Tuesday, November 09, 2010

We should have known

By Teresa

A few weeks ago Chris saw a book out on the living room table. This is not a weird thing in our house. We have books piled and stacked pretty much everywhere. What got his attention was the particular book that was out. The title, The Norton Anthology:World Masterpieces. Homer, Aristotle, Beowulf, Dante, Chaucer to name a few. I think he was impressed that his little wifey was reading such impressive material. He made a comment about it to me. That's when I told him that it was not me that was reading it. I had seen it out and thought he was the one reading it. We laughed and wondered which of the boys would have gotten it out of the bookcase? I didn't remember it out on the table before Ben had gone to bed, so it had to be Nick. The thought of Nick reading Don Quixote or Othello without a gun to his head had me puffing out my chest a little. Finally, my reading gene had woke up inside of him. He came down for breakfast the next day and Chris and I asked him about the book he was reading. "Huh"?, was all we got out of him. I showed him the book. This is what he said after he stopped laughing. "I wasn't reading it...I was using it as drums".
Apparently 2,270 page works of fiction are not just good for filling your mind with knowledge, it also makes a cool bass drum.

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Sterling Dawn said...

that is awesome.