Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sometimes I understand why animals eat their young

By Teresa

Early to rise this morning. The sixth grade classes at Ben and Kristian's school are going to Richmond on a field trip. She spent the night last night so they could both ride together. We made bagged lunches, laid out clothes and got them to bed early. My friend Sonja offered to pick the kids up on the way to taking her son to school. I was happy to accept her help so I wouldn't have to get viewer friendly before 5:00am.
The kids got up great and out the door without a hitch. I, in my pj's, snuggled up on the couch and drifted off to sleep. That is until 15 minutes later when Ben called frantic that he had left his lunch in Sonja's backseat. "mom...I need a lunch quick before the buses leave"!
Good grief.
He wanted me to call her and get her to bring his lunch to him. That was not going to happen. Me, call the poor woman at 5:30am and ask her to get back in her car and take my irresponsible son his lunch? So I threw together the quickest lunch sack ever made, grabbing whatever was within reach in the fridge. That half opened, hard on the edge cheese stick, leftover piece of steak, the five year old can of fruit cocktail in the back of the cabinet a corona and a lime.
Just kidding....but you get the idea.
After dressing in what was laying on the floor, I grabbed my keys and flew to the school. As I walked in Bens principal, and my childhood friend greeted me at the door with a giggle. I looked a hot mess and I had a "tude" you could feel a mile away. I told her my story and she pointed toward the auditorium where the kids were lining up to board the buses. I spotted Ben right away. Standing with some friends, laughing.....with his flipping lunch in his hands. Really?!
Sweet Sonja had noticed his lunch in the backseat and drove back and gave it to him.
Then he was like, "oh, I forgot to call and tell you she brought it to me....sorry."
As I walked out to my car, lunch still in hand, the principal laughed. She said, "I wont even ask."
It's going to be a long day.

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Sarah H. said...

Yikes, that's super early and that sucks! Nice Ben...way to call your mama and let her know she didn't have to get all beautified before walking out the door with a crappy lunch. :) Miss you Teresa!