Sunday, November 07, 2010

iPad on a Sunday morning

By Teresa

Sitting in the bed blogging,
Ben is in between Chris and I...and the dog is at our feet.
Chris was humming a song and I found it and played it.
I am looking up a recipe on smitten kitten (food blog) and scanning through a magazine for teacher gift ideas for Christmas.
Just got a tweet from CNN news and an email from Ben's coach.
Checked the weather and saw that Ben's soccer game this afternoon is going to be a chilly one.
Wished a friend happy birthday and gave my cousin a virtual hug.
The bed is now empty save me, so I will click over to my morning devotions and then head down to make breakfast.
My head hasn't left the pillow yet.
Technology at it's finest.

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Watkins said...

Ok tell me how to tweet and twitter please.