Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The little drummer boy resides here

By Teresa

Ben and most of the other kids in his band class took a test last week. A test to see if they had any rhythm and could follow the beat give by the teacher. He was the only one in his bell to pass. What does this mean? I didn't know myself until Ben came home with instructions yesterday. "My teacher says to take my saxophone back to the music store and get a percussion set".
Percussion set!?
As in a drum in my house?!
We did the exchange and came home with twenty pounds of instruments and stands, zipped into a carrying case that stands to my chest. I had to clean out my trunk to transport it to school. It has a snare drum and a xylophone. And their stands and various sticks to pound with. Oh my Lord!
This has violated one of the three no no's in the Green house.
1. No play dough.
2. No fingernail polish.

The first two were put into effect the day after Lauren learned to walk.


Jackie Barham said...

LOL. What every parent dreams of. You could have him practice in your Mom's detached garage.

Anonymous said...

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