Friday, August 31, 2007

baby love is the best kind of love

by teresa

Lots going on today...and not much time to blog.
I have a teacher meet and greet at Ben's school and also a teachers luncheon to attend.
I plan on spending the rest of the day cleaning, washing and getting absolutely everything ready for Tuesdays first day of school. That will leave me with three days to enjoy the kids and the nice weather before school begins.
Yesterday I went over Katy's for awhile and took some shots of baby Maya. She is now six weeks old....and finally plumping up.
Take a look...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

drop and give me twenty!

by teresa

Heading to Nick's school to meet teachers this morning. We also need to buy his gym clothes while we're there. He is so torn about 7th grade. There is extreme excitement about finally getting a locker....but 7th grade also comes with mandatory dress out for gym class. I used to hate this. Changing into gym clothes and getting all sweaty....then changing back and heading to the rest of your classes. It's torture! is an easy it's got that going for it.

I finished calling the soccer teams last night...and all the kids and parents seem excited to get the season started. Our first practice is Wed. night. I sure hope the temps. start a dive(and stay there)...cause I'm not looking forward to running around in the 90's.

I don't know what time Chris finally got in this morning. I think around 1:00am or close to it. The boys and I were snoozing long and hard by then. Lauren rolled in so late (3:00am) that Chris thought she was spending the night out and locked and bolted the front door. We have got to get a deadbolt key made for her....cause I was not happy being woke up at 3:00am by a call from Lauren sitting in her car unable to come in. She was hanging at her friend Christina's dorm room (she goes to Regent University) and I thought she was spending the night. I guess since she had to be at work so early this morning she decided to come home. I couldn't go back to sleep for then it was time to get up. Needless to say...I am tired and grumpy!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


By Chris

Two in one day. Bloggin' Momma ought to be really happy.

Stuck in the airport again. Teresa called to tell me that Delta called the house to let me know that my flight from Atlanta to home was delayed. Did they really think I would be home? Hehe. They have my email and cell phone . . . but they called the house, and the reason I am not there is because they have me stuck in Atlanta. I wonder if they do that on purpose, just to rub it in. Perhaps they should leave you a message: "This is Delta and we know you're not there because we have your butt trapped in Atlanta right now. We're saying its weather, even though you can't really find any bad weather in the path of the plane we are supposed to be sending to you. Instead of making this call, we could be working on fixing the system that always makes our planes late. But this was much easier. We hope this makes you feel better, but it doesn't really matter because, if you need to go to Atlanta ,we're really your only option."

People expect good service but few are willing to give it.

by teresa

I am a magnet for crummy customer service workers!

Last week Lauren and I went to Old Navy to exchange a couple of tops I had bought her. We walked in at 8:50....and they were closing at 9:00. We walked around...picking out some shirts...then at 8:59 a girl walked up to us and said..."you DO know we are closing now...right?EXCUSE ME? Don't rush me girly! Who trained these people? You can lock the door at close....but you let people shop till there done. It's called making money....and last time I checked...that's what your company is trying to do. Lauren and I looked at each other...smiled....and kept on shopping. We had an armful of clothes....and after about five more minutes another girl came over and said...."I just wanted to let you know we are closing out the registers." Grrrrrr! Leave us alone! We don't plan on bunking up for the night....we just need a couple of shirts! Of course after them bugging us...we took our sweet time walking around and making our final choices (cause we're rebels that way). We ended up checking out around 9:15. They were vacuuming around us....chatting and yelling across the store to each other...and playing music. That's just ridiculous.

My second retail nightmare was when Katy and I went shopping at Kohls. We picked out book bags, shoes and shirts for her kids. I bought Chris a pair of pants and I saw the best top for myself. White, johnny collar, tunic length, Chaps tshirt. The collar was trimmed in hot pink ribbon and there was a bit of stretch to it. It was even on sale. I picked it up and we went to the check out. Katy went first...then myself. As the lady got to my shirt she looked it over and noticed there was no tag on it. "Was there any more where this came from?"...she asked. I said, "yes" and she said..."then go get it!" EXCUSE ME? I actually turned to go get one...then realized that shirt was on the other side of the store. No where near the register. I turned back to her and said..."no....I'm not trekking across the store for it." So she tossed my shirt to a side table and rang up the rest of my stuff....and gave me the total. Katy and I just looked at each other in disbelief. She didn't call for assistance...or go get it herself...she just tossed it aside so I could not have it. Once again...I thought the point of you being there...was to make money. I did end up going back a couple of days later to get Nick a book bag he wanted...and I got my shirt!

The last of my customer service flops was at Uno restaurant with Chris and the boys. I ordered the burger sliders (three mini burgers) with fries. Ben had expressed an interest in this...but he also wanted some pasta. So I told him we could share entrees. The waitress brought our food and left us to enjoy. About five minutes later she walked over to the table. I had given Ben a burger...eaten a burger...and had the last in my hand. She looked at me and said, "Good grief...were you hungry?" EXCUSE ME? Did you just call me a big fat pig? Chris and the boys were still as stone watching to see how I was going to react. I looked at her with the most shocked look I could muster. I said,"Soooooorrreeeee!" Then I pointed to Ben and said"I gave him one of my burgers!" She looked very embarrassed and said..."I guess that just means the food was good." I should have said,"Good just lost your tip!"

If you have any stellar service experiences to share...let's hear 'em.

Catching up at the Airport

By Chris

Lots of time in the airports today . . . which means I can fulfill blogin' momma's blog-from-the- road requirement. Some stuff:

- Sight seen in airport bathroom (and no, it has nothing to do with the freaky stuff the Senator was doing in an airport bathroom that's in the news now . . . yuck): In one stall is a propped open brief case, file folders out and papers scattered in full work mode. Now that's nasty. He'll be carrying those bathroom floor germs all over the place! I guess it's also the most extreme example of multi-tasking I've seen lately, though I have also heard people talking on phones in bathroom stalls . . . That's got to be great if you're on the other end . . . "Dude, did you just break one off?!?!?. Awweee man you ought to mute when you do THAT! ..." And, oh there is so much more I could do with that scenario , but not here in this space.

- This happened at the grocery store fix-it-yourself salad bar this week. Lady dropped the ranch dressing huge container causing a huge white volcanic-like explosion. It was in her hair, clothes, everywhere. I just knew I had been hit . . . but it only got me on the shoe. My whole shoe on one side actually. I found out it takes a lot of wiping to get dressing off leather. I bet Lauren would have licked it up or found a chicken nugget to swap it up with. Anyway, it made my shoe real shiny. In fact, right now, as I look at my feet, the afflicted one is still more shiny than the other. I need to buff that one to match now. I wonder if they have any dressing in here?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

we went on vacation....for nine hours

by teresa

Sunday morning Chris and I decided to pack up the kids and go on vacation.

Didn't need luggage.

Didn't need a map.

We only drove an hour away (which turned into two because of traffic) to Williamsburg, Va.

Chris and I have been there numerous times....most of which were on school fieldtrips...which I thought were boooooring...and he thought were awwwesome.

We skipped Jamestown and Yorktown (if you've seen one cannonball've seen them all) and went straight to what really matters.


We ate and walked and shopped and walked and snacked (the Chocolate Feactory) and shopped and walked and shopped and so on and so on.

The boys didn't mind much as they had a KB toy outlet and a sporting goods outlet too.

We left there with chocolate dipped marshmallows, Stuff from the Reebok store, Gap, KB Toys, Tommy Hilfiger and Nike.

The most fun we had was at this corny Trading Post store. It was 10,000 square ft of nonsense gifts and home decor. Corncob pipes, homemade fudge, plaques that read "beauty is in the eye of the beerholder", giant signs that said...REDNECK BLVD and MY OTHER CAR IS A TRACTOR, and a big wooden paddle that had "Who's your daddy?" painted on the front (which I refused to let Chris buy). We left there with poprocks, a musket cap gun, blinking Benjamin keychain and a Williamsburg magnet for the fridge.

"This was the best day ever"...was what Ben said on the drive home.

I don't think there was a moment of the day when we weren't laughing to the point of crying.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Today was the big day

by teresa

My little girls first day of college.
I can remember her first day of kindergarten. The aqua blue sleeveless dress ....with her tan arms peeking out the sides. Her short, bob haircut....I even remember that she had a sausage biscuit for breakfast. I snapped a photo of her as she turned and posed for me while climbing on the school bus.
She was nervous...but not a scared, I don't want to go nervous. An excited...I'm just anxious to get there and get this experience started kinda nervous.
I saw the same thing on her face this morning.
Longer , wild, curly hair....cute dress replaced by faded jeans a t-shirt and flip flops. No poses or smiles for mom this morning. I had to BEG for the annual back to school "family tree" picture. She was seriously not going to let my take it until she saw how upset it made me. She was like..."are you gonna cry if I don't let you take it?" I said..."GET IN FRONT OF THE FREAKING TREE NOW!" She informed me (as she was in front of the tree) that you only have to take family tree pictures until high school graduation. I informed her (as I was snapping away) that the tree pictures don't stop until you move out!

As I was typing this post...Lauren (the big girl who doesn't need or want her mommy's help) called from school. She has been driving around panicked for 30 minutes trying to find an available parking spot. I told her where a good place was (that she didn't know about) and she sounded relieved at the info.
See...she still needs her mommy.

I can't wait till she gets home tonight (she has classes all day) to find out how it went and if she knew anyone in her classes.
Here's this mornings pictures.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

It's all about me!

by teresa

Mary tagged me earlier in the week.
I am supposed to list ten things I like about myself.
This is very hard. We all can name things we would like to change about ourselves in no time. But things we like....takes a little thinking.


I'm still thinking. it goes.

1. I am a positive person. I see the positive in most things...I talk about the positive in most things. Why dwell of the imperfect? Our pastor preached on PRAISING and not POUTING ...last Sunday. That's my philosophy for life. Praise don't pout!

2. My love of reading. Books are a mind clearer...a stress reliever...a tool to bring you and your children closer....a brain booster. I didn't like to read until about five years ago. What a waste of my first thirty one years. And boy would I have done better in school without feeling forced to read and learn...instead of taking pleasure in it.

3. The way all kids are naturally drawn to me. Like I have a mommy radar that I emit....that makes children comfortable climbing in my lap...quiets their tears...and puts smiles on their faces. I do really love kids!

4. My little nose. It's my Nanny Dyer's nose. I think it's perfect.

5. I am a happy person and I want everyone happy. I don't like people mad at each other...I definitely can't handle people fighting. Can't we all just get along? That's how I feel. If there is a conflict...let's fix it. Hug it out people. I will do anything to make that happen.

6. I do not gossip. Don't like to hear it....will not repeat it.

7. I am very forgiving. No matter what you say or do to's forgotten or ignored. And there is no harboring feelings...or keeping things bottled's seriously forgotten for all times!




I can't think of anything else. It's already taken me two days to think of this many.

If you are reading one thing you like about yourself in my comments.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I can bend my husband to my will with the powers of my meatloaf!

by teresa

Faster than your washer in the spin cycle...
More powerful than the smell from a twelve year old boys hamper....
Able to leap five foot tall piles of clean, folded clothes (that NEVER get put away) in a single bound....
Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird. It's a plane.'s The Mighty Maytag Matron! movie day here at the Green casa.
Actually movie/laundry day.
Maybe even movie/laundry/scrub a toilet day.
We are getting three movies from Netflix today...and Ben is positively giddy about it.
Finally his movie Firehouse Dog is coming.
You guys know how much that boy loves dogs.......and dogs that talk.....well that just sends him over the edge. I bet he stares at Shorty...just waiting and hoping for a meaningful converstion.
We are also getting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Lord help me) and My Side of the Mountain (the book Nick and I read a few weeks ago).

Nick is going to Busch Gardens with the youth group....Chris and Lauren are about to head to it's just me...Ben....and a talking dog.
Oh yeah....and those full hampers!

Why is it when I go to bed at a decent time (11:00pm)....I wake up exhausted?
But, when I go to bed at 2:30am...I hop right problem.
I need to get my best sleep/rest schedule figured out soon with those early morning school hours coming up in 12 more days.

My MOPS meeting went great yesterday. I am very, very excited to be joining the leadership team. Apparently with my many layers of mothering experience (teen mom, single mom, working mom, stay-at-home mom, and with my role of super wife down pat) I have oodles of advice for these young, new mommies that we mentor and pray over. The official meetings (with the young'ins) begin in Sept. We pray, eat, have speakers (like cooking demos and organization experts), chat and CRAFT. Yes....we make a craft too. How cool is that?
Want to join? Click here to find a group near you.
I will still be participating in Moms in Touch...but with the meetings only once a will be easier to attend regularly.

Yesterday's PTA meeting was good too. Lots of fun stuff planned for the school year..and I can't wait to get started.

I just heard the dryer stop....must go fold first load of the day.
Also need to order this shirt.
Super Mom Women's Plus Size V-Neck Dark T-Shirt

Note to hubby....
We are having meatloaf for dinner!
How much do you love me?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Say no to drugs!

by teresa

School clothes...bought (we cleaned out American Eagle and Old navy)

School supplies...bought (we cleaned out Office Max and Office Depot)

Next stop....Rackroom shoes. They have buy one get one half off....and with six pairs of shoes to buy(school shoes and soccer cleats and Chris needs new sneakers)...I can't think of a better place to go!

Is it just us...or does your school have you buy enough supplies for ten children and most of the teachers? Nick actually had to buy 16 notebooks! And don't get me started on baggies, soap, hand sanitizer, tissues, etc. What's up with that?

Wednesday will be busy for us all. I have two meetings....MOPS (I have been asked to be a mentor mom) and a PTA meeting. Chris is taking Nick to work with him....and Lauren will be in charge of Ben. They are going to head over to ODU to pick up the rest of Lauren's books. I can't believe she starts on Monday.

Before I head off to bed...I want to show you what Jackie brought back from Costa Rica for Lauren. It's a pretty necklace she bought from a street market. She handed it to Lauren...and Lauren and I looked at it...and then at each other in disbelief. Here's a picture....see for yourself!
It's a marijuana leaf! We all thought this was so hilarious. Poor Jackie said she had no idea. She thought it was a palm leaf. Who knew that sweet Grandma was so risque!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What a pleasant evening.

by teresa

The boys and I took a late night dip in mom's pool.
We floated around in the warm water....staring at the half moon in the sky.
Much, much better than sitting in the blazing sun of the daytime. Ben said..."aren't you going to put moon block on me mom?" ha ha ha
It was a nice wind down from our busy day.
I'm just kidding....we were pretty much lumps all day long.
Hours of karaoke and guitar hero competitions.
Then Ben played with his matchbox cars while Nick and I read another chapter of Sea Of Trolls. Later Nick played with the cars while Ben and I finished up Junie B. Dumb Bunny.
Nick also spent some time today in the garage working at his new hobby.....wood working. With scrap wood from our gate he has built a bird house, tool box and a Matchbox mansion is in the works for tomorrow. Pretty impressive. Ben is in awe of his big brother. He came and told us tonight that Nick is doing a good job...he's even using the "juice ruler". Huh? It took us a few seconds to realize he meant a level. You know....with the little bubble in the middle. Very funny. I informed him as soon as it came out of his mouth...that it was going on the blog!

Monday, August 20, 2007

It's's snoring!

by teresa

What a thunderstorm we just had.
It was so loud and the rain so powerful that I found myself standing at the back door watching in awe. I can't believe Chris and the kids didn't wake up. Shorty came running in the room and stuck his head under the couch.

Chris went to bed early to prepare for his early morning departure. I can't remember where he is going....I just know he will return Tuesday. He works so hard and we are so proud of all he does to provide for us (and keep me home with the kids).

As Lauren and I were pulling away from the house the other night (going shopping) Chris was on the front porch dancing. Making silly faces, dancing and waving to us. It kinda looked like an African Tribal dance. No doubt trying to embarrass his teenage daughter(and his wife). We were laughing hysterically as we drove away. She turned to me and said..."That's why you love dad, huh mom?" "Cause he is so much fun?"
Yes...I told her.
That's one reason of a thousand.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

What a beautiful Sunday

by teresa

It's Sunday again.
The weeks sure fly by.
Today is going to be beautiful.
Sunny and low 80's. Yesterday was the same.
Unfortunately...the temps are creeping back up after today.
But for today...I am happy.
We are heading to church and then Jason's Deli for lunch.
They just opened one here. Have you ever been?
Ben and I went the other day and it was so good. They even offer free soft serve ice cream, muffins, crackers, and garlic bread while you wait for your order.
They had me at ice cream!
I had a chicken,provolone and spinach pannini. mmmmmm
After lunch we need to do something outside with the kids.
It's just too nice to be indoors.
Maybe we will go up to the school and shoot around the soccer goal.
Yesterday was sign ups (can you believe it) and all the kids are a little rusty.
Chris signed up to coach Ben and Kristian's team...AND Kai's team.
It will be a busy season.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

on top of spagetti...all covered with cheese. I lost my poor meatball...when somebody sneezed.

by teresa

Kristian came over tonight for a movie night to watch High School Musical with Ben.
We also allowed her to stay late to see the new Hannah Montana that aired following the movie.
Before we knew was 10:50pm. I drove her home and hung out at Katy's for about 15 minutes. When I pulled up in our driveway I noticed mom and dad's front door open and all the lights on. This is very weird...cause they are usually in bed around 9:30pm. I went over and peeked in the front door. They were sitting there (at 11:30pm) watching tv and eating spaghetti. Spaghetti? At 11:30pm?
I don't know why...but this struck me as so funny.
But not funny enough not to have some myself when my mom offered.
Now it's midnight...and I'm up feeling all full and bloated.
That could also have something to do with the pie and ice cream we had during our movie night.
Spaghetti Head Art Print

Friday, August 17, 2007

In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson.

by teresa

Ben got his teacher letter in the mail yesterday.
He was very happy with the teacher he was assigned to.
Do you remember that excitement?
Checking the mail everyday...looking for that schedule.
Then running inside and calling everyone you know...hoping for at least one person with a duplicate list of classes/teachers.
"Do you have second lunch?"
"What bell do you have gym?"
"What hall is your locker on?"
It's so exciting.
The fear of the unknown...mixed with the hope of new possibilities.
"This year I will make new friends."
"I will make straight A's in all my classes."
Nick is eagerly awaiting his...which should come sometime next week.
We run out to meet the mailman each day to see if it came.
I pray that he gets on a terrific team. With smart, fun, kind and patient teachers....who can be sucked up to by a mom who loves to bake.

Speaking of not forget that tonight is the Disney Channel Premiere of High School Musical 2.
Ben has had it scheduled to record on the DVR for a week now.
He knows all the moves and songs to the first movie...and he is so thrilled to watch tonight.

Thursday, August 16, 2007


By Chris

As usual, I really missed the boat on my commitment to blog from the road. It's been a whirlwind of Atlanta, Raleigh, West Virginia, Atlanta, Durham lately, with some home in between. So, back at home, perhaps reflection is better than live from the road. Since Teresa regularly "gives me up" in this space . . .

Layin' 'Cross the Bed . . .
I've been home a couple of hours, and Teresa has disappeared. Happened while I was one the phone. She's good for that. "Where's mommy?" I ask Ben. "Probably upstairs sleeping . . . " Sure enough. A full fledged door closed, fan blowin', out cold, tag-your-it, welcome home, late afternoon nap. She calls it "layin' cross the bed." As in "I am going to go lay across the bed . . ." She used to say that years ago before she discovered her nifty disapparing act for naps works better. Her mom says that too. You see, it's not really sleepin' if you call it "layin 'cross the bed" Occassionally she will even disappear and "lay across the bed" at her mom's house even. Or, she will get me over there, sneak back home and "lay across the bed." Of course, when she does this, she risks my not realizing I'm in charge and letting Ben blow up the house while she is out.. That's happened.

Below, Teresa blogs about dying her grey hairs . . . and mentioned going blonde. Hasn't happened yet. Darn. I was pretty , uhhh, interested, .... yeah . . . in what that would look like. I would actually take grey hairs though . . . any hairs. Which reminds me of another Teresa hair story recently. I have been pretty regularly wearing a hat for a couple of years now whenever I'm outside. I buy new ones often . . . for which I was questioned recently by loving wife. I explained I have to wear them a lot, and like them crisp (I prefer white ones, and they can look old quickly). "Why do you have to wear them?" she asked. I thought she was mocking me. I was like, Duh. She was like, no really. BECAUSE THE HAIR ON THE TOP OF MY HEAD IS, UHH, THIN, I say. She acts surprised. I thought she was being nice. "Bend over" she commanded. I did. "OH MY GOSH!" she says, covers her mouth and giggles at me. Meany. My shorty hadn't really seen the top of my head in a long time, I suppose.

I am thinking cold's so chilly out. I better take my jacket.

by teresa

As tired as I was mind couldn't get to sleep until 3:00am this morning. This time I didn't make the mistake of just laying there in bed...tortured and awake. I came downstairs and watched movie after movie until I could no longer keep my eyes open. Have you ever seen The World According To Garp? What a freaky movie! I also watched a bunch of Dirty Jobs (with Mike Rowe on Discovery) that Nick had DVR'd.

One thing that contributed to my insomnia...was the warm room temperature blah of my house. When we arrived home from VBS it was to a humid home. Long story short...a pipe to the water heater thingy was frozen because I am a slack butt and forgot to change the air filters this month. They were all clogged...and that caused things to go wonky. After changing the filters, shutting down the ac...turning on the fan...and waiting it out for three finally defrosted and I was able to cut the ac back on again. (man...that was a long sentence)
It took until about 1:00am to get my house back to the frigidliciousness that I know and love.
Praise the Lord for ac. Seriously...I praise the LORD for A/C!

Lauren had some errands to do today. FedEx her broken phone back to Verizon(they already sent her a replacement), pick up her books from the ODU bookstore...and buy a parking pass for this next year of school. She was fretting all morning. Mom...are you coming with me? Uhhh nope. How will I know where to go? Uhhhh you ask someone. Fret, fret, fret. She was finally ready to leave...with the book receipt I printed off for her...the directions to the pack-n-mail I gave her ...the money for the parking pass(you don't even want to know how much they charge to park there) and her baby brother Ben. Yep....she took Ben with her for support. Good thing she didn't want to look foolish. An eight year old on campus shouldn't draw any attention to her. NOT! What a dork!

Before I head off to do...what I do...I wanted to tell the MIL Jackie....Welcome Home from her mission trip. Also...Happy Birthday. Can't wait till Saturday nights party.

I will leave you with a funny picture from the closing of last nights VBS. Remember I told you guys about the offering contest? And the one with the most money getting pelted by water balloons (by ever single child in attendance)? Well...all three adult (our pastor, a deacon and teacher/coach) were good sports and let the kids soak all three of them. Even though it was the deacon (SAM) who actually won(or depends on how you look at it).
After half of the children tossed at them...and them still not being very of the men decided to take matters in his own hands. They had me distract them with a photo pose...while he doused them with a cooler filled with water and ice. Brrrrrrr!
Poor Kathy seemed to get the brunt of it. You can't even see her face in the picture. I love how Sam on the still smiling right before it reaches him. And how pastor (on the left) is just feeling the power of the cold as the picture is snapped. The things we do to make our children happy.

One more thing. This is strictly for Mary and Eric (Joshs' parents). They live in No.Va. and read the blog (as do some people from Mary's office...hello everyone). I'm sure living three hours from you first grandbaby is torture. I took some pictures of Maya last night and thought you would like to see some. Enjoy and be blessed!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I think I need some clairol.

by teresa

I'm tired.
This week has been exhausting....and it's only Wed.
Tonight is the last day of things will be much tamer after today.
I've had a good time...and the kids have been truly blessed by the songs, skits, stories, games and praise.

One thing they have enjoyed the most is an offering competition. Three adult leaders in the church have an offering bucket...and the one who has the highest total gets soaked by water balloons tonight. My kids have been scrapping and searching for pennies everywhere in the house and my car to add to the buckets each night. I wouldn't volunteer for that in a million years!

Our little border from church went home last night...since his mother was returning from Costa Rica. He asked his father if he could stay for a few more nights. Ben and him really got along well. But I was glad to not be up till midnight last night trying to shush them. Ben and Nick were out within minutes of laying down.

Today is the last day of our out of town family(cousins on my moms side) visiting too. We will head to the pool for day four of swim fun. The kids are so tan...and I have about 200 pool pictures.

Chris came home last night for Atlanta...and left this morning for Durham. We stayed up late last night chatting and watching a little tv (DOG the bounty hunter).

I hear Ben getting up now. So I guess I should go fix his oatmeal. That is all the child will ever eat for breakfast. Sometimes he has it for lunch and dinner too. He loves it. Nick and Lauren wouldn't touch oatmeal with a ten foot pole. Nick is a cereal man(cheerios)...and Lauren will eat whatever she can grab from the fridge first. No warming...just something straight from the fridge. Grab and go. Always on the run.

Speaking of on the run. My daughter didn't even come home last night. I last saw her after church and she told me about heading to a friends apartment. This morning when we woke up Chris looked out front and said...where's Lauren's car? I called her and she said....oh...I thought I told you I was going to spend the night. Sorry. College starts in 12 days. With her job and classes...she won't have too much time to run amok anymore. :0)

She is adding gray hairs to my head as we speak.
And Ben loves pointing them public.
"Hey got lots of white hair sticking out."
How sweet of him to notice.
I think I will go to Walgreens and pick up some color.
Maybe I'll just do it big...and go blonde.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Our pictures!



We had a nice weekend. Out of town family visiting and tons of things to keep us busy. Our churches VBS began last I was up at church Friday and Saturday preparing all the snacks for the week. Mom also hosted a cookout/pool party and the temps. were actually pleasant enough for all to sit outside and enjoy. On Saturday we all headed to my sisters for Kaden's birthday party. We had it a week late since her brother and sister were out of town with Katy's ex. It is so nice to sit and watch the kids having fun. Cause when they are happy...we are happy. Chris' dad surprised Nick with a trip to the movies to see the Bourne movie....which Nick couldn't stop raving about. And I can't believe this....but today my niece Maya is a month old. Time sure flies! We have a boy from church spending the next two days with us. His mom is in Costa Rica on a mission trip till Tues. night (so is Chris' mom Jackie)...and his dad needed a little help. Ben is pleased to have the company. After finally recovering from his WV air travel disaster last week...Chris headed out for Atlanta this morning for the next three days. I hope this trip is uneventful.
Today the kids and I plan to do the pool, CiCi's pizza and VBS. Hopefully I can wear them out so they will go to bed good tonight. Last night they were chatting and giggling till 1:00am. Have mercy!