Monday, April 30, 2007

Braggin' on Ben

By Chris
*song* We are the Champions by Queen

Since this is the official record of all things great about the three Green kids . . . I had to add to bloggin' momma's account of the soccer game this weekend. Ben not only played goalkeeper, but he saved a gaziillion shots. Well, at least 6 or 7 anyway. It was busy at the goal during his quarter. And, he punted very well (drop kicking the ball, which is an option for the keeper after a save, though most kids at this age throw the ball). Punted! Where did he learn that? And, in the 1-1 tie, he had our only goal, and played every minute of the game because of all the absences. He was asleep for good on the couch by about 7:30, he was so tired.

Kristian also had some saves and some very aggressive defense as she also had to play nearly the whole game. She doesn't like the particular pressures of goalie, but did it anyway for Uncle Chris, which I really appreciated.

And, Kai had a couple of saves and he PUNTED in his game (even more rare for his Tiny Tot league). He also scored a goal and celebrated very cutely.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

by teresa *song: Twist and Shout by The Beatles*

Our evening out was wonderful....just too short.

We got home and Ben ratted out his sister.
Apparently she didn't want to get up with him this morning.
So she let him get up without her...and she called him from bed on her cellphone to check and see what he was up to every now and then.
That's what you call lazy.

Our soccer game was so exciting.
With four people missing we were having to improvise with the line up.
Ben and Kristian had to play goalie for the first time...and most kids had to play three and four quarters...when they usually only play two.
The game was a nail biter all the way to the whistle.
Awesome plays...awesome shots...awesome saves.
The two teams were very evenly matched.
It ended in a tie.

Chris is at the grocery store right now while I'm cooking up some tacos for dinner.
Nick is watching MythBusters and Ben is zonked out on the couch. Lauren is out with friends and due to be home soon.
Maybe we can have a family game night.
Tacos ,Cranium. and Twister.
Sounds like a plan.

*just a quick update...Chris came home from the grocery store with a bouquet of daises and chocolate chip cookie dough for me.
What is he up to? :0)

The Injury

By Chris

Thursday night was a make-up soccer game for the Strikers. Before halftime, one of our best players, and son of our asst. coaches, went down. This type of thing happens a lot. All the kids "take a knee" and coach runs out to see how the kid is. Kid gets up. Everyone claps. So, I get to the down kid and saw my first REAL injury in one of these situation. A clearly broken arm. I mean, real clearly. Like both bones above the wrist broken, making the arm a very unnatural nearly 90 degree angle at that point. And, he wasn't even crying that bad. Tough, brave little guy, he was. It so shocked me that my head tingled. What a sight that would have been, as I try to comfort the kid and pass out! I held it together though. Of course, Teresa's caring momma instincts kicked in almost immediately. We went to see him in the emergency room. His poor mom was out of town (and Teresa was feeling real bad about for her. . . because mommas want to be with their babies when they're hurt). Dad had toddler daughter and broken armed son to take care of. We got them dinner and stayed long enough to hear the surgeon give a pretty positive report. We've made him permanent captain for the rest of the season (gets to represent the team at the pre-game coin toss, shake the ref's hand, get instructions for the team, etc.), and asst. coach. Teresa, mommy instincts in overdrive, made gift baskets for the boy and little sister, made sure the school Bible Club was praying for him, picked up the boys missed schoolwork and delivered it and spent a few hours decorating a huge posterbord card, complete with soccer balls and pictures of the boy from various games this year. She'll get all the kids to sign it.

And, oh yeah, another kid tripped before our game, hit his lip on a bench causing one of his teeth to go ALL THE WAY THROUGH his lip. Yep. A hole in his lip. One night, 2 Strikers to the ER.

We've got a game at noon today . . . without very many players. Should be interesting.

Friday, April 27, 2007

I love my man!

by teresa *song: Let's Get it On by Marvin Gaye*

Glad this week is over.
I worked 30 hours at the bookfair this week.
Dont' get me wrong....I enjoyed being there and spending time with Ben and all the kids.
But I was really pooped (and my house really neglected) at the end of the days.

Chris and I haven't seen each other much this week.
Work, school, church,karate,fitness night, soccer practice, soccer game and the ER.
Yes the ER. No, not Ben (he has been to the ER many times).
A boy from our soccer team broke his arm in the game last night.
His parents are our asst. coaches.
His mom was out of dad was at the game with him and their 2yr old daughter.
Poor thing hurt his arm pretty bad.
He was rushed to the hospital...and we joined him after we shipped our kids off with the grandparents.
We stayed until his surgery (yes surgery) was finished and we knew everything was going to be ok.
Poor thing. has just not been a good week to sit and relax together.

So Chris surprised me with a night out. Just the two of us.
He booked us a room at the Marriott in downtown Norfolk.
We just checked in.
Eighth floor....amazing service...that comfy Marriott bedding...and NO KIDS for the next 17 hours.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

getting to know all about you

Melissa tagged me today. It's thirty three questions that will help us get to know each other a little better. Consider yourself tagged if you are reading this. Leave a comment to let me know you have answered on your own blog.

1. What is your full name? Teresa Jean Green. Jean...after my grandmother

2. What are you most afraid of? something happening to my children

3. What is the most recent movie that you’ve seen in the theater?'s been awhile. I think Are We There Yet last summer. We are more of a Netflix family.

4. Where were you born? Norfolk, Va. In the same the same doctor as my hubby. cool huh?

5. What is your favorite food? Spaghetti and meatballs

6. What is your natural hair color? Brown

7. Have you ever been to Alaska? Nope

8. Have you ever toilet papered someone’s house? Nope

9. Have you ever loved someone so much it made you cry? Yes

10. Have you ever been in a car accident? Yes...a couple. Not hurt in any of them.

11. Croutons or bacon bits? both...just not on salads. I hate salad!

12. What is your favorite day of the week? MONDAY :0) during the school year...Saturday during the summer.

13. What is your favorite restaurant? Venenziano's with the kids...Imperial Palace without the kids.

14. What is your favorite flower? Gerber Daisies (hot pink)

15. What is your favorite sport to watch? College basketball on tv...or any sport my kids are playing.

16. What is your favorite sport to play? tennis and softball

17. What is your favorite drink? diet coke

18. What is your favorite ice cream? plain vanilla

19. Disney or Warner Brothers? Disney (I've been to neither)

20. Have you ever been on a ship? several fishing boats...a couple of harbor cruises...a ferry and one air craft carrier (The USS America)

21. What color is your bedroom carpet? off white

22. How many times did you fail your driver’s test? I was soooo upset. I failed the driving test...not the written.

23. Who was your last e-mail from? PTA VP about book fair

24. When is your usual bedtime? 11 ish

25. What is your favorite TV show? American Idol

26. Who was the last person you went to dinner with? My boys...last night

27. What are your favorite colors? dark blue and light blue

28. How many tattoos/piercings do you have and where and what are they? ears pierced

29. How many pets do you have? one lazy dog

30. List something you would like to do before you die. Fly in a plane. That's right folks....I've never flown.

31. Have you ever been to Hawaii? nope

32. Have you ever been to countries outside of the US? nope

33. What were you/will you be doing at 31 and 32 years old? I was ...and still am a SAHM for the past 12 years.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

move it!

by teresa
Last night was Family Fitness night at Ben's school.
I love this night. Lots of moving, jumping, dancing. The kids are always exhausted by the end of the evening.
I took Ben, Kristian and Kai and they had a blast.
There were six stations to rotate through.

*a ball game where you stand in a ring and hit the ball with your hand...if it hits your body and you don't hit it back to someone you have to jump out of the ring and hop over a jump rope 10 time before returning to the game. Kristian was very good at this. She was bobbing and weaving and jumping over the ball. Ben and Kai were out many many times jumping over the rope.
*the favorite of the night was the parachute. I remember playing with it too when I was a kid. Lifting it high over our heads and feeling like it would pull me off the ground. The kids favorite last night was lifting it high and then hopping underneath to form a big balloon.
*they had a man come from the YMCA and talk about pool and beach safety. He told them never to try to jump in to save a friend your self. He said to throw a ball to them (we all have soccer balls in our yard) and run in to get a grownup. I never thought of that. Any ball with air would be good. He also suggested a cooler.
*Ben and Kristian enjoyed the dancing class. Shy Kai was having NONE of that. I videoed one of the dances and I will try to upload it later.
*we also played beach ball volley ball....on our butts. The parents joined in too. That floor was hard and unforgiving! It was so hard for the kids to stay on their bottoms. Instinct for them is to dive at the matter if it is close to them or not.
*in one room they had five sweet girls from ODU dental school come and teach the kids about keeping healthy mouths. They got some cool new tooth brushes and goody bags.
Before we left I took the kids to the book fair and let them pick out a book, pencil and bookmark.
I can't wait until next year when Kristian and Kai go to Ben's school.
Did I tell you that already?
My sister is moving two streets over from us in June. So the kids will all go the same school.
I am beyond excited about that.

Monday, April 23, 2007

time for bed boys!

by teresa *song: Goodnight by Evanescence*

Book fair this week at Ben's school.
Half price book fair.
All the classes got to come in today and browse.
They got paper and pencil and were told to write down what they liked...and then show it to mom or dad or grandma or whoever.
Then bring back money any day this week.
Most kids scrambled around...jotting down everything their eyes landed on.
One little boy kept walking from display to display. Nothing!...he would pout.
This went on for fifteen minutes.
His teacher would suggest this and that. He would still write nothing down.
When his teacher gave the one minute warning I noticed he went to the corner and hung his head.
I pulled him to me.
I asked him what things he like to watch on tv.
He said spiderman and pokemon were two of his favorites.
Well! I said, we have many books that you would love.
I showed him the pokemon books.
I asked if he would like me to write then down quickly for him.
He We don't have any money. That's why I didn't write anything down.
I told him that everything was very cheap...and I asked him how much money he had at home.
He said...35cents.
Well! I said.....that book only costs 35 cents (a little fib).
You bring it in tomorrow and buy it.
He smiled and bounced out of the room with his class.
Note to self....stop by the ATM on the way to school tomorrow.

I took the boys upstairs for bed tonight.
I was just going to tuck them in and come straight down and watch tv.
We ended up reading, having a tickle fight, singing, dancing and taking goofy pictures.
Good thing we have a DVR...cause I missed all my shows.

It was worth it though. They are getting older now...and I don't know how much longer they will want mom to come lay in the bed with them.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Go fly a kite!

Happy Earth Day!

by teresa

Our Saturday was nice.
The weather was perfect.
Sunny and 70's.
Today will be a little warmer than that.
As a matter of fact....this week it will be in the 80's most days.
Lauren spent her Saturday with friends...reminiscing about fun times with their lost friend....and planting trees at school. It was a community service program that was celebrating Earth Day. They also picked up all the trash on school property.

Our soccer game went great. We stopped counting the score when we hit eleven to zero. We put all our small kids on the front lines...all our shy kids in the goal box. By the second half we let them play where ever they wanted. And we still won.

I think we should grill out after church and then head over to Mt Trashmore and fly Ben's new kite. It's just too pretty to stay indoors.

All of you have a beautiful, blessed day.
Lines von den Peanuts

Saturday, April 21, 2007

by teresa

Yesterday Lauren's school (as did most across the country) had Va. Tech day.
They all wore the colors and many former students who left for Tech this year came home and visited.
One...her friend Jeff. She has gone to school with him and his family for years. He has a brother who is graduating with Lauren this year.
Everyone was so happy that he was alright. Everyone was worried about him on Monday.
Well he left the school yesterday....and was killed in a car crash.
Lauren and I found out as we watched the news together last night.
She cried. Hours before she had been talking to him. Hugging him. Telling him she missed him.
I can not even begin to imagine the roller coaster of emotions his family has endured this week.
Pray for them. The Soriano family.
The reason we were watching the news in the first place was because a boy at Lauren's school brought a LOADED gun to school yesterday. Luckily the faculty was tipped off....and the police were called in.
It worries me as to what his intentions were with that gun.

One more thing to add to your prayer list...
A sweet boy at Ben's school lost his mother to cancer Thursday.
Poor little one.

Here;s the link to Jeff's story.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hokie Nation

By Chris

It's been a while, but Teresa appreciates it when I blog from the road . . . and a unique road it is this week. After "stopping by" Raleigh, NC for most of the day, I have made my way to Virginia Tech (like Teresa mentioned). It was a strange drive in to Tech country, through foggy, misty, gloomy mountains no less, listening to talk radio continue to analyze this week's tragedy, even as I headed to "ground zero." Teresa mentioned the kids at Tech had planned all year to hold their American Cancer Society Relay For Life, like thousands of other communities do in the spring, tomorrow. They (the incredibly talented and commited student volunteer organizers) decided a couple of days ago that they would carry on with a modified version of their event. Anybody would understand if they canceled. One of their top participants was one of those killed this week. But, carry on they wanted to do and carrying on they are. So here I am, hoping we can offer some meaningful support, encouragement or whatever else it is this incredible group of young people needs. I have not even been on campus yet (that will happen tomorrow morning), but you could feel the vibe of tragedy, pain, loss of this community from miles away through the displayed ribbons, road signs of support, etc. Satellite trucks are in parking lots.

Want to check out the Tech Relay kids' efforts? Go here

All of these lines across my face....tell you the story of who I am..

by teresa

I did nothing productive while the kids were at school today.
No laundry(my washer will not be fixed till tomorrow).
No cleaning.
No volunteering.
Well...I did make the beds. Cause I simply can't function if the beds are not made.
Then the rest of the day I read, watched a movie (Just Like Heaven with Reese was so good) played with the camera and napped.
Once the boys were home we did homework and went to karate.
After dinner we sat together and studied some memory verses (the boys are belt testing next month and really need to spend some time on verses) got in our jammies and they crawled in the bed with me and we read a book.
Chris is out of town till Saturday. He had to make an unexpected trip to Blacksburg to handle some things with the Relay For Life that was scheduled there this weekend. As you can imagine things need to be handled delicately and with complete respect for the school and community and all who have raised funds for the weekends events. So they needed the hubby to come and make sure things are correct. :0)
Tomorrow will be a blur of activities.
I have a school improvement planning meeting at Ben's school in the morning(8:00am)....a luncheon at noon (also at Ben's school)...the kids bible club....karate class and sparring (Nick) practice for Ben.
I think I need a clone.
There's a new show on ABC called Notes From the Underbelly. It's about a young married couple who find out their pregnant. All the highs and lows and changes in their lives. Advice from friends who have children and friends who are workaholics with no kids. The one friend who is a SAHM is my favorite character. She said the best thing in the last episode when her friend told her she didn't know how she could stand not working. She said,"Everyday I get to wake up and do exactly what I want to do for the people I care about. It may not sound like a job to some people...but I don't care. It's MY work...and I love it."
What a great comeback...don't ya think?
It's my new motto. about Sanjaya? He looked completely shocked when he was voted off last night. Crying. Are you kidding me? You stink dude. Sorry...but it's true. You seem sweet and your cute and a fun performer to watch. You just can't sing. You still get to be on the tour. But did you seriously think you were gonna win?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Say cheeeeese!

by teresa

I just walked in the door(after leaving at 7:50am).
Today was picture day at Ben's school...and I was the comb lady.
I also went to each class to get them, line them up tallest to shortest and escort them to the auditorium. I wiped some faces, tucked in shirts and tied all shoes. I also got on my knees and shook my keys, sang (as loud as i could) Jesus Loves Me and made crazy faces. The special needs classes are a little hard to keep their attention. So I was willing to do anything.
Actually...I started singing Jesus loves Me by myself...and about three kids and most of the adults joined in by the end. It was all that would get this one child's attention. She loved to sing that we sang that song! And she all was good.

The man taking the pictures took down my name and said I could get all Ben's pictures for free because of all my help.
That's a big deal...y'all know how expensive pictures can get.

I am so glad today is Wednesday. Every Wed. our church serves dinner before the classes begin. So no cooking for me.
Chris is super sick (both ends illness) so it will just be me and the boys tonight (Lauren has to work). I wonder if his feeling bad has anything to do with the soccer ball that was power kicked in his face last night. It hit his face so hard that his glasses and hat flew off his head. BAM! He got a little cut and a black eye. All us parents were like...OOOOOH...that had to hurt! And you would have been proud of me....I hardly even laughed.

My American Idol prediction for tonight is......Sanjaya. He wasn't good AT ALL last night and I think his charm has wore off. Can't wait to see if America agrees with me.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

American Idol is tonight....who will be voted off next?

by teresa

Chris brought me flowers yesterday.
A pretty purple bouquet.
How sweet.

I put some of my favorite songs on a play list at the bottom of our blog.
I will try to move it to the sidebar when I get a chance today.
If you scroll to the bottom you can click on any song you like.
It's real easy (and free) to set yourself up with a play list of your own.
Chris called yesterday all confused. He said he had the blog up on his laptop at work...and all of a sudden music started playing. He thought some of his coworkers were doing something to him over their AOL IM accounts. hee hee

I will be making a trip to the coin laundry facilities today. Our washing machine is broken. Actually Nick killed our washer. Apparently he had a small screwdriver in his pocket(of course...don't we all carry one around for emergencies) and when his pants were washed it fell out and somehow got under the metal part and punctured the polyurethane bottom of the tub. That's why water was pouring out. Grrrr.
Lucky (and I do mean lucky) for him it is all covered under warranty. So the repair will be free. But it will take a few days to get a new rubber thingy in stock. So I am off to wash a few tubs ala the coin mart. Fun for me.
laundry, washer and dryer clip art

Monday, April 16, 2007

Let us focus our eyes on our Lord, and be sensitive to His Spirit as He leads us in prayer

How sad.
We have cut the news off. Just can't take anymore of the stories. Those poor kids...the frightened parents. It's awful.

All we can do is to pray that God wraps his arms around them giving them the comfort and strength to get through this.

I know you join me in praying for them too.

"God is our refuge and strength, a tested help in times of trouble.
And so we need not fear even if the world blows up, and the mountains crumble into the sea.
Let the oceans roar and foam; let the mountains tremble!
There is as river of joy flowing through the City of our God - the sacred home of the God above all gods.
God himself is living in that City; therefore it stands unmoved despite the turmoil everywhere.
He will not delay his help. The nations rant and rave in anger - but whenGod speaks, the earth melts in submission and kingdoms totter into ruin.
The commander of the armies of heaven is here among us.
He, the God of Jacob, has come to rescue us.
Come, see the glorious things that our God does, how he brings ruin upon the world, and causes wars to end throughout the earth, breaking and burning every weapon.
Stand silent! Know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation in the world!"
Psalm 46


by teresa

Back to our routine today.
To school and work with them all.
Last night Chris jokingly said...would you like me to take tomorrow off?
I way Jose. Y'all need to get out my house!
I get to enjoy the entire day with beds that stay made and counters free of crumbs and peanut butter smears and a sink free of dishes.
Being alone during the the quiet (no tv, no music, no talking)...makes me appreciate my family once they come home to me.
Do you like to be alone? What do you do in your alone time? After the cleaning is done? Knit? Read? Sew? Shop? Blog?

I won't be alone the whole day. The washer repair man is supposed to pay me a visit.
Thank God!
I need my washer!!!!
Again...thanks to Jackie and George for the use of theirs this weekend.
I hope the Green's funk didn't break their washer too.

The baby shower yesterday was nice. The young mom received tons of cute things and I enjoyed chatting with all the ladies. There were FIVE pregnant woman there...all from church. Lots more baby showers to come. The only thing missing from yesterdays shower was games. No silly toilet paper clothespin game where you can't say baby themed word scrambles. I love you? I'm sure at least one (CHRISTIN) will have cute baby games.

I need to go wake the youngins.
I will leave you with this poem of Lauren's I found on a scrap of paper the other day.
It said...

clothes make me happy.

work gets me money.

money gets me clothes.

clothes make me happy!

She's a regular Elizabeth Barrett Browning ...isn't she folks?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

“Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.”

by teresa

It poured during our entire soccer game this morning...and I forgot my umbrella.
Can you say bad hair day?
The Strikers won...even though they were all drippy and slippy.
Ben scored one of our four goals.
Yeah Ben!

We spent four hours lounging on Jackie's sofa today after the game.
Our washing machine(that I just bought in Dec.) is acting up and the repairman can't come till she was kind enough to let us wash clothes at her house.
We watched about 8 episodes of design on a dime (HGTV)....ate popcorn and drank like four cans of Diet Coke each. She keeps the cans in the fridge all icy cold...and I just can't resist them.

After dinner this evening Chris and I took Ben to ToysRUs to spend his CHRISTMAS gift card. It took him forever and a day to decide what to buy. That boy has a hard time parting with money.
I also bought a baby shower gift for a girl at church. The shower is tomorrow I will get a little free time from the kids. I'm looking forward to it.

We are supposed to get some bad weather tonight. Heavy thunderstorms and wind starting around 2am and lasting into tomorrow evening. I hope Nick and the other campers have battened down the hatches.

Day five of spring break

by teresa

Had a great day.
The boys and I watched Rocky Balboa.
It was such a good movie (and rated PG).
It's the new one where Rocky is older.
I thought it was going to be all of the Rocky remakes.
But no.
It was so good. And Ben can't get enough of it.
He keeps running around with his arms raised above his head doing the Rocky at the top of the stairs move.
He now wants to visit Philly to run up the actual stairs.
Maybe this summer we will make the trip.

Chris got home from I'm tagging out for the weekend.
Can I come bunk at your house?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Day four of spring break

by teresa

I'm still here....
They haven't broken me yet....try as they have.

Three more days till school starts...three, more, days.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you...then you win!"
Mahatma Ghandi

I will be victorious.

Note to self....
go online and download the form for summer school classes.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Day three of spring break

by teresa

Ok people....I'm starting to lose it.
I don't think I can take two more days of spring break alone with my children.
Did I mention Chris is out of town this week?
We watched more movies yesterday.
Goonies and Goonies...and Goonies.
I tried to escape to the other room....but I just couldn't get far enough away where I could still break up fights (did I mention the boys are playing one second and at each others throats the next?) and not here Sloth screaming..."hey you guys!" for the millionth time.

My shoulder and neck still hurts.
But I did find a way to prop myself up with pillows comfortably so I could get some sleep.
Lauren and I stayed up till midnight last night watching a movie. She was a little ticked at me because I wouldn't let her meet some friends at a movie (it wasn't near home and it would get out around 1:15am) but she got over it quickly and we enjoyed our movie together.
I picked up her dress from the tailors yesterday. I will get her to try it on after work and I'll get a picture.
Well I'm off to Katy's to babysit while she goes to a doctors appt.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Second day of spring break

by teresa

More movies today. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Funny Farm. Ben played some soccer in the backyard and then went to practice. Nick went over Jackie's for the afternoon.
I did some laundry and sat around moaning (and taking ibuprofen) about my shoulder. It is killing me...and I think it is from bowling the other day. I may actually have to go to the doctor if the pain doesn't ease up soon. I can't sleep or turn my neck or lift my right arm. I cooked a yummy beef roast for dinner with oregano, lemon, spinach and feta cheese. Served over orzo pasta. It's from the Lets Dish menu...and it was soooo good.
Lauren and her friend ran all my errands for me. Pharmacy, drycleaners, grocery store and the tailors. She went for a second fitting on her prom dress. It's ready now and I will pick it up today. The alteration lady told Lauren she worked on it for 12 hours! Wow! Her prom shoes came in the mail today too. She is so excited about the upcoming prom(May 4th). It's being held at the Harrison Opera House.
We all enjoyed watching American Idol last night. Blake's performance was my favorite. I have always loved that song. My least favorite was Haley. We can't wait for the results show tonight. What was your favorite performance?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

First day of spring day!

by teresa

This week is spring break for the kids.
It was a chilly day.
Lauren went to Busch Gardens with a friend and the rest of us stayed home and watched movies.
All day long.
It was a Dakota Fanning movie fest.
Charlottes Web
War of the Worlds

We also watched... Kicking and Screaming as well as some sitcoms we had recorded. Talk about vegging....we didn't move from the couch for six hours.

At one part in Charlottes Web...when Charlotte the spider is dying...she says to Wilbur, "I'm languishing."
Ben turned to us and said,"I wonder if it will be Spanish?"
Huh? we said.
He thought she had said..LANGUAGING.
We giggled about this all afternoon.

Our weekend in photos

My Uncle Jim and his family came down Friday and Saturday. We had some great socializing and yummy meals together. All the kids enjoyed the backyard (eventhough the high was only 50 degrees). They played lots of basketball and Ben got out his radar gun and clocked each of the kids running past him.

On Saturday (since our soccer game was cancelled because of SNOW) we all packed up and went bowling. What fun (eventhough Katy beat us all....every single game). We ate pizza and popcorn and bowled three games. I beleive the adults had as much fun as the kids.

Once Lauren got off work (yes...she worked on her birthday) we had cake and icecream and presents. Then off course, she ditched us for hanging out with her friends :)

Nick sang his heart out in the Easter cantata. We were so proud of him. The kids all enjoyed the egg hunt after the service. Ben's basket filled up so quickly...that he had to dump some off in my purse(which Chris had already said looked like an Easter basket anyway) and then go back for more.

The kids looked so sweet in their new Easter duds. Ben like his suit so much...he wouldn't take it off all day. He has requested to wear it next Sunday too. I wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to wear it to school next week. Katy bought Kai the same suit...and they looked so cute together. Best Buddies!
Can you believe Nick and Ben have their arms around each other...and neither one of them is screaming?

We went to mom's after church and had some ham, chicken and fixins.
Katy brought her new boyfriend for us to meet....and then they went to his folks in NC and Chris took the boys to his parents and I took a nap.

I hope all my friends (yes...I mean you) had as blessed a holiday as our family.

When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


I can't believe our little girl is 18!
I could go on like some people and describe how she came into this world 18 years ago (16 hours of labor followed by a c-section) but I won't bore you with the details.
All I want to say is how we are so blessed to have such a wonderful, HILARIOUS, beautiful, smart, fun, loving CHRISTIAN daughter.
And also blessed is every person that has ever had the privilege to know her. Friends (and there are many ...and they all say she is the funnest person they have ever known), family(even her brothers think she is the coolest person whoever walked the Earth) and co-workers(have I ever mentioned that she is top on her Target team for RedCards and speed?).
So in honor of her birthday I have put together a little slide show for your viewing pleasure.

Oh I almost forgot. that your 18....the rent is due on the first of the month.
hahahahaha (devilish laugh) hahahahahah

Friday, April 06, 2007


by teresa

Dear Teenage Daughter:

When I went to pick up the towel you left on the bathroom know the one with the spit and God knows what smeared all over it....I seriously got sick to my stomach.

Yours truly,

Mother to filthy pig!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

“And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.”

by teresa

I had fun at Lets dish yesterday. It was better than last month...when I was alone most of the session. There were three couples dishing together. We all chatted and swapped stories of kids, church and food. Maybe next month the man of the house will dish with me.

We were naughty last night. No. Not what your thinking. We skipped church and went shopping at God's little piece of Heaven on Earth...Target. The hubster and I bought the Easter basket goodies. Cause ...The Lord has peeps must be ate by all! And toss me another Resurrection jelly bean.
I was going with the whole Easter trough plan (even cleaned out the bucket from last year) then I saw some cool soccer and basketball baskets on the shelf calling out to me. They said..." must buy me. Roll that stone away *cough cough* I mean that cart away and reach up here and make all your children's Easter wishes come true". Really. That's what I heard.
Doesn't Target speak like that to you too?
You know it does.
That's why you go in there for tube socks...and walk out $80 worth of stuff.

Today I am spending time with my sister. It's a surprise. She loves it when I pop over (and bring food....I must bring food). I might even splurge for double hash browns...because today is her birthday. Her 26th. We will be having a combo party for her and Lauren(Lauren's b-dy is Sat.) this weekend. Twenty six years. Wow. The first five were great. I got to play with a new baby...dress her her hair. Then she went all BRAT SISTER on me. And being the cool teenager I was...I couldn't stand her. She would act like I hit her to get me in trouble with mom. She would dump out my makeup on my bedroom carpet. She would throw tantrums in the middle of the mall. Then something wonderful happened. She matured and I matured and we became best friends. One of our favorite movie is The Color Purple. There is a part in the movie where a woman sings in a slow soulful voice...
Sista, you've been on my mind.
Sista, we're two of a kind.
Sista, I'm keeping my eyes on you.
We love that part and sing it to each other often.

It's so neat that we are close now...and our children are close. Did I say close? I meant joined at the hip. There is not a day that doesn't begin with Ben opening his eyes and asking..."is Katy and the kids coming over today?" And I say,"don't they come over everyday?" And he smiles and says..."YES!" It's also cool how close she and Chris are. Just like brother and sister. Remember...we started dating when she was 5!

So in honor of my sissy's (that's what she used to call me) birthday. I thought I would post two photos of us. The first when I was 14 and she was 3(when I still liked her :0) The next was taken just last year. Sorry about the quality. I need to scan them.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

by teresa don't get mad at me.
But....I kinda enjoyed Sanjaya's performance last night.
Have I gone insane?
Maybe the mix of pledge and windex fumes has created a mind numbing chemical reaction in me.
That's just my guess.

But it still doesn't change the fact that I think Melinda is going to win the whole thing. That girl can sing. I love her and her big ol' smile.

I am about to go Dish it up in a minute. My freezer is empty and my family is ready for more mouth watering dinners. We are eating at church tonight (bbq and brunswick stew)...but tomorrow I will make the italian meatloaves.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

mine mine mine...the house is all mine!

by teresa

I get to reclaim my house today.
Chris was off all last week....and he and the kids were off yesterday.
I was also at church most days for the past two weeks (yesterday for 6 hours) making Easter eggs.
My daily routine is seriously messed up.
I will get the house back in ship shape order by the end of the day.
I also have errands to run.
Nick's Easter pants need to be taken to the tailor (that's right...I don't all!).
I need to shop for some shoes and belt for him...a tie to match Ben's suit and a sweater to go with Lauren's dress.
Have I mentioned that my sisters birthday and Laurens 18th b-day are this weekend?
And I haven't even bought thing ONE for either of them.
And don't even get me started on Easter basket stuff.
I think I may do the same as last year.

Remember the Easter trough?
Another reason I am happy to reclaim the house is exercise.
I had started an exercise plan two weeks before Chris took off.
I was doing very well too.
I would walk every morning (jammin to Nick's ipod).
I was also doing an hour workout with a show on FitTv.
But I refuse to roll around on an exercise ball...or lean back and thrust my pelvic area....or bend over and *try* to touch the floor with my chubby jello arse (and everything else) poking out front of the hubby.
Ya know what I mean ladies?
By the way mom...arse does not count as a curse word.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

A little glimpse into our weekend.

by teresa

Saturday's soccer games. We lost *boo hoo*...but Kai's team won.

We cooked out last night. Well actually Nick cooked out. We just sat back...relaxed and enjoyed the cool evening weather with the inlaws. Nick also chopped up some old branches and made us a fire in the fire pit. What a lovely evening.

Today Ben and Kristian performed handbells at church. Click here to see the cuteness! It takes a while to load sometimes. Click here for a funny video I made of Lauren. She was putting together goody bags for the kids at school and I was secretly taping her.

I got a new sweater last week. I loved the green stripes. When I put it on and came down Chris asked me if I had been off with my friend Blue looking for paw prints.