Monday, August 20, 2012

questions and comments heard in the green house

The instant replay looks like a Good Times painting.
A painting done by J.J. Evans.

That is not fair.  So if someone loses their arms, could they get fins put on instead?
Yep, and I bet they could beat Michael Phelps with fin arms.

Nick and I get so mad when you leave the room.

Why do we have such messed up genes?

Can I get some Pepsi Max on the rocks?

I've saved people from drowning.

Does this dress make my butt look big?
Mmmm hmmm!
Um, that is not what I wanted to hear.
Oh...I meant, what butt?  I can't even tell which side is your front and which side is your back.

Thanks for making me have fun this weekend.

I'm 41 yrs old, and I still can't believe someone lets me do that.

That dress makes you have movie star boobs.

*goes to the stairs, to go to bed*
*finds a giant pile of dirty clothes have been tossed down and left for me*
*finds my ipad and makes a list of reasons not to go on strike*
1.  I love my husband
2.  I love my kids
3.  The mess would be even bigger once I returned.

Aww, he is writing on her wall again, and she has been dead for a while now.
Maybe she checks it?

If you can't keep my interest with vampire sex, then you ain't good no more.

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