Friday, November 05, 2010

What does it say about me that I wouldn't pick him up for being sick, but did for b.o.'ing?

By Teresa

So I get a text from Nick last week. It was during school and a test day. He says,"mom...I need you to pick me up". I was having none of it. I knew he was stuffy when he left for school, we all were. Allergies...what are you gonna do? I texted him back to suck it up and get through the day. He kept texting me and I just ignored him. That is until I got this text message. " mom, I smell"!
Apparently, Nick was not feeling sick. He had forgot to put on deodorant that morning, went to gym class, got funky and needed to come home and change clothes. Hahahahahaa
After joking him mercilessly, I picked him up and brought him home to freshen up.

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katy said...

I'm sure he just loves that you posted about his stinkiness. Haha... but this blog took me back to a very embarassing day in middle school when I forgot to put on deoderant, just to have the (very mean)girl behind me, announce to the entire class that I stunk. I'm sure my face turned as red as your lumberjack vest. I still hold ill feelings to that girl and would kick her and run if I ever saw her again. Just sayin'