Saturday, June 25, 2011

Stealing from a poor widower...I feel so ashamed

By Teresa

I got home from running errands today. Mom heard me pull up and met me in the driveway. "I did a bad thing", she said.
"I made a cake for Roger (man across the street, whose wife died two days ago) and I cut it and ate a piece instead of giving it to him". Then she told me she had cut it in half and slipped it in my kitchen while I was gone.
And I ate some I'm an accomplice.


Sterling Dawn said...

hahahahahahahaha. that sounds like something my mom and I would do!

Sarah H. said...

HAHAHAHAHAH!!! Poor guy, so sorry his wife died. But hilarious that the love of cake won out over compassion and kindness. It probably would for me too. :)