Thursday, November 11, 2010

Questions and comments heard in the Green house

By Teresa

Get your head out of the oven you stupid dog!

Mom, will you take me driving?

How many years have we been married? Too many.

It stinks so bad, but I'm too lazy to get up.

I hope the lady in the bedroom slippers brings us our food this time.

Why is you mothers picture on your drivers license?

Do you think I'm Jewish?

Dad, will you take me driving?

Oh goody, you wore your lumberjack shirt.

Aren't you proud of me, I bought my first box of chicken broth?

Do you have your boob out again?

I cleaned the backyard today honey. That's a good girl. I think I'll keep you around awhile.

Ok...who left the banana peel under the couch cushion? I guess I should be happy they are eating some fruit.

What's that noise? It sounds like the dogs puking. Well hurry up and get him outside! Don't worry...he'll eat it after he finishes. Gross!!

Mom, if you let me drive your car I'll give you a hug.


Anonymous said...

Things heard at my house. . . Nanny, will you take me driving?

Nanny Allen

katy said...

Things heard outside of nanny's house... Katy, if you go grocery shopping tonight, will you let me drive you?