Friday, November 05, 2010

where have I been?

by teresa

I just thought I would give a quick explanation as to why I haven't blogged in a month.
In a word...IPAD.
The day of my last post my wonderful hubby gave me an ipad for my 40th birthday.
That night I downloaded two ereaders on it. Kindle and Nook. Do I need to say anymore?
I have read 24 (I actually looked it up) books since then. Oh my gosh!
And yes, my house is clean, family is fed and hubby is...*ahem*happy.
I read in line at the bank, while getting my car worked on, in the car waiting for the kids to get out of school, in bed (the screen is lit...with a dimmer), during soccer practice, while I'm cooking, etc.
I also have recipes on it, Internet, games, movies, all my music and photos.
It's seriously incredible!
I will try to set it aside everyday for a moment to talk to you so you (Sterling) won't feel neglected again.


Greens said...

and i'm not talking about 200 page books. most of the ones i read are over 500 pages. it's a sickness...i know.

Sterling Dawn said...

i'm thinking apple needs a blogger app. i could use one for my iphone!!!

Watkins said...

WOW - I've missed your updates. Wish I could make time to read. I allow myself one book a month usually during my cycle when I need to rest. I have been doing homework instead.