Thursday, March 11, 2010

questions and comments heard in the green house this week

by teresa

Who blew it up upstairs?
No one has been up there for hours.
Well, then I think the hamster farted.

Why is there a tape measurer in the bathroom?
Nevermind, I don't want to know.

I put him on restriction from doing math, then he snuck upstairs and did some anyway.
We never had this problem with the other children.

Can we flip the mattress or something, I have a divot going on over here.

When did we become the people who sleep with their dog?

I think sissy has changed.
What do you mean?
She is nice now.

Nothing turns a husband on more than a wife that smells like peanut butter.

I ate the stroganoff for four meals in a row....dinner, breakfast, lunch and then dinner again. It was sooo good.


Jackie Barham said...

I'm lookin' for peanut butter body lotion ... hehe. Yeah, I know TMI from your MIL.

Mom said...

Hahahaha. . . I like the comment about Lauren being nice now.