Tuesday, September 25, 2012

can you hear me now?

The other day Chris says, "hey, did I mention that I went to Patient First last week, cause I couldn't hear out of one ear?"  I told him that he had for got to mention it to me (knucklehead).  I was freaked out instantly.  Loss of hearing, could not be a good thing.  I sat down, wide eyed, as he began his recollections of the events preceding  and following his sensory deficiency.
He was at the park, doing his daily run.  Everything was fine and dandy until he finished up.  He headed for the car and all of a sudden his hearing went.  He was shaken by this, which I know to be true, cause he headed straight for the doctors office.  He hates the doctor, so this must have had him a little scared.  He checked in with the receptionist, telling her what brought him there, then sat and waited to be called.  He still couldn't hear out of his right ear, and it had now been thirty minutes, something was definitely wrong.  He reached up and began to touch, rub, poke his ear.  That's when he felt it.  Something was in his ear.  What?! 
When walking back to his car at the park, he had pulled off his ipod and earphones....leaving the little ear bud cover stuck in his ear. 
He removed it and viola, hearing restored.
He calmly walked over to the receptionist and told her he had to leave, not telling her what had transpired. 
I love when things like this happen to my hubby.  Cause he is darn near perfect, at least in my eyes, so this helps me feel a little better about myself.


Mom said...

This is so funny. Those must be some really good earplugs.

Stephanie said...

That's what I was thinking MOM!! I need me some of those!