Thursday, August 31, 2006

The warden threw a party in the county jail....

The prison band was there and they began to wail.
The band was jumpin and the joint began to swing.
You shouldve heard those knocked out jailbirds sing.
Lets rock, everybody, lets rock.
Everybody in the whole cell block
Was dancin to the jailhouse rock!!

I am beat! 20 people...5 pizzas...2 boxes of chicken wings...4 two liters of soda...2 bags of chips...are now gone! The house is put back together and Elvis has left the building!

The birthday party was a great success. Jessie (the boy from church whose party we hosted) was surprised and bashful about all of the attention he received. Lots of teens and adults came and I think he felt very loved. He received many cards and monetary gifts. His mother is a wonderful lady...and she couldn't stop thanking us for putting the party together for him. I feel like I should be thanking her! Do you ever feel extremely blessed and appreciative to be able to do something nice for someone? I think I get more out of it than they do.
It was the first time the new youth pastor and his family had been to our home. They are a really neat yooung (20 somethings) couple...we adults had as much fun as the kids. Nick put on his mix cd of Elvis, Tom Jones, The Who, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and other such artists. Everyone gathered in the livingroom (including Kaden and the youth pastors son of the same age) and got our groove on! It was a blast! I haven't laughed so much in all my life. The music was so loud...I'm surprised the neighbors didn't call the cops on us. (hee hee mom and dad)
I have to be up early to be at Ben's I am going to hit the hay. Here's a collage of party pictures for your viewing enjoyment.

The trouble with weather forecasting is that it's right too often for us to ignore it and wrong too often for us to rely on it

by teresa

Ben's teacher sent the sweetest letter to Ben yesterday in the mail. He was so thrilled when I told him HE got mail. She told him the year was going to be exciting and fun...and she also told him she had a secret just for him. A secret that would help him to get to know her better. She wrote that she sent a letter to each child in her class with a different secret about her in each letter. On the first day they were going to have a get to know you game...where they each reveal their secret about Mrs. Dixon. This intrigued Ben in a big way. A secret...just for him to know. Cool! His secret to keep is....Mrs. Dixon has a boy dog...named Tyson. Ben keeps quizzing me about the secret. He can't wait till the first day of school to find out everyone elses secrets. What a clever lady Mrs. Dixon is. She also sent him homework to bring in on the first day. It is as follows...
#1 Color a picture to describe the secret you learned about Mrs. Dixon
#2 Color a picture to describe something you would like your teachers to know about you.
#3 Color and cut out the drawing of the child (which was included in the letter) to look as much like you as possible.
Homework already....I'm liking this lady more and more!

We just got home from meeting Nick's teachers. They all seemed nice. I don't know any of them...but I will soon enough. There are several kids in his class taht he knows. He looked relieved when he discovered them. His math teacher is a total hottie. All the moms were lingering to talk to him. I thought that was funny. I went to the PTA table and signed up for EVERYTHING...literally. Library help, reading room, security desk,office helper,fundraisers, bookfair,etc. I can't wait to get back to work. I love my little volunteer jobs. Getting dressed up and getting out of the house and being productive is very good for the spirit!

After Nick's meet and greet we headed to the store to get a present for the boys whos birthday party we are hosting tonight. I ended up getting him a $20 gift card to Radio Shack. What do you get a 14 year old boy? I was at a loss! We also stopped by the DollarTree for all the plates and cups and such for the party. I have the dining room all decorated looks very festive. I know he will be surprised when he comes in and sees the party (which he thinks is just a teen get together) is just for him. I hope lots of kids come. I wasn't in charge of the I'm not sure how many to expect.

I am soaking wet. Not that I'm upset it's raining...cause it makes me and my flowers very happy. But in between home and the mall and dollartree and then home hair has gotten soaked over and over! Very pretty...let me tell ya! Another bummer about the that tonights party was supposed to be a pool party. Now all the kids will be packed into my house (with their wet, muddy feet). Joy!

Well...let me go. I'm off to swiffer something.

peace out

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

free maxi pads....who's gonna pass that up?

by teresa

Last night was the soccer draft. I only recognized two kids from previous years (and of course Kristian and Ben). We have eighteen kids on our team this year. That's alot...usually we have like 14 or 15. They said they didn't have enough coach participation to create another team from our rec center. That's sad. Practices will begin next week. Three times a week until games begin. With Karate two nights a week...and soccer three nights a week...I will be a very busy woman.

Today I have to go get my car inspected...nothing like waiting until the last minute. Lauren is going to follow me up there and then I will drop her off at practice. I also need to swing her by the optomitrist office and get her some new glasses before school begins again. This time I think I will have them super glued to her face so she won't lose them.

Yesterday the boys and I watched the best movie. It was called Duma. Very touching...dramatic....wonderful. The boys were glued to the tv the entire time. It was kinda like Two Brothers...another favorite of my sons. They actually have the movie poster hanging in their room. Today Netflix is scheduled to deliver Hoot. The boys and I read the book...and are excited to see the movie version.

We finally recieved some rain last night. It was the first rain we have had here in weeks and weeks. I ran out in the middle of it and put all my potted plants in the middle of the yard so they could get a good soaking. The weatherman is calling for more during this upcoming week. My hard, brown, dying grass will be very thankful.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. Yard work and house cleaning. We are hosting a birthday party for one of the teens from our church. Their family is down on their luck and not able to give him the youth pastor asked if the teenagers could through him a surprise party here. And dad said they could go next door and get in the pool too. Should be alot of fun. But you guys know how I am. I can not have people (even teenagers) in my house without giving it my thorough (OCD) cleaning! Also...tomorrow morning is ther teacher meet and greet at Nick's school. We can't wait to meet his teachers (he will have four this year). I have my "I'm a big suck up" teachers gifts all ready to go. :0)

More weird dreams last night.
Dream # 1....Chris was being mean again! Really mean! Yelling, hitting, we were all terrified of him. Why do I keep dreaming this. He sounded like his feelings were hurt this morning when I told him about it.
Dream #2....We had a man-eating car in our garage. Stop laughing! It was really horrible. We had a friend over (John Goodman from Rosanne) and it sucked him right in and blood went everywhere. What the heck is going on in my head to dream that one up?
Dream #3....My car broke down...and I had to walk night...and I got lost. On my way down the highway I kept finding bags of diapers and maxi pads. I of course had to stop and retrieve each one I found because...well...those things are expensive and you guys know I don't pass up free stuff! It was so hard to carry everything...but I would not leave one bag behind. I finally got to my neighborhood. But realized someone was following me. So I ran to the house across the street from mine (not wanting the person to know where I lived) and I crawled under their house and peeked out of their vents until the car went away. Then I woke up.

Well I'm going to hop in the shower and get this day underway.

But before I go...I just wanted to give a shout out to my sister Katy. Hey Katy...I know your in the market for a husband...and I found the pefect guy for you. Here he is. A match made in heaven!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

please sir....I want some more....

by teresa

Did you guys sneak over in the night and add your laundry to mine?

The hampers filled as I I was just checking!

I think Lauren keeps laundry hid in her closet and in her car. So just when I think I have caught up....all the hampers are empty....more appears out of thin air! She's messin with my mind man...she's messin with my mind!

Nick just went on a bike ride throught the neighborhood...leaving Ben and I with a little peace and quiet for a few precious moments. Ben and I danced around and sang songs from VBS. Then we had conversations in our best bristish accents. Ben thinks this is so funny. He says I sound like Kipper...or Charlie and Lola. Those of you with children should know who I'm talking about.

I have had a fascination with the british culture since I was like 10....and I saw the movie Oliver(made in 1969). I memorized that entire movie and walked around talking like a brit for months. The movie Oliver also spawned my love for all musicals. My mom bought me the movie for my birthday a few years back (and also My Fair lady). I have sat my kids down to watch and enjoy with me....thinking it was going to be a memorable mother-child bonding moment. But they can't sit and watch past the first 15 minutes. They say..."it's so boring mom!" Are they nuts? These are the best movies of all times. What do you guys think? Am I a total nerd...or do you like musicals too? I'm not talking about just any movies. I'm talking Oliver, My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music, The Music Man....these are great right?

I thought all hope was lost for my children...then Disney put out High School Musical. My little Ben LOOOOOOVES this movie/musical. He knows every word....every every dance sequence. That's my boy!

Monday, August 28, 2006

clean your that too much to ask?

by teresa

Last night I told Lauren she couldn't get back on the computer until she cleaned up her room. She went in her room and I didn't see her the rest of the night. This morning after she left for cheering I walked by her room and everything was still all over the the place. Grrrrr! She had to go to work right ofter I didn't see her again until 10:00pm tonight. I told her no computer until she cleaned that room! Just then Ben comes downstairs. I thought he had been asleep long ago. It seems he had snuck into Lauren's room....and cleaned it for her. Clothes picked up, bed made, vanity wiped off and straightened. He was coming downstairs to get the swiffer for the carpet. This just cracked me up. How sweet of him to do this for her. He had overhear Chris and I discussing her messy room earlier...and took it upon himself to clean it for her. Lauren just looked at me and smiled like the cheshire cat. Knowing now that her room was cleaned she could get on the computer. guys know can't be that simple...right? I told her that Kristian, Kai and Ben were outside for hours this afternoon. They left tons of toys , balls and the bikes out all over the backyard. So I told her she could cut on the back porch light...and get a flash light...and clean up their mess(and put it away in the garage) ....and then she could get on the computer!

She just came in all sweaty and breathing hard from cleaning up. She looked at me as if saying....well...let me on the computer now. I informed her that I would be a while....I still need to read all my peeps blogs for the day. She huffed out of the room. hee hee

It's now 11:04....I have been on the computer for an hour visting my favorite people. Lauren keeps peeking in here...and then stomping out. Waiting to get on the computer. I'm so mean! hee hee

I don't want to be a dum dum...I want to be a smartie!

by teresa

Sorry I didn't get a chance to post yesterday.

The day just flew by.

Church...then out to eat.

Came home, changed, cleaned a little, then layed across the bed only to be snatched from the early stages of a wonderful Sunday afternoon nap by a phone call regarding PTA business. So I jumped up and did some work then Chris and I ran around looking for some Smarties candy.

All us MIT ladies are doing something special for the teachers today. Since it's their first day back we made signs (Thanks for all you do to make our kids Smarties..yada yada Moms In Touch) But alas...we couldn't find any dang blasted bags of Smarties anywhere! We went to Sams club just knowing they would have some...but NO! We almost got some dum dum suckers and I would have changed my sign to read....Thanks for keeping my kid from becoming a dum dum....but I thought some people might be offended. So I opted for boxes of Starburst...and made a cool "Shing Star Award" certificate thingy. It turned out real cool.

This morning I have done my usual boring cleaning stuff. I got a little behind on the laundry this I have spent the morning catching up again.

I need to run out later and get Nick's school supplies. He is very excited to get this done. I also need to hit RackRoom shoe store (buy 1 get 1 half price) and get the boys shoes. Ben only needs one pair of sneakers...but Nick needs some new boat shoes and sneakers. Chris told me to spare no expense for Nick....because he needs to be looking smooth for middle school or he will be teased. I think he told me this just so I won't go super cheap. Like last year he (Chris) had a fit because I bought Nick a pair of shoes from Farm Fresh Supermarket. They looked cool to me...and they were only like $10.

So the boys and I are heading out to the middle school and the high school (I don't know how I ened up with the schools with the most teachers:0) to put our goodies in the teachers lounges. And then off to spend some of that hard earned money my man brings home to me! I love you baby! :0P

Later we are going to karate. We took the whole week off last this week we are going to do double lessons most of the week.

Hope your Mondays going well. I'm jealous of all you guys who's kids are at school right now. I got one more more week! I can make it...I know I can! Tonight the boys and I are going to have a nintendo playoff. I am just in a Mario kind of mood. Speaking of guys need to click over here. It's so cool. I am going to break out the old casio keyboard and try this myself later.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Who's Car?

By Chris

I am a little up-tight about my car. And, any car that lives at my house. That includes Teresa's and Lauren's. They hate my reminders "time to change the oil? Did you get the oil changed? Make sure they get the air filter this time. That tire looks low? Did you get them to check on that weird noise (noises from cars bother me most . . . you must track them down and remedy them before they make your whole thing blow-up, my head tells me). We have been pretty good about Lauren's car. I own it, officially, but she had to get it together enough to make payments to me before she could get it. She's responsible for gas, cleaning it etc. I drive it occassionally, just to check things out. I showed her how to check all the fluid levels a couple of weeks ago and me and her Grandaddy scared her real good about what happens to a car without its fluids. It's had a squeaky brake for a little while, which drives me bonkers. Take it to the man! I have been saying for weeks. So, this week she and Teresa finally did. Teresa made her go in and take care of business herself (of course, they have it in the computer, and know it belongs to a very good customer of theirs when they look it up, I'm sure). Ends up, the squeaky brakes just needed cleaning and adjusted a bit. Forty bucks, and they fixed a slow leak in one of the tires too.(that's why we're good customers of theirs . . . they don't try to rip you off . . . Sunoco on Indian River Road for you locals . . . ). So, I just took it for a spin to make sure it was all straight. Rode perfectly. But, it was a mess! Bird poop on the door. Trash inside. Cheerleading "supplies." Gas half full. I always tell her that she ought to just fill it up often, and not let it get below 1/2 tank. It's no more expensive that way, and it's better on the car. She doesn't listen. Waits til the last moment to put in five bucks worth to keep her going. So, I couldn't stand it. I filled 'er up, tossed out the trash and ran it through the car wash. Made me feel much better. Now, let's see if she even notices, or thanks me. Any bets?

People spend $50 on gas, driving air-conditioned SUVs around, to stand in the sun and argue about getting a $4.00 lamp for $3.50...

by teresa

I'm so tired.

Been up since 5:30am putting yard sale stuff out in the front yard. And when I opened the front mom was already out there setting up the tables. Katy arrived around 6:30 to put her stuff out too. People were already arriving at the house.

By the was like 98 degrees today. I feel like a french fry.

We finally wrapped it up around 3:00pm. Katy and I couldn't take it anymore. Mom had gone out back to the pool with the kids (I should have volunteered for that job).

We made some good money....but best of all we cleaned out the garage, closets and attic...YES!!

Nick's clothes that are left over I am giving to a family at church. Ben and Kai's leftovers were donated to a family two streets over who had a house fire. They have 3 young boys who needed some new things. The rest of the stuff we took down the street to the Union Mission.

Right now I am starving. I don't feel like cooking...and I am too tired to go out to dinner. Sounds like a chinese takeout kinda night to me!

Hope all you guys are having a fun weekend and staying out of the heat.

Friday, August 25, 2006

by teresa

Got up early today since the boys friend was coming over for the day.

I've done a little housework...but not tackling the bulk of it until the weekend.

Lauren and I watched some tv and talked before she had to go to cheer. She's funny like her dad...and I enjoy when she finds time for her old momma.

She has a scrimmage game to cheer for today. I asked her who they were playing. She was like.."Ummm...Lake Taylor...or ummm...Lakeland...or ummm....Landstown...I don't know...some L school. She's such an airhead!

I just made the boys a frozen pizza for lunch and now we are going to get in the pool.

Here's a couple of pictures I took of Lauren before she left.

I just love the clingy, skin tight practice shirts they wear. Each one is fitted like this one. They are made for girls that have NO boobs! Most of the other girls are all cute and tiny...Lauren is all Shwing! I makes my tummy hurt! :0)

It is 4:00am and I am up cleaning dog pee from the carpet....I am not a happy camper!

by teresa

Dog For Sale!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life you're given a test that teaches you a lesson

by teresa

Last nights church service was devoted to the Royal Ranger (for boys) and Missionettes (for girls) awards ceremonies. It's kinda like boys scouts and girl scouts...but with biblical teachings included. They community service (nursing homes)...earn patches and such. Here's some pictures of the kids on stage.

Today has begun badly. I woke up to Lauren stomping through the house. Apparently her cheer sheet signs(painted twin sheets they decorate the stadium with) are due this morning...and she forgot to work on them. So she was tearing through my linen cabinet and craft closet looking for materials. Leaving wreckage trailing behind her. I jumped up to assist her(and save my house from further annihilation). She was under such a time crunch she was only going to do one sign (and get points off). So I made one sign and she the other. I had a big box of fabric paint markers (water proof) it didn't take much time once we traced out the words. She snatched them up (running late) and ran out the door...I didn't even get a thank you. Oh well...
Then I hear Ben yelling out the back door. I run to see what's up and see that my back porch look like a landfill. Last night after dinner when we asked Lauren to take out the trash. She apparently took it as far as the back porch...and then left it there. Well this morning Ben let Shorty out...and can imagine the fun Shorty had with that full trash bag. Yuck! I'm going to ring her neck when she gets home. You do know I won't actually ring her neck...I'll just have an extra chore list taped to her bedroom door.

Lots to do today....and most of it is away from the house.
Shopping for school supplies and groceries. I may do groceries later tonight when I don't have to take the boys.

Twelve more days till school begins.
Twelve more days of sleeping in. (boo...instead of rising at 9:00, I will have to get up at 6:15)
Twelve more days of sibling bickering. (yes...I can't take no more)
Twelve more days of playing the day away. (I will miss our play days)
Twelve more days of making three meals a day(my kids eat breakfast and lunch at school)
Twelve more days of no socks (they haven't put on socks since the last day of school). (I hate searching for socks in the morning)
Twelve more days till I get the shop and clean without chasing the boys around. (it's so much easier alone)
Twelve more days till I have to help with homework (sometimes the boys don't cooperate with me)
Twelve more days of late nights chasing fireflies in the backyard. (I love staying up late playing in the backyard)
Twelve more days till I snuggle with Ben and read him to sleep again. (the easiest way to get him to sleep quickly is to read to him)

If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

backpacks...check! school supplies...check! new shoes...check! prayed for new teachers and staff...check!

by teresa

Wow! I just got back form a great MIT meeting. We were supposed to meet at Angie's house for our regular meeting. But instead we packed the kids into our cars and headed to the schools. We used our prayer cards as a guide. We went to all five schools our children attend....walked around the entire school claiming these prayers for the teachers and students. We also called out our childrens names in prayer was very powerful. I feel a greater ease about the school year beginning now. Especially with being his first year in middle school....and with his anxieties. I know it will be a great year(I'm claiming this)...full of joy for learning and new friends and experiences.
I don't really have much planned for the rest of the day...except for church tonight. Chris doesn't arrive home until around 10:00pm. So the kids and I are on our own for dinner. I think I will make spagetti and meatballs.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006


By Chris

Business takes me to Stone Mountain, GA this week . . . which is a wooded, resort, state-park style setting. A big lake. Lots of woods. You get the picture. More on the proceedings later, after I carefully digest the content of an extremely unusual experience this week.

The big news, aside from the incredible buffets of food, came when I returned to my room last night. Out of my window, on the second floor, trees grow right up to the balcony that overlooks a lake. That's how I think my uninvited visitor got in. It's how I HOPE he got in. I went to the restroom and noticed, gasp, a SNAKE on the smooth white tile floor. I thought it might be a toy at first. It wasn't moving. A little strategic step towards him sent the black and grey 4-5 inch little guy slivering in a creepy "s" pattern. I don't like snakes. But, I also don't like calling for help. And he was small. And, I thought he might disappear if I took the time to go to the phone. And, a disappearing snake is far more worrisome than one you see and deal with. And, did I mention, he was small. So, I stared at him for a little while, planning my strategy. No way I could touch him. What if he was poisenous? His head wasn't diamond-shaped, so he probably was not venemous, but I'm no Crocidile Hunter (but thank goodness for such Discovery Channel-type shows that are responsible for my entire understanding of how to deal with yucky reptiles). He couldn't get away. He slithered to a corner and tried to creep up the wall unsuccessfully. His little forked tongue tried to smell some way of escape. I decided to taunt it a litle with a towel. He freaked out! The footless freak wiggled and jiggled spastically, which was a little creepy. But, a good sign: he did not once try to strike the towel. Not one of those types of snakes. On Discovery Channel, the mean ones strike when they're corned like that. Or spit (though I was pretty certain he wasn't a cobra hanging out in Georgia). Shew. So I worked up some nerve and trapped the little guy in the bathroom trashcan and threw him out over the balcony. I'm keeping a close eye out as I walk around now.

Some of the ladies wondered why I didn't tell the staff. My thinking is there is nothing they can do. I guess they could put me in another room . . . but there would just as likely be a snake there too right? Maybe more so since I removed mine? I think I would feel no less creepy in another room.

One person's take on it was that animals are sent in our paths to send us messages. Uh. Alright. More on that later.

The time to relax is when you don't have time for it.

by teresa

The boys and I have been camped outside again today. I am on my laptop chatting with you right now. Ben and I came out around 9:45 to have our breakfast (Nick was still snoozing)....and we haven't gone back in yet. I even brought out my conair foot spa and have had my feet in it all morning (my dogs were barking). The day is cool and very, very breezy. It must be going to rain...because the sun hasn't shown it's face yet.

Once Nick woke up...we broke out the paint by numbers kits I bought at the beginning of the summer. After about 5 minutes I found out two things about my children. Ben definitely is NOT a paint by the numbers kind of kid! He was so frustrated with the limitations of it. His normal confident (cocky) self was in tears because he felt it wasn't as good as the picture on the box. Once I gave him the ok to use his creative license, and throw caution(and the color key) to the wind....he was a regular picaso. The second thing I learned was that Nick is ABSOLUTELY a paint by numbers kind of kid! He was using that color key like a bible. Studying it...taking it to heart...not straying one iota from the instuction. If he accidently used a millimeter of red where there was supposed to be blue....have mercy! The world came to an end! With every section completed he would just sit back and smile....knowing he was a true art master. I will make sure to post pictures of our completed paintings. It will take a few more days...those things are really time consuming.

Mom got home from work a few minutes ago. She bought some mulch for her garden...and Nick just went over to help her bring it into the backyard and spread it out. We really need some more mulch. But I think I'm going to get a load delivered. I'm sick of getting it in those bags...and getting my car all dirty. I'd rather them just dump it in the front yard and we can load it into wheelbarrows and spread it wherever. This weekend (weather permitting) we are having a maybe next weekend I'll schedule a delivery. I love to have yard sales. We only do it once a year (me, mom, Katy and the neighbors)....but we enjoy it so much. Clean out the closets, attics, dressers, garage and toyboxes. Sit outside and chat all day with our neighbors and make money to go towards back to school things for the kids.

Do you guys ever have yard sales?

Ben just ran and got the mail....yeah...Netflix arrived! The boys and I will enjoy a movie together later. Also...magazines came! I love my magazines! Jack and Jill came for the boys and Time and Town & Country came for me. I still haven't finished my Family Fun that came yesterday. Joy!

I'm off to make a few PTA phone guys have a great day.

Monday, August 21, 2006

"Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut, that held its ground."

by teresa

Not much to discuss today. Chris is in Atlanta and Lauren had cheering practice from 10-3 today. All the boys and I did today was play outside. Seriously...that's ALL we did! I took all my new PTA stuff outside and spread it out on the patio table. While I wrote down dates to remember for the entire school year and transferred all emails and phone numbers and addresses to my new calendar, made important phone calls...the boys rode bikes, climbed the tree, drew with sidewalk chalk, rode scooters, shot the basketball, played football, cleaned out the garage and waited on me hand and foot. They brought me ice water and made me a sandwich for lunch(and fixed their own). Nick even asked if he could please use my new Clorox toilet wand. He has been eyeing the box since I brought it home...and he was also trying to score brownie points to get himself out of trouble(he snuck up on Ben, shorty and myself this morning and blew his trumpet at scared the poopie out of all of us....Ben cried for like 20 minutes). I was more then happy to oblige him! I also kicked back and read my new Family Fun magazine. I get so excited when it comes in the mail each month. It has the coolest recipe and craft ideas for kids.
We went outside around noon...and came in just before 5:00pm. I took lots of pictures of the boys playing in the yard and climbing up in the old tree. I love our old tree!

Once there was a giving tree who loved a little boy.
And everyday the boy would come to play
Swinging from the branches, sleeping in the shade
Laughing all the summer’s hours away.
And so they love, Oh, the tree was happy.
Oh, the tree was glad.

But soon the boy grew older and one day he came and said,"Can you give me some money, tree, to buy something I’ve found?"
"I have no money," said the tree, "Just apples, twigs and leaves."
"But you can take my apples, boy, and sell them in the town."
And so he did and Oh, the tree was happy.
Oh, the tree was glad.

But soon again the boy came back and he said to the tree,"I’m now a man and I must have a house that’s all my home."
"I can’t give you a house" he said, "The forest is my house."
"But you may cut my branches off and build yourself a home"
And so he did.
Oh, the tree was happy.
Oh, the tree was glad.

And time went by and the boy came back with sadness in his eyes.
"My life has turned so cold," he says, "and I need sunny days."
"I’ve nothing but my trunk," he says, "But you can cut it down
And build yourself a boat and sail away."And so he did and Oh, the tree was happy.
Oh, the tree was glad.

And after years the boy came back, both of them were old.
"I really cannot help you if you ask for another gift."
"I’m nothing but an old stump now. I’m sorry but I’ve nothing more to give"
"I do not need very much now, just a quiet place to rest," The boy, he whispered, with a weary smile.
"Well", said the tree, "An old stump is still good for that."
"Come, boy", he said, "Sit down, sit down and rest a while."
And so he did and Oh, the trees was happy.
Oh, the tree was glad.

I Lift My Hands...To Give You The Glory...

by teresa

Here's a video clip of Lauren(pink skirt) and the teens singing Sunday morning .

I lift my hands in the sanctuary....

by teresa

Here's the video from sunday mornings service. Sorry it is so dark...but my camera light was not cooperating.

Wanna dance or would you rather just suck face?

by teresa

I can't believe I am up this late.

Why am I up this late you ask?

Three words....

On Golden Pond! (hence the title of my's a line from the movie)

That movie came on TCM tonight...and I couldn't resist myself.

I have seen it probably 20 times...and everytime I laugh and cry at the same parts.

What a great movie!

"The loons Norman...look at the loons" (I seriously said that out loud in my best Katherine Hepburn voice as I wrote it)

I think from now on I'll start calling Chris ..."you old poop"

I love it when she (Katherin Hepburn) refers to her husband the Henry Fonda character like that.

Several times in the movie he hears a knock at the door and calls out..."someones at the door!" And she yells..."it's me you old poop!"
Common Loon

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I love my naps!

by teresa

Yesterday Chris took Ben to the Shriner's annual car show. It's a favorite of Ben's each year. Chris let him take pictures of his favorite cars with our camera...and they came out pretty good. Chris said Ben walked around each car slowly...looking...touching...appreciating each one. He really loves his cars! We joke that one day he is going to own his own car lot....and line them all up like he does his matchbox cars each day.

Church was so wonderful this morning. The kids did an awesome job leading praise and worship. It makes a parent proud to look up there and see all three of your children singing, dancing and lifting their hands in praise to God! I'm going to try and put some video up of the service later. One of my favorite songs they sang went like this...."you have turned... my mourning into dancing!" "you have turned... my sadness into joy!" I just love that. What a simple...yet powerful message.

Just thinking of my troubles
and my lonely wandering
makes me miserable.
That’s all I ever think about,
and I am depressed.
Then I remember something
that fills me with hope.
The LORD’s kindness never fails!
The LORD can always be trusted
to show mercy each morning.
Lamentations 3:19-23

“If you are tired from carrying heavy burdens, come to me and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

It is 9:00 at night...and I am still full from the lunch we had after church. We grilled it up! As a matter of fact....we grilled so much meat...I won't have to cook dinner for the entire week! Italian sausages, hamburgers, steaks, kabobs. Even with Katy, her kids and momma eating lunch with us we have tons left over. We get the grill going so infrequently (because of the oppressive heat)...that when we done light it up I throw everything int he freezer on it at once. I just feel like everything tastes better grilled!

Mom sat out by the pool with the kids after lunch. Chris ran to work to get some things done. Nick didn't want to get in the after I cleaned up the kitchen...he and I (and Shorty) took a Sunday afternoon nap together. It was so quiet and relaxing. I have to have my Sunday nap!

My sweet tooth is really acting up right now. I think I may have to break out the chocolate pudding I have hidden in the back of the fridge. shhhh....don't tell my secret!

I just glanced over at my calendar....16 more days till school starts! Oh my...I can't believe I have almost made it! This summer has been the best in a long time. Usually by day two I have had to make behavior charts and deal out punishments daily. There had even been days in past summers where Chris said he would call home to check in and I would sound so overwhelmed and on the verge of a breakdown. Most nights I would be in tears over the chaos and fighting from the day. I would just stand in my room saying..."can't we all just get along?" But this summer has been different. The kids are older...more mature. Able to occupy themselves and eager to enjoy their time together. I also feel like me having the blog as an outlet...really helps alot too. When it's just you...and children alone ALL DAY...EVERY get kinda starved for adult interaction. You get a little edgy...testy...snitty with the kids an hubby. But now that I have found all you guys...that void has been filled. Thanks!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I try to take one day at a time... but sometimes several days attack me at once!

by teresa

Had lots of stuff going on today.

Busy busy busy...

Ben slept over Chris' parents last we were able to lounge in bed this morning until almost 10:00am. I know! That's terrible...isn't it?

Once up ...I had mountains (literally...I tossed it all down the stairs and it was to my knees) of laundry waiting for me. I had not done any in two it took until 10:oopm tonight to get it all washed and put away.

I also sat down at the computer and typed up the minutes from Thursdays PTA meeting. I'm so glad to get that done. Ben got his teacher letter in the mail today...and it was just who he wanted. Mrs. Dixon. She is a wonderful, kind ...and pretty (in Ben's own words). So I expect great things this year! This week we will go and get the supplies on her list from office max.

I also went to the recreation center and signed Ben, Kristian and Kai up for soccer. Also signed us up to coach again. Practices will begin within the next 2 weeks.

Then I came home and tackled the housework. The usual (dusting, vacuuming,sweeping,mopping,scrubbing). I didn't finish until late in the afternoon. I now smell like chlorine (tylex)!

Then Katy and the kids came over for awhile....then we all went out to dinner together. It was nice to sit and chat. The kids are at on their best behavior when they have a plate of food infront of them. So we got to enjoy an hour of peace from their endless arguing and whining!

We also headed over to Old Navy to find Ben a new pair of khaki shorts. His other pair has some strange stain on it...that has proven impossible to get out. Nick, Ben, Kristian and 3 other children are leading the praise and worship at church tomorrow morning. So I wanted Ben to look cute. So he will wear his new shorts with an adorable shirt I got from Gymboree. It is a bright blue plaid that compliments his eyes so well. Nick will wear a cute plaid shorts and linen shirt set. I can't wait to see them up there leding the singin. They have been practicing for weeks.

I am excited. I love to buy stuff to help me be organized. Today I went to Target looking for an expandable file to use for my PTA stuff. I found so much cool stuff. An expandable file...calendar...notebook w/ card holder...all covered in the prettiest aqua cloth. So neat! I also bought a big business tote that matches and everything can fit into. So many places to stick things...take notes...file papers and keep appointments straight. Have mercy....the feeling I got from all my new toys was almost as good know!

Tonight, we all watched Castaway. Chris and I had seen it before...but the boys hadn't. They loved it. Especially the Wilson parts. Ben has been walking around calling out...WILSON....WILSON.... Too funny! It was a three hour movie...and Ben didn't budge through a moment of it. That might be one movie good enough to own.

We have to be to church early tomorrow for one last choir rehearsal for the I better get to bed. I think we are going to cookout after church tomorrow. Nothing special...just burgers and dogs. I'm kinda sick of going out to eat all the time. I just want to come home and chill out.

Hope your having a nice weekend.....sweet dreams everybody!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Having a family is like having a bowling alley installed in your head....

by teresa

A friend of the boys came over to spend the day with our family. We started the day by going to the pool. The boys had a great time playing and swimming. They put the big inflatable boat that we got on our lake vacation in the water. They filled it with water and jumped into it about a hundred times. Then they climbed aboard and pulled the plug and had a contest to see who could be the last to hang on as it deflated. After about 3 hours we came in and dried off. I put on a movie and fixed some popcorn for them to nosh on while I made lunch(fish sticks and mac-n-cheese). After the movie is over we will head down the street to the bowling alley...where I will sit and read while they bowl it up! We usually get the lanes with the guards on them...but the boys rarely touch the guards. As a matter of fact...Ben never touches the guards. Much to the dismay of his older brother...Ben is like some kind of bowling prodigy. He always wins against the older kids.

I'll catch up with you guys later...when I can catch my breath and get a moment to myself.

Check out these cool bowling balls....

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday Thirteen...

by teresa

Thirteen EXCITING things I've done today.

1. Scrubbed blood (Ben had a bloody nose) out of my beautiful, white, down comforter

2. Cleaned out my mosquito breeding unit...I mean... my beautiful patio fountain and refilled it with clean water

3. Cleaned my kitchen sink of a yucky, stinky mess. I came down this morning and someone had been up in the night and made some tuna fish concoction. It looks as if they drained the tuna can in the sink without rinsing. It had hardened to the sides of the sink and stunk like lowtide by the time I noticed it this morning.

4. Made the beds. Then remade 2 of them because Ben and Shorty pounced on them.

5. Made a list of all the toys in the boys room that need new batteries (how many and what sizes). Good will be cheaper to by new toys!

6. Washed...dried...and put away 3 tubs of clothes and 2 tubs of towels.

7. Cooked oodles of noodles...and chicken tenderloins for the kids lunch.

8. Made lovely sand art with the boys.

9. Vacuumed colored sand and glue bits out of the carpet.

10. Watched part of the movie...The Thief Lord (for the 4th time in 3 days) with the boys. They are so in love with this movie. It came in the mail earlier in the week (thank you Netflix). It is based on a book (of the same name)written by one of our favorite authors....Cornelia Funke. We have all of her books. They are must reads for kids (and adults) who love fantasy stories (knights, castles,dragons,fairy tales).

11. Printed out and read over the adgenda for out PTA meeting tonight.

12. Called my husband to tell him something of great importance....only to be greeted by his voicemail.

13. Recieved a call from my husband asking what I called him for earlier....only to realize that I had already forgotten! Oh well!

Do your own Thursday Thirteen...then comment me so I can go check it out. Hopefully yours will be much more interesting than mine.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired....

By Teresa

I feel as if my batteries need changing. Today I'm sitting there in karate watching the boys lessons one minute...the next I am jerking out of a cat nap. Drooling...leaning to one side...the newspaper I was reading on the floor...and I think I was moaning (I think that's what startled me into consciousness). There were a few I scooped up my things and went to the car (totally flipping embarrassed) until the boys session was over. I have got to get to bed earlier from now on. I have been up late(till after midnight) watching movies or on the computer. When I wake up (around 7:30am) I feel fine...but then around 2:00pm I feel like someone pulled my plug. I have got to get my pep back up before school begins!

Today the kids went to a neighborhood church and watched the new VeggieTale movie. I picked up Kristian and Kai and took them too. They had lots of snacks, games and goody bags. Guess what was in the goodybag.......PLAYDOUGH! NOOOOOOO!!!!!! I thought this was funny since I blogged about my dislike of it yesterday. God has such a neat sense of humor!

Tonight wraps up VBS at our church. The kids are sad...but I am worn out! Tonight is also going to be family night. All the parents are supposed to stay with their children...and after the performances we are hosting a cookout. The boys and I are going to try not to linger because.....tonight is the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance. Ben is so thrilled about it. I get such a kick out of his enjoyment of the program. His cheers...claps and bravos for the contestants. I seriously think if Travis Wall doesn't win...he will cry! Ben loves him that much!

The boys are getting along alot better today. This is probably due to the fact that I have had them busy with something since they opened their eyes this morning. This was their day... Wake up...shower...pick up Kristian and Kai...Veggie Tale Movie...home to pick up karate gear...back to Kristian and Kai' to karate (double lessons)...home to change for to church...home...pajamas...separate rooms to watch tv till they go to bed! If I could keep them this busy everyday...there would be harmony and peace in my house forever! Of course I would drop dead from exhaustion by 40....but there's always a price to pay for happiness!

One of the children from the nursery at church has the chicken pox. I have held, fed and changed this kid in recent weeks. I have never had the chicken pox. Not good! Kaden woke up with a fever this morning and has felt bad all day. I hope she doesn't have them. My youngest two kids have had the vaccine. But I can't remember at what age they were given it. Katy doesn't think Kaden has ever had the vaccine. Nor does she remember if Kai or Kristian have ever had the shot. Man...that would NOT be fun...three kids with simultaneous chicken pox. Here's a picture of me and my precious little neice this past weekend. Notice the "fro" I was sporting. I recieved so many positive remarks about my curly hair...I styled it like that a couple of times this week.

Well...I'm off to church. Hope you are having a nice day today. If there's rain where you live...please send it my way. My lawn and flowers are looking sad!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

20 more days till school starts.....sigh....

by teresa

No time to post today. I had some PTA clerical work to do...emails to write/answer and some calls to! We have a meeting on Thursday night and I needed to be caught up for it.
Also had to break up like a hundred fights between the boys today. For the past two days they have been at each others throats over the stupidest things. Like...he took a sip out of my drink...or he got a bigger cookie than me...or he put his pillow on my bed...or he called me a baby. It is really getting on my nerves. I can't even leave the room without all heck breaking loose. Yesterday Ben said something hateful to Nick...which resulted in Nick tossing a pillow from the couch at him...which hit my favorite lamp and broke it. grrrrr Tomorrow I am taking them to the same church that had the Artic Edge VBS we went to a few weeks ago. They are hosting a party for the kids and showing the new Veggie Tale movie.
After we get home from the movie I think I am going to break out the ol' arts and crafts box to keep the boys occupied. I would rather have glitter and beads all over the house...than enduring endless squabbles. I may even get desperate enough to pull out the "substance of satan"....or as you may know it...Playdough!
Then tomorrow night we are back at our church for the final night of VBS. It has been so much fun each evening. I have been averaging around 22 kids each night...and keeping them in control has exhausted me. But the kids are all so me hugs and telling me ..."I wuv you Miss Tweesa!"

Monday, August 14, 2006

has it been a year already?

by teresa

I just realized that this weekend marked one year of The Green Family Circus. 1,143 posts so far! Chris started the blog on the suggestion of a coworker. I was What's a blog?
His first post was about VBS at our church. He tried to get me to write something...but I felt like nobody would care to hear what I wanted to say. He's the writer (degreed)...I'm just a mom. Well it took me about a week to take over...hee hee hee! Sorry honey. He still posts every now and again...but I pretty much hog the entire blog space. It is my lifeline. My online journal of my childrens antics and mishaps. You guys (Mary,Lisa,Melissa,drcmom,Zephra)are my friends. Thank you for listening to my blah blah blahing each day....and sharing yours.
I can sincerely say this.....WHAT IN THE WORLD...DID I EVER DO BEFORE I HAD MY BLOG?????

Let's all raise our juicy juice boxes and another great year! For you...and me!


“Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true”

by teresa

I got up early this morning...when Chris was getting ready for work. I just didn't feel like going back to sleep. I had been having terrible dreams ALL NIGHT LONG! They all involved my hubby. He was being a baaaad man! And I was was totally mad at him this morning. I just couldn't help it. He was walking around our room...getting dressed...singing a song from our churches Christmas play (oookay)...minding his own business. And I was laying there thinking...I don't like you very much...Mister Meany! Of all the mean things I dreamed he did (beat,stab,etc.) the worst thing of the dream was that he made me get naked.....COMPLETELY NAKED! Infront of other people! As he was leaving he said "I love you"..."What do y'all have planned for the day?" I said... "I dreamed you were being really mean to me....and then you made me get naked!" He giggled and asked..."are you mad at me?" I was like..."YES!" He just laughed. And I laughed too. Because my hubby...doing anything like COMPLETELY out of character! He is so sweet, and funny, and loving. Hopefully I will have sweet *wink wink* dreams tonight. :0)

We caught mouse number two while we were sleeping. Thank goodness Chris noticed it before he went to work. Cause I am not touching any dead mouse! He reset it before he left. I looked under the table and saw that Ben had put his toy car under there too. Does he think we are trying to catch Stuart Little or something? I don't think so!

It looks like Stuart already got to it....and jacked all his tires! Under the hall table must be a rough hood!

Well...I think the boys have awaken. Why do I think that? Because I can hear them howling from their room. Yes....howling like a pack of wild wolves! I'm sure Lauren is enjoying it as much as me. I'm off to hush them before they suffer her wrath!

later gators...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

VBS...night one!

by teresa

VBS was great!

So many much least 20 kids gave their heart to the Lord!

I am bushed! I was the First grade group leader. I followed escorted all first graders to each activity...and then helped out in the activity. There were 18 kids in my class....I hope tomorrow it increases! Some of my friends from MIT couldn't come tonight...but I am hoping that they will find the time this week. If even for a night or two.

Before I hit the hay, I just wanted to post some of the pictures from this evening.

Ben, Kristian and Kai before VBS

Some of the kids having a cupcake eating contest.

My class getting ready for the relay races.

Ben making his campfire (on fire for God).

And his Smores (I want s'more of God).

Some of the children who went up to the alter when asked to come up if you want to Jesus in your heart!


by teresa

Jackie's birthday party was nice.

Pretty gifts...yummy cake!

Today I had nursery for church. I love my nursery week. Cutting up with the other workers and cuddling with the babies.

Nick's clothes from camp have been located. Someone took them home with them. We should be picking them up by tomorrow...phew!

I stopped and got rally's for lunch after church today. On Saturdays and Sundays they have burgers,hotdogs, and shakes for 69 cents!

While eating lunch we heard...SNAP! Yes! One mouse down!

Nick went home with George and Jackie after church this afternoon. So after we ate lunch Ben and I lay down for a THREE HOUR NAP! I love that he is a napper.

Once we got all snuggled together(his body wrapped around mine) in the bed for our nap...Ben said to me..."mom...why are you so....ummmm...comfortable?" *he said this while poking my roll* What do you mean Ben...I asked? "you know (he pushes on my softness)...comfortable". In other son was asking me why I was so....squishy...flabby...gelatinous...FAT! My response was....BECAUSE I'M A MOMMY...THAT'S WHY...sweetie.
I could see him looking off...thinking of all those mommies he knows that DON"T look... "comfortable". So I quickly rubbed his head and started singing to him to put him to sleep.
Don't you love the honesty of children....and the elderly? Both will tell you right on the spot that you have gained weight...or you are looking older!

Lauren should be home from camp in about an hour. We missed her. Especially when the boys were asleep and we couldn't sneak off for a blizzard! I let her take my video camera to record the craziness of the weekend. Maybe I can sell the video footage *Cheerleaders Gone Wild* and use the proceeds for her college tuition!

hee hee ...oh stop it....I'm just kidding! maybe

Tonight is the start of our VBS. Chris is there already getting ready. He is running the audio/video booth. I will leave in about an hour to get there before any kids begin registering. You know I will take lots of pictures!

Talk at ya later...

Saturday, August 12, 2006

just a bunch of nonsense....

by teresa

I'm over at mom's right now. We have company in town(my grandmothers...brothers...daughters) and mom is having a cookout/pool party. As always shoe cooked a MASSIVE amount of food. Chicken,burgers and hotdogs. I literally can't move for about an hour. The kids have finished eating and they are watching Finding Nemo until it's time to get in the pool. Later tonight we are all going out to dinner for Jackie's (MIL) birthday and then back to their house for some Coldstone cake...yummmy!
Chris headed to work (how convienient of him) for a few hours. But first I had him run to the store and get some mouse traps. Last night while we were enjoying our latest Netflix movie (Madea goes to jail) our little mouse friend (whom we haven't seen hide nor hair of for 2 months) ran across the livingroom and went behind the tv. Bluck! I informed Chris that his one and only job for Saturday would be to put mousetraps EVERYWHERE!!
I hope to find a dead mouse carcus by the end of the day!
I finished my book last night (The Ballad of Gussie & Clyde). Now I am in need of a really good book. What are you guys reading right now? What is your favorite book that you think I have to read? Besides Harry all know I have read them.
Well...I'm off to join in the family fun (instead of sitting in the computer room talking to you guys...being all anti-social).

Have a great weekend!


*big hugs*

Friday, August 11, 2006

They're baaack!

by teresa

Well...they're home.

Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time.

Ben hasn't stopped talking since we picked them up from church.
Talking about all his new friends...the games and food...the councelors and worship services.
This is what he said when I grabbed him to me and gave him a huge hug...."Hey mom....I didn't even miss you!"
That's wrong people...just flat out wrong!

And get this....Nick left ALL his stuff at camp!


How on earth did no one notice that he had no bags?
He was helping everyone else load the bags in the van...then when the adults asked.."do we have everything?" He said yes....and off they went. It wasn't till they were almost home that he realized he had nothing! No bible...NOTHING!
To say I am ticked....would be an understatement! We will try to pick up his things next week sometime. Until then...he has like one pair of shorts and underwear!

Tonight I plan on grilling out (it's the boys favorite) and chilling in the backyard. It is very cool and breezy maybe the menfolk will play a little basketball while I'm grilling. I think we will all get in the pool later too. I feel like a swim.

Until later....

T-minus 4 hours and counting.....

by teresa

Today's the day!

The boys come home this afternoon!

I must say...I HAVE enjoyed the quiet reading times....clean cooking...afternoon naps...alone time with Lauren and solo shopping.'s back to reality. Back to 20 loads of laundry....dishes/glasses hidden under days spent as a short order cook...sibling while hearing "I want, I want, I want, I want!"and Lauren hiding out in her room or at friends houses to avoid her younger brothers pestering.

And I said I miss this?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's what makes me happy. It's what makes us a family. It's what makes like interesting. It's what gives me great blogging material! hee hee

Face it...without the boys hear this posts have been pretty hohum.

Lauren headed to UNC Chapel Hill (cheering camp) at the wee hours this morning. Chris is at work.... and I slept until 10:00am. Now I'm up...showered and about to head out to buy the MIL a birthday gift. This weekend is going to be busy. We have some family coming into town to visit...Jackie's birthday tomorrow (dinner)...karate...Nick's performance on Sunday morning at church (he's Satan....cowboy style...I'll give you details and pictures later)...and VBS kickoff Sunday evening.

I hope you guys have great weekends. Enjoy the nice weather (it's a bit cooler than past weekends) and play hard!

I'll leave you with this....
It's a sign put up at a church that was having problems with the kids running around without parental supervision.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

"To love someone is nothing. To be loved by someone is something. To love and be loved by someone is everything."

by teresa

I found this on the front of the fridge this morning. Isn't it sweet? Lauren must have written it after I went to bed last night.

I like how she added...(The Green's) at the end. Just in case we forgot our names or something.

back away from the mousse....the mousse is not my friend...

by teresa


Most of you don't know it...but I straighten my hair everyday...and then do my Laura Petrie flip thing at the ends. I have been "all about the flip" for over a year now.

Before that I was "au natural" most of the time. Which in my case means...crazy, frizzy, curly hair!

Well this morning I decided I would just wash it, put a little mousse in it and blow it dry. Just to see what it would look like since I have it shorter now. OMG! Bad move!!

My hair looks worse than that comedian carrot top....I swear!

I have take a picture so you can be a witness to this coiffure catastrophe!

The first photo is me "flipping it up"

The second is today.

The third is carrot top.

I must go rewash my hair now before somebody sees me like this.

terrorists, school supplies and the uni-boob

by teresa

Did you guys hear about the attempted airline terror attack yesterday. That is so scary! Chris flight last night was delayed many hours. I was already in bed by the time he arrived home. He said they just sat on the plane for a couple of hours (no a/c) not knowing what was going on. We assume it was due to the many flights that were cancelled or rerouted due to what was happening in the UK.

Today I plan to organize my arts & crafts/school supply closet. I need to make a list of the things I have already before I go back to school shopping.

The boys get back tomorrow afternoon. I'm sure they are having a blast. I can't wait for them to arrive I miss them. Two...because I'm sick of the dog sleeping with me!

Where do your pets sleep? In the garage? Outside dog house? With you? With your kids?
Inquiring minds would like to know.

I think I need to get a new bra. I heard that most women don't have on the right size bra....and this causes me major discomfort (shoulders) and makes my cleavage pop out in the front. I think I'm going to make an appointment at "The Full Cup" soon I know those ladies will "hook me up" (no pun intended)!

I'm off to get this day underway.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hump day update

by teresa

Not much going on today. Just my meeting at school and a trip to the dollar tree.

Chris gets home from Atlanta in a couple of we will be able to watch SYTYCD together. Ben totally freaked out when he realized the finale was going to be on when he was at camp. So I set up the VCR to record the show for him.

Lauren will be leaving on Friday to attend a cheer camp at UNC. She should have alot of fun. She usually comes back excited, sore, and with no voice. Her and her best friend Jasmine are rooming together (2 girls to a room). I told her to please BEHAVE! Sometimes when her and Jasmine are together...they can get a little rowdy. Actually Lauren alone can be kinda crazy...silly...outrageous. I think she gets that from my mom. The two of them (mom and Lauren) out in public...unsupervised...produces some extreme silliness. Like dancing and singing around the stores....burping contests...etc.

I think we should put Shorty in an outfit like this!

I'm gonna go water my flowers out back. They are looking a little droopy.

I hope you guys all had a more exciting day than I did.

*peace out ladies*

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone.

by teresa

It's almost midnight...and I'm awake...again. It's not like I'm up with worry...or stress. I'm simply not tired! As long as I feel rested when I wake up in the morning...then I guess my late nights are ok.

Tonight Lauren and I hung out. It's been a long time since that happened! We went to the mall (I know...I usually don't do the mall...ever!) to go back to school shopping. The only store Lauren likes is American Eagle...and the mall is the only place it is located. We had a good time chatting and browsing in store after store. We also had dinner at one of those chinese places in the food court that has that yummy chicken terriyaki.

I'm in bed right now catching up on all my favorite blogs and getting ready to read my book (The Ballad of Gussie and Clyde) until I fall asleep. Shorty is snuggled up beside me. I wish I had my camera upstairs...because he is pretty cute laying here. He always sleeps with his head on the pillow and covers on. Just like a person. Hopefully he won't be a cover hog tonight!
mom reading a bedtime story photo
I miss my baby....

"If you want the best seat in the house ... move the dog"

by teresa

Just got back from a loooong meeting at Ben's school. I'm participating in a two day school planning meeting....and I am beat. I actually enjoyed myself though. It's been awhile since I have spent an entire day surrounded by adults....chatting, brainstorming,creating. It feels good! I am pretty smart....and sometimes I forget that. My favorite part was coming up with the new school motto. Tomorrow we will meet again to continue the process.

It's quiet here right now. Lauren's at cheering till 5:00 and Chris is in Hotlanta. I really don't have anything planned for the rest of the day...maybe just a trip to the grocery store. Maybe I'll go school clothes shopping later. For Ben only...since I need Nick and Lauren with me to try things on. Old Navy is having a I think that's where I'll go first.

Kai is so lonely with Ben and Kristian gone. Yesterday he came in our house and just sat on the couch all grumpy. Chris asked him what was wrong and he said.."I miss Ben"...."and even I miss Kristian". He played playstation for awhile and then went back over to mom's. He got bored with it quickly because none of us would play 2-player with him.

No word from the kids....which is a good thing I guess. No problems or issues. I am feeling much better about them being away. I know it will be very memorable for them...and they have lots of adults I know and trust supervising them. I just get a little sad at night....missing Ben snuggling and reading with me. Friday can't come soon enough!

Shorty keeps walking around whining. going from room to room. I think he is looking for Ben. Ben and that dog are inseperable. They even sleep together everynight! Last night Shorty would not go to sleep. I put him in Ben's bed...cut on the fan...I even cut on the tv (for the noise)....I put Ben's blanket on the bed. But Shorty just kept barking and crying until I couldn't take it anymore so I brought him in our bed. Where he proceded to climb between Chris and I and lay SIDEWAYS in the bed. Very uncomfortable...but at least he was quiet!

Shorty is thinking...

"Where is my Ben?"
"I miss my buddy!"

"A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance, and to turn around three times before lying down."

Monday, August 07, 2006

I wonder Ben is doing right now? Is he missing me? Wanting me? Needing a snuggle and a kiss? *tear*

by teresa

The boys are gone.

I miss them.

I've only cried 3 times today....I think that's pretty good.

They did so good as did Kristian. The councelors were wonderful and made the kids feel excited and at ease. I set up their bedding and helped them put on their new camp shirts. I demanded many hugs and kisses before I was able to walk away. All three were laughing and chatting with new friends as I left their rooms. *sigh*

Chris and I stopped at the Virginia Diner on the way home for a good ol' country style breakfast. Have mercy was it ever good! Country ham, eggs, grits,biscuits and potatoes! We also picked my dad up a can of their famous peanuts...with Old Bay seasoning on it. He loves his old bay seasoning!

We came home and cut Chris was getting a little unmanagable. Then Shorty and I took a nap and Chris did some work and went to a meeting. When I woke up from my nap I was very disoriented. Not knowing what day it was...what time it was...and where everybody was. It took a few minutes to realize I was alone.

Chris is now home from his meeting and I think we are going to pick something up for dinner. I hope you guys all had a nice day....and have sweet dreams tonight.


In a snap!

by teresa

Sorry no posting yesterday. I was really busy.

After church we were only home for awhile...then we headed back up to church for a VBS meeting.

I am really excited about the VBS we are putting on. I am going to pray that God sends many children to participate. We have such a big, beautiful facility...but in the past not much of turnout. I was spoiled by the big numbers at the VBS the kids went to last week (over a hundred each day). I would love to have that happen!

So all you local momma's who read this blog...please bring you children and invite any friends to do the same. I am going to email all my PTA and MIT buddies. I also have some flyers to give out to the kids neighborhood friends.

The festivities begin Sunday August 13th at 6:30-8:40 and go through Wednesday August 16th (which will be family night...a big family cookout).

So be there...or be square!

Yesterday was also packing day. Packing for Ben, Nick and Kristian. Chris and I are going to drive them up to the camp. I will feel better seeing the facility...and knowing where they are going to sleep and eat.'s going to be very hard for me. I am feeling a little anxiety coming on. *breathe* Prayers welcome!

Lauren had a couple of friends over yesterday afternoon. They played board games and watched tv (they party hard core man!) :0) Hey....I ain't complaining! I think it's great that's the way they spend their Sunday afternoon. I like them here. Usually they hang at another families house...and I get to feeling bad about that. I know their grocery bill must be totally outrageous. So I relieve my guilt by alowing htem to hang out here every now and then. The only reason I don't let them more is because of the boys. They never leave the teens alone! It's like they are great white sharks (I have enjoyed shark week on the discovery channel this week:) and the teens are baby seals. They keep going in for the kill...and Chris and I have to lure them back in the other room.

Well... I'm off to get the boys up and get this day started.

I will leave you with this conversation I overheard between Ben and Kai the other day in the car after leaving VBS....

Kai: Ben...what's heaven like?

Ben:'s great Kai. You get to sing and dance ALL DAY and then sleep long ALL NIGHT!

Kai: When do you die and go to heaven?

Ben: When your old.

Kai: Are you old.... and sick?

Ben: Sometimes. But mostly your just old! You go in a snap (he snapped his finger in the air)!
Haven't you ever heard the saying..."in a snap"? That's where it comes from. It's talking about how fast old people die. "In a snap" (he repeats snapping motion). It's very quick Kai. You don't feel a thing!

Kai: But I can't snap! (then he tries over and over with Ben showing him how) So what happens if I can't snap?

Ben: Then maybe you never die? Unless you get hit by a car or something. You better keep practicing!

Kai: Sighs...and tries to snap his fingers the whole way home.... over and over.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Stick a fork in me....I'm D O N E !

by teresa

It is....


And I just did ...

(I think this is tub #7 )

I'm clocking out for the day....I wonder if I get paid overtime?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Love... is the thing that enables a mother to sing while she mops up the floor after her children walk across it in their muddy shoes!

by teresa

I don't know what got into me this morning...but I woke up ready to clean! Brace yourself....this is the list of things I did before 11:00am.

fed boys
washed, dried and put away 3 loads of clothes (Nick's camp clothes)
swept kitchen and hardwood floors
dusted entire house
cleaned all ceiling fans
emptied every trashcan
cleaned each bathroom(toilets,tubs,sinks,floors,walls)
mopped kitchen and bathroom floors
unloaded dishwasher
cleaned counter tops and stove top
moved and vacuumed under and behind couches and cushions
showered (and shaved my legs:)
took car to gas up
cleaned out trash from car
vacuumed car
put air in all tires
picked up bulb and replaced rear brake light
wrapped Kaden's gift
Made all beds


With the boys leaving for the week(on Monday) should stay clean longer than usual.

Kaden's birthday party was this afternoon. We all ended up staying for 4 and a half hours. Katy had tons of food and she made the yummiest cakes. She made them and decorated them to look like balloons. It was pretty cute. Kaden loved all her toys and Katy loved all the clothes. We changed her about 5 times to see each outfit on her. Katy had made her a crown that read "birthday girl" and she kept that thing on her head the entire time. She never once tried to pull it off. After the party Katy and the kids came over and we hung out till late tonight. We sat outside while the kids played out back. It was pretty breezy and tolerable. Finally! Here's some pictures from Kaden's big day.

I've been tagged...

by teresa

I was tagged by Lisa to list...

5 things in my freezer: bubba burgers,chicken legs,steakums,veggies, salmon steaks

5 things in my closet: shoes,purses,clothes,books,Nick's trumpet ( it's loud)

5 things in my car: cell phone charger, dvd's,cd's,sunglasses,karate gear

5 things in my purse: phone,wallet,checkbook,tide stain stick,camera

5 things in my wallet: license,library card,check card,pass it on cards,kids pictures

5 people I tag to do this list:


I could only think of three people. The rest of you guys have already been tagged! Phooey!
If I tagged you...copy these questions to your blog.... then comment me so I can go over and see your answers.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Question time....have fun!

by teresa

Friday, August 4

Are you ready?

Saw this on Mary's blog and it looked like fun. If you want... you can copy it over to your blog...then comment me so I know to read your answers.

() Smoked cigarettes: Never
( ) Drank so much you threw up:!
(x) Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back: Yes
( ) Been arrested: No
( ) Gone on a blind date:Nope
( ) Skipped school : never
(x) Seen someone die: nanny Dyer and my Stella grandma. Was in the room for their final breaths.
( ) Been to Canada: No
( ) Been to Florida : No
( ) Been to Mexico: Nope
( ) Been on a plane: Never....I know...that's pathetic!
(x) Been lost: a child in Sears
( ) Been on the opposite side of the country: no
(x) Gone to Washington, DC: Many times. Mostly field trips
(x) Swam in the ocean: Frequently...we live minutes from Va. Beach
( ) Felt like dying. no
(x) Cried yourself to sleep. Yes.
( ) Played cops and robbers: No.
(x) Recently colored with crayons:are you kidding? All the time...even when my kids aren't with me.
(x) Sang karaoke:Oh yeah! My sister Katy and I can sing us some Shania Twain!
(x) Paid for a meal with only coins: Yep!
(x) Say something you told yourself you wouldn't? yes...I'm sure I have
(x) Made prank phone calls:oh yeah...just last night :)
( ) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose: Nope
(x) Caught a snowflake on your tongue: Every winter...when we are lucky enough to get some snow
(x) Danced in the rain: yes.
(x) Written a letter to Santa Claus:Yes
(x ) Been kissed under the mistletoe: yes.
( ) Watched the sun rise with someone you care about: No..but that sounds nice
(x) Blown bubbles: Yes...soap bubbles and gum bubbles
(x) Made a bonfire. yes...every new years eve in the back yard
( ) Crashed a party: nope
(x) Gone roller-skating: yes. That was a big thing to do around here as a teenager
( ) Ice-skating:tried it once for like five seconds.
(x) Any nicknames? Teresa Agony (my uncle Jim) ...Gidget (Chris..when we were in High School)
Mother's name? Karen Page
What is your favorite drink? Right now I'm hooked on Sprite Zero!
Tattoos? no
Body piercing? ears.
How much do you love your job, from 1-10? 9...every once in a while I long to enter the world of adults again.
Birthplace: Va.
Favorite vacation spot? Corolla, NC.
Ever been to Africa? Nope.
Ever eaten cookies for dinner? No...but I've had cake for dinner!
Ever been on TV? Just my name listed after a show I was a production assistant for.
Ever steal any traffic signs? No
Ever been in a car accident? Yes.
Was it your fault? depends on who you ask :)
2 Doors or 4 Doors? 4
Salad dressing? I don't like salad!
Favorite pie? lemon
Favorite number? 1
Favorite movie? A tie between...Driving Miss Daisy...Shawshank Redemption
Favorite holiday?Christmas
Favorite dessert? Krispie Kreme donuts
Favorite food? Anything Italian
Favorite day of the week? Saturday
Favorite brand of body soap? Lever
Favorite TV show? SYTYCD
Toothpaste? Crest
Favorite smell? vanilla
What do you do to relax? read a myself or out loud to the kids
Do you have a message to your friends reading this now? I love all you guys! Thanks for taking the time each day to hop over and check out the happenings of our lives. Your friendships mean a great deal to me. I think of you often and you are all in my prayers each day.
How do you see yourself in 10 years? happy...healthy...surrounded by my family
What do you do when you are bored? Play Frogger or Digdug
Furthest place you will send this message? Who knows?

I KNOW I can't dance!

by teresa

So you Think You Can Dance went just as I thought. Ivan (who we love and is adorable...but not as good as dancer as the others) was cut. Natalie also was cut. Ben picked her to be cut. He says ,"all she does is roll around on the floor....she needs to go home." He enjoys this show so much. It comes on past his bedtime...but we allow him to lay in our bed and watch it. While we are on the couch watching we can hear this (Bravo...Bravo...Bravo) coming from upstairs. His favorite is Travis. So everytime Travis performs you hear him applauding and he will run to the top off the stairs and yell down to us "did ya'll see that?" "wasn't he great?" "He's going to win this WHOLE thing!" He also NEVER likes the hip-hop routines. After one (which Chris and I love by the way) he will say..."sheesh...that was terrible!" I think that's so funny. I will not mention to him that the finale is going to air when he is at camp. I will make sure to tape it for him to watch upon his return. Chris wants me to look into when the tour is coming we can buy tickets and surprise him with a night out to see his favorite dancers.

I'm off to do the mom's a very busy day. So I will catch up with you guys this evening.

*peace* *love* *soul*

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dearest father, Darling mother, how's my precious... little brother? Let me come home... if you miss me, I would even let Aunt Katy hug and kiss me!

by teresa

I am hot.
And not in the "foxy" way!
Just sticky, sweaty, stinky hot!
Want a hug?
I heard that there is a cold front coming...bring it on!!!!

The mechanic called about Chris' car...and we lucked out. It was only some brake sensor switch. We will be able to pick it up by lunch tomorrow.

After much prayer and consideration I have decided to let Ben go to camp next week. I hope I will be able to breathe with him away from my side. Another boy from his class signed up to I think he will do just fine. Kristian will be going too. Once I made this decision we got a call this afternoon. It was from Nick and the youth pastor. Apparently Nick is having a blast and also being very helpful to all the adults. They would like him to attend next weeks camp help out the nurse (Miss Mary...a long time family friend)...and the young campers. How great will that be? What an answer to prayer! Ben was very thrilled about it. Now know what that means right? With Lauren at cheering and work all week...and then cheer camp....I will be childless for 5 whole days!! Have mercy! Party at the Green's! I think I will use the free time to visit some old friends and get reconnected. I also have many books on my list that need to be read.

Chris was so funny today. Everytime I got on the computer he would IM me...telling me how sad he was to be stuck at work. Since his car was in the shop...I dropped him off at work this morning. Today was also his first day without his "work wife". Her last day was yesterday. So today he walked next door to the blackdog cafe and ate all alone! How sad!

We went out to the chinese buffet for dinner tonight. It was just too hot to cook.

I am writing this post on my my jammies...laying on the couch. I can't wait till the new season of American Idol so I can do some live blogging during the show. I am such a geek!! Thank you honey for my new toy.

This morning Lauren was late for work for the first time. She hadn't written down the day in her calendar...and they called around 8:20 and she was supposed to be there at 8:00. She said they weren't mad...just worried because she is always on time. She's off with friends right now...enjoying these last weeks of summer. Is there anything more exciting than summer time as a kid? No cares...or worries...or deadlines...just plans with friends...sleepovers...pool parties...beach days.

Well....SYTYCD is coming on I'm off. I have a date with my hubby to snuggle on the couch and watch our show.

I wish each of you a peaceful and restful nights sleep.

*sweet dreams*

ham cooked in pineapple juice is yummy....I just thought you would like to know

by teresa


The Hawaiian dinner at VBS was yummy last night. The kids really enjoyed themselves...and so did I. I never saw a child so happy as Kai when he saw them put pizza's on the table with all the other food. They had ham,chicken,lasagna,egg rolls,beef stroganoff,cheesy potatoes,hotdogs,pizza,hoagies,etc. I'm not even going to mention all the desserts (cake,pudding,rice krispie treats,pie) I'm pretty sure I gained a couple of pounds.

After eating they chatted with some new freinds and played in this cool igloo made out of milk jugs. Its one of the props from the Arctic Edge VBS.

Then when we went to leave... I couldn't get it to go in reverse out of the parking space. I was in Chris' Honda. After a couple of minutes I phoned him and he shot straight over. He couldn't get the stupid thing to work either. It seems the brake sensor isn't working to release the transmission to shift from park. I will call and get it towed to the shop today. What a pain in the patootie!

I went over Katy's house yesterday afternoon to take the kids home. She was all giddy from a grocery shopping high. She was opening the fridge and cabinets showing me everything she had purchased. Then she said..."look how full my freezer is". Have mercy people! It was so stuffed with food I had to take a picture and share it with you guys. It looks as if taking one things out would cause an avalance.

I forgot to post this picture yesterday after VBS (I know...your probably like..."enough about VBS already"). Ben volunteered to lead everyone in saying the motto. *Be strong* *Be courageous* *Follow Jesus* I had to snap a picture!

Chris did something to surprise me and the kids....and then he told me before it came because he couldn't stand having a secret. He signed us up for Netflix. I know lots of you guys talk about having it...and how great and convenient it is. Now I get to experience the joy that is Netflix with the rest of you! Yeah for me! I was like "Chris...why did you tell would have been cool to open the mailbox and see movies"? He said the first three are coming today...but he just couldn't wait any longer to tell us. Dork!

Well...I'm off like a dirty shirt. Be back later to see how all my blog peeps are doing.

*peace out*