Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Questions and comments heard in the Green house this week

Hey mom, am I circumcised?

(overheard by mom) hey dad, was mom smart when she was in school?

I am scared to ride with him!!! So why did you make me get in the car!??! I don't make you sit in a room full of clowns!

Put on some Simon and Garfunkle.
Simon and Garfunkle.
Oh... I thought you cussed.

You can't study math, u either know it or you don't.
Nice get upstairs and study now!

Lookout!! That corvette is speeding and whipping around the cars. You know he has a small penis, right?

What are u saying to yourself to make your eyebrows move?

What's your favorite food?

Some women call there vaginas pocketbooks.
Well that makes sense. When some women open them up, they get money.


Jackie Barham said...

OMGOSH!!!! I've got to quit reading this blog at work ... it's embarassing to laugh uncontrollably at work.

Sarah H. said...

seriously, your family is hilarious...makes me laugh every time I read what you write.