Wednesday, November 11, 2009

rain rain go away come...blah blah blah

by teresa

When I woke this morning it was pouring and as I sit here, moments before heading to bed it is still pouring. So much so, that schools are closed tomorrow due to flooding. I have one thing to say about that....crap.
After two days (teacher workday and veterans day) of people using "my time" for "their time" I am about to go coo coo for cocoa puffs. *that actually sounds good right now*
I will borrow my in laws canoe and personally row through the neighborhood picking up children and delivering them to the school steps to get a moment of solitude tomorrow.


Nanny Jackie said...

LOL ... You're welcome to use the canoe if it hasn't floated or blown away. At least if it's snowing or summer you can send them outside. Oh, what the heck ... send 'em out to play in the rain, a little water never hurt anyone.

Mom said...

Have them go outside to fish all of the chairs out of the pool.