Thursday, September 15, 2011

Maybe I'll move the hammock inside

by teresa

When we got our windows replaced last week I had to do some prep work. Take down all blinds and curtains and move all furniture 3 feet from any window. Pretty easy for most of the house, but in our bedroom this was difficult. We had an old water bed frame that we had put a california king sized mattress in years ago. This huge frame/headboard construction was a monster and weighed a gillion (more or less) pounds and took up most of our room. So, no moving it. I had to take it apart, to get it away from the window. Then I threw the pieces out of the window (and took them to the curb for trash pick up). Not part of our original plan, but I couldn't stand that big, ugly monster anymore. I want a queen size bed, that can be moved without a crane and will actually give me room to walk around my room (not side ways, with my stomach held in). Now the problem with this is, I am too cheap to walk in a mattress store and buy a new mattress and bed. So we have been "camping" in our room for a week. I have been looking on craigslist, ebay, etc. for the perfect deal. I did keep the old mattress...but it is laying on the floor and pretty hard to pop out of, for this 40 year old lady.
The same day I also got bee in my bonnet about our huge tv downstairs. It's one of those 50 inch things, with a body that is as tall as me and weighs about as much as that bed did. It too, took up a quarter of our living room. We purchased it years ago, before the slim, lightweight, flat screens came out. So I moved it out and put a tv from another room in its place. A 30 something inch that Chris claims is too teeny tiny for his old man eyes.
He said, "Woman! You ain't right! You got rid of a mans bed and tv at the same time! Are you crazy?!"

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Mom said...

You aren't old. Stop saying that! What's that say about me???