Thursday, September 06, 2012

questions and comments heard in the Green vacation house

I love you more than anyone on the planet...and I have wanted to hit you with a pool stick about ten times this week.

Did you see the lamp move?!
Do you think it was a ghost?

Mom, the sea water healed your skanky lip.

Why can't he just poop in one place, like a normal dog?

Nick broke the catapult!

The oj is gone!?  But I just bought it thirty minutes ago!

I got up this morning and all the furniture was rearranged.

I want a blue bird tattoo on my shoulder.

How you gonna fit your 6 ft. 8 inch self into a tiny gocart?

That's why I don't need to go to a comedy club.  I got the show right here.

Hey nanny, do you know the navy?

I guess Mitt got the looks in the family.

I bet the three of you haven't touched a toothbrush all week.

Mmmm girl, you could roast a marshmallow on that!

You follow Colin Cowherd on twitter?
I just fell in love with you even more.

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