Tuesday, January 31, 2006

here's your sign...

by teresa
Chris just called from Charlotte. I went to the phone...looked at the caller ID...saw it was his number...and answered. Hi honey...he says. I said..Hey honey...did you get your phone in the mail today? Duh!!!
Here's your sign.

dumb dog

by teresa
I fixed Nick and Ben after scool snacks today. Crackers , cheese and some fruit. Nick got up from his homework to show me something. When he came back...Shorty had pulled the table cloth off the table to get Nick's food down.
I fussed at him and put him in timeout in the garage. He knew he was in trouble. I opened the door to the garage and he ran in on his own. Usually we have to lure him with a piece of cheese or something.

spit happens

by teresa
Wednesday and Thursday...that's all we have left! I'm alittle sad. I wonder if Ben will allow me to read to him this much when there is not a prize at stake. He just fell asleep in our bed. We did get in 50 more minutes of reading before he dozed off. That takes our total for the day to 155 minutes. 651 total for the contest. Yeah!

Just an observation...When you read aloud for long periods of time...your mouth produces alot of saliva! I guess your salivary glands produce alot of spit to keep your mouth free from friction when you are talking alot.

so far...so good

by teresa
Ben and I have been reading machines since he got home from school. We did all of his homework (even tomorrows) so we could totally focus on reading. We read for and 105 minutes (30 of which he read to me). After bath time we plan on doing at least 30 more. Nick has seriously caght the reading bug too. He has read 4 books in the past two days. That doesn't even count the ones he read at school today. Way to go Nick! Now if I could just get Lauren to turn a page once in a while. Then I would be a happy camper! I even offered her a bribe to read a book that I read and loved. But she never took me up on that offer.

can you read this?

by teresa
I have my eye appointment tomorrow. It is just a checkup...I have no complaints. So...I probably won't need glasses. But..we'll see. I wonder if Jackie ever got her glasses back yet.

read Nick...read

by teresa
Today Nick's school had a read-a-thon day. They read practically all day. Trying to get their accelerated reading scores up. Nick brought his points from 30 to 52. He had the most points in his class. So he was selected to be the guest reader today. He read aloud the book...Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. He was beaming as he told me this news. They all applauded for me when I was done..mom. He said...aren't you glad you got my hair cut and my glasses adjusted...so I looked good?

Monday, January 30, 2006

read-a-thon update

by teresa
Ben and I are now at 496 minutes. We really slacked over the weekend. There are only 3 more days of the contest! We even went to the bookstore this afternoon before Karate and bought 2 more Junie B. Jones books and 2 more Magic Treehouse books. Ben is really enjoying them...as a matter of fact, he even said he would like more for his birthday. Cool huh? While Nick had his karate class...Ben and I sat in the car and read a book until his class began. Then we finished the book up in bed tonight. He is going to be sooo disappointed if he is not the winner. At least I know I have done ALL that I can for him.

While you were out...

by teresa
Over the weekend, when we took "the daddy" out of town with us. Mom painted and wallpapered his bathroom. Cleaned it, bought new towels and rugs and even a new "over the toilet" organizer. This is the picture of him when he walked in and noticed his new bathroom. His comment to mom when he called to thank her was....I need to get out of town more often!

you are what you eat

by teresa
On our way home...we all stopped and ate at Uncle Sams restaraunt in Fredricksburg. It was good food...the service left alot to be desired. Anyway...the food was good! I thought you would get a kick out of our appetizer. Look at the reciept carefully. (right under the jumbo shrimp)

Tag...your it

by teresa
The kids had a great time over the weekend playing flashlight tag. It is extremly dark at the Dyer's homestead. No street lights...neighbors are not close at all...so when you flip off the backyard lights...you are in the DARK! The boys go out with just flashlights and hide from each other. Yikes! But they love it! If you get tagged with a light ...you are it. Here's a pic.

Dance Fever

by teresa
The kids caught dance fever over the weekend at Jim and Beth's. Jimmy had an eclectic mix of songs playing for them. Here are some of the highlights!!!

Play that Funky music white boy...

Twist and Shout

Jump by Van Halen (if you don't remember this song...you are sooo not cool!)

Four More Minutes

By Chris.

There are sacrifices to be made to have access to a car as a 16-year-old. Rising before first light on a Monday when school is out for a teacher workday is Lauren's latest sacrifice for said priveldge. If she wanted the car this week, she would have to get me to the airport bright and early. So, I woke up, did my thing, and was ready to go. No sign of Lauren stirring. Lights off, fan blowing. Less than five minutes until we needed to leave. So, I opened the door, and flicked on her light. "Are you driving me or what?" She sat up, gave me a crazy look, and barked "I've got four more minutes!" And she used all four of them too.


by teresa
Here are some of the twister highlights...


by teresa
Since we put up a blog about Jamie and his awesome basketball game...I thought I should do a blog about Joey. He is sooo cute. 5 years old and he loves dragons and drawing and swords. He is a great artist. He shared these pictures with me...and I thought you would like to see them. They are all misers. Don't know what a miser is? Well..the dictionary says..a greedy of avoriciuos person. I think Joe draws them as little monsters. Anyway...he would show me the picture and I would have to guess what kind of miser it was. I wonder if you will be able to guess. I will post the answers at the end of the blog.

Breadstick Miser (with sauce)..Dark Miser...Water Miser(it's coming out of his ears)...Tooth Miser...Cackroach Miser...Shrimp Miser...Lightening Miser...Leaf Miser...Wind Miser...Grass Miser...Fire Miser....

Here's your sign...

Stupid people should have to wear signs that just say, "I'm Stupid." That way you wouldn't rely on them, would you? You wouldn't ask them anything. It would be like, "Excuse me...oops...never mind, didn't see your sign."
It's like before my wife and I moved. Our house was full of boxes and there was a U-Haul truck in our driveway. My neighbor comes over and says, "Hey, you moving?" "Nope. We just pack our stuff up once or twice a week to see how many boxes it takes. Here's your sign."
A couple of months ago I went fishing with a buddy of mine, we pulled his boat into the dock, I lifted up this big ol' stringer of bass and this idiot on the dock goes, "Hey, y'all catch all them fish?" "Nope. Talked 'em into giving up. Here's your sign."
Last time I had a flat tire, I pulled my truck into one of those side-of-the-road gas stations. The attendant walks out, looks at my truck, looks at me, and I SWEAR he said, "Tire go flat?" I couldn't resist. I said, "Nope. I was driving around and those other three just swelled right up on me. Here's your sign."
I stayed late at work one night and a co-worker looked at me and said, "Are you still here?" I replied, "No. I left about 10 minutes ago. Here's your sign."

Anybody you know need a sign today?

Chris and I love the comedian who does this bit. Everywhere we go....there is always somebody that needs a sign! Sometimes Chris even says it to me.

When Jim and Beth, Chris and I, Grandaddy and all the kids went out to dinner this weekend the waitress was very absent minded. She took our order and got distracted when it was ready. So the guys from the kitchen came out and brought our food to us. A few minutes later...the waitress walks up...she says, "Did someone bring you guys your food?" Duh...No...it was taking so long we ordered takeout until you brought our orders to us. Here's your sign.

Today...Lauren took Chris to the airport (he will be out of town until Thurs. night). When she got home she realized he had left his blackberry in the car. She gave it to me. I picked up the phone to call him and let him know he left it. Here's your sign.

Later when he realized he left it...he called and asked me if I would overnight it to him. No problem! I went to the UPS store and sent it on. Then I got in the car...and called him to tell him I sent it. Here's your sign.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


by teresa
Called Lauren last night for an update before we went to bed. She was already in our bed...all tucked in with Shorty. We asked about this and that...how was work?...did you lock up the house?...is the alarm set to get up for church?...did you feed the dog???? Huh? Did you feed the dog, Lauren? Uuuhhhh....no. What? I didn't realize he ate everyday...she said. That's just cruel! Well...I did give him some cheese and a hotdog to get him in the garage when I had to go to work.
I guess next time we go out of town...we will look into a kennel :)

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Warrenton Greens?

This is in the yard across the street from Jim and Beth's. The kids really get along here. You can run forever & ever, even at night, on the quiet cul-de-sac where dozens of deer hang out. A good cook lives across the street. We can live anywhere between New Castle, Delaware and Atlanta, Ga. Hmmm. There's even an in-laws suite in the back . . . perfect for the Daddy.

And . . Some Shots from The Game

They introduce the kids in Jamie's league on the p.a., and they run through this star . . .

Taking the court during Introductions. . .

Timeout . . . listening to coach .. .

And, taking a break after the big buzzer-beater shot . . .

Sites from the Road

By Chris

Uhhh. Shouldn't you really get a truck for that? (saw this on I-64 on the way).

And . . . We saw the ODU basketball team en-route too. I wasn't mad at them then . . .

And It Was!

By Chris

Post-dinner report. It was good. Roast, corn, potatoes, broccoli with cheese, biscuits, gravy. That's all that's left of the potatoes:

Something Smells Good

By Chris

Dinner is cooking and it smells realllll good. Still in Warrenton with Teresa's Aunt and Uncle. Beth cooks, well . . . real good and real often when we are here. That's perfect. If you do something good, you should do it often, I say. I've been smelling the roast since we got home from the game at around 4:00. Now, there's pot's 'a boiling, knifes 'a choppin' and spoons 'a stirrin'. I like those sounds. I can see the kitchen from the computer, and I know I have seen potatos, biscuits, broccoli and meat so far. There's still homemade cake, including homemade icing from last night left, too. Fresh baked bread was also around yesterday (I had bannana as a side with my cake, hehe). Joey and Ben just came in . . . "what's that smell!" "MMMMmmmmmmm" Ben is all smiles. Time to eat, I think. Read it and weep all ye suckers who didn't come with us!!

Stupid ODU

By Chris

I don't like it when ODU looses. They did. It wasn't even close . . . and to a team they already beat this year. After fighting traffic to see them on the road. Disappointing. Nick got Dots ice cream and Jamie got Nachos . . . The lone highlights of the afternoon at the Patriot Center in Fairfax.

Left foot on green

by teresa
Ben, Joe and I have been having a good time playing this afternoon. All the big boys went to the ODU game...and Beth went to a card swapping party. I had planned to read books to them to catch up our minutes (yesterday we only read 25 minutes total). But...after about 10 minutes of reading...I realized they weren't even paying attention to me. *sigh* So I just joined in with their games. We played UNO and Sorry (very fun). We put together magnetic animals(all the appendages are magnetic). This is pretty interesting. Ben keeps putting the animal heads on their butts. That looks pretty funny. Now they are trying to talk me into playing Twister (yikes).

I keep saying...don't you want me to read to you?...their not having it! Oh well...maybe later when Ben gets tired.

Todays meals have been very yummy. Bagels for breakfast (Special K and banannas for "the daddy"), submarine sandwiches for lunch and Beth is making roast for dinner. Mmmmm

Basketball Star

By Chris

Part of the reason we came to the Dyers this weekend was to catch Jamie's basketball game (he plays on the Longhorns in the local Upward basketball league). It was an 8:30 a.m. start, and worth the early start. Jamie was very into it from the beginning, playing good defense and running up and down the court quickly. Then, as a quarter was expiring, he stopped the other team's player under their basket, took the ball, dribbled up the court, slowed down and went left, then accelarated right and made a running lay-up as the clock went off the end the quarter!!!! How exciting! Teresa got it on video, and you could hear her screaming for him. So, in one play, defensive stop, rebound, dribble-drive and a score, whithout ever giving the ball up. Later in the game, he got an impressive steal, dribbled up the court and pulled up for a jumper, that he barely missed. Still pretty nifty playing. He got a star for best offense in the locker room team meeting after the game, which I got to attend. The Longhorns won going away . . . so it was lots of fun. I could watch basketball all day . . . so we're heading over to George Mason in a bit to watch them play Old Dominion (funny, how that worked out that they are up here this weekend :))

I'm sure Teresa will post pics. later of Jamie and the Longhorns in action.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Were here!

by teresa
The trip up to Jim's was smooth. Hardly any traffic (except for going into the tunnel). We picked up "the daddy" at 3:00pm. It was neat...I gave him the choice of where he wanted to sit in the car. I assumed he would want to sit up front with Chris and help navigate. But no! He chose lounging in the back with the boys. Well...with Ben actually. Because Nick was asleep before we even reaching grandaddys house. Ben and "the daddy" watched a movie on our fold down dvd system. He looked impressed. They watched , The Pacifier (with Vin Diesel). I figured he would fall asleep shortly after the movie began. But he watched the entire thing. We heard him and Ben laughing at some of the funny parts. That's cute! We pulled into the driveway at 6:30pm (we stopped only once to go to the restroom)....2 minutes before the pizza delivery driver arrived. Yes...that's right people I said PIZZA! Chris and I are cheating this weekend. Beth cooks sooooo good..it would be a SIN not to partake in all of her culinary masterpieces! We ate and chatted and now the boys are all going out to play some midnight basketball (that's what Jim called it). Sounds fun...even if it is only 8:15pm. Talk to you later.

hit the road jack....

by teresa
Well...we are about to leave for the weekend. Maybe I will post a blog from the road. I'll miss reading all my favorite blogs. But I guess I can live for 3 days without you. Have a great weekend!

In Remembrance of Tieday

by teresa

Duuh Duuh Duuuuuuuuh.....
Duuh Duuh Duuuuuuuuh.....
Duuh Duuh Duuuh..Duuh Duuh Duuuh..Duuh Duuh Duuuuuh...
Duuh Duuh Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh Duuuuuuuh...Duuuuh....Duuuuh...
Duuh Duuh Duuuuuuuuh!

Nick has informed me that they(the boys in class) are no longer celebrating tieday. Tieday is dead!
****moment of silent meditation**** *tear*

Here are some pictures to remember it by...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

reading update

by teresa
I know this is going to be hard to believe...but Ben and I have read 129 minutes today. 10 before school...40 during and after homework...4 to Chris while he was eating...35 while Chris and Nick were getting ready for the basketball game....40 more just now before bed. We read Junie B. ,First Grader Toothless Wonder...Junie B. , First Grader (at last)...Junie B. Jones and a little monkey business and While you were sleeping. Each of the Junie B.'s are about 80 pages. Good grief! My eyes (and mouth) are tired! I think I will go lay down with Ben now. Our total for the read-a-thon is now 438 minutes! GO US..GO US..GO US!

Life is Beautiful

by teresa
I was running a little late for school this morning. A really good movie was on...and I found myself lingering around the tv instead of getting ready. It was Roberto Benigni's film...Life is Beautiful. Have you seen it? If not...rent it...watch it! It's great! If you have seen it...tell me what you thought.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Bastl

by teresa
This is a picture of Mrs. Bastl, a first grade teacher at Norfolk Highlands. Today is her birthday (I didn't want to be rude and ask how old she was). Her students told me today she is the queen. That's why whe has on the crown and robe. She's a real neat lady. Always happy and smiling. And believe me...I'm around enough to see these teachers get frazzled and snippy sometimes. But never Mrs. Bastl. She has been teaching at this school for 37 years! Can you believe that? I also attended this school ( I never had her...but I remember her). We got to talking today about all the teachers I had there. She of course knew them all. Mrs. Seward(1st grade) is a good friend of hers to this day....Mrs. Snead (2nd grade) they are good friends too. She is now a councelor at Portlock elementary. She used to pray with me before class about things that were going on in my home. Wow! You won't get that anymore! Mrs. Daley (4th grade)...Mrs. Bastl is her childs godmother. Neat.

new book

by teresa
We finished up ...Boss of Lunch...last night in bed. Chris, Ben and I...me reading aloud to the two of them. Chris looked like he was in pain. Anyway...this mornig, while waiting for the bus, we started...Junie B. , First grader Toothless Wonder. We only read for 40 minutes yesterday(we had to go to church). Today I hope to double that! To make up for lost time. When I was at school today Mrs. Keagy said she was asking the kids how many minutes they have read. She said most didn't know (darn...I was really wanting to know what we were up against). She said, "Ben said ya'll have read over 200? Is that true?" I told her it was was over 300 now. She seemed shocked and impressed. She said one kid did say he has read a million minutes. Wow!Junie B. Jones #20: Junie B., First Grader Toothless Wonder Cover

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


by teresa
I had to show you a picture of this guy at Lauren's school. He has worn shorts to school everyday since the first day of school this year. Shorts and flip flops! And it was cold today! I hope it snows soon so I can get a shot of him in his summer attire.

Santa wreath

by teresa
Well...it's January 25th...and I still have my santa wreath on the front door. It gets on the neighbors nerves. Last year...just to be a stinker...I left it up until Lauren's 16th birthday party. April 7th. I wonder how long I can last this year? Mwaaaahhh haaaahaaahaaaa (devilish laugh).

no smoking

by teresa
Ben said, "Mom, guess what?" "Someone found a cigarette butt on the bus today!" He said this with a very outraged tone. "I bet it's from one of those teenagers", he said. "You know my bus picks them up after they drop us off in the morning". He puts smoking down there with cursing or drinking beard (that's how he says beer). All big nono's to my kids.

bought is better than brought!

by teresa
Ben came bouncing off the bus...all smiles. He said he had a great day! He loved the lunch I packed him (leftover pizza from school last night). This morning when I was packing it he got all upset because today is roast chicken day. He told me that bought lunch is better that brought lunch. But once he opened the bag at school and saw pizza...he said he was glad he brought! The best thing about the day ...he said...was that Mrs. Keagy's husband came to school and read to them. He told me that Mr. Keagy is very tall and nice. He read them Green Eggs and Ham. That story never gets old.


by teresa
I think my dad is going to build his own Colemans Nursery at the house next Christmas. He has gone "elf" crazy. Every few days a new addition comes in the mail. He finds these animated "things" on ebay...and buys them to put in the windows next year. I caught him running across the street with the one that came on the mail today to show Geri.

Doesn't he look happy? I wonder what it looks like. I think I'll go on ebay and post some of the pictures so you guys can enjoy them before Christmas. Katy says they are a little scary. She ripped the head off a barbie and put it in the hands of the elf with the saw. It was pretty funny!


by teresa
I'm feeling very sassy in my saddle shoes today!

buckle up for safety

by teresa
This morning when I pulled into the Indian River parking lot to drop Lauren off, there were several police cars there. I saw police officers (po po) walking around the sidewalks. Great! I wonder who got shot? Then as I pulled near the school a student (with a very hip yellow vest) stopped my car. I rolled down my window to see what he needed. He peeked in at Lauren and myself...and then handed me two of these nifty bracelets. They say...AAA SAYS..GET IT TOGETHER...BUCKLE UP. Ohh...it was a seatbelt saftey campaign. We noticed the people in front of us didn't get bracelets! Naughty naughty! Buckle up for safety!

you stink

by teresa
The kids and I were driving home the other day and smelled something really foul! I mean...really, really stinky. I of course immediatley started yelling at the boys. Grilling each one about whether or no they had shot the bunny (that's what our family calls f_ _ ting), or pooped in their pants (come on....their boys...boys do these things), or stepped in dog poo poo. They denied all of the above. It was getting to the point where you couldn't even breathe. Lauren was all...huuulllaaaccchh huuulllaaaccchh (that's the sound she makes when she's going to throw up). Which of course made me do the same. So there we were...driving down Greenbrier parkway...laughing... crying ...huuulllaaaccchhhing. And people...the smell was getting worse! Lauren's yelling...it smells like Nick's bunnies. I'm yelling...I want to see everyones shoes! Nick's pointing at Ben who's saying it's sissy! But this smell was much, much stronger than any of my childrens usual aromas. Then I noticed what was one lane over one car back from us. A trash truck. Pouring it's DJ (as Chris would call it) all over the Parkway and by our car! DJ stands for dumpster juice! GROSS! We tried to get away from it but there was too much traffic. It finally went a head of us and turned. I swear the funk stuck to our car the whole way home. I'm not sure what trashmen make...but I'm sure it's
not enough whatever it is!

she ain't right

by teresa
We keep a dry erase calendar on our refridgerater with all of our appts. and such on it. With 5 people in 5 different places...it can sometimes get confusing. Anyway...the other day Chris and I were scanning it to look for when he was going out of town. Just about everyday has 2 or 3 things written on it. Then we came across this...it said...Buy Katy a present. Huh? Who wrote that up there? Any guesses?

Then a few days later I was at mom's. She also has a calendar on her fridge. It had a to do list on it. This is what it said...1. Buy Katy a "just because" gift
2. Explain to teresa why she is NOT the favorite child!

same time...same place

by teresa
This morning Ben and I got a little reading time in while we were waiting for his bus to come. Ten minutes! Picture it....me..standing out on our porch at 6:55am...reading our Junie B. book. And if you have had the pleasure of watching me read aloud to the kids, then you know....I am loud and very expressive. Crazy voices..and faces and gestures. I can hardly hold the book with my hands flying around. It must have been a sight. My next show will be tomorrow...same time...same place.


by teresa
After taking the kids to school I surprised Katy, Kai, and Kaden with an early morning visit. We all played a couple of hands of Uno (Kaden watched). I bought Kai some Uno cards for his birthday...hoping he would catch the Uno fever like we have. Katy says he wants her to play with him constantly. I stayed for about and hour and a half then came home to shower and straighten the house.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

how sweet!

by teresa
I thought I would share this sweet thing with all my blog family. I got an envelope in the mail today from Mrs. Trueblood. Her husband (Pastor T.) was the pastor of our church for over 40 years(until his retirment a couple of years ago). They are both greatly loved and greatly missed by my family. Anyway...I opened the envelope and looked inside. There was no letter...just southbeach diet food coupons. How sweet! She knew we were on this diet and thought to cut these out and mail them to me. That sounds just like something my nanny Dyer would have done. Thank you Betty! I will use these on my next grocery run!

My desk

by teresa
Just thought you guys would like to see a picture of me at my desk. You know...where are all the magic happens. Don't be jealous now. You can see my phone (which I have never had to use), my pencil cup, my blue sign in log (very official), and my roll of stickers (it looks like all my designer ones have been used up...I'll make more on thurs.).