Friday, December 03, 2010

where are my ear muffs?

by teresa

Busy weekend ahead of us.
My uncle and his boys are driving down from No.Va. for a visit.
I am their cousin, but since there is a HUGE age difference between us (I am 40 and they are 14 and 10), I refer to them as my nephews. Mom is making chili (perfect for this weather) and we will dine and catch up on the Dyer/Allen/Green events we have missed over the past six months apart.
Ben has a soccer tournament Sat. and Sun. which I was really looking forward to, until I saw a chance of snow on the weather report. Snow and soccer are two things that should NOT go together. The cool thing is it will be The Monarchs 100th game, since the team formed in 2008. I'm hoping for a victory to celebrate it properly. In case your wondering, their record is 78-10-11. Not bad for a hodge podge of recreation league kids that make up the most diverse team in Chesapeake soccer. Love those boys!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Something is up.

By Teresa

My son told me we were out of mouthwash in his bathroom.
I didn't even think he knew what mouthwash was.
I have noticed his toothbrush and deodorant out on the counter every day for three weeks.
The shampoo and body wash was emptied, replaced and emptied again.

Something (or someone) is definitely going on at school.