Friday, November 26, 2010

it's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown!

by teresa

We enjoyed a relaxing Thanksgiving at Jackie and George's yesterday. We split the cooking, making it a lot less tiring.
Katy had mom and The Daddy to her house. Ben took his bike over so he could ride between houses to sample both dinners. Lauren and Nick did the same thing, having cheesecake at Nanny Jackie's and then Nanny Allen's carrot cake at Katy's.
The joke of the day was my attempt at fancy cuisine. I made pumpkin potato puree. Chris kept joking me. "They already perfected the recipe for mashed potatoes long ago, there was no need to throw pumpkin in there." Then he would suggest putting pumpkin in anything we were make it taste better. I told Jackie that I was going to put pumpkin in everything I make for the next couple of weeks, just to punish him.

scrambled eggs & pumpkin.
grilled cheese with pumpkin.
steak and baked pumpkin.

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Watkins said...

I love pumpkin - sounds great to me! I had pumpkin eggnog this morning and hope to have pumpkin pie and pumpkin ice cream later.