Monday, May 02, 2011

As the world turns

By Teresa

The last month has been a blur.
Seriously....where did April go?
I had a few weeks to recover from surgery and then me and the Parkway ladies jumped right into Easter egg production.
Three weeks of orders, sugar and icing. Long days at church made for incredible nights of sleep, where my head barely touched the pillow and I was off in dreamland.
It is a week out from Easter and I have caught back up on laundry, cooking and family time.
Easter was so wonderful. Church with the family and then home to relax and enjoy a cookout in our backyard. The weather couldn't have been better. We did miss Sissy and Neal, but they had to work. They did stop by the next day for leftovers and of course their peanut butter eggs with their names on it.
The biggest news around here, by far, is my dads truck. Rising gas prices and repairs led to my mom having to sell it. I know it was hard for her to let it go (she admitted she cried at the dealership) but it was the smart and practical thing to do. She bought a cute, blue, new Honda civic. She looks so right in it and I know my dad would be happy that she did something good for herself.
I will post pictures of some of the highlights of the month later in the week. Right now I am heading to bed to get ready for some hardcore spoiling and pampering tomorrow. Why? Tomorrow is our Nickys 16th birthday! And I want to make it as special for him as he is to us.

Best lines of the month:
It's weird looking out the window and not seeing dad in the driveway.
It ain't Easter if I don't have my peanut butter egg!
Oooo made mom mad. She's giving you the skank eye. (it's not skank eye's stank eye!)
It's been a month since they took your ovary and you haven't been grumpy at all. I was really scared about that.
Kaden told me I had strawberry diarrhea.


Watkins said...

Happy Birthday to Nick!
Sorry to hear you had surgery!
Glad you are part of the Easter egg tradition! Mel

Anonymous said...

I didn't know your mom had sold Jimmy's truck. But the other day I saw a new Honda with her license plate and wondered if she had. I know it was tough...but he wouldn't want her to stress over it.