Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Questions and comments heard in the Green house this week

By Teresa

Have you wore your head thong lately?

I'm very sound effecty today.

Nick needs a marker to color his pacman.

No Mexican mafia or slippers are allowed at the basketball games.

Embarrassing, is your son noticing the hickey on your neck on the way to school. I was caught off guard by his questioning and lied that I burned in with a hair straightener. (sorry nick)

I wish your father was alive so he could put you on restriction!

I fell asleep on the bus trip and evidently there was a girl brushing my hair. She brought the brush back to me at school today.
Are we supposed to buy that you didn't realize a girl was brushing your hair?

You must have one of thoses spandex things on because your stomach looks flat.

Ben asked for the Lowes card so he could buy more Christmas lights.

Mom, why are you scared to drive with me?

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