Thursday, August 09, 2012

I give it a 15.633

Ben returned safely from Vegas.  I can't wait to get pictures from the McGee's.  It sounds like a great time was had by all.
I think Ben misses the butler, the most.  As ours has been on vacation since June (I just can't fathom cleaning when there is a pool to be enjoyed). 
We all have Olympic fever around here.  Staying up till midnight for two weeks, trying not to miss a single performance.  I say all, but Chris is less than enthused with the games.  He, by his own admission, only watches to spend time with me.  He knows that I will not abandon the sofa cushion, till the final medal has been placed around the last muscled swimmers neck.  And all those other competitors (there are other sports besides swimming...right?)  Holy abs batman!
We have also enjoyed cheering on Gaby Douglas, in women's gymnastics.  Her grandparents, Rayfield and May Douglas, are pastors at our church.  Having the personal connection to her has made it so thrilling.  Trying to stay off all forms of information (fb, enews, tv,radio) so the outcomes are not spoiled, has been rough.  Once or twice, the excitement has been ruined by a mistaken glance on facebook, where a winner was declared.  And of course the one night, when were were all hunkered down for a long night of cheering on Gabby in the all around.  Mom knocked on the back door to say, "hey".  Nick said, "hey, nanny.  We are excited to watch Gabby in the all round tonight."  She responded, "yes!  Isn't it great that she won!"  (she thought Nick said we were excited she won).  She realized her mistake when our faces all fell and we just stared at her like she had just spoken in Japanese.  She made a hasty retreat and we have had many laughs about it since.

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