Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Questions and comments heard in the Green house this week

By Teresa

I think this is re re week on Wheel of Fortune.

I always powder up before I go out.

Mom, when I was little, did you and dad think I was retarded?

How much did you get paid to help them move?
Great, you can add that to what you get for Christmas and get something cool.
Ummm, what? You don't have any money do you?
I got that $ two hours ago. I bought an electric drum set on the way home.

He liked your pumpkin fluff so much, I bet he talks about it from the pulpit .

Why do we even have to go to school, when we can ask google for anything we need to know?

Their lucky I was on Dramamine, or I would have killed them.

Middle schoolers are horrible, evil beasts

Why do you call it "laying across the bed?". Why can't you just admit that you are taking a nap?

I can't believe you are just sitting in the garage, playing on your iPad.
I was hiding from the kids.

Will you pull the gray hair off the top of my head, is sticking out?
*Husband pulls.*
It's still there!  I said pull the gray hair out!
Dude, if I pull out all the gray hair that's sticking out on the top of your head, you would be bald!