Thursday, July 29, 2010

"He profits, most who serves best."

by teresa

I was introduced to a new website called Groupon.
Everyday they have a deal for a local business.
Sometimes for food, sometimes a movie or pedicure.
Last month I purchased a coupon for Frankie's Ribs. It was $12 for a voucher worth $30.
Pretty great deal.
Ben and I went to spend it for lunch yesterday.
We ordered an appetizer (planning to box up to take home), a steak sandwich (with sides) and a bbq sandwich (with sides). Our meals came with bowls of chicken and rice soup too.
The food was amazing and portions were huge. We both boxed up half our food to take home and share with the family.
The bill came and I was excited to see how close we got to spending the $30.
The total was $22.31.
The waitress told us not to leave until we had spent our entire Groupon.
So she brought out some dessert samples and had Ben choose a few for her to box up and take home. He picked peanut butter pie.
We walked out of there with 4 to go boxes, all bagged up like we were leaving a grocery store, full tummy's and big smiles.
We will definitely be returning with the rest of the family.

"One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising."


Watkins said...

I signed up to get daily deals after I saw your note - mainly to find local places. Saw a placed called Cannoli Joe's that is an Italian only buffet. James decided to take me there on a Tuesday night but it was closed. Ended up at another Italian restaurant called Buca's. Hope to go back to Cannoli sometime. Jamie was spending the night with a friend so we decided to try it.

Delane said...

NPR had a story on that website earlier today, I need to check that out.

Anonymous said...

Hey also try it is the same concept, except even cheaper! You buy gift certificates for restaurants... It may be a $25 gc, you have to spend $35. They usually cost $10 for at $25 gc, but they will send you sales through email for up to 90% off!