Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pictures from my 37th birthday party!

by teresa

I'm so glad Saturday is finally here.
The temps. are in the 60's this morning...and only climbing to the low 70's for the high. Perfect soccer weather. We have three games...starting at 10:00am and ending around 1:00pm.
I have my camera batteries charged, my soccer chairs packed in the minivan, water bottles in the freezer getting chilled....and I'm ready to roll.
After the games my favorite (and only) sister is throwing me a birthday cookout. Yippee! She is hosting and cooking. All I have to do is show up....and enjoy. Isn't she kind to her (much older) sissy? That's what she used to call me....sissy.
Chris gave me the neatest card this morning. It's one of those Hallmark music cards. It plays "ain't no woman like the one I got".

Friday, September 28, 2007

I love this!

by teresa

I was sent the link to this hilarious video earlier in the week(thanks Kitty).
I had to share it with my fellow momma's.
I think I say every single thing in this video...many, many times a day.
I think I would add in...stop farting, slapping, nose picking and for heavens sake...flush the toilet pleeeease!
I should learn it....and sing it to my kids each morning to save time.
Click here now!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Have you sent God a knee-mail today?

by teresa


Yesterday was See You At The Pole all around the country. Lauren used to participate in this every I can't believe Nick is old enough to participate. Students (and a few teachers) praying together around their schools flagpole.
I love it!
He and two other students (and a wonderful mom named Angie Miller) started a bible club at school. They set up a table yesterday afternoon during "club day"....and he said he thought about 30 people signed up. Oh my! He told me he volunteered to do devotions during the meetings. I can't believe this is my shy son. The things God has done for him...through our prayers. He is now in all honors classes this year (after a horrible experience last year with a team of teachers and kids that had attitudes, low expectations and bullying and scandal). They did not recommend him to take honors.... as a matter of fact they tried to talk me out of it this summer when I requested it. I had to talk to several administrators and write letters to get it done. The woman told me..."When he does can't change him back." EXCUSE ME? I told her I would never let my son do poorly. If he had a hard time...we would support him. That burned me up.
Well...Nick is doing great.
LOVES all his classes (except gym...but who likes gym anyway).
He does hours of homework each night....without complaint.
Actually...he takes his time...and has such pride in the outcome.
We are thrilled.
Also...he is doing very well at soccer....a sport he has never played before...and was too nervous to ever participate in.
We give God all the glory!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

by teresa

Nothing like starting your day with tummy issues.
And, of course I have two morning commitments today.
Oh yeah....I'm out of imodum.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

don't mess with the momma

by teresa

Chris is correct *referring to his post below*.
He was defintely in "trouble" for a minute there.
I thought he was coming up to get his shoes to go pick Lauren up....
When he said..."I told her to figure it out for herself"..."and then hung up on her" ...I was a bit miffed.
My night.
He gave me a I was going to be on board with his decision.
I didn't smile back.
He retreated.
Lucky for all (him) she showed up not too long after
She had broken down at a friends house...and that friend drover her home.
Chris got a few tools (jumper cables,wrench,butter knife?...oooohh Mr. fixit is on the job) and drove to where the car was.
And danged if he didn't get it started(corroded battery thingys).
He followed her home...and all was right with the world again.

Figure It Out

By Chris

Teenagers are knuckleheads. Without giving all the details, Lauren tried to assert too much independence yesterday. Now, I'm all for independence, but I'm also for doing it appropriately. Respectfully. Made me mad. Stewed us for a good little while. Then, we get a call from her. Teresa refers it downstairs to me. Her car wouldn't start. Perfect set up, I thought. It went something like this:

L: Daddy, my car won't start . . . blah, blah, blah . . . explains the problem . . . so what's wrong with it?"

Me: I don't know. I'm not a mechanic. Since you're grown up enough to blah, blah, blah . . . figure it out. click!!!.

Back to tv-watching I went. A little while later, Teresa asks . .. "When are you going to get Lauren?" "I'm not," I said. Now, she was mad at her too, but I sensed she thought I had gone too far. I was scared for a minute. Teresa is sweet and all, but messing with her babies is a perilous venture. The child eventually showed up. Got a ride from a friend. Squirmed a little. Put her tail between her legs. And . . . I handled the car situation.

Monday, September 24, 2007

ouch...still hurts

by teresa

My catch up day.
Get the house clean again and the hampers empty.
Over the weekend every other member of the Green household picks something up (book, magazine, toy cars, paper and crayons, lotion, bandaid box, etc.) and doesn't put in back where it goes.
So I spend most of Monday morning putting stuff back where it goes.
We have a very busy week ahead of us.
Soccer practices(5 ), MOPS meeting, See you at the Pole, Volunteer at Ben's school, George's (FIL) bday, Good News Bible Club(we had 55 kids come out last Friday), Nick and some other kids have a meeting with his principal tomorrow to start a bible club at his school, my birthday(Sat.) and Saturday is opening day (soccer)for Nick, Ben & Kristian and Kai's teams. I know...I know...we need to copy all the schedules for the grandparents (George&Jackie, Eric&Mary, my beautiful momma) and some folks from church (Scott) who want to come watch the kids play. Also, Chris is out of town somewhere in there.
I am on top of it all this year. Game one isn't until Saturday...and I have already dropped off the team shirts to get the kids names put on them, scheduled team pictures, ordered the trophies, typed up snack schedules, booked the parties and started the slide show presentation.
Things around here are getting a little more normal. You know AD.
Still cry sometimes...but mostly I just forget. Forget he is gone. I look out the window a couple of times a day...see his truck and think...I need to run over and see dad. I saw a preview for a movie yesterday and will watch that with me. Lauren called last night and said her car wouldn't first thought was to call dad and ask what he thought could be wrong. I miss him so much. Nick and Chris were in HIS garage Saturday. Organizing and cleaning for hours. Chris laughed at all my dad's "stuff". Fifty five years of gadgets, tools, trinkets, chords, rolls of tape, spray bottles, old paint, cans of WD-40, etc. Lots of which my hubby has no idea what it is...much less what it's used for. And so many nails. What in the world did he need 1,000,000 nails for? Bags so full Chris couldn't even drag them across the floor. They will continue to tackle the garage project for many, many weekends. I will continue to tackle my broken heart problem forever.
workbench & tools. 
fotosearch - search 
stock photos, 
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and photo clipart
"One only needs two tools in life: WD-40 to make things go...and duct tape to make things stop."

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I don't like the hotness

A young woman with pale, smooth skin and dark, frizzy hair encircling her head is seated formally in exotic dress near what seems to be Middle Eastern furniture and sculpture.
This is what my hair looked like today.
Stupid, Virginia humidity. It should not be 90 degrees on Sept. 22nd! Soccer practices (Nick's, Kai's and Ben's from 9:00-12:00) went from hot, to sweaty-itchy-melting-hot, then finally to drenched t-shirt-bozo hair-bra wringing-nose bleed hot!
I am staying in my house till Thanksgiving....just to make sure I miss the rest of 2007's torridity.

Friday, September 21, 2007

I have 35 men...and I'm on level 5!

by teresa

There was a cricket in our bedroom last night. It started chirping around midnight....and continued for hours.
I was awake anyway. Haven't been sleeping too well the past week.
Bad dreams...everyone's dying...or lost. I lay there for hours...body tired(very tired)...but my mind wide awake and thinking about things that I shouldn't dwell on. After a couple of nights like this I found an outlet. No...not reading. For some reason I have had no desire to pick up a book since last Tuesday(except for reading with the boys).
It's Ben's Nintendo DS. That's right...Nintendo...the healer of the mind. Actually, it pretty much numbs the mind.
I'm sure you will agree. When our kids play nintendo or Wii or Playstation or XBox...they are in another world. Zoned out...gone. I need that sometimes.
So Chris and I crawl into*ahem*...and when I hear him snoring...I whip out my friend...the DS. I lay there and play (Super Mario or BrainAge)until I can't keep my eyes open. I turn the volume all the way it doesn't bother him. The other night he rolled over and saw the green glow through the covers. He was like "you have GOT to be kidding me...weirdo!" He also said "I am going to put it on the blog!" So I thought I would beat him to the punch and tell you myself.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A fine conscience I turned out to be!

by teresa

I love just about everything about fall...but one thing I don't like is...the crickets. They come in the house...and I hate them. To's like a jumping spider. Ewww! I have been trying to track a very loud, annoying one for two days. I can hear it (and hear it and hear it) but I can't find SQUISH IT! It's very clever...cause it will chirp relentlessly...but when I come close....silence.
Soccer practices were so pleasant last night. The temps. were in the 60's...which is my kind of weather. The first of the week...the highs here were 70! Now they have shot back up a bit. I can't wait till it's cool all the time. Question: when do we change our clocks back? It should be soon I think. The past couple of mornings have been really dark while I'm trying to get Ben ready for school at 6:30am. He keeps whining..."it's too dark...I still have more time."

I had a very successful trip to the thrift store yesterday...which always puts me in a good mood. I spent $20 whole dollars on nothing but books. At 25 cents a piece...that's a lot of books! They were mostly books on my kids accelerated reader lists...and a few new winnie the pooh and Golden books to hold aside for the next baby shower I am invited to. Today I will bring the FOUR BAGS of books in from the car and enter them in my computer inventory before shelving them. What? Doesn't everyone have a spreadsheet of all the books in their house by title, author and genre? I's sad huh?
Before I head off to Starbucks for a hot cafe latte (mmmmm) I want to show some pictures from yesterdays practice. I took a couple of Ben, Kristian and Kai playing...and 40 of baby Maya (8 weeks) sitting on the sidelines.

The last picture is of Shorty the dog. After taking the kids to school yesterday....I came in the living room and here's what I found. Him on the couch (which is prohibited) flipping through the channels. I had to take a picture...cause it looked just like he was actually watching tv. Watching Dirty Jobs on the discovery channel if you want to know.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

we are so blessed to have each other

by teresa

I literally fell out of bed this morning. Chris had cut the radio down to a whisper last night in an attempt to listen to one of his talk when the alarm went off this morning....we didn't hear it for 15 minutes.
I leaped from the bed...hit my toe (ouch) on the chest...tripped and kept tripping across the room with nothing to grab on to...and ended up hitting the bathroom door (which wasn't closed all the way) which flew open and I came to a halt on the bathroom floor. I made so much noise I'm sure I scared Chris to death. I just sat there holding my wounded toe...and giggling. It looked like something from a Three Stooges sketch.

I need to go to the bookstore later and buy the book for our next church book club meeting. It's called...30 Days to Taming the Tongue. I'm sure it is a fine book...but you guys know me. I am not into non fiction....self helpish books. So this will be a chore to read...and retain.
The only way to get to pick the book we read is to host a club meeting in your home. So host I shall! January is all mine! I will have everyone read A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. Now that is an important and exciting book to read.
Speaking of birthday is in 10 days. So you know I have a book list going for all the Barnes & Noble gift cards I get each year. Mom asked.."Do you want the usual B&N gift card? "Don't you have all the books you want?"
That is very funny. I always have a list going. I can never have too many.
Now a place to put them....that's what I need.
Every bookcase, shelf, basket, ledge and nook is filled with books.
Maybe Nick can help me out...and build me something.

I walked over to mom's last night before I went to bed. Her and Lauren were on the couch...books spread all around...studying for a test. They have been doing this for a few nights now. Lauren did below average on a test she took the night of my dad's viewing (what a horrible week to prepare for a test). So my mom has made it her mission to get Lauren A's in all her classes from now on. Lauren has been staying with mom since last Tuesday...and I think it gives mom something and someone to fuss over.

Once all the kids are off to school, mom and I are heading over to the cemetery. Not to mourn over my father's grave (we are not that kinda family...we know that he is not there we don't need to go "visit" him) but to look at other peoples grave markers. The ladies from the cemetery came yesterday for us to design his marker...and we just couldn't think of the perfect words...or symbols for it. So we decided to go look around and maybe pick up some ideas or inspiration from how others are designed. It may sound weird...but we really want to to be perfect.

I am off to wake the sleeping giant.
That boy keeps getting taller and taller and older looking...but thankfully he is still has the heart of a child. He went for a bike ride yesterday evening and came back all upset. " what I just saw?" "A girl from my bus walking down the street....smoking!"
*dun dun dun* *dramatic music*
Oh no...not smoking!!
Most people would not be shocked by this.
In this day and age when you can walk down the street in some places and see kids having sex, doing drugs or worse to each other.
But to Nick...this was mind blowing.
Why would a 12 yr old be smoking?
He said, "she better watch out or the police will see her."
I like that he was upset by this.
Hopefully he will never pick up that habit.
Now if he was just as offended by that smell coming from his room...I would be a happy.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

one week down...

by teresa

I'm still here...and I'm doing ok.

At first the hurt was so bad I thought my heart would burst (and my head...boy does your head get stuffy when you cry for 48 hours straight).

Now the tears have been replaced by laughter.

Laughter from stories about the funniest...most complicated man I will ever know.

Stories from co-workers, childhood friends and his siblings.

Most of my favorite stories were from Joe...his teenage neighbor...and future brother in law. This is one big man. Scared everyone in the neighborhood. When I here about his exploits I think about that song from the 70's Leroy Brown...baddest man in the whole *bleep* town!
Lil' Jimmy would bug the snot (Joe's words) out of him to play with him. With Dad being 7 or 8...Joe being about 14....Joe would get aggravated at his pestering. You would be more successful trying to shoo flies off honey. My Dad was relentless..and wanted Joe to play cowboys and Indians with him. Joe finally gave in....took lil' Jimmy...tied him to the clothesline....packed leaves under his feet (he said at this point my dad was completely giddy with excitement over how "real" Joe was playing) and then set it on fire.
Yes, on fire!
Joe said he was going to put it out...after Jimmy started to get upset. But about that time...Jean (his momma and my namesake) came bursting out the back door. She jumped on Joe and started wailing on him(the woman was truly a force not to be messed with). He said...she was so busy beating the life out of him...that she had forgotten about lil' Jimmy. He was still screaming...leaves a smokin'...and tied to the pole. They all finally did remember Jimmy's peril...and set him loose. He was crying...and smelled like barbecue...but ok.

Joe went on to marry Dad's sister Linda....get saved and become a preacher later in life.

He was at mom's house this past week. Older...but still a giant of a man. He told this story and many, many others. After the laughter would die down...he would sit...and cry for his lil' buddy.
That was tough to watch.


I went back to my volunteer work today. I sat at the security desk at Ben's school for a couple of hours. I wanted to just get out of the house...and pretend things were normal.

One week down.....

Monday, September 17, 2007

by teresa

Today my husband let me take a three hour nap...cleaned the gross microwave...made our bed...brought in the groceries from the car...ran soccer practice solo and took me to Starbucks for a mid-day pick me up.
He is so wonderful.

Jimmy and the Birds

By Chris

We thought it would be fun . . . and appropriate . . . to get some of our favorite Jimmy Allen stories posted here. Some of them happened long ago . . . so forgive me if I get some of the details wrong, those who know them. Today, I'll start with Jimmy vs. the Birds.

Jimmy Allen likes his stuff straight. So, when his expensive new pool cover and concrete started being peppered with a considerable amount of bird droppings, it set him on a mission. Evict the birds. It turned into a mini-epic battle, that played out over weeks and weeks. He had long ago eliminated all trees from his yard (which itself is the source of many good stories, which I will post later), so he was pretty sure the offending feathered creatures were coming from the tree-having neighbors (that would be me). My birds were tormenting Jimmy, it turned out. He often hinted to me that I should get rid of my troublesome bird-attracting leaf-shedding, growing-over-his-property annoyances. He strategized, talked to "experts" and came up with a plan. Snakes. Someone told him birds didn't like big snakes. So, he bought a bunch of colorful rubber snakes, and spread them around the yard. And watched. And waited. And talked proudly to the neighbors about his strategy. Turns out, these birds had no problem with snakes . . . and even picked them up and moved them, it seemed. He was not happy. I think he was convinced that the birds were up in my trees mocking him and scheming against him. Maybe they were. Next, he came up with a plan to deploy large plastic owls on posts. They looked real. Especially their eyes. One would peer over my fence and freak me out at night sometimes when the light hit it right. Again, he watched, waited and brooded. Before long, the owls too were covered in bird poop. "Ha! Take that plastic fake owl. We shall do our business on your head!" it seemed like they were proclaiming. It was all making me think he was quite possibly right about the birds having it out for him. I'm not sure he ever figured out how to eliminate his bird problem. But, in a sign of determination not to concede defeat to the birds, he left those snakes and owls out there for years. And, that wasn't all of his bird problems.

With all of his trees gone, a momma robin set out to make her nest on his gutter downspout. Hundreds and hundreds of trees nearby, and this bird picks Jimmy's gutter to build a nest. Ironic. Everyday, we would notice him out there with his broom, knocking down the fledgling foundation of the Robin's next. And, each morning, she would start over again. Jimmy and a bird locked in a battle of wills. Again. He won this battle eventually as the momma robin gave up and made a nest in our back porch hanging plant.

And, when he started working at the church, he was all kinds of irritated with the geese who pooped all over the yard and parking lot. It's illegal to touch these creatures, and they have taken over parts of that area. He had lots of ideas about getting rid of them. On the way to his funeral, we were held up by some of these same geese crossing the road!!

So, we know Jimmy didn't like birds and spent a lot of time trying to keep them away. Yet, we were all touched by a picture our neighbors, the Ford's, brought over to include in his memory album. Despite his obvious dislike for all things winged, he had built and painted them a birdhouse/feeder. There were at least five pictures of him carefully painting and perfecting this big, beautiful birdhouse. In the last picture of the set he stood there posed, smiling, proud of his work. He never told us this.

Wouldn't it be funny to put a picture of a bird on his grave marker?
It would drive him crazy!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday morning is here

by teresa

I find it incredible that the sun still rises and sets each day...even though he is gone. Did you know the major tv stations are still starting the fall lineup this week? Why? Who would want to cut on the tv?

We are heading to church in a few minutes...a little sad...but ready.
You see...for those who don't know the full story of my fathers passing....he died at church (which is where he worked on the custodial staff).
The place of his death...funeral...and today ...the place where our healing begins.

I will miss our rivalry over one of the "choice" pews. He would try to beat us to church to sit in it first. When we walked in...he would have a victors grin on his face as we had to take the seat behind him instead.
Last week...we got there first and I had the big grin on my face. So for most of the service...he kept putting his foot up and nudging my arm ...from the side where no one could see. I pushed it off...he would give me that grin...and then repeat his taunting a few minutes later.

I will sit there today...and know he is looking down and smiling at me.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

After Dad

by teresa

It is unfathomable.
You are on Tuesday.....and in the ground on Friday.

Katy and I talked about how...from now on everything in our lives will be in relation to Dad's passing.
When referring to will be noted that it happened...after Dad.

She said Dad would call he and say.."TURN IT ON CHANNEL 27 QUICK!"
She would and he would say..."do you know the name of that actor?"
She would guess...and be wrong.
He would say..."Teresa Jean would know."
He'd then call me directing me to the same channel.
I would of course know the actors name.
For some reason my dad and I shared a freakish memory of all movie trivia.
He could never stump me....though he tried.

The funeral was incredible. His story was told....and people were touched.
Many were heard afterward promising God and those around them that they will be at church on Sunday...and get their lives straight. Because let me tell you people....if Jimmy Allen can do it.....ANYBODY CAN DO IT!
He had a conversation with our Pastor when our churches new parking lot was installed not to long ago.
He day soon...that parking lot will be full.
Yesterday....his dream of filling it up came to pass.
All there to honor him.

On a funny note (if there ever can be a funny note again):
Chris remarked about how funny it is that when a man dies of a HEART ATTACK.....people bring a bunch of fried chicken, potato salad, barbecue and other fried artery clogging food to his home for his family to eat.
I'm not saying I don't appreciate it....cause I appreciated a couple of plates full yesterday. But, it's just ironic.

My hampers haven't been touched since Tuesday.
My washer and dryer have cobwebs on them.
I haven't had this much laundry to do since the hurricane came and knocked out our power for 2 weeks.

Before I start the day....I wanted to remember my friend Melanie (from Moms in Touch and bible club) and her family. Her mother passed away yesterday morning...and their family needs prayer and comfort to get through this hard time.

Friday, September 14, 2007


by teresa

I don't think I can cry anymore...and yet...I do.
We do.
We all just shake our head in shock...hold each other...and weep.
The variety of people (and let me just say there were hundreds of people at his viewing) was astonishing.
Old,,poor...bikers,minivanners...exfelons, preachers...childhood playmates,family(sooooo much family).
All there....crying.
Laughing and remembering...Jimmy.
He was a nut...let me tell ya.
The stories and adventures....Mark Twain kinda stuff.
He would have been so proud at the large group together in his honor.
"Well I'll be!" he would say. "My sisters are as pretty as a picture" "They are so lucky to look as good as me!" "And my brother Tim...look at his arms....I got nothing but bird arms and legs...and he looks like schwartzenegger!" "Have you met my wife?"....doesn't she have the prettiest legs you have ever seen? (the man raved about my momma's legs constantly!) "I don't know how I ever got her?"
"And would you look at Katy...doesn't she look just like my sister a model?"..."she needs to stop all that boo hooing". "Doesn't Teresa Jean look just like her momma with those big brown eyes?" And Teresa Jean...would you go over and let KiKi out...I might be awhile." (he was always calling me from work to ask me to let the dog out for him if it was a nice day)
I remember one of his favorite songs for my mom when I was little was...Roses are red my love....violets are blue. Sugar is sweet my love...but sweet as you by Bobby Vinton. He would sing it...and pretend dance around the livingroom.
The funeral today will be so beautiful...and so hard.
Pray for us to get threw this day.
And pray for all the unsaved who will be be touched and changed by the message of his life.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Father In Law

By Chris

It doesn't seem real. That's what everyone keeps saying. It's the common theme. Jimmy Allen left us yesterday, and it's been busy around here. Neighbors, friends, the church, family, co-workers and many more have expressed their sympathies in all kinds of ways. Some give hugs. Some send plants and flowers. Others send emails with pictures. Even others help with the funeral arrangements. Lots bring all kinds of food and drinks. It's all appreciated by the family, I've noticed. It's good not to feel alone.

I'll sure miss him. Father-in-law \ Son-in-law relationships are interesting. We certainly had our "ups and downs" . . . with many more "ups." I was the first one to take his first daughter on a date. I waited not so patiently for her 16th birthday for that. With an 18-year-old daughter myself now, I understand the tension we had now. For more than a decade, I've also been his next-door neighbor. His watching eye and protecting presence has been there, in a way that I could sort of take for granted. Our family would always run out, leaving our door open, not worrying about a thing. Jimmy kept watch like a hawk on his babies next door. It's no secret that I'm no handyman. With Jimmy next door, it never mattered. Broken door, no problem. Tail light burned out? Jimmy was there. And on and on. You couldn't really ask him to help you. He just had to notice that you needed help, and he was there. He loved to save the day, and Lord knows my day needed saving many times by Jimmy. Really, it was a perfect combination. It wasn't like we talked deep and long. Not very often anyway. He was just present. And, eventually, we "got" each other. He was a strong presence who was more about action than talk. Which suited me just fine. Although, he could talk if you got him going. Always there. Lookin' out. Checkin' up. Settin' stuff straight.

It's weird, but I'll miss the way he got up every morning and hosed off his truck. It was immaculate. All the time. I totally got that about him. We talked more than once about how we didn't get people who had dirty cars with unchanged oil. Ironically, I drove that same truck home and parked it in his spot yesterday. I'm sure I'll never be able to let it get too dirty. I watched that car-washing routine out the window hundreds of times. I'll miss shooting the breeze with him when we both would occassionally skip church: two "heathens" cleaning up our yards, fake-complaining about the crazy, loud grandkids (whom he acted like tweaked his nerves, but really couldn't do without for more than a day or two).

He was a character. I mean that in a good way. I'm talking about the kind of character who makes a good book. Who draws you to a funny television show. One of the central themes of literature: character. A unique iteration of God's human design. Jimmy Allen was a character for the ages. He fought his share of "demons" and won in the end. Tragedy and comedy played out in his life. His story . . .his life . . . wasn't long. Just 55 years. But, it was chocked full of all kinds of experiences, conflicts and complex relationships. His life, his words and his actions could make you mad, happy, laugh, cry and think deeply... almost simultaneously. In the end, we had all kinds of proof that he was ready for his story to end. Too soon, yes. But, ready for eternity nonetheless. Straightt with God, important relationships in tact. In the story of Jimmy Allen, he triumphed in the end. A classic happy ending, that we'll appreciate more once we get over the shock.

My daddy...I'll miss you!

by teresa

My father passed away today(9/11). It was completely unexpected...and devastating to all who knew him. Please pray for my mom (they have been married 37 years)and all of us. I know he is Heaven....and I will see him again some day...but I am still sad not to have him here with us.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I need to put some citronella candles in my bedroom

by teresa

I woke up with bites all over my body....and Chris didn't even sleep in our I can't blame them on him.
Hate 'em!
One must have been in the covers...dining on my feet, elbow and shoulder all night.
I woke up itchy...and I've been itchy ever since.
Good I was typing this I realized I have one on my eyebrow too!
The cold needs to come and kill those little bloodsuckers! was not banned from the bed on punishment. He came in to bed and found me, Ben and Shorty the dog asleep(we fell asleep reading)...with no room for him. Usually he will move the son and the dog to their own beds and climb in next to me. But every now and then he likes to treat himself with some late night (actually it's all night) radio time...which I prohibit in our room. So that is how I found him this morning. Snuggled in Ben's bed....with the boys stereo on some boring talk radio show.

So far today is a complete turn around from yesterday mornings clash of personalities, anxieties and attitudes.
Everyone is at school and work and I am heading to the Y (and many other errands) as soon as I post this.
Tonight I have a PTA dinner, meeting and open house. So Chris and the boys are on their own for dinner and soccer practice. If I was nice I would throw something in the crock pot before I leave....but I'm I bet the menfolk will end up at Jason's Deli tonight (which has quickly become a bi-weekly thing around here).
I can't believe six years has passed. Can you?
You never know when your time here on Earth is going to be over. Make God first in your life. Talk with him each morning. Be kind to all people (even your kids...when they are being brats). Forgive. Be a light to all(this little light of mine...I'm going to let it shine). Remember praise...don't pout. Give more than you get. Be thankful. Make a difference.
This is the day that the Lord has made....let us REJOICE and be glad in it!

Monday, September 10, 2007

can I get a re-do?

by teresa

Crummy Monday over here at the Green's.

Attitudes, aches, blowups, meltdowns, tears, farts and dry heaving.

I am hitting delete on this day...and starting over tomorrow.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Happy Saturday!

by teresa

Two pictures...same shot. The first of our Tiny Tot soccer team (5&6) after practice this morning. They look so tiny...but they are full of energy (way more than we have) and eager to learn. After the practices they huddle up...stick their hands together and yell.."STRIKERS!"

The second pic. is of our Training team (7&8) doing the same after practice ritual. Taller...way louder...more athletic...and most with the killer instinct to take the ball at all cost. Even if the player they are taking it from is on the same team as them. So funny.

I would have a third picture of Nick's practice...but he had me served with a restraining order. Me and my Kodak Easyshare are prohibited from coming withing 500 yards of his soccer field.
I'm being compliant for now....biding my time...waiting him out till his defenses are down. Then....SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! SNAP!
He can run(get he can't hide!

Friday, September 07, 2007

It's so hard to say sorry...

by teresa

An amazing thing has happened.
My sons are friends again.
Not all the time....mind you.
But even for a few minutes a day, this is an amazing thing.
I give "going back to school" the credit.
By the end of the summer...they had just been together for waaaaay to long.
And there was not a minute of August that one (or both) of them wasn't in trouble for doing or saying something bad to the other.
Now that school is in they don't see much of each other. After school they are either doing homework or at soccer practices. So for the few minutes their paths's all buddy buddy around here.
Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder!
By the end of the summer...Ben was so grumpy and stir crazy that he was even at odds with Chris and I most of the time.
I thought I would share something sweet with you.
Last week he had done something to get sent to his room by Chris. After a while up there pouting I saw him sneak a note down...stick it on the stairs and run back to his room.
This is what the note said.
I love you and if you love me too would you please let me out.
But you don't so just forget it.
If your still my daddy duck (Chris calls him baby duck) and if you love me then send a note back to me so that I know that you love me.
P.S. I'm sorry
Love Ben

Chris wrote him back a sweet note and left it on the stairs to be retrieved.

Before long Ben was happy ...attitude changed and cuddled up next to us on the couch.
I really like how he was able to write down his feelings like that.
If only some adults could be that expressive.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I can't believe it's Thursday already!

by teresa

What a busy day we had yesterday.
Two meetings...MOPS and PTA.
Then two soccer practices last night ...Tiny Tots (Kai's team of 5&6yr olds) and Training Team (Ben and Kristian's team of 7&8 yr olds).
It was a tiny bit hectic...but a whole lotta fun.
We met some new parents and kids...and caught up with some familiar families we have coached in the past.
What a privilege we have being able to become part of these families lives several months of the year.
And the best and hugs from all the kids.
If you've never coached a child's team....I highly recommend it.

We had one little 5yr old girl....very shy...super nervous. Holding tight to moms leg...not wanting to have any part of the controlled chaos of practice. I was able to get her from mom and dad under the pretense of helping me take pictures. After I let her take some of the team practice I asked if I could take some of her kicking the ball too. She did...and kept coming over to see the pictures. After a few minutes (and thirty pictures later) she was playing with the other children without even realizing it.
I can't wait to see how she does on Sat.
We used to have to do tricky stuff like that to get Nick to do anything. So we are old pros with nervous children.

Speaking of Nick....he is loving school. He loves his classes...and every teacher. This is such a relief for us....since he has had problems in the past with bullies and burned out teachers that don't seem to like children yet chose a career where they are with children all day. He also did so well at his first soccer practice on Tuesday. I was giddy with excitement on the sidelines...and he even had to shush me for cheering his name. Sometimes I can't help myself. Ben. He goes with the flow. Loves everyone...and is loved by everyone. If only life were so easy for the rest of us.
Lauren has adjusted to college life well...and even went out last night to a study group for Bio. She has found a great balance between school, work and a social life. At least we think it's a good balance....ask us again when grades some out.

I am off to drop Nick off at school, hit the Y and run some errands. After that...the rest of my day is free till Ben comes home.
Life is good!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


by teresa

After EIGHTY ONE days of bondage...strife...and headaches.
I have been redeemed!
Thank you Chesapeake public schools....thank you from the bottom of my heart!

It is noon and I have worked out at the YMCA, made all the beds, washed all clothes, emptied the dishwasher, typed my PTA minutes, dropped off my car for inspection and straightened the entire house. I LOVE (and need) my alone time to function properly! Now I will be refreshed and lovingly awaiting my kids return this afternoon with a smile and hug and a snack.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

by teresa

Continuing our great weekend today...the last day before school begins.
Ben spent yesterday, last night and part of today with Katy, Josh and his family in a house at Sandbridge beach.
Chris and I spent our day keeping Nick busy. Lunch out, shopping, pool time and watching a really touching documentary (God Grew Tired of Us). If you get a chance you should pick it up and watch it sometime.
Today we will chill around the house and maybe throw some chicken on the grill. I'm sure the kids will get in the pool too...and hopefully it will tire them out enough to go to bed a little earlier than they are used that 6:30am wake up won't be such a shock.
Actually, Ben and I are the only ones getting up at 6:30...and I think he is going to be fine...since cousins Kristian and Kai are going to be riding his bus too.
Nick won't have to get up until he should be fine.
I'm so excited to reclaim my house, get my schedule back on track and have my day be MY DAY! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
That was me squealing with anticipation.

Before I go... I will tell you I picked this song today. The other day it came on in the car and Nick was singing along. Smiling...singing....belting out the lyrics.
"Oh NICKY your so fine...your so fine you blow my mind."
"Hey NICKY....hey NICKY!"

I couldn't help but giggle.
He thought the song was NICKY....not Mickey.

So I sang it wrong right along with him since it was making him so happy to have his very own theme song.

Maybe one day I'll tell him what the real title is.

Saturday, September 01, 2007


by teresa
Ben has an admirer.....and it's no secret.

It's Kaden...his 2yr old cousin.

She screams and squeals when she sees him and gives him lots of hugs and kisses. And believe me...that kid doesn't give anyone else hugs and kisses.

For a while she couldn't say Ben....she would just call him Bee. We would hear...Beeeee...whar yooou? She said it so much we all started calling him Bee.

Her nickname was so cute that it was a little sad the first time she said Ben. We even tried to correct her...."no Kaden...say Bee."

If only she liked her own siblings this much. But of course...that is not the case. She bites, hits and screams at Kristian and Kai (but that's how all siblings are). As many kids as Katy has in her home (remember...she babysits too) she will still call and ask if Ben will come over to keep the peace. Once he is there Kaden is on her best behavior. The only problem is...she wants Ben all to herself. She pulls him in her room to play Dora kitchen for hours on end. Of course he gets bored with that and sneaks out to ride bikes with Kristian and Kai...and she stands at the top of the stairs yelling..."Beeeeeen....cahmeer...whar yooou?"

I had this love (obsession) for my Uncle Jim(mom's youngest brother). Poor Jim. He was seven years older...and he had me tottering after him everywhere...everyday! He was always loving and patient and played with me without complaint (most of the time). My entire childhood...I can't think of a fun memory that didn't involve Jim. Playing tag, tossing the football, biking, skateboarding(on my butt), monopoly, building forts with our giant cardboard bricks and playing pong. He was definitely my favorite person. Just like Ben and Kaden.

Who did you have as a child? A sibling? Cousin? Neighbor?
Who were your fondest memories with ?
Put your answer in my comments.