Tuesday, May 03, 2011

nothing says I love you like a bowl of cream of wheat

Happy 16th Birthday to our son Nick. We had planned to wake up early and take him to Shoneys breakfast buffet before school. He turned us down and said all he would want for his birthday breakfast was his Nanny Allen's cream of wheat. This stuff is legendary in our family. Creamy, hot and sweeter than a birthday cake! I called mom when he hopped in the shower so she could prepare it and bring it over at the perfect time (one of a trillion benefits of living next door to her). We are not having his big fiesta till Thursday (dad is out of town) so mom and I sang to him and she put a candle in his bowl. That stuff was thick enough to hold that candle in place till I found and set up my camera. Love it! Also, he couldn't finish the whole bowl....so happy birthday to me too!

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Mom said...

I'm glad you and Nick liked it. Did you notice how much Nick looks like Jim in that bottom picture?