Friday, April 01, 2011

the runt

by teresa

Today Vin had his 6 month check up.

He is 13 pounds 14 ounces. Pretty small compared to all the other babies in our family. I guess he's the runt of the litter, like Babe. Hopefully he too will grow up strong and smart enough to lead a flock of talking sheep into a pen. Or some other really great accomplishment.

Seriously, the dr. said he is in the 5% for weight. Katy has been instructed to feed him. hahahahahaha. I know she already is doing that, but now the doctor said to feed him whenever he makes a peep. *peep* rice cereal *peep* pears *peep* donut (nevermind...that's just for me).

I give it two weeks and that kids gonna be packing on the pounds like the rest of us.

(picture of Vin and his half brother Kingston in the cowboys hats I bought the girls from the thriftstore. It is in black and white so you can't tell the hats are pink!)


Jackie Barham said...

Awww ... too cute! and ... peep ... ice cream.

Mom said...

Peep - send him over for some of my Cream of Wheat dessert.