Monday, June 27, 2011

Laugh and the world laughs with you

By Teresa

Picked up my rental car today,
Teenager not paying attention in school parking lot...bam...hence rental car.
Anyway, I picked it up and Ryan (the enterprise man) did the once over before handing me the keys.
Smudge on side door...check.
Scratch on hood...check.
Cigarette burn on rear seat...check.
Then we were off. Ben was thrilled (the kid is seriously insane about cars) and had it programmed to Sirius satellite radio and synced the Bluetooth to my phone before we even got home. He spent the next few hours in the car, in the driveway calling people by yelling out, "CALL. ....". I even got a text from Chris, who is in Richmond, wanting to know if everything is okay. He was in a meeting and kept getting calls from my number. Lol.
Later, after Ben's insistence that we pleeeease go somewhere, we went to dinner with my mother. While driving home, he was pointing out things about the car to her. Then he said, "nanny, look at this cigarette butt hole in the seat". At which I busted out laughing so hard I actually couldn't see while driving for about 30 seconds...cause my son said butt hole...get it? Hahahahaaha
Ben's response to my guffawing was..."real mature mom!". Which made me laugh even harder, cause my 12yr old had to call me out for laughing at butt hole. Great parenting moment.

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