Friday, November 06, 2009

what's the 'haps?

by teresa

Busy at the Green homestead.
Not a lot of blogging going on.
Yes, the kids are still doing stupid stuff...we just haven't had time to document.
Chris says facebook is killing my blog.
True...I do usually update my status instead of writing out a lengthy story.

Yesterday, on Oprah, a sweet childhood friend was selected as a finalist in her karaoke contest.
Donnie Denny, grew up across the street from us and I do not remember a time when this boy was not singing. He would bring his tape recorder to our house and belt out a tune on the spot. What kid has the guts to do that? Our family gathered around the TV and watched him...his interview was so touching and may have a brought a tear or two to those in the room. Today's Oprah will announce the top three finalist who move on. I pray he is one of them.

It is so cold outside right now. 42 degrees. I love it!
And.....I haven't turned the heat on in the house.
I try to hold out as long as possible, piling layers and thermals on the kids.
It's just a personal thing.
I feel like I use so much energy in the warm months running the ac (24/7), that I am trying to balance out. Let some frigid family use our kilowatts for a while.

This tournament.
Pics. and recaps to follow.

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