Thursday, March 04, 2010

dream a little dream of me

by teresa

Crawling out of my sick cave for the first time in days.
Still pretty tired and achy, but the nausea and fever seems to have passed.
Things I dreamed in a fevered haze:
Lauren married an Aborigine and lived in a hut with lots of kids that wore no clothes (I was upset because I had bought some cute things from Old Navy for them to wear for a family picture).
Ben and Nick were taking lessons (I don't know what kind) from one of the characters from XMEN (I don't know names, but it's the one that can't see and has laser beam eyes).
All our cars broke and instead of getting them fixed I told Chris I had a horse and buggy I had been saving for just such an occasion (I fell asleep last night watching Oklahoma).

1 comment:

Mom said...

You must have taken some kind of crazy medicine or had a really high fever! So glad you're feeling better today.