when you get to the next destination). And, we never say no. We just have to know (going to Jasmine's . . . . fine. Call us when you get there from her phone so we can see it on the caller id). Yet, she slips on the prior notification a lot. I don't get it. Just call!!! Last night, it happened again. She headed off to church. It was getting a little late, so we put out a call. "Where are you" . . . . "Barnes and Noble," she says, not even getting it. Well, Barnes and Noble AIN"T CHURCH!!! She says: "You should know by now that I go out after church every Sunday." AHHHHH#$??@! Yeah, and she should know she has to call before doing that. Right? I mean, we would let her go. So now, she shall pay! Stay tuned for how!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

you blow my mind!

by teresa
Today has been a blur. Yardwork and kids playing. Chris and I went a bought a tiller and a blower. The blower is so great. It has been a bear trying to keep the new concrete areas leaf free. But with the blower...the job can be done in about 10 minutes. Katy and the kids came over bright and early today. They enjoyed riding bikes and playing t-ball in the backyard. we grilled out tonight. Yummy steak kabobs with tomatos, peppers and onions and honey mustard chicken. mmmmmm The weather was a perfect 80 , with a cool breeze! Nice! Lauren had to work al day...but I saved her a plate.
Tomorrow will be busy with church and then Lauren's end of the year cheering party. The will be getting their awards and letters.
I hope you guys are having a fun filled family weekend. with good weather and perfect attitudes (from the children...and husbands).
I'll leave you with this...

Friday, June 09, 2006

Take me out to the ballgame...take me out to the crowds...

by teresa

This cracks me up...

Somewhere over the rainbow....

by teresa
Okay...while going from bedroom to bedroom straightening and making beds this morning...I realized something. I am a woman who is SO not afraid of C O L O R ! As a matter of house looks one of those skittles "taste the rainbow" commercials. It's everywhere. The walls...bedding...even my closet! Look at these pictures. The boys room looks like a crayola box....Lauren's room is wild and crazy (and yes...that's a shower curtain window treatment)...and our room looks like a bunch of grapes exploded. I even took a picture of my closet and the pajamas I was wearing to show you that I carry this colorful theme with me even when I leave the house. Are you guys into color too...or are your walls a clean, crisp white?

now I know my ABC' time won't you sing with me

by teresa

Yeah....Blogger is letting me on!!!

I tried to post several times yesterday....and blogger kept shutting me out. Boooooo!

It is pouring here in Va. this morning. I had to frantically look for Ben's raincoat as the bus was coming around the corner. I offered to take him...but he said,"Just get me a coat...I want to ride the bus!" The only things I could find quickly was his ski coat and Kai's old jacket he left here a while back(which is 2 sizes too small for Ben). We went with Kai's jacket. If you've seen the movie Tommy Boy with Chris Farley....when he puts on David Spades coat...and it's busting at the seams and half up his arms....well that's what Ben looked like. Too funny! *fat guy in a little coat...fat guy in a little coat*

Lauren had her last Orchestra concert last night. She has played the violin since grade 5...and decided to pass on it her senior year. Her schedule for next year(I can't believe she is going to be a senior) is going to be great. Teachers of Tomorrow(yes, she wants to be a teacher), Yearbook, honors english 12, Marine biology and honors government 12. Most of them are half year classes (block schedules) so she will get out by lunch each day. So the first half of the year she will have T of T...yearbook...English. Second half of year Yearbook...biology...government. We will expect GREAT things from her with such a slack schedule!

Today I actually have nothing on my calendar. After I got the kids off to school I did label and stuff some envelopes for Chris' work. He says I am quick and efficient...and cheap!
I was wanting to do some yard work...but with the rain and all...I guess it will have to wait till tomorrow. My laundry is all done (even last nights jammies are washed and back in the drawers). The only bad thing about doing the laundry so quickly is that I accidently dress the kids in the same clothes for two days in a row. They are always back in the closet by the next I can't ever remember what they just wore. I guess I'll dust and vacuum....blah!

Ben is very excited that the movie CARS is finally coming out today. We saw the preview for it in theatres like a year ago! He has been anxiously awaiting it ever since! Tonight is his turn to spend the night with Nanny Jackie and George. The grandparents always have the kids take turns to avoid fighting and also so the kid can experience some "only child" time. Maybe THEY can take him to see the movie....are you reading this Jackie?? I said maybe THEY can take them to see the movie! *hint hint* :0)

Lauren is going over "a friends" house tonight to watch movies. Notice how I put that in quotation marks? I'll just leave it at that...for now!

Yesterday Ben came home from school with something very special. The completed alphabet book. You know....THE alphabet book I have been working on since my first day volunteering at Ben's school. I wrote about it often. Remember?

Oh sister Katy got a new car. Well...not a new car...just new to her. She had been driving moms old 93 GMC Jimmy for the past few years. It seats 5. And with 3 kids of her own, and babysitting 2 there was no way to go anywhere. If we were to meet at the park I would have to stop by and pick half of them up. Also the Jimmy had NO air conditioning. So the kids looked like melting popsicles everytime they came over. She found a really nice 2001 caravan. Now they have plenty of room for all those kids, carseats and strollers. Her and the kids are so excited. She brought it over last night and Kai was giving us the grand tour...."here are the dry cleaning hooks, here are the air vents, here are the seat belts..etc"

I am going to hop in the shower and get a few things done...I'll meet you back her in a bit. Happy Friday!
Here's some pictures of my....I mean Ben's artwork!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Home Sleep Home

By Chris

Well . . . I miss my new bed. Since Teresa did her best to re-create the Marriott sleeping environment, this is my first out-of-towner. Baltimore-Washington hotels were extremely busy, and I find myself at a Quality Inn tonight. Teresa's bed definitely beats this one. There is, however, one problem with the new bedding. Unlike Marriott, we now have satin sheets and pillow cases. Feels reeaaallll good when you slip into bed. But, it's been driving me crazy in the middle of the night, as I literally slide in me sleep and the pillows move their way out from under my head. It's a dilemna, because the satin is intoxicatingly comfy.

Eating lunch today at a nifty little cafe in DC with outside dining, a funny thing happened. These crazy city birds were all over the tables and making these b-line dashes over my head, which caused me to duck every time and loose track of my lunch meeting conversation. I must have looked like a real city amateur, since everyone else just seemed like it was very natural to have the little fellas flapping around. I told my lunch partner that these are obviously crazy city birds, who have never seen one of their cousins shot and retrieved by a dog!! They just were way too comfortable being VERY close to people.

Finally, I saw a funny sign (only in DC) outside a construction site of a huge building. In official text: "A building for the people of the United States of America" followed by architechts' names, contractors' names and a line that read "George W. Bush, President of the United States." No mention of what the building was for. Just that it is for us. Of course it is. Surely, they'll be letting me stay there when it is done. Down the street, my host and gracious driver for the day pointed out a gas station where she recently discovered they openly sell crack pipes! "You wanna see?" she asked. "Uhh. No," I replied.

"twenty bucks on pump three . . . and, oh yes, one crack pipe please."

I should have just booked our vacation at a nude beach and saved myself the headache!

by teresa
The kids and I went to the mall this evening before church. Lauren was in dire need of a new bathing suit....JC Penney's was having a sale! I know...I know....two rambunctious for a bathing suit for their teenage sister....AM I CRAZY? Yes I am! Between her and church...this was just about our only free afternoon to get this done before we leave on vacation next week. She tried on a gazillon(seriously...a gazillion)....the boys were so restless. They were knocking over displays, chasing each other and then of course...FIGHTING! I had to separate I brought Ben in the dressing room area with me while Lauren was inside. Nick sat in a chair by the door. How do I know he sat there like I asked him to? Because he set of that doorbell signal (so the clerks know someone has entered the dressing rooms) about two hundred times while I was inside! I was about to take some of those crotch stickers(you know the ones they put in the bottom of swimsuits for sanitary purposes) and bind his arms behind his back! Ben was being exemplary too. Climbing up on the tops of the doors...and peeking over! When Lauren opened the door to show me one of the bathing suits (which was a tad bit tiny on her...revealing LOTS of skin), Ben shouts for the whole place to hear....EWWWW....SISSY LOOKS GROSS! I CAN SEE HER BOOBIES! To which Lauren responds by turning around and mooning the both of us right then and there. Good grief! She's such a dainty little princess...NOT! We finally found a perfect one. Very becoming....halter style...great colors(turquoise and aqua)...and on sale too. After our shopping fun I rewarded my perfectly behaved children with dinner in the foodcourt. Afterwards we went to church. While in the nursery with mom and Katy... I tell them that we just got back from the mall buying Lauren a swimsuit. Mom says...I bought myself one the other day online. It was from JC Penney and it is sooo cute! She is brown and torquoise, with a halter top. I was like...NO FLIPPING WAY! Once we got home we looked online. Yep...they got the SAME bathingsuit! Can you believe it? There is one difference though...Lauren's has regular bikini briefs, and mom got the swim mini with hers. So it won't be EXACTLY the same. I hope Lauren finds this as amusing as I do once she gets home from youth group! Wearing the same bathingsuit as your grandma is always a big hit with the teenagers these days! Well let me go...I'm going to take a couple tylenol (gee...I wonder why I have a headache?) and hit the hay!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

my day...

by teresa
I had a really nice day today. Although I jinxed myself by saying I was caught up with the laundry. Someone (who shall remain nameless) had an accident in bed last night. So that meant 4 tubs worth of sheets, mattress pads, comforters and pillows (yes, it got on the pillows too). But the time the boys came home from school...the beds were all put back together...yeah me!
The volunteer breakfast was super! I forgot my camera...which really ticks me off! First the kindergarteners came in and sang us a song...then Ben and 5 other 1st graders came in (each holding a letter spelling out the word THANKS...Ben was the A). They each recited a poem that started with their corresponding letter. TOO CUTE! AND NO CAMERA!! One of the other...good mommies took a picture of him and is emailing it to me. Yeah!
Then the second graders and third graders read poems and sang songs to us. It was actually quite moving...with lots of mommies tearing up. Then they had some yummy breakfast food to indulge in while they presented us with certificates and gifts. It really was lovely.
After school I came home and finished up the laundry...then hit a couple of thrift stores. Didn't get much...I think out of the three I went to...I spent like 4 bucks. I also stopped by Barnes and Noble to pick up a surprise for Ben. He didn't know it but a new Junie B. Jones came out. And you all know how much of a Junie B. nut that kid is. I surprised him at bedtime with it. We finished up the last 10 pages of this....and then I said...let's read a little of this one too...and I pulled it out from the pillow. The kid FREAKED OUT!! we only got to about page 40 before he was out. I was going to invite Nick in to lay with us...but just like always he was already asleep before I could peek in on him.
That kid loves to go to bed. He's like an old man! He has his shower...get in his jammies...turns on his NPR...and out goes the lights! I even offer for him to have the tv on sometime...he wants nothing to do with that. Too funny!
We also had karate (double lessons) this afternoon. Ben and I did his homework during Nick's lessons...and Nick and I did puzzles in his Jack and Jill magazine during Ben's lessons. Before and after every karate session the class "prays in" and "prays out". They ask the kids to raise their hands if they want to pray. There are some pretty funny ones sometimes. kid prayed protection over the class so no one would get a boo boo...and that his mom would stop yelling all the time! TOO FUNNY! The woman looked like she was going to die! hee hee In another class a kid says....I just want to thank the Lord for ...hermit crabs!...Amen! That totally cracked me up. Being a sunday school teacher for many years(3,4,5,6yr olds) get to her some doozies from the children during prayer request times. Parents..just know....they see everything....and they tell everything!!
Well...tomorrow is field day at Nick's school (Ben's is next week) so I will be heading over there for part of the day. Hope you guys had a good day...and I'll talk at ya in the am!
*sweet dreams*

Boo Boo Helper

By Chris

Got home this evening, ate some chicken and went upstairs to change clothes. I guess that was Teresa's cue to, "poof" , disappear. The boys and cousins out back, no sign of their mommas when Kai comes screaming into the house, sounding like he had gut a finger off or something. "Where is she," I hear one of them say, obviously looking for a momma. I call downstairs, letting them know that adult supervision is within earshot. "Kai's bleeding," was the extent of the next answer. Bleeding and screaming. Scooter accident left him with scraped leg and arm, and a pretty manageable amount of blood. The leg cut had little pieces of the residue from the still pretty new concrete play area in it. "Want me to fix that up for you," I ask, thinking he would say "no, give me my mommy." But he said yes. Little 'ol Kai, who used to never go to anyone but his mommy (not even me, the best uncle in the world). He has been much closer to us lately, and this was a real ego boost for me that he would let me fix his boo boo. Heck, I don't think my own kids would let me touch their boo boos! Nick, of course, wanted to run the whole patch-up-Kai missioin, having already pulled out Teresa's mongo emergency hurt-sick kid box from the cabinet when I arrived on the scene. He had picked out several band-aids and some "No More Ouchies" spray. Kai freaked when he saw that. "NO NO NO NO NO I DON'T WANT IT!!!" he wailed. I told him don't worry, I will just wash it with water. Of course, sensing his fear, Ben proceeded to grab the bottle and fake spray him, to get him all freaked out and screaming again, which made Ben laugh. Ahhh, nothing like a lovin' cousin in your time of pain, huh? With Kai settled down again, I washed him off, and Nick band-aided his arm. Pretty well, too. Then, Ben sprays some of the Ouchie spray on his on hand and wipes it on one of Kai's boo-boos. "Hey, that didn't hurt!" Kai says, all excited. Then, he wanted Ben to use that indirect application method on all the wounds, which we did. The whole time, Kristian kept looking at this all-boys approach to scrape handling like we had lost our minds. With Kai bandaged up, they all ran back outside to play. Without a single assist from any mommies (and, without them even knowing the bloody incident even occurred), we had managed to get everything back to normal.

Chuck E. Cheese is ...where a kid can be a kid!

by teresa

Just when I thought I was a bad parent for not reading Ben that third story last night....or forgetting that my boys don't like raisons and packing them in their lunch yesterday...somebody does something like this that makes me look like MOM OF THE YEAR!!


Should I Stay or Should I Go Now

By Chris

Teresa alluded to this. When I started this blog, she didn't get it. So, I mostly wrote from my point of view about the happenings of the various Green family characters. Then, as she is apt to do, Teresa picked up blogging real quick . .. and took over. Good thing. Because she has made it great. I love reading it. Especially on the road. But, somehow I feel like I'm butting in on a conversation now when I blog. So, now, a decision. Start my own blog, or just chime in here? It would be fun to have my own "sub-blog" (is that a new term?). But, as various personality profiles show about me, I like starting things but get bored quickly. Then I would have blank weeks. Not good blogging. With Teresa leading the way, there would be no blank days. And what would I call it? Hmmm.

the ants go marching one by one....The little one stops to suck his thumb...And they all go marching down to the ground...To get out of the rain....

by teresa
I can't believe I never got a chance to blog yesterday. I was literally busy from sun-up to sundown. I had skipped laundry for a couple of days over the weekend(I know...shame on me). So I had some major loads to get done. I started around 5:30am and continued through the day. But not just clothes...I washed everyones bed clothes (I know...I have redeemed myself) and even all the boys tennis shoes. They were looking kinda grubby! And y'all know I love they boys in bright white tennis shoes! So as I sit her writing this, the only things that will be in the hamper once the family pajamas. YES! YES! YES!
Yesterday also consisted of 101 errands. Stuff like post office, pharmacy,grocery store(when your out of Tide, toilet paper and soda a trip to the grocery store is a must),office max, Lowes and Bed Bath and Beyond. Chris has been complaining about our bedding for a long while now. Not the bedspread(which is beautiful shades of purple) but the under covers and pillows. He travels enough that he is spoiled by the Marriot bedding. He says the hotel is the only place he gets a "heavenly" nights sleep. He was waking up here with back aches and neck cramps. So....I went to BB&B yesterday and hooked my baby up! Satin sheets and pillow cases...those Marriot pillows...the goose down mattress cover and matching comforter. I brought it all home, cleaned everything and put the bed together. I was so excited for him to come home that I almost called and spilled the beans several times during the afternoon. But I heal out...and his face when he went up to change out of his suit after work was all smiles! We both climbed right in to see if it was as comfortable as it looked. IT WAS!! It's so fluffy though, once we climb on top of all the "fluff" our noses just about touch the ceiling...hee hee.
I also had to write up letters to the parents in Nick's class about their end of the year party next week. I also had to get a new calendar. As much as I love this one (and I'll still use it for current reminders) I needed a whole year at a glance (monthly). The kids had things going on in July and August that I just had to get down on paper or they would be overlooked. So I found a calendar and come home and filled it up through the summer months. It feels good to have everything written down (all three church camps, cheering conditioning and tryouts, karate events, Nick's summer school (a two week foreign language introduction), vacations,Chris' out of town days, etc.)
Another "have to" errand was to find some Ant Killer. I hate ants...and we get them in the kitchen this time every year. Right around the sink/counter top. There's hundreds of the little when it rains....they triple! YUCK! So I placed some liquid ant traps all over and outside the house. I hope it does the job!
I also started looking trough all my craft stuff to put a "kids craft" kit together for our vacation. A little of this and a little of that. All of this....and a couple of those. It keeps them busy in between activities and from driving us CRAZY! Last year I even took playdough...big mistake! Let's just say it cost us half of our down payment (Kristian + playdough + carpet = bye bye security deposit :(
Well, I'm off to wake the kids and take them to school. Everyone was in bed and asleep by 8:30pm last night(even Lauren) I shouldn't be met by grumpy sleepyheads.
I have to go to Ben's school early this morning for the annual volunteers breakfast. Should be fun. See y'all later...

Sunday, June 04, 2006

weekend at a glance

by teresa
It has been such a busy weekend so far. Saturday morning the boys and I headed out early. Their Karate school had their annual kick-a-thon fundraiser. The participants kick (4) fifteen minute rounds. All the kicks have to be above the waist and also each have a chamber and a recoil(knee up...kick...knee back up...leg down). They also could do machine gun kicks(leg is extended up to the side and kicked repeatedly without placing back on the ground...very hard). They get a 15 minute break in between each round to stretch and drink a little gatorade. They get people to pledge an amount per kick. The boys had a great time and I even got to be a counter. Together the boys kicked 11,075 kicks. Man...were they beat when we got home!
Chris decided not to come with us. So he got several hours of alone time. Unfortunately it rained all day he couldn't play with his basketball hoop. So he said he ended up watching 4 episodes of Dharma and Greg. Then he cleaned out the refridgerator and microwave...then vacuumed downstairs. I are jealous right? I was very pleased...and I rewarded him greatly!! I got him a hot fudge sundae. What? You were thinking of something else? Like I said..the boys were so tired when we got home. They ate a late lunch and we ALL went upstairs and layed down. Okay...get ready to be jealous again....I took a three hour nap!! That's right! Chris got up and came downstairs when the boys got up. And I just kept on sleeping. When I woke up I felt like I had been run over by a train. Yes..I do have a great husband. But, as wonderful as he is...he still says things sometime that make me want to knock him upside his head. For instance...Friday night as we were walking into Carrabba's restaurant he leans down to me and says..."hey, you have a big, gray stripe on the top of your head...did you know that?" Grrrrr!
Then yesterday evening I had nuked me one of those weight watcher dinners. He walks by and says," wow...TWO PEICES of buttered many point are THOSE?" Grrrr! Then last night we were sitting on the couch watching tv and he kept blurting out.."DID YOU FART?" I'd be like...NO! Then a few minutes later he would ask again..."DID YOU FART? YOU DID DIDN'T YOU! TELL ME! I CAN SMELL IT!" Geesh! Leave me alone already!
Friday night was the big basketball game. The Heat vs. the Pistons. The Heat won...which makes me very happy. They will be starting the championship games (best of 7) next Thursday against the Mavericks. Sorry Melissa... but Phoenix lost last night to Dallas.
Today...after church...Katy brought over food to grill out. She bought everything and treated us to steak, hamburgers, hotdogs and baked potatoes. Yummy! Oh yeah...and one of those cheescake assortment platters. Thanks Katy!! We all enjoyed it so much!
Then Lauren and her friends came and everybody got in mom's pool. I think the kids will conk out good tonight. With a bellies full of red meat and pool water!
Chris says he is going to start his own blog. He says I have taken over this one and that when he posts something you guys are like....who cares...bring back Teresa! lol When he set it up back in August...I was terrified to post anything. I would write things and edit them over and over before posting. Now...this blog is a big part of my life. You guys are my for real friends. I look forward to hearing how your kids did in the big game....if your feeling good....if your house is clean...your trips to target...etc. Your lives mirrors my life. It's pretty cool. What in the world did I do before I had this outlet?
Hope you guys had a grat weekend...I'll look forward to reading about it all tomorrow morning. Until infinity...and beyond! (we wathced Toy Story for the umpteenth time last night...can you tell?)


by teresa
I don't have time to chat right now...I have alot to talk about. but I'll catch up with you after church. I just thought I'd tell you something funny. Well...actually it isn't really funny. Just flipping ridiculous!! Lauren has lost her glasses AGAIN!! Can you believe it? Lucky for her....she is due for a new appointment. So I won't kill her all the way. Just a tiny bit of torture is coming to her. This will be her third pair of glasses in one year. I am so getting her one of these as punishment...and making her sport it everywhere she goes. hee hee

Friday, June 02, 2006


by teresa

I had a good time at Katy's today. The kids were so good. Kai played with some kind of building sticks and Kaden crawled up in my arms and fell asleep for an hour. There is just nothing better in life than a baby asleep in your arms. I don't think I took my eyes off of her for the entire hour. Watching her cute little dream smiles and her nose wrinkle up when I kissed it. It reminded me of when Lauren was a baby. I would get up with her in the night so she could eat. I didn't have a chair in the I would plop on the floor against the wall to feed her. I would sing to her as she ate (the mommy song) and she would fall asleep in my arms. I would sit like that on the floor for hours. Staring at her...tracing her face with my finger....over and over. Her full lips, each eye, her little turned up nose (my nanny's nose), down under her plump chin and neck. Memorizing each feature, her breathing rythmn, the sweet humming she made as she slept, her smell (I love that baby smell). At least I thought I was memorizing her. That little baby is so far away now. Sometimes I have to look at her old photo albums to bring that face...that precious little face to the front of my mind. It is harder for me to recall those special late night rendezvous. The looks she gave me. The smiles when I walked into her sight. I miss that terribly! In two weeks my "baby" little girl...will be a senior in high school. Where did the last 17 years go? Seriously...I want to know...I want them back! It makes me realize how quickly things change. And leaves me to cherish every single moment with the boys. While they are still little kids.

I remember the words from my favorite childrens book...I'll love you Robert Munsch
"I'll love you forever...
I'll like you for always...
As long as I'm living...
My baby you'll be".

So true!

be back soon...

by teresa

Well..I gotta head out the door in a minute. Katy has to run an important errand (I'll discuss it later) so I am going to be her fill-in babysitter for a couple of hours. It's a pretty maybe later I'll come home and do some yard work. I also need to run by Old Navy and take back a couple of things I bought for Lauren last week. So I'll see you later. While I'm out stop over and read what some of my favorite people are up to. here. Oh yeah...her and her are great too!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

just another day at the Green's

by teresa
Last night I lay in the bed and read until I fell asleep. I was reading a sweet little book called...Lunch at the Picadilly. Anyway...I woke up a short time later and my reading light was still on. So being half asleep and too lazy to get up...turn around and flip it off. I tried to stretch/twist/extend my arm beyond any human capability up to the lamp to turn it off...all with my eyes closed. didn't go very well for me. I ended up knocking the lamp off the shelf and onto my head. The shade shot off and on to the floor, the bulb part hit my nose and went *poof*, then burned out. My nose was all sore and burned where the bulb hit it. Nice!
Then around 1:00am our electricity went out. Remember...we are a clan of FAN sleepers! We MUST have the fan on at all times during sleeping hours. So when the electricity goes out....making the fan cut off...we are all WIDE awake! A couple seconds after it went out I heard Lauren's bedroom door open. She comes busting (and I do mean busting....she hit the door so hard it flew back and hit the wall) in our room with a flashlight. Why in the world did she have a flashlight readily available in her room? Anyway...she was all....DADDY...THE ELECTRICITY IS OUT! We were like...okay....and? She looked outside our window and said it looked like everyone elses was out too. Well...of course it's going to look like's 1:00am...everyone is asleep! Then she stumbled back to bed...about 30 minutes later the electricity came back on...and I drifted back into sleep.
This morning, despite the happenings in the night, I felt very refreshed when I woke up. I came my notes together for my Moms In Touch meeting this morning and then got the children up. I am leaving in a minute...then heading to do the security desk at Ben's school. The people are coming today to install the new basketball hoop. So the boys (especially Chris) are very excited. Unfortunately we have double karate lessons this they won't get much playing time outside today. You guys have a great day..and I'll catch up with you all this afternoon.