Sunday, September 11, 2011

Miss you daddy

By Teresa

I can't believe its been four years since I last saw you.
We still talk about you all the time.
The other day I said,"the house next door, is my parents house", when talking to someone. My parents.
We were looking through old videos last week and we found one of a church dinner.
The whole family was in the family life center and you walked in. We got excited to see you and when I turned the camera your way and said,"I love you daddy", you stuck your tongue out at me. Your signature move in most videos and photos. Mom and I both laughed so hard. We also found a picture of you in and old camera of Georges'. It was a group shot of all of us, in my front yard. He was taking it and sending it off to Jackie, who was out of the country on a mission trip. It was the best surprise ever...seriously. You were smiling. It was taken a couple weeks before you died.

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