Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I am determined to get this on film!

by teresa

I see it after my morning "mom's taxi" run. Not everyday, but most days.
It's an older model four door with a homemade paint job.
You know the kind, looks like it was colored with markers and primer.
This particular beater caught my attention because of the special decoration that has been applied all over the body. I am pretty sure it's supposed to be lips. Giant lips. I'm guessing the man who drives it likes to kiss or is telling the world to kiss off. I don't know.
All I know is the guy reeeeeeally needs to take an art class. Cause it looks like his car is covered in vagina's. Seriously. That's exactly what is looks like. I was thinking back to Ben's 2nd grade project. I wonder if this young man's mother has discussed his proclivity for drawing vajayjays instead of lips on her blog? I just hope Ben decides to use Maaco when the time comes, so I won't be as embarrassed as gyno's. mom.

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