Thursday, December 02, 2010

Something is up.

By Teresa

My son told me we were out of mouthwash in his bathroom.
I didn't even think he knew what mouthwash was.
I have noticed his toothbrush and deodorant out on the counter every day for three weeks.
The shampoo and body wash was emptied, replaced and emptied again.

Something (or someone) is definitely going on at school.


Jackie Barham said...

GASP!!! Our babies are growing up :( BTW ... which son?

Anonymous said...

That's what i want to know, which one? Cherie Williams

Nanny said...

That's sweet. Someone is going to be a very lucky girl (no matter which son it is).

Gidget said...

It's my Nicky.

Sterling Dawn said...

oh no! he can't be that old. gosh...aren't girls still yucky?