Saturday, March 02, 2013


Lauren's friends left today for a spring break trip to Texas.  Last night they brought over their fish for Lauren to "babysit" while they are away.  It was a big deal.  They have these drops and food and this cute bowl.  They had him (King Henry) in a little travel cup, filled with his bowl water, for easy transport and to avoid the shock of new tank water.  They left last night after getting him all set up on her dresser, safe and sound.
After 24 hours in Laurens' care, King Henry is dead.
That's about right.
That fish never stood a chance with the orginal "maniackid".
Thank God she is a better mother than a pet sitter. 

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Mom said...

Haha. That's funny. Maybe King Henry died because of the shock of being in Lauren's room.