Friday, November 19, 2010

Making memories

By Teresa

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was the best movie of the series. Hands down.
I went with Katy, Kristian, Ben and Kai. Nick had a ticket to go and bailed before we left.
He's such a muggle.
I would post awesome pictures of us in line, but Katy forgot the camera I asked her to bring.
I told her, if we don't have photos, then it never really happened.

Our friends, the Dodgers from soccer, came too. We all sat together and shared candy and popcorn.
The candy was pre bought and stuffed in pockets, down pants and in purses. Katy even pulled out water bottles from somewhere when the kids got thirsty. Too funny. $9.00 for a soda and candy bar.....I don't think so!

The iPad was a lifesaver for us. We played the violin, had math game races and drew pictures.

Kai fell asleep about and hour into the movie, but the rest of the kids did great.
We got home around 3:30am and nobody was whining about being tired.
I am feeling great and wide awake this morning.
Anybody want to put in a bet guessing when I'm going to crash and burn?
1:00pm...2:00pm maybe?


Gidget said...

The correct answer was 1:30pm.

Ben said...

I was going to guess that...