Tuesday, March 23, 2010

questions and comments heard in the green house this week

by teresa

Have you been asking people for cake again?

Wow, your nails are so long. I bet they are really great at booger pickin'.

Pick up your violin, I don't have time to run it by school if you forget it.
That's what I'm counting on.

I've got cinnamon bagel stuck in my bra.

The sound of his breathe makes me so angry.

In the middle of the night, I rolled over and the slates on the bed shifted. I fell through and crushed his VaTech hat.

When is this dog gonna die?

I'm not in a grits kinda mood.

Mom's not allowed to do PTA next year.

She got all excited cause she thought you said you saw a Unicorn. She was thinking it could play with her dragon.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

by teresa

ODU is playing in the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament tonight.
The Green men are so thrilled.
They all have friends over for grilled burgers, chips & dip, smoothies and curly fries.
They will spend the evening noshing and cheering the Monarchs on to round 3!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Chris!

by teresa

Today is Chris' birthday.
A day after mom's...making it very easy to remember.
We will celebrate this evening with him at Upward evaluations and me at a school skating party.
For his gift, I have arranged for the NCAA tournament to begin this week....I am a good wife.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Saturday, March 13, 2010

what's the haps?

by teresa

Lauren has now officially moved out (the cot scheme worked). She is sharing an apartment with another woman from work and is planning to go back to school in the fall. Here's hoping! She texts me each night to tell me she is going to bed.

Nick had his festival band competition this morning. After months of tryouts, practices and four boxes of earplugs for the family, it has come to an end. Their performance was amazing and we (me, chris, ben, nanny jackie and nanny allen) cheered the loudest. What a gift he has in music. Now, if we can just get him on track in Algebra, I can stop the math tutor and switch to trumpet lessons. I can only imagine how much better he would play with a private instructor.

Ben has been obsessed with two things lately, reading and math. Why? Because it is a competition at school...why else? He is trying to earn 150 accelerated reader points by the end of the year so he can go on a special trip. He has about 80 and has kicked it in to high gear now he has entered the third quarter of the school year. We checked out every playaway (book on mp3) the library had and he goes to bed listening to it. Sounds like a good plan to me. The math obsession began this week when the school gave each kid an activation code to get on a First In Math website. You do different levels of math problems and earn points for each level correct. The scores are shown for the whole school to see and Ben must be #1. I have to pry him off the computer to go to soccer, dinner and bed. Then I noticed he had hooked up his wii to the internet and was playing it in his room when I thought he was asleep. We certainly never had this problem with the other children.

Chris has been busy getting our churches first Upward soccer league up and running. The evaluations were today and it seems to be a hit. I can't wait for the first games to begin in the next few weeks. We may even sign up Kaden, if he needs players on a kindergarten team. That will be a hoot.

This Monday is the third year that I have been involved making Easter eggs with the women's ministry. I am looking forward to spending my days with the ladies, it is truly my favorite time of the year.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

questions and comments heard in the green house this week

by teresa

Who blew it up upstairs?
No one has been up there for hours.
Well, then I think the hamster farted.

Why is there a tape measurer in the bathroom?
Nevermind, I don't want to know.

I put him on restriction from doing math, then he snuck upstairs and did some anyway.
We never had this problem with the other children.

Can we flip the mattress or something, I have a divot going on over here.

When did we become the people who sleep with their dog?

I think sissy has changed.
What do you mean?
She is nice now.

Nothing turns a husband on more than a wife that smells like peanut butter.

I ate the stroganoff for four meals in a row....dinner, breakfast, lunch and then dinner again. It was sooo good.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

don't make me mad or I will hit you with my chair!

by teresa

This weekend Ben has a soccer tournament.
It's in Chesapeake...way out in the boonies of Chesapeake.
Not my Chesapeake. The Target, mall having, Olive Garden Chesapeake.
It's in the cow pasture, trailer hauling, corn shuckin' Chesapeake.
Big difference.

Yesterday, the team lost both games (not a fun night here at the Green house).
We entered the tournament to test the waters in the next level of soccer.
Ben is in advanced. The next is Travel. More money, more traveling and more intense.
And apparently more than our boys can handle.
These teams are amazing, and we hope to work up to that level in the next year.

Two more games today . Hopefully, they come out with at least one win to make up for all the blood, sweat and tears from yesterday.
(actually, the only blood was from me hitting one of the kids in the face with my soccer chair. I felt sooooo bad.)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

dream a little dream of me

by teresa

Crawling out of my sick cave for the first time in days.
Still pretty tired and achy, but the nausea and fever seems to have passed.
Things I dreamed in a fevered haze:
Lauren married an Aborigine and lived in a hut with lots of kids that wore no clothes (I was upset because I had bought some cute things from Old Navy for them to wear for a family picture).
Ben and Nick were taking lessons (I don't know what kind) from one of the characters from XMEN (I don't know names, but it's the one that can't see and has laser beam eyes).
All our cars broke and instead of getting them fixed I told Chris I had a horse and buggy I had been saving for just such an occasion (I fell asleep last night watching Oklahoma).

Monday, March 01, 2010

should I be worried?

by teresa

My teenage son vacuumed his room last night.
Emptied his trash, made his bed, put his clothes on the washer....and vacuumed.
All without being told.
Something is up.

am I being punked?