Monday, November 30, 2009

let the lights shine

by teresa

Ben has channeled his inner Clark Griswold again this year.
It clicked in as we pulled up from Thanksgiving vacation and our neighbor had put up some of her decorations. It was a slap in the face...a challenge. She was first....and he likes to be first. So he vowed to be better.
He dragged out all our decorations, with the help of big brother and so it began.
Christmas lights 2009!
He walked around muttering things like, "I have a vision" and "we need more chords!"
Eight hours, three stores (Walmart, Garden Ridge and Walgreens) and ten chords later, he was done. Well not completely, his "vision" has a Charlie Brown manger scene around our front tree. That $60 shout out to baby Jesus is still sitting at Garden Ridge (I'm so mean).
The two of us sat on the porch last night. Me, staring at the hideous spaghetti of extension chords across all parts of my front lawn....him, reveling in the glory that only proper exterior illumination can give.
A car drove by...very slowly. He squealed as they drove off and said, "they were pointing at my candy canes!".
too funny.


Nanny Jackie said...

Your yard looks AWESOME! You should be very proud. It made me very happy just looking at it last night.

Nanny Jackie said...

Wait ... where are the pictures ??

Nanny said...

You did a great job, Ben. I think you'll take the award this year for the Best decorations.

kai said...

well actually Missy had the best decorations.

ChrstnaLne said...

Hello, I am just a blogger passing by and decided to take time here. It brought a smile to my face when reading your blog and at the same time wondering if the same thoughts are running around in my neighbor's mind. I must share with you, our family has never taken the time to adjust with our neighbors and share time to know them. But knowing if you were one of my neighbors, how fun and interesting each year would be.