Sunday, March 07, 2010

don't make me mad or I will hit you with my chair!

by teresa

This weekend Ben has a soccer tournament.
It's in Chesapeake...way out in the boonies of Chesapeake.
Not my Chesapeake. The Target, mall having, Olive Garden Chesapeake.
It's in the cow pasture, trailer hauling, corn shuckin' Chesapeake.
Big difference.

Yesterday, the team lost both games (not a fun night here at the Green house).
We entered the tournament to test the waters in the next level of soccer.
Ben is in advanced. The next is Travel. More money, more traveling and more intense.
And apparently more than our boys can handle.
These teams are amazing, and we hope to work up to that level in the next year.

Two more games today . Hopefully, they come out with at least one win to make up for all the blood, sweat and tears from yesterday.
(actually, the only blood was from me hitting one of the kids in the face with my soccer chair. I felt sooooo bad.)


Greens said...

another "highlight" of the day was the parents of the other team yelling "YOU SUCK" at Ben to break his concentration as he was taking a free kick. he cried in the car after the game (never let it show on the field) because it hurt his feelings. I may take my chair (accidently) to a few of them today. lol

Jackie Barham said...

They need to teach the parents sportsmanship ... and the coaches for that matter. Geez!

Mom said...

I don't like anyone making my Ben cry. I'd have helped you with your chair.